come at me brahs!

imagine if sportacus acted like a fuckboi

 Something I did

That failed to be charming 

  Things that I said

Are suddenly swarming

whom here volunteers to come to my house and kill me brah im too tired to deal with existing… ill make u good coffee if u want first

Pierce heard the door of the little clothing shop open from the office in the back and it woke him out of a short nap. As much as he wanted to enjoy the time he was spending here so that his brother could be at the school, it was exhausting having so little to do, and most people had already bought or made their coats for the winter from the cold spell in the summer.

But business was still gradually coming in, so he peeked his head out of the back room to call out to the customer, “Anything I can help you with?”

highlights from Barça vs City:  

  • is it christmas time? because all I could smell was that nutmeg aroma, mmmmhmmmmm
  • Rocketic scored…..ROCKETIC SCORED
  • it was fascinating and painful to watch Joe Hart be a boss 
  • Pep was there. Pep was at camp nou. Pep was home. Pep. 
  • Ter Stegen saved a damn penalty aka he saved our lives and probably our children’s lives
  • I love Mathieu 
  • Ter Stegen looked like a sexy warrior with “come at me brah” tattooed across his face after he saved the penalty
  • Masche just being a regular hulk 
  • Iniesta really fought hard to get the ball and Neymar did too, although it was not a game of finishes for him, we still got to the finish line
  • Chipmunk held up a good fort, defending his acorns at all costs
  • Barça really didn’t give City a fighting chance 
  • Lucho, Lucho, Lucho you dared and you triumphed *high five* 
  • We may have won with only 1-0, but it felt like 10-0 VISCA BARCA!!! 
  • oh….yeah…..and what did that Messi guy do? he had infinite pointed passes, he defended, he literally threw his body into the game, he didn’t let a little scrape get in his way, he just took on run after run, defender after defender….oh, you GOAT