come at me brahs!

 Something I did

That failed to be charming 

  Things that I said

Are suddenly swarming

Can we just talking about how Clara willingly ate it, and then asked what it was?

If that isn’t trust, I don’t know what is.

(not my gif.)

Pierce heard the door of the little clothing shop open from the office in the back and it woke him out of a short nap. As much as he wanted to enjoy the time he was spending here so that his brother could be at the school, it was exhausting having so little to do, and most people had already bought or made their coats for the winter from the cold spell in the summer.

But business was still gradually coming in, so he peeked his head out of the back room to call out to the customer, “Anything I can help you with?”

Friendly reminder that when Ciel summoned Sebastian for the first time everyone in that room started to flip shit like “omg its a demon holy fuck nuggets” . Meanwhile Ciel just sitting there like “bitch do you think I give fuck” like this little cute ass motherfucker looking at a demon like “come at me brah” and then Sebastian is just like “ the hell bitch why you not scared oh you think you all that, you wanna fuckin go” and the whole time Ciel’s face is just like and on that day no fucks were given.

highlights from Barça vs City:  

  • is it christmas time? because all I could smell was that nutmeg aroma, mmmmhmmmmm
  • Rocketic scored…..ROCKETIC SCORED
  • it was fascinating and painful to watch Joe Hart be a boss 
  • Pep was there. Pep was at camp nou. Pep was home. Pep. 
  • Ter Stegen saved a damn penalty aka he saved our lives and probably our children’s lives
  • I love Mathieu 
  • Ter Stegen looked like a sexy warrior with “come at me brah” tattooed across his face after he saved the penalty
  • Masche just being a regular hulk 
  • Iniesta really fought hard to get the ball and Neymar did too, although it was not a game of finishes for him, we still got to the finish line
  • Chipmunk held up a good fort, defending his acorns at all costs
  • Barça really didn’t give City a fighting chance 
  • Lucho, Lucho, Lucho you dared and you triumphed *high five* 
  • We may have won with only 1-0, but it felt like 10-0 VISCA BARCA!!! 
  • oh….yeah…..and what did that Messi guy do? he had infinite pointed passes, he defended, he literally threw his body into the game, he didn’t let a little scrape get in his way, he just took on run after run, defender after defender….oh, you GOAT 

this guy from my high school tweeted “the ‘wage gap’ lol” so I tweeted a 79 page academic in depth analysis of the wage gap and he sent me back a VIDEO saying why the wage gap is not true. 

then he said “The wage gap doesn’t account for certain factors, such as time off, hours worked, what job it is, etc. It is an earnings gap” to which I replied “if you took the time to look through what I sent you would see that many of those points were included in the statistical analysis”


I love it when people tell me “Hey don’t worry you’ll find someone eventually” or “There’s plenty of fish in the sea, you’re just not looking”

Like no? Shut the hell up. I’m a homosexual male, that already means there’s a low amount of candidates. The estimated population of Gay/Lesbian people in the USA is of 1.6% (not including BI or other LGBT+ population) as of 2012.

That means that, say, if I constantly patrol an area of around a 20 Mile radius around my house due to different reasons such as work, or shopping, or errands, and let’s say around 5K people live in that radius, that means that only 80 people in the area fall into what I’m looking for, this not accounting for possibly girls who would be lesbian.

That means that out of those 80 people, I would have to find someone, and let me tell you, BOY am I NOT easy on the eyes.

So shut your god damn straight trap mouth Sussan, you and your pretty god damned Hetero husband (who I’d love to fuck) can go suck the biggest toe you can find, cuz I’m gonna die bitter and lonely.