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We’re not really far into the solo era, but I just feel like by way of observation and reading/watching interviews lately, that it’s clear that them being solo artists is truly what’s best, and I don’t want them to ever go back to being a band like they used to. 

Just to brush on a few things.. 

Liam said recently that in 1D they were meant to show relentless enthusiasm at all times, and never discuss any negative aspects of their experience - which we as fans saw and got annoyed over several times… Shit went down that was never acknowledged and/or apologized for. Lima also mentioned that they never stopped to celebrate what they’d done. It was non-stop. Harry noted a similar thing in his RS interview when he said that the 1D tours were like a Wes Anderson movie. Cut. Cut. New location. Quick cut. New location. Cut. Cut. Show. Shower. Hard cut. Sleep. (which we all saw.. Like, Zayn developed an eating disorder whilst in the band, Liam had serious issues with alcohol, the partying, the drugs (hi weed scandal) like, there was so much stuff going on at certain points.)  Harry also mentioned in the doc that after 5 years of pressure, he finally didn’t feel any of it. And he admitted in another interview that he realized he was exhausted. (The fact that you could never truly pick up on that because he always gave 110% at every show makes me just in awe of his loyalty and work-ethic.) Hats off to Niall, Liam and Louis too, they all worked so fucking hard. Niall even said that he wasn’t as exhausted as the rest of them at the end, like, what kind of superhuman lol.. 

I remember Jeff mentioning that he was baffled by Harry’s writing talent, and how he realized that the Harry in One D was kind of the digitized Harry. Almost like a character. And like Harry said: “I wanted to write my stories, things that happened to me. The number-one thing was I wanted to be honest. I hadn’t done that before.” That says it all.. I also feel like in the last year or so, it was so clear that Harry was ready for his own career… On the last tour the interactions with the other boys were minimal, esp compared to the tours before. Journos/writers noted the same thing in their concert reviews. He was the one that was a little outside of it all. Watching what happened between Louis and Harry’s friendship throughout the years because of the larries was straight up awkward as hell. The months before Zayn left was awkward to watch, and after he left, Lilo became super close. Niall got along with all of them I feel, but even now, Harry is the odd one out. He never used to hang out with them outside of 1D obligations and I don’t think they see or talk to Harry much now either. (despite what Niall says to please 1D fans :p.) When you think about it, Harry’s sooooo fucking different from esp Louis and Liam. But let me also make it clear that I think Harry loved being in 1D. Unlike others, (ahem Zebra) he will never bite the hand that fed him. He’ll never discredit that time.

From MM and onwards, Lilo teamed up in writing sessions and got their songs through. (Def prob easier as a twosome.) Louis and Lima are loud and opinionated too, so I can only imagine some of those song discussions. (Not taking away from Lilo’s songwriting talent here, just looking at the big picture). Harry noted recently that he felt interrupted in the band as well. (super surprising lol) Interviews were often a mess, and the only one who had respect for Harry in those scenarios were Niall imo. 

After Harry left the band he took some time off to feel bored he said, but realized fast that he was dying to be in the studio again, ‘cause he had so much he wanted to say. And I think a huge part of that stemmed from him not being able to take time on lyrics and really write. An album a year, writing on the road, Lilo teaming up, with other hired writers putting their touches on each song, I think all of it hindered him to an extent. And Harry said in a recent interview that it def was weird to go into a writing session with strangers trying to be honest. And I think that’s partly why he was so anxious to get back in the saddle, why he was ready fairly quickly and why he was the first one to drop a solo album. He’d been writing for himself, planning, and building up for that moment for a long time. Maybe since he proposed the idea of them taking a break in late 2014. 

Another thing worth noting, in the Behind The Album doc is that he was SO fucking excited that he was in charge. His ideas were listened to. He was the boss, for the first time ever. When they said “Let’s first do Harry’s idea for” and Harry went “yeah, and then we’ll do Harry’s idea for something else, then after that, we’ll do another one of Harry’s ideas!”, like yeah he was joking around, but I also feel like that said so much.. And we can all get it, being in a band, like he said, every single decision was made in a democracy, and it was just time for him to make the desicions. To be a little scared.

And everyone can see the pure joy that’s Harry now. He’s soooooo happy. On stage, in interviews, everywhere. He has an energy now that is just amazing to see, he’s got that extra little spark that I didn’t see the last year or so in 1D. In Harry’s own words: “I’m having the time of my life working this [solo career] out.” and that’s clear as day. I also thought of when Cameron Crowe said that Harry couldn’t WAIT to start his interview with him. That he called him up and was SO enthusiastic, like practically giddy. And this quote from Harry is so heart-warming too. “There was something about playing the album and how happy I was that told them, [his parents] ‘If all I get is to make this music, I’m content.” ❤️ Like he stated in the doc too, he’s totally okay with not being on the level that he was in 1D again. 

And it goes for all the boys you know. I don’t follow their careers closely, but I’ve noted that they’ll all said they’re really happy that they went on this break and that they’re loving the freedom and being solo now, so it’s all good. They all look happy and well. And they’re all doing good which is nice to see. 

So yeah, just some Sunday night thoughts :) 

There was another short preview (with Satoshi narrating the scene with Solgaleo&Lunaala that we had already seen in the first preview: in fact, they’re part of his dream, we heard him making the Promise to them) and

Lusa, no

If y’all come into my inbox and unironically start your “advice” with “uuuummm”, I want you to know that I automatically delete your message. I don’t care what you wrote, I don’t read beyond that. It’s condescending and immature as all hell. If you want me to take you seriously, you best drop the tumblr attitude.

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Thoughts on the Chris Kendall girlfriend outting drama??

Ah yes, I’d love to be those girlfriends. The ones who never get taken on vacations, don’t get to go to the movies, and never get to go out in public. Not to mention, the boyfriends choose to do livestream gaming on Saturday nights, plan on getting a dog together, plan on getting a forever home together, and share a bedroom. Everything they do is “our” “we” “us”. “Phil and I would love to go to Russia one day.” “Dan and I went to see IT.” “Phil and I…” “Me and Phil…” Insert anything you want into those sentences, they’d always be true!

But, to be serious for a second, Dan and Phil lost contact with him a long time ago, so I doubt he has insider knowledge into their lives. I don’t watch him, but from what I’ve seen other people say, you can’t take anything he says seriously. So, yeah, that’s my thoughts…

Hey gamers.

I just wanted to bring something back around that alot of us have forgotten.

I wanted to bring this back around because of the little speculation about this panel. Something that I always found weird, and by all means I could be incorrect, was how everyone disregarded this panel practically the second day after its release, only coming back around a few weeks later when Lead Overwatch writer Michael Chu confirmed that Gabriel “Reaper” Reyes was not staring longingly at some “random family”. After Chu’s confirmation we all just kinda went back to analyzing the infiltration short.

I think that we diregarded it because of how hooked, and how certain the fandom is with r76 being canon. Dont get me wrong, i love edgy sad hasbands more than the next guy, but literally, Michael could have said, “Yo, that’s his former spouse” and we would respond this with “haha cool thnx” and get back to writing SEP angst; even with Chu’s confirmation of its not a random family, we still responded the same way.

We are still so convinced that r76 is and will soon be canon, we didn’t even want to think about Gabriel with another s/o.

As he watches longingly as they walk the streets of (Im guessing Los Angeles, for Lore purposes,) hand in hand with someone who makes them much happier than he ever could.

But it could be any one.

A sibling.

A bestfriend.

A spouse.

A son, even?

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But beta males are male feminists who are subservient to women. They're not sexist. So Summer's line makes no sense. I'm just going to chalk that line up to Summer being a dumb millennial teen who doesn't know what words mean.


Dang, that a lot of people. Yikes

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