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  • What she says: Gintama has no plot
  • What I scream back: Gintama is a complex, historical anime based on the transition Japan makes at the end of the Edo Period. This period is marked, historically, by the arrival of "the black ships"; which has brilliantly been mapped onto an alien invasion. While not keeping with history entirely, many characters have corresponding historical figures who the author, Sorachi-sensei, has taken real traits and historical facts about and incorporated them into their character development in a way to fit his own story. The plot follows through the different ways Edo (the planet Gintama takes place on) has been stricken by corruption, each plot arc deepening the complex web of characters and organizations involved in all the conspiracy within or influencing the government and/or universe. The plot, then, is Gintoki and all of his comrades' (sometimes accidental) endeavour to keep their friends, and consequently Edo, safe from the evil influencing the bakufu, all while incidentally uncovering new, more sinister threats to their planet, government, and way of life. Bring this further to before the series began with the war that brought us to where we begin, and you will find a sub-storyline of Gintoki's past and how his former allies have taken the paths they have chosen, justifying the good, evil, and sometimes stupidity they exude. Gintama, however, is now at the very end of the Edo Period, and most recent arcs involving the Shogun and Shinsengumi mark the transition Japan will make into the Meiji Era. Gintama is filled with death, war, tears, laughs, hope, and strong bonds of friendship across all walks of life. This plot is broken up by long chunks of nonsensical, outrageously comedic chapters/episodes and arcs that are meant to either develop characters or their relationships across and within their respective groups or organizations in order to justify their actions taken and teamwork in the plot arcs, or have no purpose at all except to make you laugh and fall in love with all of the silly, beautiful characters. Now, say Gintama has no plot one more time, bitch.

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Omg si tu savais comme on a galéré pour s’organiser et Rei a buggé avec le costume elle a pas utilisé ma ref elle en a prit une autre donc lol ahahaa BUTT.

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 Something I did

That failed to be charming 

  Things that I said

Are suddenly swarming

okay but hispanic tango am I right:

-you know those cheap foam and plastic flip flops you can get in packs of two in the dollar bin at a wal mart, yeah boy has at least like three pairs (technically four but one pair has teeth marks all over bc the dog liked to play with shoes so really that pair is just a glorified fly swatter at this point)

-not only do his parents come out for family day but so do his cousins and his uncles and his grandma and his older sister and his little brother

-he has a picture of himself on his birthday every year with his face smashed into the cake

-(speaking of birthdays his grandad has definitely done the thing where he gets those trick candles that you can’t blow out no matter how hard you try and it has happened more than once)

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Can we just talking about how Clara willingly ate it, and then asked what it was?

If that isn’t trust, I don’t know what is.

(not my gif.)

Pierce heard the door of the little clothing shop open from the office in the back and it woke him out of a short nap. As much as he wanted to enjoy the time he was spending here so that his brother could be at the school, it was exhausting having so little to do, and most people had already bought or made their coats for the winter from the cold spell in the summer.

But business was still gradually coming in, so he peeked his head out of the back room to call out to the customer, “Anything I can help you with?”

anonymous asked:

dude stop writing these and publishing them, you KNOW they can see it and they've been correcting every mistake we've pointed out. now they're gonna force liam to publicly acknowledge it.

I’m not exactly sure what this is referring to, but I’ll assume it’s the Buzzfeed article I just published about why no one believes this baby is actually Louis Tomlinson’s and in which I pointed out information that is available to anyone with two goddamn eyes and an internet connection.

While when reporting in a journalistic manner I try to remain as neutral as possible, that’s certainly not the case on Tumblr so I have absolutely no qualms about telling you my exact opinion on this and why I continue to post “these” things. 


So, dude, I will not stop what is really no more than basic journalism. I have literally only gathered the basic facts in one convenient place for everyone to acknowledge. I’m not revealing anything that’s been hidden from the general public, rather asking why no one is acknowledging it. 

And yeah, that wouldn’t look suspicious at all if Liam just suddenly popped out of obscurity to be like ‘Congrats, mate’ after posting on Twitter about some random NFL player after all of this went down. Them following this “no-homo Liam” pattern would only raise eyebrows further and honestly after that music video Zayn posted this morning it doesn’t really seem that they want people digging around printed quotes from Liam Payne if they’re not ready to be faced with a shit load of Ziam narrative. 

One Direction currently has anywhere from 2-5 closeted queer members and someone is clearly hellbent on keeping it that way for the time being, but I’ll be damned if I’m going to sit here and be treated like a fucking moron who can’t see what is clearly in front of my eyes. 

Their PR team is clearly dependent on this kind of reaction in which people think that silence and lack of critical thinking will hide what a fucking horrendous job they’re doing trying to sell what nobody will buy. EVEN TMZ DOESN’T BELIEVE IT AND THEY PARTICIPATED IN CLOSETING KIRSTEN STEWART. This has gone waaaaaay too far, and its complete absurdity would actually make me believe that Louis himself is behind it rather than anyone from Syco since this is the exact reaction people should have.

How come Louis’ had that dumb fucking hair style since he threw that baby off the stage? How come we cannot actually say with 100% confidence when any of these pictures that have come out in the last week were actually taken? As a guy who’s had more hair styles than Britney Spears he sure seems set on this pretty mediocre one. His hair has been parted to that side since last June…do you not at least question if that’s because there was an ever-changing struggle and plan when it comes to this whole charade? 

By taking things this far do you not think that people would suddenly start coming out of the woodwork with receipts they’ve been sitting on out of respect for Louis and Harry? Because that’s exactly what’s happening and something I imagine someone intended to happen. Instead of hiding behind the veil of anonymity and telling you who has told me what about Larry (because it’s actually the worst kept secret amongst musicians and celebrities in London), I choose to let people be fuckin think-for-themselfers and look at the information available to people that don’t happen to have mutual friends of the band members. 

Short story long: tell whoever “they” are to come at me, brah.