come and take it flag

Sensing the Gods

Touch: raindrops falling
Sight: flash of light through the rain
Scent: day after a rainstorm
Emotion: a slight startle when a large thunderbolt lights the sky
Hear: resounding crack of thunderbolts
Taste: the numbing surge of electricity when testing a battery

Touch: the feeling of the wedding ring
Sight: the tears of love as a betrothed walks down the isle
Scent: the welcoming familiar smell of home
Emotion: love as grey as the hair time and passion has aged like wine
Hear: sound of child laughter
Taste: home cooked meal hot from the oven

Touch: the cold pool of tears after a panic attack as sleep calms the suicidal
Sight: a funeral procession honouring the soul to the underworld’s gates
Scent: freshly dug earth in a cemetery
Emotion: peace after a loved one has passed
Hear: the quiet of a cemetery
Taste: salt of tears as a life is not taken

Touch: wind through a open car window
Sight: yellow lines and green lights ensuring a speedy travel
Scent: lingering smell of gas at a full station
Emotion: relief as a long awaited trip arrives
Hear: clinking of coins in a till
Taste: the dryness after a long walk along a gravel road

Touch: long dry grass crunching in the fall
Sight: auburn, reds and golds of Autumn
Scent: pumpkin spice and freshly mown grass
Emotion: solitude and a festival glow as December rolls around
Hear: a lawnmower’s growling as it works through tall grass
Taste: fresh fruits and the taste of nectar and milk

Touch: creamy texture of chocolate in your mouth
Sight: long distance partner smiling after being far away
Scent: lovers perfume/cologne
Emotion: heart pounding, misty eyed love as a smile comes from seeing a love in your arms
Hear: impassioned breaths of intimate moments
Taste: the passionate kisses between lovers forgetting time for a moment

Touch: the long embrace of a soldier and child/love as they come home
Sight: half mast flag
Scent: soldier’s sweat after taking off his uniform from all day
Emotion: pride in your country
Hear: the resounding “Daddy!” of a coming home surprise
Taste: fresh food cooked after time away from your country

Touch: aching feet of a retail worker as they slump in a break room chair
Sight: the clock
Scent: burning embers of a fire, stale ash
Emotion: relief and excitement getting a job offer after searching relentlessly
Hear: clang of an anvil and sizzle of molten iron in a cooling bucket
Taste: cast iron cooked meals, fire cooked steak

Touch: the calluses on your fingertips after months of practice in guitar strings
Sight: beautiful works of art
Scent: lemonades on a day in summer
Emotion: shivering goosebumps as an emotion is struck hard with music
Hear: the sharp and clear melody of a freshly strung guitar
Taste: slight moment of metal and ink as a pen is drawn to your tongue

Touch: animal’s soft fur like water through your fingers
Sight: doe slowly walking out of a dense forest
Scent: a forest with rich leaves
Emotion: awe as a baby deer and mother wait patiently for your car to pass before crossing
Hear: twang of a arrow releasing from a bow string
Taste: cooling water after exploring in the woods

Touch: stiff spine of a new book cracking open
Sight: a deserved verdict to a defendant
Scent: old pages/books
Emotion: peace inside a bookstore
Hear: hoot of a stirring owl in the evening
Taste: fingertips as they’re licked to turn a fresh page in a book

Touch: embrace of a love come home again
Sight: the first spring flower blooming
Scent: new morning dew in spring
Emotion: relief and glowing love as a partner smiles on a long awaited Skype call
Hear: buzz of bees in the summer
Taste: pomegranates

Touch: tide bringing you in to shore again
Sight: crisp blue of the ocean at peace
Scent: the sour smell of a seafood section of a supermarket
Emotion: awe inspired by an image of the open sea
Hear: hooves thundering along a dirt path
Taste: salt of the sea as it slashes into a smile while swimming

Touch: the padding comfort of a bandage on a healing wound
Sight: seeing a loved one feel well again after sickness
Scent: disinfectant
Emotion: the drowsiness of NyQuil as it lulls your symptoms away to sleep
Hear: fresh air after sickness has clogged your sinuses for weeks
Taste: the sweetness as a sigh of relief escapes your breath

Touch: your cheeks stretching against your teeth as a yawn escaped into the sunrise
Sight: painted reds and oranges of a sunrise
Scent: morning dew in springtime at 6 am
Emotion: excitement for a day ahead, full of possibilities
Hear: the morning birds stirring in the early morning light
Taste: morning coffee next to an open-curtained window

Touch: moments when you can feel comfortable with your body after dysphoria
Sight: the charcoal of a panther, eyes glowing in the night
Scent: draping aroma of a fertile vineyard
Emotion: Pride in being part of a LGBTQ community
Hear: chorus laughter of a raucous party
Taste: sweet tang of a well aged wine


In Mexican lucha libre — professional wrestling known for its masked fighters and cartoonish style — the bad guys rule. They’re known simply as rudos.

“Mexican lucha libre is for rudos. We welcome any rudo who wants to come in here and be badder than the others,” says Marco Espinosa, a fan, from beneath his souvenir lucha libre mask.

So it made sense for Sam Polinsky, a 27-year-old wrestler from Pittsburgh, to try his luck south of the border. He came to Mexico about nine months ago and branded himself as Sam Adonis, “El Rudo de las Chicas” or the “Ladies’ Bad Guy.”

When Donald Trump won the presidency after a campaign that regularly scapegoated and insulted the Mexican people, Polinsky saw an opportunity to turn up the heat on his bad-guy character.

“I had a perfect idea: Why not come to the arena with [an American] flag, but I’m gonna take this to a whole other level,” he says, unfurling a flag and grinning. “I have a 4-ft. flag with the face of Donald Trump on it.”

With this prop, he became the surrogate of Donald Trump in Mexican lucha libre.

In Mexico, The Crowd Loves To Hate Pro Wrestler Who Plays Trump Supporter

Photos: James Fredrick for NPR

It’s the fire in your belly, that says “We’re gonna make it”
It’s the tattered old flag, that says “Come and take it”
It’s the Lone Star shining, though the night may be black
And from where I stand, I see Texas like that

I’m really digging @queer-existence‘s take on a possible queer identity/community pride flag!

It keeps the colours of the original b/c their meaning to the community as a whole are important, but are tweaked to be distinguishable as different, along w/ being vertical instead, plus the white spaces in between, again, for symbolizing the fact that being queer is kind of “uncatagorizable” because there are a lot of different ways someone is queer, and everyone has their own reason they choose to identify/reclaim it.

I’m really loving seeing all these takes on it! Keep ‘em coming!

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What is new town

Newtown refers to the shooting of 20 children and 6 adults in Sandy hook elementary school by a mentally ill person in December 2012. It happened in Newtown, Connecticut. Conspiracy nuts think this either didn’t happen or was a “false flag” attack so the government can come take away their guns or whatever.

These people take every tragedy that happens and try to make it fit into their warped view of the world, because everything has to be about them or feed into their image of themselves as enlightened people that can see all the conspiracies for what they are, instead of some things just being random tragedies. These are the kind of people that accuse parents that just lost their children of being fakes and paid shills for the government. I don’t like them very much.

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What happened with the finebros?

It’s a long story, but basically it started when they posted this video saying they were going to create something called React World. In the video they describe in the most vague way possible how they’re basically going to create a nework for people to make react videos with support from the fine bros’ company. They talked big about how it was going to “change the world” and “better the community”.

Then today, news came out that the Fine Bros were trying to claim the rights to some things, inlcuding phrases like “Elders/Adults/Kids React” and even the god damn word “React” by itself (how the shit they thought they could get away with that is beyond me, anyways here’s a tweet about it).

THEN, Ellen DeGeneres had her children react to some videos on her show which is, you know, on national television. And the Fine Bros with their heads up their asses thought that they were the only ones allowed to even make react videos where kids react to things, saying things like “she didn’t even mention us. Not cool” (that’s paraphrasing, but here’s another tweet)

AND THEN a whoooole bunch of youtubers started coming forward and mentioning how the fine bros were flagging, taking down, and even putting copyright strikes on ANYONE who even had the word “React” on the title of their video.

I’m sorry i couldn’t provide too many links to youtube right now but really since it’s all over the internet right now all you need to do is google “finebros react world” and you’ll find plenty of videos about it. I have this video where a guy talks about it and he explains why React World is such a terrible idea, and he also provides a few more links for the story, but again, you can just google it (warning: he’s very explicit and swears a lot, though it’s understandable how angry he is).

(the Fine Bros also made an update video to try and fix the damage but honestly it was too late, they’re losing hundreds of subscribers each minute and it’s hilarious)

Watch on

Activist Pulls Down Confederate Flag in Front of South Carolina Statehouse

An activist in South Carolina climbed a flagpole in Columbia early on Saturday morning and removed the Confederate flag flying in front of the capitol building. The woman’s action came a day after President Barack Obama gave the eulogy for a black pastor who was murdered by an apparent white supremacist along with eight other people in a Charleston church last week.

A woman identified by a protest organizer as Bree Newsome, a 30-year-old youth organizer from Charlotte, North Carolina, climbed the flagpole before 6am and took down the controversial emblem of the antebellum, slaveholding south, with the assistance of another activist. Newsome was halfway up the 30ft pole when police demanded that she climb back down, but she continued upward and removed the flag.

Activist Mervyn Marcano told the Guardian that when Newsome returned to the ground she and James Ian Dyson were arrested by capitol police and taken to a detention center.

Sherri Iacobelli, a spokeswoman for the state Department of Public Safety, told the Associated Press Newsome and Tyson, 30, also of Charlotte, had been charged with defacing monuments on state capitol grounds, a misdemeanor that carries a fine of up to $5,000 and a prison term of up to three years, or both.

“The flag represents white supremacy,” said 25-year-old Tamika Lewis, another activist from Charlotte. “The image alone is used to ignite fear and intimidation, especially among people of color and minorities.

Taking it down is a long time coming.

Lewis noted that the flag was raised above the capitol in 1961, after African American students marched through the city – and after more than 180 of them were arrested. She said the fact of a rally to support the flag shows “there’s nothing being hidden" about the persistence of racism in America more than half a century later.

SummerSlam 2016 drinking game

Should any one like, we are going to have a drinking game for SummerSlam.  Bellow are the rules

(please don’t drink yourself sick or join if you are underage.  This is for fun and I can tell you from personal experience alcohol poisoning is not fun)

General rules

Drink at

any surprise entrant or involvement

Anytime a superstar turns on their partner.

Any face or heel turns

The crowd chants “this is awesome”

Sami Zayn & Neville vs. The Dudley Boyz (kickoff)

Take A Drink Every Time:

The announce team struggles to make a story out of this completely random match

The Dudleys act like they’re going to “get the tables”

Someone calls Neville a “Hobbit”.

Sami celebrates during the count

Michael Cole calls one of Sami moves wrong

The Usos, The Hype Bros., & American Alpha vs. Breezango, The Ascension, & The Vaudevillains (kick off)

Take A Drink If

The Vaudevillains get their full entrance

The Usos get their full entrance

Mojo Rawley does a move that doesn’t involve just throwing his body at someone

Something about actual titles for these teams to be fighting over gets announced

Breezango pose

The Ascension are booked strong

Chug If

Mojo Rawley gets the pin for his team

Cesaro vs. Sheamus (Match 1 in the ‘Best of 7’ series)

Take A Drink Every Time

Sheamus asks us if we’re “entertained”

Cesaro hits Sheamus with a pop up European uppercut

The announcers refer to Cesaro’s “surgically repaired shoulder”

The announcers refer to Sheamus as a “former World Champion”


During the Cesaro swing

Becky Lynch, Naomi, & Carmella vs. Natalya, Alexa Bliss, & ???

Take A Drink If

Eva Marie’s entrance hits and the voice over refers to her being suspended

Moon walk by Carmella

This match actually gets more than three minutes

Chug If

Eva Marie’s suspension was a work and she shows up anyway

Finish The Bottle

If Eva’s suspension was a work, she shows up, and still doesn’t wrestle

The Miz © (w/ Maryse) vs. Apollo Crews (WWE Intercontinental Championship match)

Take A Drink

Every time someone *unintentionally* calls Apollo Crews “Apollo Creed”

Apollo Crews smiles

If the match stops halfway through so Miz and Maryse can make out

Enzo & Big Cass vs. Chris Jericho & Kevin Owens

Take A Drink If

Enzo Dances

Jericho calls someone a stupid idiot

Jericho OR Owens call someone the wrong name

Enzo learns what “it” is

Big Cass looks strong

Chug If

They show us Enzo getting a concussion from months ago for no reason

The New Day © vs. Gallows & Anderson (WWE Tag Team Championship match)

Take A Drink

If Gallows & Anderson come out in lab coats holding the Big E egg jar

Every time a testicle joke is made

Overtime some one says Dr.

If Gallows & Anderson end up with the Big E “egg jar” contents poured on them

If Anderson finds an excuse to mention his “hot Asian wife”


If Big E returns and turns heel on the New Day, costing them the titles

If Jon Stewart is shown backstage eating Booty-Os

Sasha Banks © vs. Charlotte (WWE Women’s Championship Match – Dana Brooke Banned From Ring Side)

Take A Drink

Every time Sasha steals a page out of the Eddie Guerrero playbook of dirty tricks

Every time Charlotte woos

Chug If

Ric Flair comes out to Dana’s music dressed up like Dana

Nia Jax comes out to Dana’s music dressed up like Dana

Rusev © (w/ Lana) vs. Roman Reigns (WWE United States Championship Match)

Take A Drink

If Roman comes out wearing an American flag print chest protector

If Rusev finds some excuse to rant and rave about how unfair this title match is for him

For every Superman punch

Each time Roman breaks out of the Accolade

If Chekhov’s wedding cake is at ring side

John Cena vs. AJ Styles

Take A Drink

Every time someone references #BeatUpJohnCena

Every time Cena gestures to the “Never Give Up” slogan on his ring gear

If Cena kicks out of the Styles Clash

If Styles kicks out of the AA

Dean Ambrose © vs. Dolph Ziggler (WWE Championship match)

Take A Drink

For each rebound clothesline that hits

For each rebound clothesline that misses

For each Ziggler Superkick

each mention of the shield

Finn Balor vs. Seth Rollins (Match to Crown the First WWE Universal Champion)

a fan rushes the ring and tries to attack Rollins

If the WWE Universal Title doesn’t look ridiculous

Each time anyone says “Demon King”

Seth is called the “Man”

Michael Cole says vintage Balor

Brock Lesnar vs. Randy Orton

Take A Drink

Each time the phrase “Vintage Orton” is uttered by commentary

Each time Brock is allowed to swear and not get fired over it

Each time a “Suplex City” chant breaks out in the crowd

For each German suplex dished out by Lesnar

Trans Headcanons

I’m not gonna lie. As a trans woman most trans headcanons make me pretty uncomfortable. I like that people get so excited about representation of people like me. But on the other hand, it seems like there’s often little thought put into who they make trans or how, so it’s almost a little unintentionally backhanded. 

Or in less generous terms, sometimes it feels like people want the credit for liking/writing/drawing trans headcanons without putting in the work of considering what that would mean. 

Like, a good example would be Zarya. For me, I can kind of see her as trans for how unbelievably comfortable she is in how she holds herself and presents herself despite being very traditionally unfeminine in some ways while being very feminine in others. On a lot of people, that could easily come off as a self-conscious compromise in service of cultural expectations of women. On someone who has spent their life transgressing those arbitrary lines, though, that seeming contradiction can be a perfectly comfortable place to sprawl out and explore.

But at the same time, stripped of that kind of critical context, writing her trans basically amounts to “Oh that giant, muscular person who defies conventional ideas of femininity? Yeah no way is she cis lol”. Or, in other words, it’s fairly close to some old and ugly stereotypes about trans women’s bodies. Stereotypes that I have personally faced in barring me from competing alongside other women.  

Making butch women trans women serves often to conflate the two in some very uncomfortable “not a real woman” narratives kind of ways. But then, making hyper-femme women trans also plays into a lot of the “more women than real women” gender essentialism that centers trans women’s gender around lipstick and floral dresses rather than a deeply held personal experience (See: Steven Universe is trans because he wore a dress once). 

So I guess my advice would be to focus on comfort and intentionality. Because anything you do as a trans person isn’t an afterthought or an accident. Any performance of or in opposition to traditional gender is deeply considered, weighed, and done very much on purpose. So what has the character you’re writing embraced wholeheartedly? What have they rejected outright? Is there anything about their outward presentation that is purely pragmatic (ie: getting gendered correctly, coming off as cis to stay safe in an unfriendly area)? Is there anything in their presentation that they are self conscious of how others interpret, despite being comfortable with it themselves (ie: not electing for certain surgeries, or retaining modes of dress from the assigned gender role)?

And the great thing is, is that if you don’t want to put in all that effort to make those considerations explicit, you don’t actually need to most of the time. Just toss in that they need hormone injections, have them make an offhanded comment about some aspect of the trans experience, and as long as you continue write them in a well considered and comfortably human way, you’re golden.

The only trouble comes from waving the flag loudly, without being willing to take the time to defend that hill. 

I hope any of that was enlightening or constructive. I’m not here to start a fight or tell people to do or not do anything.