come and join the dance

Ok, so has somebody else thought about Luna and Rolf performing that amazing rhino mating dance at their wedding… All their guests looking at the awkward display in front of them and then appears an old-and-still-cute Newt Scamander who freaking loves his grandson’s wife, who joins them dancing, and here comes Tina Scamander, totally rocking the wedding, cool grandma style… She starts talking with Harry about the differences between british and american aurors without stopping watching her husband and Rolf and Luna (those are her dorks and she loves them and she loves the awkward dance and Newt and Rolf and Luna) and Queenie, who makes friends with basically everybody and Jacob (he’s still alive, fight me) talking with Molly about confectionery and omg someone stop me plz.

Also, Newt is friends with Hagrid and they both drool together over the cuteness of their cute and totally-not-dangerous creatures, sorry but I don’t make the rules

‘This is a disappointment to the family.’

‘Join us, Lily.’

‘Yeah come dance with us.’

‘I’m disowning you both.’

James and Albus dancing outside the inn where they were staying for Teddy and Victoire’s wedding weekend taken by Lily who had been playing music on her phone

Taken December 15th 2019

  • The8
  • He’s so sweet and caring
  • And he worries over the littlest things sometimes
  • “ Y/N, did you eat today?”
  • “ Take a sweater it’s cold today.”
  • “I was in the shower Minghao.”
  • “Oh….”
  • Cuddly
  • Loves holding you close to him
  • Has the habit of writing you little notes and leaving them for you to read
  • Insists on helping you cook
  • When he’s away he always finds time to facetime you
  • Even if it’s for a couple minutes
  • Dates are really laid back
  • Walking around a mall, buying couple items because he thought they were cute
  • Good morning pecks on your forehead before he has to leave
  • Random dance parties
  • Like you’ll be brushing you teeth while listening to music, and Minghao will come in busting moves and all you can do is laugh and join in
  • Slow dances where he holds you close and even if you don’t know how to dance, it ends up being so magical
  • He wins no matter what
  • He loves kissing you by surprise
  • He’ll come up to you and before you can say anything he’ll plant a kiss on your lips and walk away
  • Make out sessions happen a lot, especially right after dance practices
  • Adopting a kitten and a puppy because Minghao couldn’t decide which one to adopt
  • On cold days you cuddle with your pets
  • 100 days before your anniversary, he does a countdown, each day naming one thing about why he loves you
  • On your anniversary day, he’ll write you a whole letter and give you a necklace with the day you met engraved on the back
  • He loves and adores you so so much


I love you (Liam imagine)

Your pov.

You and Liam had been friends since you were baby and when he became a werewolf you where the first to know, even before Mason.

You were currently sitting at lunch with Lydia and Kira talking about the up coming dance with the rest of the pack joined.

“So y/n, do you have a date to the dance?” Kira asks you.

You glance around the table and see them all looking at you.

“Not yet."you say sadly.

"Well is there anyone you want to go with?” Stiles asked

You look at Liam and Hayden,before signing and turning back to you and shaking your head. Lydia gives you a sad look knowing how you feel about Liam,but Liam we clearly in love with her and not you.

After school you were at your locker when you heard someone call your name. You turned to see Mason and Liam.

“Hey Y/N you want to hang out tonight?” Liam ask.

Right when you were going to answer someone grabbed you from behind and kissed you.

You froze shocked. When they pulled away you saw Theo.

“Go to the dance with me?” He asked with a big smile.

You stood there for a moment. Theo was a bad person you heard,but he had been nothing but nice to you and even Scott wanted to give him another chance.


Liam said pushing you behind him.

“Oh yeah then let me hear it from her mouth.” Theo said
They both turned to you. Theo with a smile and Liam ready to kill someone.

“I would love to.” You said to Theo.

He smiles before kissing you cheek and leaving.

“Why did you tell him you’ll go with him?” Liam demanded.

“Why not he’s nice to me and no one else is asking.” You said crossing your arms.

“Mason help me out here.” He said before you both turn to him. He shook his head before walking about.

“He probably only asked you to piss me off.” Liam said turning back to you.

“What,why does it has to be about you maybe he likes me.”

He laughed.

“Of course he doesn’t he just wants to piss me off and get in your pants.”

Tears filled your eyes.
“Fuck you Liam.” I cried before walking away,but Liam grabbed you arm.

“Wait I didn’t mean it like that.”

“Of course you didn’t.” You pulled away and walked to you doors.

You were almost at your car when you heard Liam again.

“ I’m sorry please hear me out.”

You sign before looking at you.

“Theo knows what you mean to me and he really is trying to piss me out.”

“What do you mean what I mean to you?”

“I love you okay.” He said grabbing your face.

You stared at him. This can’t be true he’s with Hayden they are all over each other.

“Say something please.” He pleaded.

“What about Hayden?” You asked pulling away.

Liam looked away before signing and looking back at you.

“She was trying to help me and make you jealous, to see if you liked me back.”

Without even think you walked closer to Liam and slapped him in the face.

“Liam you are a huge dumbass.” You said before walking away.

“Where are you going?” He asked

“To find Theo and tell him I’m going to the dance with a dumbass.” You said winking at him.

“Oh and I love you too.”

Happy Newt Year

Waking up in the bed of a stranger was not how you expected your year to start. Racking your brain you thought back to last night.

People grinded against others to the intense music playing in the nightclub. You had come here voluntarily with your friends in hopes to just have some fun. One shot turned into two drinks. Before you knew it you were bat shit drunk.

“I’m gonna’ go dance babe, come join me,” you yelled into your best friends ear.

“Nah, you go on your own.”

“Fine poopy-pants. Be lame on your own.” You turned quickly, stumbling a little before making your way to the dance floor. Groups of people clustered around, most males grinding on a female.  Searching for a place to dance, you instead found a lone male standing in the corner alone. He looked pretty cute, and you thought at the time would be great to dance with.

So with the extra courage the many drinks you had, you sashayed up to him. He eyes were downcast, so he didn’t notice you standing there until you cleared your throat.

He had long messy brown hair, and was wearing a bright blue coat. Unusual for a nightclub, you thought.

“Hey sweetheart, care to come dance with little ol’ me.” You rested your hand on his chest, while slowly looking up. His eyes met yours, and he looked a little flustered.

“I sadly must decline your offer.” He smiled at you, a glimmer of amusement in his eyes.

You giggled, “Has anyone ever told you that you have a funny way of talking? Well young sir,” you bowed dramatically,” would you do the honour of dancing with the fine ass lady?”

He cracked up laughing, “Well when you put it like that…how can I refuse?” You joined in with his laughter and grabbed his hand dragging him onto the dancefloor.

You wrapped your hands around his neck, and swayed to the beat.

“Is there a name to go with that pretty face?” You looked up at his face waiting for an answer.

“Scamander, Newt Scamander.” He smiled down at you, “Does the pretty lady have a name?”

“The pretty lady does, it’s [YL/N], [Y/N] [Y/LN],” you responded mocking him.

“It’s not nice to tease,” he laughed.

He grabbed your hands and spun you around, both of you laughing. Smiles graced your faces, with  no plans to leave.

All of a sudden everyone started counting down from 10. Newt and you look at each other before joining in.


When the countdown had ended, you turn to Newt and smashed your lips against his. Alcohol was clouding your judgement, but in that moment you didn’t care. All you cared about was the feel of Newt pressed against you.

The rest of the night was missing. You groaned and rolled over. What should have been an empty bed was instead a warm body.

Turning to face the body you found Newt curled up behind you still asleep. Groaning from your killer headache you flopped back onto the pillows. Newt shuffled closer to you, pulling you closer and tucking his face into your neck.

Looking at him you noticed he was still asleep. All you wanted to do was to go back to sleep, so that is exactly what you did. You could ask questions when you woke up again.

What a way to start the new year, in bed with a stranger.


AN: so this was just a short reader insert i wrote tonight for New Years.

Happy New Years!!!

Imagine Chuck and Gabriel dancing at your wedding.

“Seriously guys?” You laugh. Chuck and Gabe had cleared the dance floor and started dancing together.

“Oh come on (Y/N), join us!” Gabe cheered holding his hand out for you. You sigh and take his hand as he spins you to the beat.

“You guys are idiots, I love you both.” You smile at them.

freshman advice for the signs! (take all of it though)
  • aries: in doubt when it comes to making friends? join all the sports!
  • gemini: who do you think you are???? putting off that essay till the night before???? DONT DO THAT
  • cancer: keep a diary for the duration of your high school career because it will be a joy to look back on
  • leo: it's VERY, VERY okay to ask teachers for help get over yourself and just DO IT
  • virgo: don't do things just so that your college application looks nice and shiny because that isn't the point
  • libra: be yourself :) do you :) value your happiness :)
  • scorpio: your crush won't matter ten years from now
  • sagittarius: have a planner and actually use it
  • capricorn: don't let that stoner in the back of bio copy your notes
  • aquarius: you not solving algebra problems #2-34 on purpose won't change the state of our education system at all so you might as well do it for the easy points
  • pisces: don't listen to the haters and kiss up to the teachers as much as you can because it WILL pay off
BTOB Reaction: When they see you in your unicorn onesie`s

Eunkwang: Now we`re the cutest couple ever~~ ^^ <333

Changsub: A unicorn… and I am a knight in shining armor… MUAHAHAH

Minhyuk: Isn`t it too hot to be wearing those now?

Hyunsik: Aww this looks so cute on you~~

Peniel: [has his own onesie on] Come join me! It`ll be fun~ [starts his random dances]

Ilhoon: Really? A unicorn?

Sungjae: [tears off the ear of his own onesie] Me 2

- Vivian  ヽ༼>ل͜<༽ノ

i swear i wasnt high while making this reaction

(As always, gifs aren`t mine. Credits to gif owners)

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Ace, Buggy, and Shanks reaction to their s/o inviting them to dance with them during a crew's party? :D (Thank you for your time and effort at making our fantasys come to life! )

Portgas D. Ace: He was content with just standing by the side and gulping down liquor from his mug, watching his partner dance around on deck. His head swayed from side to side, smiling at his partner’s adorable moves to the crew’s band. He blinked when they skipped over to him and held out their hand to him. He chuckled and glanced at them, raising an eyebrow.

“What?” They grinned at him and curled their fingers in a ‘come here’ motion.

“Join me.”

“I don’t dance.” His partner rolled their eyes and grabbed his hand.

“Come on, Ace. Who cares?” Ace laughed and let his partner tug him up. They tugged him to the deck and continued to dance with him in a silly manner, making him and the crew laugh.

Buggy the Clown: He blushed and glared at his partner who was holding both their hands out to him. The innocent smile on their face just made him more embarrassed, which he hid with an annoyed expression.

“No way.” His partner pouted and he had to look away to hide the blush.

“Aww. Why not, Buggy?”

“I don’t dance.” They sighed and he looked back at them. He felt a sting in his chest at seeing the sad look on their face as they lowered their hands.

“Okay… I’ll ask Cabaji then-” Right as they turned around, his hand flew out and grabbed their wrist. He dragged them to the deck, mumbling angrily.

“You will do no such thing. If you’re gonna dance with anyone, it sure as hell gonna be me.” He grumbled as they grinned at him.

Brook: As he played his violin, he watched content as the crew drank and messed around. His eyes landed on his partner and he smiled at them. They only smiled back and stood in front of him.

“What is it, (Y/N)-san?” They folded their hands behind their back and smiled at him.

“Brook, I want to have at least one dance with you tonight.” He laughed, never halting his playing.

“If I do that, then who would play the music?” They pouted and he laughed again. “I promise you a dance tonight if you get the tone dial from my room-” He watched as his partner ran off to his room to find the tone dial, making him laugh happily at his partner’s cuteness.

Shanks: He raised an eyebrow with a teasing smile on his lips.

“Eh? You wanna dance?” They nodded shyly and glanced at the deck where the crew was drunkenly dancing and having a good time.

“I really do…” He held back from teasing their pout and chuckled, grabbing their hand in his.

“You know, I can’t do much with one arm.” They looked at him, their eyes immediately brightening up and a big smile on their lips.

“I-It’s fine with me! I just want to dance with you!” Shanks laughed and pulled them to his side so that he was able to wrap his arm around them.

“Then let’s dance!” He exclaimed while laughing. Alright, he might have been a little drunk.


i love how Yugyeom is doing this cute, little dance here and Jinyoung comes and joins in too


“Yeah, yeah I’m awesome I know. Just look at my hair. Here, waiting for you to braid them (Y/n)” Jared said to you, ruffling his hair.

“Hey, I may not have as long hair as Jared had but I definitely know how to my clothes” Misha winked at you.

You had a hard time not laughing when you saw them and then Jensen dancing behind Jared.

“Come on people, join me!” he exclaimed.

[Request by Anon]

My Brown Eyed Girl

Imagine Dean and Sam coming home to find you dancing and singing, and they join in.

Author’s Note: My first request(s) since being back! A mix of two requests. Light Dean x reader but there’s some Sam fluff too. Very fluffy and fun! Songs: Don’t Stop Believing and Brown Eyed Girl . I think I’m better at drama and angst than funny stuff but let me know what you guys think about it! I am very very sick right now so please excuse any mistakes! Warnings: alcohol.

I slid across the floor of the bunker, my socks gliding on the smooth surface. The boys were gone and hell if I wasn’t going to make the most of it. The music was up as high as I dared and I pranced around the map table, picking up Dean’s burger wrappers and crumpled papers around Sam’s open books. I was determined to get this place cleaned up for when the brothers got home, especially since they were so instant that I stay home and rest for a few days. Even they could see the dark circles forming under my eyes and my ever-present frown. This life was tough and I did my best to hide it, but there was no denying this little vacation was much needed. The oversized flannel thrown over my tank top fanned outwards as I spun around. This one was definitely Dean’s, I could smell gasoline and whiskey that had permitted the fabric. The small shorts I was wearing allowed my to move freely to my favorite song. I belted out the lyrics at the top of my lungs.

“Just a small town girl, living in a lonely world!” I giggled at the thought of Sam teasing my slightly squeaky singing voice. I felt 17 again as I climbed up on a chair to reach the dust on the top of the bookshelves. I took a moment to shimmy to the music from my mock stage.

“Some will win, some will lose. Some were born to sing the blues.” I spread my arms wide and raised them slowly to the tempo.

“It goes on and on and on and on!” Just as I was about to continue something jostled my chair and I felt myself loosing balance. I immediately reached for the bookshelf behind me, but missed by mere inches. As I was falling downwards a pair of strong hands grabbed my waist and held me up from hitting the ground. Sam was gripping my sides carefully, his smile wide with amusement. Beside his tall, muscular body I looked like a silly little plaything. Dean was standing behind Sam, his eyebrows up in a judgemental but interested stare. Color rose to my cheeks and I stuttered through an explanation, the boys too busy grinning to correct me. Sam placed me down on the ground and I straightened my disarrayed clothing and wild hair.

“You guys are home early… I was just-” Dean lifted a finger to his mouth and motioned me to stop talking. I awaited the impending ridicule but none came. They were both looking at me with stupid smirks when Dean suddenly raised his arms and shouted along with to he chorus.

“Don’t stop! Believe’in!” His eyes were scrunched shut as he pumped one fist in the air and sang. Sam began to laugh and walked over to the stereo to turn it up higher. I stood shocked as they both sang loudly, Dean the more animated of the two. He came over to me and stole the duster from my hands to make it his microphone. I wasn’t used to seeing them so playful, clearly we all needed a break. Sam leaned into my ear to speak over the noise.

“You should know better than to play Journey around Dean, he’ll be like this for hours.” I could tell from his expression that he didn’t truly care if he was. I still felt a bit embarrassed, tugging the edge of my pajama shorts down selfconsciously. Little bits of pink still made my cheeks bright. Sam watched me for a moment before grabbing shoulders while exaggerating the lyrics close to my face. His hair shook around like a lion’s mane as he whole heatedly enjoyed the music. I found myself joining in and danced crazily by his side. Soon Dean threw the ‘microphone’ to Sam and cut into our dance, one arm hooked around my me. I could get used to this feeling, this light hearted family love that we never had time for. Dean’s hand slid down to my side while we sang together, his rough skin making contact with my exposed hip. I ignored the strangeness of it all and encouraged Sam as he belted out the next few lines.

Once the song was over, Sam mumbled something about getting us some beers and left Dean and I panting in the living room by ourselves. Sweat glimmered on my brow and my hair was pulled back into a lazy pony tail. Pieces stuck out at odd angles so I gave up trying to restrain the mess. I removed the tie and let my tresses fall around my shoulders in waves. Dean playfully flicked one of my curls and smiled down at me.

“That was more fun than I’ve had in a long time, at least, fun that didn’t include being drunk or rolled in sheets.” I shook my head at him and signed.

“I wish we did this more often. Things have been pretty intense lately.” Dean nodded and played with the stereo selection, stopping certain songs and skipping others. I loved the way his eyes lit up when he listened to music. It was the same enthralled look he got when he was staring at the Impala.

“I didn’t know you liked Journey so much.” He cast me a teasing glance, his fingers trailing over the radios buttons lazily. I shrugged and came to his side to join the search for our next track. I leaned into him tiredly as we spoke.

“Well me and my dad used to always dance to that together in the kitchen.” I drifted off into my memories, unaware that Dean was watching me closely. “He would swing me around and we would sing together. I really miss that…” The nostalgia made my voice crack a little as I talked. While I stood, quiet in absent thought, Dean’s hand ran up and down my arm comfortingly. His touch was never predictable, sometimes drifting to pull my side closer to his or to comb my hair back from my face. He understood that sometimes I needed silence and a listening ear, not an explanation or reassurance. I almost didn’t notice him grab a CD and push it into the slot. He skipped to a specific song and as soon as the peppy beat began to play I recognized it. I couldn’t suppress a grin as Dean swayed us both to the music and turned me to face him. His hands were holding mine, lips pursued slightly in playful teasing. As soon as the words began he started in with a deep voice.

“Hey where did we go, days when the rains came?” His eyes were locked on mine and he pretended to sing to me alone, but with all the flourish of a live concert. I giggled as he twirled me around and then pulled me close to his chest.

“Laughing and a runnin’ hey hey. Skipping and a jumpin’.” His voice felt sweet and thick in my ears, little smirks interrupting his dramatic performance. He placed one wide grip on my hip and then grabbed my hand in mock dancing. It was more like his strong arms ushering me around in circles.

“In the misty morning fog, with out hearts a thumpin.” After he pushed me out for a twirl, I returned to his chest and laughed against him. It was all I could do to keep up with his eccentric movements. He stopped and pointed a finger down my face.

“You.” His singing voice became a little more soft as his eyes caught mine, almost more of a whisper.

“My brown eyed girl.” There was something about the way he spoke the lyrics to me that made my heart pound and my pupils dilate in surprise. He was always good at cheering me up, but this time was different. I had little time to react before I could hear Sam’s footsteps approaching the room.

I suddenly became aware of how intimate Dean and I’s embrace was, and pushed away from his chest just as Sam entered. I frantically searched for some way to lessen the awkwardness threatening to ruin our fun. Sam stepped through the doorway and recognized the song as it continued to play the short interlude before the next line. He had three cold beers in his arms and his eyes were just about to rest on our conspicuous encounter before I pointed my arm at him quickly. Before I knew what I was doing I was singing along loudly with Van Morrison, directed at Sam.

“YOU, my brown eyed girl.” There was a brief pause where I thought maybe my joke had gone unnoticed but he rolled his eyes in his shy way and chuckled before handing us our bottles. His embarrassment was enough to keep him from analyzing the way Dean and I had been holding each other. We all laughed together, Sam making some exasperated comment about not being a girl while Dean tugged on his long hair in rebuttal. After they finished their play argument, Dean turned back to me with a proud smile. I gave him a wink as I cracked open my beer.

“It’s no fair Y/N, your always teasing me just like Dean. I get teamed up on constantly.” Unlike Sam, Dean seemed pleased with my humorous gesture. His tongue poked out a little from behind his exposed teeth. The words he causally spoke next made me almost spit my beer onto the rug.

“And that’s why I love her.”

We continued to dance and sing together like nothing had happened, but Dean’s words kept ringing in my ears louder than any song. He probably didn’t mean anything besides his brotherly fondness for me, or even just his desire to torment Sam. But, I couldn’t help but feel like a line had been crossed. We played late into the evening and I pushed the thought away until we were saying goodnight to one another. Sam gave ruffled my hair under his fist.

“I’m not your brown eyed girl, you brat.” He wrinkled his nose at me and gave me a big bear hug. Sam left and Dean and I stood in silence for a bit. After finishing the last of our beers in quiet contentment, I walked towards my bedroom deftly. I wasn’t surprised to hear a voice call after me.  

“What, no hug for me?” I sheepish turned back and eased into Dean’s open arms. He held me tighter than Sam did. “Look, about what I said earlier…” He struggled to pick his words, running a hand through his fluffy hair. I smiled at the way he knit his brow in consideration. I liked this part of him, it was the soft side that not everyone got a chance to observe. I stood up taller and pressed my lips against his quickly. He seemed shocked for a moment, his mouth gaping open and his confused expression still lingering.

“Don’t worry Dean, I know. I love you too.”