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for the writing meme: Number 7 for marichat THANK YOU ^^

Thank you for the prompt!!! I hope you enjoy this little fic  (^ u ^)

7. A Scared Kiss

Marinette finishes the final stroke of the brush against her nails when a clatter sounds above her. She twists the cap back on the nail polish and stares at her ceiling. There isn’t a question in her head of who it could be because she already knows. He comes every night around eight, an hour after the sun has gone down, and waits for her to join him. Usually his arrival is more graceful – the silly cat literally does have the skills of an actual feline. On the rare occasion that he over guesses the jump to her rooftop, though, he crashes into her plants. 

“Really hope you didn’t break anything,” she mumbles to herself as she sets her polish on her desk.

She crosses her room toward the ladder that leads to her balcony and climbs up to meet Chat. He’s leaning on the rail staring out at Paris when her feet touch wood. Blonde hair gently blows with the wind, and Marinette catches the lingering scent of his shampoo. Cinnamon Apple. For a second, her eyes flutter as she’s reminded of Adrien. 

Except this isn’t Adrien; the boy she’s had a crush on since forever. 

This is Chat Noir; the boy who’s slowly stealing her heart.

“Looks like a lost kitty made his way on my balcony again,” she says. 

Chat turns to her and smiles. It’s small, but still sweet. Her cheeks warm at the sight of it, and her stomach twists into knots.

“It’s a lovely night, and I wanted to see you, princess.”

Marinette drops her gaze from his and tugs on her loose hair nervously. She knows it’s silly for her to react this way over a simple nickname – a nickname that’s super cliche and lame – but she can’t help it. Somehow she’s fallen utterly, madly in love with the silly cat. 

“You’re beautiful in the moonlight. Did you know that?” he asks, his voice closer and huskier than before.

When she looks up, her gaze instantly locks with his. He’s leaning on his baton so that their faces are inches away from each other, and her cheeks burn. She can’t see it, but she swears they’re the same shade as when she’s Ladybug. Her heart hammers against her chest when he leans in closer. His breath is warm and smells of mint when he speaks again in a hushed whisper.

“Marinette, je t’aime,” he says. 

Her mouth opens slightly in a gasp. She doesn’t know what to say because she isn’t sure she’s ready to say the same thing. Especially not when her heart is torn between him and Adrien. If only they were the same person. It would make things so much easier. 

Chat clicks the green paw on his baton, and it goes back to normal. He closes the short distance between them, cups her chin between his fingers, and gives her the smile she adores so much once again.

“Don’t worry. I’m not expecting you to say it back. I wanted to say it for myself, princess.” 

His tongue flicks out to wet his lips at the same time his thumb brushes over her skin. A small tingle shoots down her spine at the motion. Slowly, he leans in closer to her, and her senses run wild. Her heart picks up speed compared to earlier, her body turns to a warm liquid, and her mind goes blank. Her gaze quickly flickers from his eyes to his lips back to his eyes. She already knows what he’s going to do, and she’s scared. Scared because it feels like she’s sealing her fate to be with Chat when she still likes Adrien.

“May I kiss you?” he asks so softly that she barely hears it.

For a brief second, Marinette debates the pros and cons of her answer. Yes will mean she chooses Chat over Adrien, but it also means she’ll get more chances for late night kisses on the balcony. No will mean she loses her chance for kisses on the balcony, and that she still has a chance to be with Adrien. 

Then again, her and Adrien aren’t a sure thing. Not like her and Chat. And being with Chat is just as good as being with Adrien, right? They sometimes feel like they’re the same person so it will almost feel like being with Adrien. Right? That’s how things worked? 

She doesn’t know the answer to that question, but she does know that Chat’s waiting for her answer.

“Yes,” she says so quietly she hopes he hears it.

When she feels the heat of his lips press on hers, she knows he did. 

The kiss isn’t dramatic and life changing like in the movies. Rather, it’s slow and sensual. Chat hums as he relaxes against her, moving his lips in time with hers, and Marinette does the same thing. Her hands float up to touch his chest as she tilts her head slightly and kisses him back. Everything feels right in the world in that moment as if they were meant to do this for quite some time now. 

He ends the kiss first, leaning back staring at her with wide eyes that reflects her own. They spend about a minute or two staring at each other like that. In that time, Marinette worries that she messed something up somehow or that she isn’t as good a kisser as she hoped. 

But then Chat smiles, that boyish grin that sets her heart a flutter, and she smiles as well.