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The Time Wheel is a spread that is designed forthose who work with spirits from past lives. It’s to help gain understanding of then and now.  

1. Forced Card: choose card that represents the time/era or the spirit.
2. Reasons for coming into that life or purpose that the two of you had together.
3. Unexpected results, how they changed your life.
4.What they taught you, what you learned
5.How you dealt without them once separated
6.What the spirit has been doing or how they have lived since parting ways
7. Why have they chosen to return in this life?
8. Understanding their purpose for coming back.
9. Relationship between you when coming back together again.
10. What the spirit thinks you’ve lost touch with or what blocks you have.
11. How they intend to help you open back up or help with removing the blocks.

🎶  On the twelfth day of Smissmas, team fortress gave to me:

12 spies a snorting

11 demos drinking

10 pyros mmphing

9 medics healing

8 heavies munching

7 scouts a running

6 snipers sleeping


4 baloonicorns

3 jarate jars

2 bloody doves

and a COmic that sTIll isn’t herE 🎶


They all struggled to hold in the giggles…god I love SHINee SO MUCH!

#SHINee ’s Back #1of1 Naver tvcast 161003

Castiel taking care of you during your period...

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  • you end up accidentally snapping at him
  • he’s completely confused
  • when you tell him that you are bleeding he tries to heal you – unsuccessfully
  • Cas freaks out even more when he realizes that he can’t heal you
  • having to stop him from zapping you to a hospital
  • explaining to Cas what’s really going on
  • Cas nodding thoughtfully after your explanation and apologizing that his father makes woman endure something like that
  • he offers to take care of you
  • sadly he has no idea what to do, so he asks Sam and Dean for help
  • after 30 minutes he comes back with more than 10 pints of ice cream and 8 chocolate bars
  • Cas taking Dean’s words a bit too literally and thinking you’ll break into tears every single second
  • because of that he’s walking on eggshells around you
  • Cas worriedly glancing at you to check if you’re already crying
  • Castiel doing anything you ask of him
  • it’s really cute how eager he is to help you, but there isn’t much he can do
  • asking Cas to cuddle with you – at first it’s awkward, but soon it’s really comfortable
  • having to explain to Cas that it isn’t okay to tell random people that you are on your period
  • Cas checking up on you every 5 minutes as if you’re on your deathbed
  • Cas always asking you if it’s really okay for you to be walking around
  • Cas offering to carry you because he doesn’t believe your words
  • taking him up on the offer to make him shut up and to make him stop looking at you with this worried big eyes
  • Cas carrying you everywhere
  • Sam and Dean laughing when Cas carries you in the kitchen bridal style
  • glaring at Sam and Dean while Cas is completely nonchalant and continues to carry you back to your room





1/11/16 | {10/100 days of productivity} I’m sorry I suck at posting every day - I have been studying but I never have time to post and I completely fell off the wagon so I’m coming back at day 10, forgive me

Okay but except bloopers or Robin & Cory being giggly There are totally kissing versions of the couch scene!! Either real ones they wanted to try that plot or just like 100 takes with Robin & Cory being ship trash! I can hear the director like
“Wait what! Nooo you’re not supposed to kiss dammit!” and Smaylor like “Oh? oh we are very sorry!!” ….“Waait you’re not supposed to push Oswald down in the couch!”

And the real kiss scene that the director want, so they do kiss but get way into it. The director like “Okay good…Thank you…cut! cut! THAT’S FINE NOW…….ah fuck this I’ll come back in 10 minutes when u are done.”

yep this happened.


In Bruges (2008)

My room faces onto the canal, right? I’m gonna go back to me room, jump into the canal, see if I can swim to the other side and escape. If you go outside and round the corner, you can shoot at me from there and try and get me. That way, we leave this lady and her baby out of the whole, entire thing. Do you completely promise to jump into the canal? I don’t want to run out there, come back in 10 minutes and find you fucking hiding in a cupboard. I completely promise, Harry.

Heart Breaking Dialogue Prompts

1. “What if I just left?!” “I would be happy!”  

2. “No, no, please stop bleeding.”

3. “I never cared okay! There happy now?!”

4. “You used me…”

5. “I cared about you…us.” “Well I didn’t ask for that.”

6. “Y-you never wanted this did you?”

7. “You can’t go, now not!”

8. “Who hurt you so” “YOU!”

9. “Was this all just…a joke? Stupid fun?”

10. "Come back to me, please I-I can’t keep doing this.“