come as you are part 2

Ok I just noticed something ELSE about the mileven reunion

Dustin and Lucas.

So most likely Mike wasn’t letting his friends in on his emotional turmoil. Obviously they knew he was upset about Eleven, but I don’t imagine he was having heart to hearts with them about the specifics his feelings.

Even looking at the scene in episode 2 when he talks to Will about it. You really get the impression that that was the first time he ever really talked about how he was feeling to anyone.

Probably a big part was that he thought he was crazy for still believing she was alive. They all saw her disintigrate. He didn’t want his friends to know how torn up he was. He couldn’t bear to hear them tell him that she was gone. So he didn’t talk about it with them.

So when she comes back and Mike runs to her, holds her like she’s his lifeline, practically in tears, Lucas and Dustin are just standing there, slackjawed. They had no idea. They knew that he had been crushing on her before she disappeared, but this is no crush. This is something deeper.

And suddenly the whole past year makes sense. They understand why he had been kind of a jerk over the last year, and finally, they don’t blame him.

Cool Mom (pt 1)

Request: Do you think you could do a steve x fem!reader where they met in freshman year and didn’t really like each other so they didn’t talk until they got dragged back together because of the whole situation and the reader ends up being kinda like a mom to the kids and so Steve and the reader bond over it and there’s some cute fluff or something? If you can’t I totally understand but I really love your writing and so I thought I’d share my idea. Thank you!!

Love this request! Definitely going to do a part 2!!!

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Gearheads pt.2

Pairings: ReaderxSweetPea

Warnings: Angst, mentions of blood, few punches, fluff, hints to domestic violence (no description)

A/N: the response to part one was absolutely phenomenal!!! Thank you so so much! Already have an idea for my next sweet prlea fic…if you’re not already sick of them. Hope I didn’t ruin it!


Sweet Pea pov

Yn would come over every second evening after that. She’d stay and help with the bikes and other cars, almost part of the furniture at this stage. At the start the Serpents in the garage were cautious, now they found themselves missing her when she’s not around and running to her with their car troubles when she was.

“How’d that happen?” We both were arm deep in an engine and as she pulled one hand free, I saw the deep red marks on her arm.


“A cat? When were you around cats? I thought you were allergic to cats?”

“Right now I’m allergic to you”

“Cute” I rolled my eyes…and it was. Over the past month and a half I found myself falling for the girl behind the cheer uniform more and more.

“Hey Beauty and the Beast, stop flirting you’re making me sick” Fangs threw himself back in a chair, legs on the desk watching us. He was one of the few in the garage who were still weary of yn.

“Oh Phil is here, my time to jet, bye Sweet Pea” she slung her bag over her shoulder, kicking one of the legs of Fangs chair from beneath him sending him flying back. I could hardly breathe with the laughter. I think Fangs started to like her a bit more after then, she can hold her own.

We spent the next Friday our usual way, head stuck in the engine.

“Do you not cheer anymore?”

“Nope, gave it up”

“Why? I thought you loved it?”

“I love this more” thank God she couldn’t see me very well right now because I was smiling like an idiot.

“Would you rather I cheer?”

“If it meant you had to wear that tight little uniform then yeah” she nudged me and we laughed. Our conversation ebbed and flowed between a range of different topics then, it was just easy with her. I never felt the need to hide the snake skin around her. And then somehow we arrived here

“Do you want kids yn?”

“Today, no. Eventually, yes. You?” she grinned.

“Yeah I’d love them”

“Would you like them to be Serpents?”

“Oh of course! They wouldn’t be mine otherwise hahaha I’m sure you’d want yours to not though?”

“You know if you asked me that two months ago I might have said yeah, they’re not allowed be in the Serpent’s but now.”

“now what?”

“Now I’d be so proud of them if they turned out to be half the Serpent you are” she smiled gently as she cleaned off her hands with a rag. Can’t take it anymore. I caught her and pulled her into me, enveloping her in a kiss. It was glorious. It was like a film. It was perfect. I pulled back from her and dropped her arms that I held.

“I’m sorry I’m so sorry”

“It’s okay Sweet Pea, it’s okay” her agape mouth and shocked tone made my nervous one worse. And then it went further down hill.

“Yn! What the hell are you doing here!?”

“Chris?! What the hell are you doing here?! How did you know I was here?!”

“I pinged your phone! Good thing I did too! You shouldn’t be hanging around with these thugs!” he lunged for her arm to grab her forcefully and she flinched, almost collapsing to the floor then all the jigsaw puzzle pieces clicked. Chris marked yn, chris has been hurting her. That’s why she quit cheer, to be away from him more. I jumped in front of yn before he caught her.

“Go home Chris, leave her alone.”

“You can’t tell me what to do thug! She’s my girlfriend!”

“Call me a thug one more time, I dare you” I began squaring up to him and he did the same to me.

“Guys please stop!” Yn stood at the exact wrong moment and Chris’ fist met her face for what I feel may not have been the first time. She hit the floor and I hit him. Tackling him to the ground we rolled briefly, he clipped my jaw with with his bare knuckles, my own going for his nose. Blood ran from it almost instantly and my fist met his eye swiftly. Before I knew it Fangs was hauling me off Chris. Chris jumped to his feet and was met with a swift punch to the cheekbone from my best friend.

“Fucking Northsider! Know your fucking place!” Fangs hissed. Chris raised his head off the ground before deciding against it and collapsing again.

“I’m going to close my eyes and count to ten, if you’re not gone by the end of that, I start calling some seniors and they’re not going to like the fact that you attacked their star mechanic and her assistant.” He began counting and Chris began scrambling. I was thankful for him always… despite the fact that he called me her assistant.

I turned to yn who was sitting on the ground with her head in her knees, almost in a little ball shape. I looked at Chris and he nodded, leaving the garage and sliding over the door. We were alone again.

I crossed to sit next to her, wiping the small stream of blood coming from my lip. I could see the bruising forming on the side of YNs eye. I wrapped an arm around her and pulled her into my side, she leaned in.

“You know why I like cars?” She barely whispered


“Because when they’re broken you can fix them, they never stay broken…they don’t have to just rot away for the rest of their days knowing they can’t be fixed…I’m not like a car” she half cried into my side before I turned, pulling her fully into me, she was balled up between my legs, head resting on my chest. I wanted to cuddle her like this forever.

“Yn, you and I have fixed cars that should have been left to rot years ago. We can fix anything together… including you if you feel broken…and I bet you have much simpler wiring” I felt her chuckle lightly against me. She looked up through red eyes to mine.

“I swear to God if he ever comes near you again he’ll have the whole gang to deal with…you’re basically one of us now…I mean…if that’s what you want”. She wrapped her hand around the nape of neck and pulled me to meet her lips again. Every nerve in my body stood up.

“Serpent Gearheads”

“The best kind”

“….do you want your notebook back ever orrr” she nudged me before kissing me again.


Much love Xx

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I figured that you guys have gone without an update for so long that 2 in 2 days couldn’t hurt. I’ll get back into the swing of things soon, I promise. In the meantime, enjoy this - and I promise that it’s the last little wedge driven between the two before they come together. 

Prompt[s]: Awwwww someone’s getting jealous!!

Poor loki, I think she should have told him the truth

i saw that the tower was updated anD OH BOY I WAS SO EXCITED. it was 👌👌👌👌 and i patiently waiting for the reader to fess up ;D

‘The Tower’ (Part 28)

All Chapters // Part 27

Loki’s dreams were kinder to him that night. No more did he see your face surrounded in flame or your corpse lying unfound on the forest floor. That night, he dreamt you were dancing. He led you around by the hand, turning gentle circles in a room with no ceiling or floor. You were floating on air, lighter than the wind.

A sharp pain in his side disrupted the fantasy. Loki’s eyelids parted sluggishly until he felt someone shove him again.
“Hey,” the culprit hissed. “Hey, wake up.”

After rolling over, Loki glowered at Fenrien who had his hands on Loki’s ribcage, shaking him to and fro.
“Go away,” Loki slurred, pushing Fenrien’s head aside with a sleepy hand. “Just because you’re staying here doesn’t mean I have to talk to you.” Fenrien huffed and moved out of Loki’s reach when the latter tried to shove him away for a second time. Eventually Fenrien was granted a view of Loki’s back and nothing more.
“I don’t want to talk with you either. But I do have to ask you something.”

At first Loki remained motionless, refusing to even acknowledge the man’s presence. Fearing that his host might’ve dropped off again, Fenrien gave Loki another small shove.
“Oh, what is it?” He snapped, sitting upright and glaring at him testily. “What do you want?”

Fenrien simpered and sat himself at the end of the window seat. Loki pulled up his feet, hoping to stay as far away from his newfound companion as possible.
“I’ll keep this brief,” he began.
“By all means.”
“I had to ask this before she awoke because it concerns the good lady sleeping in the next room.”

“(Y/n)? What about her?”
“She’s a fine woman, no?”

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Complete works masterlist

Pairings: Guy of Gisborne x Reader 

A/N: This is my first Guy fic, so I really do appreciate honest feedback on how I can improve if things are off. Maybe in time as I get more confident with branching out, more Richard characters will come your way. I’m only going to write the first part of this as a short introduction to see if you would like to read more. 

Tag List: @patanghill17 @queenmariatheresia @fullvoidmoon @justmasblack @thepoet1975 @nelswp @igotanaddixon @houseofrahl @deepestfirefun @sesshomaru-lover @heilith @hannibatchsmuse @epicallychrissy @buckyoakenshieldxo @junebuguniverse @thoughtsnadventure @ealasaid @fandomgalcentral @amagifu @thatgirlunderarock @disneymarina @thorins-magnificent-ass @mrs-thorin-oakenshield @mortomary @xxbyimm @mama-tole-me-not-2-come @thophil2941btw @nowiloveandwilllove @fromthedeskoftheraven @tinkertailor1212 @everyjourneylove @ladyharlequinreaper1992 @trumoo-foryou @littlespacesam @justinkyloscase @boyfriendsarebetterinbooks @dracsgirl @calicoskatts @aidanturnersass @enkelin @raindancer2004 @pandepirateprincess @tea2go @coco3cookies @shikin83 @fallinginlovewiththewolfboy @aninomori @theincaprincess @kstar770 @lady-jessica-9 @whohobbs @fentah @uknwwhttheysayboutthecrzy1s @inkededucatednnerdy @imagines-for-multiple-fandoms @jumpingmanatee @leah-halliwell92 @straybreeze @maybetomorrowgirl @miss-lumiere @vaneaustation @mynameisnoneya1991 @jgs22 @ethekitchenator @jelly-leaf2 @sweeticedtea @red608 @cd1242 @pixiedurango @letalisinsania @witchiiwoman @freya-asatru

For the last two months and you had been meeting the Sheriff’s lieutenant, Sir Guy of Gisborne, in secret. These meetings didn’t involve the handling of sensitive information in the capture of Robin Hood, or help him in his way to gain more power and authority. No, they involved things of a more pleasurable nature. Every night and he made you come, your whole body shuddering in those moments, and he hadn’t even taken your maidenhood…yet. You dreamed of the day when he would take you, but that day seemed so far off, a future which would be impossible to ever reach. 

Your father, one of the Sheriff’s head guards, had promised your hand to another guard, a man who was twenty years your senior and had already had two wives. Your husband to be was lecherous, often coming to you when you sold your bread in the town square, and he would grab you beneath your stall, his hands digging in to your flesh. 

One thing you knew and that was you loved Guy, and you wanted a future with him. Sometimes you wondered if he still had feelings for Marian, but that idea would soon dissipate when he kissed you, his hand brushing up your face and into your hair. You didn’t want to keep hiding away, meeting in barns, hallways and on the outskirts of the town at night. 

Guy found you one afternoon, leaving the kitchens of the castle after you had delivered some of your bread and pastries. You were trying hard to hold back the tears but as soon as you saw him, you wept. He grabbed your hand, pulling you against himself. “What is it?” he asked in concern. 

You looked up at his tall, broad form. “I can’t…”

“You can and you will tell me what is going on,” he demanded. 

“My wedding is this coming Saturday morning.” 

Guy’s eyes widened in shock and then he looked down, swallowing hard. “Then this must end here. You are to be another man’s wife.” His eyes locked with yours, and you could see the pain within them. But you had hoped he would have fought for you. Instead he was willing to stand down and allow you to be taken by a man you could never love. 

“Does everything we shared mean that little to you?” you hissed. “You’re just willing to let all this happen with not so much as a determination to fight?” 

Guy grit his teeth, his jaw clenching. Then he pulled away from you and crossed his arms over his chest. “Ultimately, men only require women for one thing. And that was all you were to me.” 

The pain of Guy’s words hit you hard and you exhaled loudly. All of this was just a way to seek his own gratification? “You bastard,” you growled. 

It really was true what everyone said: Guy of Gisborne had no heart. 

(To be continued)

When You Love Someone - Part One

Pairing: Remus x Reader, Sirius x Reader

Word Count: 1,363

Request: “I’m not going to apologize for this” and “I fell in love with my best friend” in part 2

  • 16 and 10 where the reader had a thing with Sirius before he was inducted at Azkaban and throughout the years she found comfort and love with Remus eventually getting together and having a family. Sirius breaks out and comes to find her only to realize he was too late.

Warnings: ANGSTTTTT, death, maybe swearing idk I’m too lazy to check but I wrote it so expect it

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Faking It (3 /4)

Summary: After a heist goes wrong and leaves Michael with the Corpirate out for his blood, he wants nothing to do with the Fake AH Crew ever again - at least until Gavin comes knocking on his door asking for a place to stay.

Part 1  Part 2  AO3

Michael woke up with a splitting headache to find himself tied to a chair, aching all over, and with a very vague memory of what had happened to get him here.

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#31: Jason Todd x Reader

So I love Young Justice, and I decided I would write an imagine for it explaining how Jason died (non-canonically of course). I may write a Part 2, but idk yet.

WARNING: This imagine turned out to be a lot more graphic than I expected, so I’m gonna put a small warning for a bit of gore.

Being Batman’s sidekicks had put you and Jason in enough danger for a lifetime, and becoming members of the Team had come with the risk of even more dangerous missions. You had grown so used to thwarting dictatorships and fighting aliens and magic wielders that you and Jason had forgotten just how tricky crime in your own city could be. You had let your guard down, and that was a mistake that you now realized could cost your lives.

The two of you had been jumped by a group of thugs as your patrol was ending. They had overpowered you and knocked you out, and when you woke you were in a dark room tied to a chair with Jason across from you.

“Jay,” you whispered as he raised his head, meeting his bleary eyes. “Are you okay?”

“Yeah.” He tested the zipties holding his wrists to the chair. “Where are we?”

“I don’t know,” you said, casting your gaze around the room for something you could use to get yourselves free. You saw a table across the room with an assortment of tools, knives, and a crowbar. Nausea rose to your throat as you guessed what they were for.

“We have to get out of here,” you said. Your blood ran cold when you heard a raspy voice say, “Before the fun begins?”

A tall and thin man emerged from the darkness behind Jason, dressed in a dark purple suit with a dead flower in his lapel. His hair was a dark green and the white skin of his face contrasted with his red grin.

The Joker took a fistful of Jason’s hair and yanked his head back.

“You’re in for a treat, Boy Wonder,” he said. “You and your partner here are going to have quite the night.”

The Joker released Jason and went to the table, looking over his choices.

“I’ve always wanted to see if the Bat’s sidekicks were as tough as he is,” the Joker said as he selected a knife and the crowbar. “They say he can’t be hurt, but I wonder what will happen if I hurt you?”

Your breaths grew short with fear and your heart raced as the Joker advanced on you with the knife.

“What do you think, my dear?” He pressed the blade to your cheek. Pain sliced through your skin and a ribbon of blood dripped from your jaw. “Do you think he’ll finally kill me for this?”

“No,” you said, pushing through your fear and looking him straight in the eye. “But I will.”

The Joker laughed and released you, a cackle of amusement and pure evil ringing in your ears.

“You crack me up, Girl Wonder,” he said. Out of nowhere, he struck you across the face.

“Stop!” Jason shouted, fighting his restraints with everything he had. “Torture me! Hurt me! Just don’t touch her!”

The Joker turned his attention to Jason, a sinister smirk curling his lips.

“Whatever you say,” he said, dropping the knife and raising the crowbar.

“No!” But it was too late. The Joker hit Jason in the chest with the crowbar so hard the chair toppled over, and Jason’s head hit the floor hard.

Jason’s breaths had turned to wheezes, and you were sure his ribs had been broken. The Joker hit him again and again, each strike emitting a thud and a crack of a newly broken bone. You screamed for the Joker to stop the entire time, fighting to get free of the damned chair, but you couldn’t move an inch to get to him.

The torture went on for hours. The Joker went between hitting Jason with the crowbar and carving into your skin with various knives. At some point Jason’s restraints were removed and he laid sprawled out on the ground at your feet, broken and bloody and unmoving. You didn’t want to accept what you knew. Jason couldn’t be dead. He was stronger than you in every way. No matter how many risks he would take, he had always made it out alive.

“Oh, come now.” The Joker nudged Jason’s head with his foot. “Dead already. I was hoping he would last longer.”

The Joker looked to you, covered in your own blood from all the places his knife had opened you up.

“I’ll leave you to tell the Bat what happened here tonight,” he said with a grin. “I do hope he finds you soon. Dead bodies smell awful when they’re left to rot.”

The Joker dropped the crowbar, the clang of metal on the concrete making you jump.

“Tell Batman I said hello,” the Joker said, and disappeared into the darkness he had come from.

You couldn’t do anything but stare at Jason’s body, tears running down your face. You wanted nothing more than to hold him and make him wake up, but you knew he was beyond help. He was gone, and the worst part was that you never got to tell him you loved him.

stozier chap 3

Summary; Stan is in love with one of his best friends, and against all odds it is Richie Tozier; but the trashmouth kid is too in love with someone else to even take notice. 

part 1 , part 2

ahhh!! sorry for the wait guys, but i haven’t had time to just sit back and really write, so here’s finally the third one :-)

i guess i shoud come up with a title for this story but honestly my mind is blank so. if you got any suggestions hmu

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bananathenana  asked:

Oh silly Tumblr ate my lovey dovey ask?! I'm sorry it went and did that to you guys. My original ask was asking for a scenario where Aizawa and his fem s/o finally get to take a vacation from work in a cabin off in the country side. I thought it'd be cute for them to explore the woods, maybe go swimming in a lake, and enjoy some "rough housing" under the stars. Thank you for letting me know it got deleted!

So I’ve come to realize that there are three Aizawa requests that all want to go on vacation with this sleepy teacher xD

So I’m gonna bring all three of them together in one big scenario, all for my dear lil strawberries~! I’m going to the situation at a cabin that has it’s own hot spring (cuz as a writer, I can do whatever I want, bois!)

This is the first half I had in mind, which is all fluffy fluff stuff! If you want a part 2 for maybe a little… something some~ Feel free to request that! The ask box is still CLOSED, but I will personally accept the request pertaining to this! It just shows me that you guys like this (and I’m just a tease)! And I hope you all enjoy the reading, my lil strawberries~!

-Mod Shortcake 🍰🍰🍰

Aizawa wasn’t a super adventurous type of guy. He was mostly a homebody, if anything.

But then again, it wasn’t so often that he’d get a vacation from being a pro hero or even from being a teacher. He just hoped that his students would be well taken care of in his absence. “Shouta! Hey-” Aizawa snapped out of his thoughts when he heard you snap your fingers close to his face.

He must’ve dozed off a bit there.

“Hm?” He looked over at you with that same old tired look in his eyes. You just grinned at him while unbuckling your seat belt. “We’re here!” You chimed.

They had arrived at a pretty rustic looking cabin out in the middle of the woods. It was your idea to have this kind of getaway from civilization, and when you had explained it like that, Aizawa was on board with the plan.


“There we go! All of our stuff is packed away, Shouta, so do you wanna go and look around the woods?” You asked, walking down the stairs. You looked around for your lover, admiring the warm glow of the cabin, but when you could find Shouta, you narrowed your eyes on the comfy looking couch right there in the living room.

You tone became stern. You placed your hands on your hips. “Shouta.”

There was silence, then a low grunt.

Yup, you know it; he had curled up for a nap.

Walking over to where he was, you loomed over the back of the couch, staring at his resting face. “Shouta, we came out here to get away…”

“That’s what I’m doing.”


“You can join me.”

You narrowed your eyes. “No. I wanted to… I don’t know, see nature or something.” You leaned your hand down, starting to play with his dark hair. Aizawa opened his eyes slightly, staring up at you. “You can look right out the window.”

“You know what I mean!” You huffed. Aizawa sighed, unzipping his sleeping bag. “We just got here, (F/N). Nature’s not going anywhere.” He yawned. “Just relax.”


After a few hours of relaxing, you finally managed to pry Aizawa out of his sleeping bag and out of the cabin. 

There was a trail that you brought him to, holding his hand so there was no way you could lose sight of him on your little journey. You also brought some bread crumbs in case you ran into any friendly creatures.

You pointed out some deer and chipmunks that went about their lives, laughing when you saw two squirrels fighting over food. The birdsong was pleasant to the ears as well. But Aizawa enjoyed the sound of your joy most of all.

It wasn’t until you both turned around to walk back to the cabin, that you noticed a doe cautiously walking up to you two. “Oh! I bet she can smell the food on me…” You grinned, pulling out the small bag of bread crumbs. That was when you had the sweet idea to take Aizawa’s hand into your own and pour some crumbs into his hand.

“You want me to feed it?” He asked you. You just gave him your signature grin. “Yeah. Look. She’s staring at you.”

“Cuz you put the food in my hand.”

Shouta.” You gave him a look that he couldn’t help but smile at. “Yeah, yeah…” Aizawa offered his hand to the deer, which slowly approached his hand and sniffed the food before feeding.

It was the sweetest thing to unfold before your eyes, and Aizawa didn’t openly say it, but he didn’t mind this at all.


Then the sunset finally began to shine in through the windows. Dinner was made early and eaten while you played some relaxing music.

Aizawa couldn’t help but smile a little at how peaceful and serene these moments felt with you. It was moments like these that he decided to hold onto whenever he needed to think of something better. You could feel that too, in both your heart and mind.

And it was moments like these that you’d see a side to Shouta that no one else got to see. The side of him that, after a good meal, didn’t mind dancing with you. Simple turns and swaying in each others’ arms, your head resting on his chest, listening to his heart beat… The warmth was irreplaceable.

When the song ended, so did the dance. You lifted your head slowly and smiled up at Aizawa. Standing up on your toes, you placed a sweet kiss on his lips to which he gladly returned.

“I’m going to go…” You began, your lips still lingering beside his, “…take advantage of that hot spring we have in the back.” When you pulled away to vanish upstairs to get your towel, Aizawa stayed behind, thinking of how nice that sounded. A bath didn’t sound so bad right now, especially if it meant bathing with you.

Merideth frowns at the screens spreading data over the bridge when I walk in. “We are trying to understand how we are evading the El, the trap they are setting. We have a Companion Ship that won’t let us know all it can do that could save us, Yen, and itself.” Her gaze flicks over to me.


“Jeff. Ship: seal bridge access.” She pauses a moment. “Jeffofry Umbridge-Basiq. Turang. Heartstone. Cesola. Status?”

My voice is distant, flat and beyond my control. “Immersion at 7.34%. Access at 14%. 2% of access is 100% of human data. Status: unknown.”

I come back to myself, blink a few times. “Merideth. What was that?”

Merideth stares at me with an expression I can’t decipher at all. “You really thought I made you part of an alien ship just to save your life, Jeff? I never do anything with just one motive.”


“Making you an avatar of the ship saved your life. After a fashion,” she says, before I can say anything. “It also gives you more access to this ship and more information than I have gleaned in forty years of studying it.”

I say nothing. I can’t find any word ugly enough.

“Oh, Jeff.” She shakes her head, then snaps: “Execute Aendar. Dakar. Tienam.”

Nothing happens that I can tell. I don’t move beyond trying for calm.

Her smile is cold even for Merideth but vanishes a moment later. “Jeff, did you come in here for a reason?”

“No. Not yet.” I walk back out. I am a piece of Ship now. No longer human. I use it consciously for the first time to stop my fists from clenching.


Harry Hook x Reader

(Daughter of Scar)

Not requested

Based on Here by Alessia Cara

Warnings: Self-harm. If you are easily triggered, please do not read. Thanks


I’m sorry if I seem uninterested or I’m not listening, or I’m indifferent

Coming to the Auradon, I thought things were going to be different. I would no longer feel miserable, mistreated. But I guess I was wrong. My first day, people made fun of me for being the daughter of Scar. Yes I’m part human, part lion. The students came up with new nicknames for me such as

‘Pussy and a dirty hoe’.

I tried to never let it bother but each day the bullying had only gotten worst.

Truly I ain’t got no business here but since my friends are here, I just came to kick it

There has been many night were I had cried myself to sleep. Why does everyone hate me so much? What have I done wrong? Do I not fit their fancy? I walked down the halls of Auradon Prep, receiving disgusted stares from other teens. I bit my lip nervously and kept my head down. Not even paying attention to where I was going, I collided into a hard solid figure. My books and paperwork flew everywhere. I reached down to retrieve them not bothering to look up.

“Ye okay there?”

A voice spoke with a very thick Scottish accent. The tears began to well up as laughter echoed the halls. I heard my signature nickname. Leaving my things right where they were, I sprinted outside. A few ugly sobs escaped my throat.

But really I would rather be at home all by myself not in this room with people who don’t even care about my well-being

I ran down by the shore. The waves splashed up my knees while salty tears soaked my face. Is there a way to make the pain go away? No one would miss me, I was known as a dirty hoe. My nails grew into sharp lion claws. Without hesitation, I scratched down my arm. It felt like hell but I didn’t stop. I watched the blood seep through the thin cuts. My arm burned like fire. Before I could move on to my other, a pair of hands restrained me from doing so.

“What are ye doing?” It was the same voice you heard in the hallway

I ask myself what am I doing here?

“No! Let me go!” I fought against his hold on me but he was too strong.

I finally gave up and went limp against him. My body shook with uncontrollable sobs. His arms held me close to his chest, whispering soothing words.

“It’s going to be okay. Don’t listen to those assholes back there. Yer the most beautiful girl I have ever met. I love you.”

Here I am bawling my eyes out to a guy I don’t even know and then he says he loves me? Once I calm down a little, I shyly looked up at the mysterious person. His blue eyes burned a hole right through my soul. Honestly, I forgot what I was so upset about. This guy is gorgeous. Black eyeliner swallowed around his beautiful orbs. His face is dangerously close to mine that I felt his breath fan over my lips.

“Does ye have an name?” He smiled sweetly

I tried to speak but nothing came out. How can someone like him be so beautiful? He then cups my cheeks with his hands, wiping away tears.

“Sit down so I can at least patch you up.” His smile was replaced with a smirk

He must of notice that I was staring too long. Heat tickled up my neck. Was I just about to blush?

I sat down on a nearby rock as he asked, watching his every move. He took a hook that happen to be on the belt he was wearing and began to tear his already ripped shirt. Washing away the blood with water, he wrapped my arm nice and tight.


“What’s that love?”

“My name, it’s (Y/N).”

He gave a toothy smile.

“Harry Hook. Nice to meet ye lass.” He brought your hand to his lips, kissing it lightly, working up to my bruised arm.

“If someone ever starts bullying ye again and calling ye out of name, come find me and I’ll put them in their place. Okay?”

Harry leaned over and pecked my cheek. I nodded.

From that day forth, people no longer bothered me and if they did, I did just as I promised and told Harry. He really did put them in their place.

advice for writing a stutterer from an actual stutterer;

okay no shade at all I just want all of u to learn and grow and become better writers! so here’s a handy tip list!

  • we don’t stutter on every word. okay, sometimes it can seem it, but honestly, we don’t, so leave a few words in there to give your readers some breathing room.
  • we stutter more on specific sounds. for me, f and s sounds are big ones. everyone has their thing and most stutterers have sounds that are harder to get out.
  • we don’t just stutter at the beginning of words and sentences. okay, honestly this is a big one for me. sometimes, a word starts off really well and goes down the drain at the second syllable! and the stutter doesn’t disappear once we’ve made it past the first word - it clings in there, so don’t forget it.
  • some of us don’t always stutter. some, not all, of us have what’s known as an anxious stutter, which generally comes alongside anxiety disorders. so, while it may be usually present, when a person with an anxious stutter is particularly comfortable with a situation, it tends to get better (or even almost disappear).
  • we don’t stutter when we swear. this is why some of us can stutter and stutter and stutter on a word and then shout fuck and everything’s cool. as far as science knows, this is because swearing is from a more primitive part of the brain, and so it bypasses the bit that makes us stutter! it’s so cool honestly.
  • we don’t stutter when we sing. the biggest two reasons for this one is 1) music comes from a different part of the brain to talking (language=left; music=right), and so it once again bypasses the stutter, or 2) ‘easy voice’, which is the voice that people sing in, is softer and smoother, and the sounds are longer so there’s less opportunity to stutter. either option is way cool but we don’t stutter when we sing.
  • sometimes, we give up on words. after a certain amount of stuttering on a certain word, you may see a stutterer take a deep breath and either try again, or replace it with a synonym. sometimes that word just won’t fit right in our mouths!
  • we hate it when people try to guess what we’re trying to say or try to speed us up. this might be a more personal thing for me, but there’s nothing I hate more than that clicky sound people make or the weird hand gestures or being told to “spit it out.” because we can’t control this shit and it gets tiring. it’s better just to let the person get it out and take their time with it, so when you’re writing, keep this in mind!
  • it gets worse when we’re anxious or stressed, and when we’re excited! I get really really stuttery when I’m enthusiastic about the topic of conversation, because I know so much about that thing that I try to talk really fast and my mouth can’t keep up! it’s the same when I’m anxious or stressed - when there’s more on our minds, the more everything gets a little muddled.

I hope this was helpful! feel free to add on and spread around!

Another Man’s Treasure

A/N: This is a completed five-part mini-series because @alrightpetal and I have this thing about making Harry super vulnerable and flawed. So here you go.

// Another Man’s Treasure // Mind on a Mission // Take the Lead // Worth the Pain // Wings of Butterflies

…I’m gonna show you tonight! I’m alright! I’m just fine! And you’re a tool so, so what?

You belted your heart out up on stage, pumping your fist in the air to empower your words even further. It was a good thing you knew all the words, too, because your mates had bought you so many drinks your vision was crossed and blurred you couldn’t have read the lyrics to an unfamiliar song. Then you would have just been a blubbering fool butchering a karaoke performance. And that would have been embarrassing.

Singing yourself blue in the face—and drinking yourself into oblivion—served as the perfect outlet for your aching heart. Hours earlier, you’d been dumped. Or more accurately, replaced.

It’d been a week since you’d heard from your long-term boyfriend, and while you knew he was on holiday with his mates—a holiday you hadn’t been invited on—it was still odd that you hadn’t heard from him at all. Not even a text to let you know that he’d made it to Amsterdam. You didn’t expect too much communication; you trusted him to treat you right, but, silly you, you thought your boyfriend might actually miss you and want to say hi.

Last night after seven and a half days of nothing, you completely lost it and called him forty-seven times in a row. And not a single one was answered. So you rang your closest friends and they came over, laptops and tablets in hand, and intense cyber-stalking commenced.

It only took thirty-four minutes for your good mate Lindsey to unearth a damning post on Insta that your boyfriend was tagged in by a girl you kind of knew. The picture itself wasn’t awful; honestly you couldn’t make out much besides silhouettes and drinks. Even the caption wasn’t much; all it said was, “this guy” with a random slew of emojis. But the funny thing was, when you tried to search for it yourself, nothing came up. Meaning you were blocked. You weren’t meant to see this picture.

Twenty-two minutes of super-sleuthing was enough time for your oldest friend Ashley to find every social media account the girl had, and then eventually uncover her phone number.

In thirteen minutes you had a text drafted to her that was so long it was broken into five different parts when you hit send.

And one minute and fifty-four seconds is all the time your boyfriend—well ex-boyfriend—allowed you to speak to him today before he told you he was coming back tomorrow and there’d be no need for you to come see him. Tomorrow or ever again.

So your mates did what they knew best. They took you out, got you absolutely smashed, and then got you up on stage to pour your heart out. Somewhere in between I Will Survive and Total Eclipse of the Heart, you got a bit weepy and ended up calling your brother from the toilet. It took you awhile to realize you weren’t actually sobbing to him but his voicemail, and as soon as you did you pulled yourself back together and headed out for another drink and a rousing rendition of Since U Been Gone.

The few other patrons in the pub were hardly paying attention to your drunken warbling on stage, only breaking from their conversations when your mates would cheer at the end of each song, some of them even offering half-hearted claps. If they were annoyed, they certainly didn’t let on. Most likely, they pitied you; for Christ sake, you pitied you.

When your song ended, you finished the rest of your drink and began flipping through the songbook. Liberation was surging through you and you wanted a song to match your mood; something to serve as a proper fuck you to the twat you’d wasted the last few years of your young life on.

The book closed on your fingers, and you stumbled back in surprise. Were books automated now too?! You still weren’t over the automated tills at Tesco, would you now have to get used to robotic books closing on you when they’d had enough?!


You looked up, your blurred vision slowly coming into focus as you swayed on the spot. A robotic book didn’t close itself on you, a person had closed it. Which was rather rude of them.

[Y/N],” he repeated. Finally he came into view and you cocked your head in confusion.

“Hazza?” you slurred, taking a step closer to get a better look. You nearly toppled off the stage, but Harry was quick to grab you by the waist and steady you before easing you down.

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