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Yin & Yang (Taehyung x Reader One shot)

Plot: When you wanted a breath of fresh air and to cry your eyes out at an internship rejection, you never thought it would happen in a remote area during the interval of a Bangtan concert. 

You also never thought Kim Taehyung would help you pick up the pieces. 

You certainly didn’t think he’d keep coming back into your life either. 

No, you never did. But opposites attract right? Fate works in wonders and its time you started to believe in it. 

Words: 6k

Genre: Fluff, some angst. 

AN: @taeniall I want to say thank you for keeping my head up during exams, every time I logged into tumblr you were there to tell me I’d do great and that really does brighten up my day. You know what this fic is about, so with all my heart- this is dedicated to you. 

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The atmosphere at the concert had made you want to go outside to get some fresh air, you loved that you could see Bangtan but the hall was unusually hot for you so you needed to get out during the interval. You didn’t see where you  were going or if it was off limits, but no one seemed to be around your space so you thought it was safe. 

It was a car park, and you were sure you weren’t supposed to be in the car park either. It had restriction signs with threats of prosecution for anyone caught loitering around the fence. You didn’t care at this moment though, you needed to breathe and this air was doing your lungs well. 

You sat down on the curb, taking a deep breath as you closed her eyes. 

You texted your friend to let her know you were just outside getting some air and then checked your emails. It had escaped your attention today was the day you’d be finding out from one of the one internship you desperately wanted. You had worked your ass off to study for those tests and attended the interviews in the hope of landing a life changing opportunity. 

Seeing an inbox from the company, you proceeded to open it. 

A rejection. 

The weight of the implications hit you like  a ton of bricks. This was your shot and you blew it. How else were you going to make it into the reporting world? The road to the rest of your life felt like it had closed. It confirmed your deepest fears: you were a failure. 

You leaned back, taking deep breaths. Tears escaped from your eyes that were shut quicker than you could control and you used your sleeve to wipe them. 

“I don’t think you should be here…” The hairs on the back of your neck froze. This was probably a hallucination. The velvety deep voice, one that you had heard countless times in interviews sounded awfully like-

“K-Kim Taehyung?” You asked yourself, wiping your eyes some more before shooting your head around towards the voice. 

p>“Hi.” You weren’t hallucinating, in the flesh there was Kim Taehyung who you had just seen performing a while ago before the interval. He looked ethereal under the moonlight standing by the door you had entered from. It was like all those high intensity dance moves hadn’t effected him. He looked fresh. 

“I’m so sorry, I’ll get out of your way.” You babbled getting up, but Taehyung caught your arm. 

To your amazement, he was smiling. You thought he’d call security, but he wasn’t- he was calm. You were starting to panic on the inside. What would Kim Taehyung want to do with you holding your arm like that?

Surprised, you looked down at where he held your arm and then back up to Taehyung. His eyes were fixed on you, but seeing the shock in your eyes had made confused. 

“Well I can’t say fans normally run away from me if I say hi to them. “ He smiled a heartbreaking smile. 

You were speechless. “I- I don’t want to disturb you.” You managed to croak out. The longer his arm was on yours, you forgot about the stifling heat of the stadium. You were comforted by the coolness of Taehyung’s hand. 

Taehyung laughed.

“I’ve been coming out here during intervals to look at the stars. I do it before going back to perform. It’s nice to have company sometimes. Plus, you look like you could use it”. He said referring to the redness in your eyes probably.  

“You wanna talk about it?” Taehyung asked, an reassuring smile on his face that made your forget what you were upset about. 

“I don’t want to bother you with my worries. I’m so sorry for just interrupting your space like this.” You said, feeling uneasy about telling Kim Taehyung one of the biggest opportunities of your life had just slipped under your finger tips and made you cry like a baby. 

“How about you tell me about whats bothering you and I’ll tell you some of mine?” He said sitting down right next to you on the curb. 

You had just seen him performing, and now he sat next to you so freely. You were sure he wasn’t like that with other fans. 

“I don’t know…” You admitted, you didn’t want one of your inspirations to think you were a failure. 

“How about you tell me about why you like our music then? We can go from there.” He said smiling. It shouldn’t be normal, but you felt your worries lift off with that smile. 

With a nervous sigh, you decided to step out into the unknown and begin. 

“I started listening to Bangtan after…”

You couldn’t believe you had spent the last fifteen minutes telling Kim Taehyung, (your bias as well) about your life story getting involved with his music. He listened intently, awed at you as much as you were awed at him. You realised he really cared about the fans, wanting to know more about your life. 

“It’s nice to know what you’re- or what you guys are doing. We don’t get to go out that much, so it’s nice to hear.” Taehyung said. 

“I hope you get enough rest, you all work so hard.” You added in, tucking a hair strand behind your ear.

There was a silence before Taehyung broke it. 

“So what is it that you want to do?”

“I think I want to travel, but travel with purpose. A reporter probably, but you know how the world works. It’s about connections for that kind of business and I have none. It’s probably why I got rejected from that internship.” You admitted, letting a bit about yourself come out which was something not everyone saw. But here you were, pouring your inner thoughts out to Kim Taehyung, an idol. 

“Pretty.” He said, and you momentarily froze.

There had to be something going on, NO WAY did Kim Taehyung just call you pretty?

“The views pretty good I’ll say.” You said looking up at the stars to confirm he wasn’t talking about you. There’s no way Kim Taehyung was talking about you, there had to be an ulterior motive. Was this just a fan prank or something? It had to be. 

“The views good too.” Taehyung chuckled. 

“It was nice to meet you Y/N. It’s nice not to be met with screams for once. I wish you every luck in the future.” He then lifted himself up and offered you his hand to grasp. 

You looked up at him. He was ethereal. How was he even holding out his hand for you? You figured it was probably the last time you’d see him and for some reason that hurt. Despite being next to him only for a short time: you felt comfortable. Taehyung also seemed comfortable, which you were sure wasn’t normal for someone who was just meeting a fan.

“What are you thinking about? It makes me curious.” Taehyung said, bending down to your level.

“You’re still young. You’ll figure out your dreams. Someone once told me good things happen to those who wait, so you’ll get your break soon too. You’ll make your connections.” His smile looked determined, if you had known anything about Taehyung from watching him in front of a screen it was that you could tell when he had a hint of mischief in his eyes. 

You let out a smile and took his hand. Taehyung pulled you up and you nearly lost balance and stubbed his toe.

“Oh God I’m so sorry. What if you can’t dance?”. You said panicked. 

Taehyung sighed. “You’ll probably get sued by BigHit.” 

You looked at him with wide eyes. 

“Kidding!” He laughed. You couldn’t help but let out a smile. 

“Smile more. It suits you.” Taehyung said. Your cheeks were on fire. 

“Aren’t you remotely worried I could spread rumours about meeting you?” You asked sceptically after a moment. 

“Not really, You didn’t scream when you saw me, faint, run or look at your phone even once. I trust you.” He said. 

“That’s awfully nice of you. I won’t say anything, promise.” You let out a smile again, and Taehyung beamed. 

“That’s better. How amazing am I, I saw you crying and now you’re beaming.” He laughed, but was interrupted by a buzzer.

“Oh, I have to get back. The show starts in five minutes.” He said.

Oh. It meant it was time to say bye. Bye from someone who had brightened you up instantly. 

“Good luck with everything Bangtan, you’re going to be industry defining.” You said, keeping the smile on. 

“And you, one day you’ll be the reporter who interviews me after I design the Gucci mens collection.”  

You laughed.



Taehyung held out his slender finger and sealed your expectations with a pinky promise. 

If someone had told you an hour ago, that you’d be pinky promising with Kim Taehyung you would have told them the moon had cheese on it. 

Life worked in weird ways, and you’d cherish how you met Kim Taehyung and would keep it a little secret, shared just between you two. 

After saying your goodbyes, you enjoyed the rest of the concert and your friends had noticed a change in your mood. You seemed peaceful. 

“What happened in the car park?” Sa-Jan asked loudly over the music.

“Nothing! The air was just really refreshing. I needed it.” You replied back, but your eyes were focused on Taehyung who had just paused to say something after I NEED U finished.

“I have a message for you all. Whatever you’re doing in life, whatever you want to do: it’ll take time but don’t give up. It’ll get better soon. I promise.” 

The stadium went wild, but it shook you. There had to be something going on behind this all, it didn’t make sense for Kim Taehyung to do this all for you. Maybe he just saw you as a representative of all fans, but then he knew you were different. You tried to get out of his sight when you met him. 

You could see his eyes scanning the audience, and for a split second you could swear they met yours before the intro of RUN started and he went back to his position.

3 months later

Things had gotten better. 

Whilst you didn’t land that coveted internship, you were shadowing a veteran reporter who use to cover some of the biggest stories back in the 80s. Mr Jian had approached you by email after reading some of your work in an old college paper. You graciously accepted the offer, knowing your route to being a good reporter hadn’t shut. 

On your day off from him, you were at home watching a series on netflix when your friend showed up unannounced and screamed how she had gotten you tickets to a fan meet and greet with Bangtan as an early birthday present. 

You gulped. That would mean seeing Kim Taehyung again, the guy who low key inspired most of your works with his message about never giving up. 

“Come on! We can actually meet them in person!” 

The propsect of meeting Taehyung again had you on edge. You couldn’t stop thinking about him for a while after you had met him in the car park those months ago. 

You knew how expensive those tickets were to get, so it would seem ungrateful to turn them down. Yet you were worried Taehyung would forget who you were and just treat you like anybody else. You didn’t want that. A small part of you liked to think he knew you, but as time went by you convinced yourself he probably just saw you as a fan to help out since she was crying. 

You agreed to go to the meet and greet: for your friend, and you would meet the rest of Bangtan too which wasn’t an opportunity to just pass up like that. Taehyung’s possible forgetfulness be damned. 

As soon as it was your turn to see Taehyung, he smiled brightly to your surprised. 

“Y/N!” He even remembered your name. 

Once again he looked ethereal, but you noticed Jungkook shooting a shook look at how Taehyung had called you by his name before pressing his lips in contemplation and turning back to his fan. 

The inner fangirl inside knew this would be caught on camera.

“My friend got me early birthday tickets to come here. I wanted to say hi.” You said smiling, realising you had over analysed the whole thing before. Taehyung didn’t forget you. 

“Hi.” Taehyung simply said smiling.

“Hi.” You said back, a smile on your face too like you had just met an old friend and were waiting to hug them.

Given the lack of contact between you two, no holding hands or teasing- it must have looked weird to everyone else. 

Taehyung picked up on that, so entwined your hands with his. 

“Room 555. That’s where I’m going to be in an hour. Wait for me. The passwords 1221.” He said keeping up appearances with twirling your hands around. 

“Your hands are so small!” He matched his long slender fingers up to your petite ones in comparison. It looked like he was doting on you, like all the others were doting on the girls in line. It wouldn’t raise questions. 

You played up too, resting your head on the table in embarrassment. 

Taehyung laughed and you were about to say something else but a staff member hurried you across to Jungkook. 

You gave a last knowing smile to Taehyung before meeting with the maknae. 

Jungkook looked at you in contemplation. The smart cookie (no pun intended) picked something up. 

He also entwined his hand with yours in an act but narrowed his eyes out on  you, a smirk on his face.

“Y/N.” Jungkook said your name, earning a short glance from Taehyung.

“Are you Taehyungshi’s new friend?” He teased, making sure Taehyung heard. 

“Why, are you worried I’ll take your place?” You joked back. 

Jungkook smiled a cheesy smile before saying ‘shhhhh…’ and left you confused. 

He turned the conversation into a usual fan-idol one, and you realised you had forgotten to appreciate the maknae. Jungkook and you managed to joke around, but there was a curious tone lacing his voice. He wanted to know how Taehyung knew you. 

Soon enough, you were ushered to finish and that was the end of your meet and greet. All of them were lovely, but it was difficult to say you didn’t have a real attraction to Kim Taehyung. He was  

Your friend still had time until her visit though, so when she was in que you managed to find the entrance to the set of rooms and push a password in. You wandered until you found the room Taehyung had asked you to find, but didn’t need to look far as you were pulled in by a familiar arm.

“Hey you!” Taehyung decided to embrace you in his arms so casually. 

“How are you doing?” He asked.

“Good. I’m shadowing one of the oldest veteran reporters in the country, which is weird since I had no idea how she managed to find out-” You momentarily had looked up to see Taehyung’s reaction, which was plastered in a smirk.

No, he wouldn’t do that. It was impossible. 

Your mind flashed back to the mischief you saw in his eyes when he said not to worry a few months back.

“No, why would you do this?” You asked, surprised that he went to those  lengths to get your recognised. 

“I know some people, it’s no big deal. I’ve been reading your stuff for the past month too- it’s really good!” 

You blushed. Your recent stuff had been following the kpop world and you did an article on Bangtan where you admitted Taehyung was your bias. 

You cradled your head in your hands embarrassed. 

“This is so embarrassing! How much did you read?” You asked peeking out of your hands.

“I may or may not have read the part where you said Kim Taehyung stole your heart a while ago, but you’re going to try and give a balanced over view of Bangtan none the less.” Taehyung chuckled, a bright smile on his face. 

“Stole your heart, hey?” He teased.

You were mortified. 

“I think anyone who steals your heart deserves to at least be able to take you out for coffee, right?” 

How you had the courage to agree to coffee with Taehyung, you never knew. Yet, it was safe to say it began the start of something new. 

Your coffee date was a week later, and Taehyung had managed to book a private booth where you both got to know each other. 

“Isn’t it weird to just ask a fan out for coffee like this?” You asked honestly, finishing your macchiato. 

“I think we were past the fan-idol stage when you poured your heart out to me.” Taehyung admitted.  

“Are, we friends then?” You asked, trying to keep your calm inside.

“Friends.” He confirmed, but with a familiar look of mischief in is eyes. 

Coffee dates with Taehyung became a regular thing from then on, but the life of an idol began to take its toll on you as well. 

Rumours had emerged of Taehyung dating a member of a girls group but you didn’t want to press too much on it, that was until his phone kept on ringing when you were having coffee with him.

“Answer it, it must be important.” You re-assured him that you were okay with it. 

For once, Taehyung seemed annoyed as he picked up his phone. 

“Hello?…Hi…I’m actually kind of busy, what- no, you followed me?..No, I’m not angry but, okay, okay, yeah it’s cool we’re at the back booth.”

Taehyung mouthed he was sorry to you over the phone, but you weren’t quite catching on until he put the phone down.

“I’m sure you’ve..probably heard the rumours.’ Taehyung looked uncomfortable around you for once. 

“I’ve seen some of them.” You admitted. 

“I kind of…am ‘dating’ Eun from YIU.” Taehyung said. 

“It’s more to help their albums sell, BigHit and their company did a small scale merger.” Taehyung was the one bumbling for once, as he tried to justify himself to you.

“It’s okay Tae.” You said, repressing that the rumours were technically true. You shouldn’t have raised your hopes up in the first place anyway in the back of your mind. Kim Taehyung was an idol, and you weren’t. You were just a fan he helped out and made a friend out of in the process. There was nothing more to these coffee dates.

You smiled at him, because if anything you learnt from Taehyung that a smile can be deceiving. 

Your brief moment of silence was interrupted by none other than Eun. In other circumstances you would have been ecstatic to meet her, but YIU never really held your appeal that much so you were much more calm. You bowed your head to her in respect, but you decided not to like her the moment she gave you a once over and didn’t acknowledge you politely.

“Taeeeeeeshi you know you’re not supposed to be seen with any other girls!” Eun screeched, stomping her expensive heels on the floor. 

Taeeshi? You internally rolled your eyes. 

Taehyung chuckled in awkwardness. “This is my friend Y/N, we don’t have anything to worry about.” Taehyung tried to justify himself and Eun gave you a stinging look from the corner of her eyes.

“How about you sit down? We can all have coffee together.” He said, offering Eun a place to sit on his side of the sofa but instead she decided to plant herself on his lap. 

You were boiling inside, and you knew there was no reason to. Taehyung wasn’t yours. You shouldn’t feel a claim on him. 

“You know what I think it’s time for me to leave. Enjoy your date guys. Nice to meet you Eun.” You said getting up and grabbing your purse. 

“Y/N- wai-” Taehyung was cut of by Eun who had just kissed him on the cheek. 

“Smile!” She then took a selfie of Tae’s dazed face with her lips on them. 

“Aish, good riddance. I thought she was going to stay here. Now, we were talking about a collabo-” 

You blocked out Eun’s obnoxious voice from your head and walked out the coffee place as fast as you could. Outside, you hailed a taxi and got in giving the driver your address. On the ride home you decided you didn’t have to make things awkward, because then Taehyung would think you got the wrong message. You were just a fan. A fan.

You convinced yourself there was nothing more. 

A week and a half later, your responded to the incessant banging on your apartment door ready to scream at whoever thought they could do that. 

“Hey, this isn’t-” You pre prepared response was cut short by the sight of a disheveled Taehyung. 

“You haven’t been picking up my calls for a week now. I had to go through concert records to find out where you live.” He said holding up a bunch of documents. 

“ Do you have an explanation?” Taehyung’s voice was octaves lower than usual, which meant he was pissed off. A rare sight. 

A scary rare sight. 

“There’s no explanation. You’re busy with your girlfriend.” You said, but it was impossible to hide the hint of annoyance in your voice. 

Taehyung chuckled lowly, taking an uninvited step into your apartment and shutting the door behind him.

“Is this what’s this about?” He asked, picking up on how you couldn’t hide your annoyance. 

“No. It’s not.” You lied through your teeth looking away from him.

Taehyung sighed. 

“I was going to wait. But I think I have to do this now.”

Your face was touched by Taehyung’s cool hands as he tilted your head towards him, cradling your face. He took two steps forward, right up to you and bore his eyes into yours. 

You gazed back, dumbfounded. 

Did you want this?

Yes, you did. 

But did you want it whilst he was with someone else, even if it was staged?


Reason wasn’t cooperating with you right now, you could smell the cool mint from his breath and his eyes that were searching your face frantically.

“So beautiful.” 

He had a knack for adding more fire to your cheeks. 

With inches to spare from his lips coming into a delicious contact with yours, you tilted your head to the other side and took hold of Taehyung’s writs which had gently cradled your head.

“Not like this. You’ll regret it.” You whispered.

“Why? Do you think I’ll just have you and then go on living my life, Y/N? After all our time together, I thought you knew me a little better.”Taehyung protested.

“You’re with someone else, Taehyung”.

“See? Eun is the problem then.” He re-confirmed his earlier suspicion.

There was a pause, as you tried to become fascinated with the marble of the floor and Taehyung sighed in frustration. 

“She’s just a company thing, I swear! There may have been some flirting at first but it’s only because I’m oblivious to these things!”. Taehyung defended himself. 

You knew his excuse was right, it was just a company thing and Taehyung really couldn’t tell if he was being too friendly with people. It didn’t stop making you feel bad though. Like you were connected, Taehyung picked up on your sadness.

“A few months ago, I saw you crying and just wanted to find out what was wrong before walking you back to the concert. Then, you looked so frightened I couldn’t help but stay with you a little longer. I realised that I really liked the sound of your voice, how calm you were and how I wanted to fix how hopeless you sounded. That’s when I wanted to be around you. So yes, I did get you that job with a veteran reporter but I don’t regret it one bit. It sent you my way again and that’s made me even more happy than I’ve ever been. I’m not about to lose you to some stupid company relationship Y/N.” The seriousness in Taehyung’s voice and eyes was a rare sight. 

“I hate you Kim Taehyung. You made me fall in love with you.” You said lowly, not caring you had just admitted how much you liked Taehyung. 

You were polar opposites. Taehyung was bubbly, sweet and optimistic. You were collected, sceptical and probably walked around with a confused look on your face most of the time- or so you were told.

You were Yin and Taehyung were Yang. It was either going to work or crash into a million pieces. 

“I can’t say I hate you. I could never hate someone like you.” Taehyung just re-confirmed your yin yang theory. His optimism shined out. 

“I love you, and this is going to work out.” Taehyung re-assured you with a sweet smile. 

“What about your company girlfriend?”You asked.

“It’ll clear up. I know it will. Watch their albums sell a few, and then it’ll all be over.” Whatever Taehyung said seemed to calm you down instantly.

You smiled. 

“I’m sorry for being such a drama queen.” 

“It’s okay, you’re my drama queen.”

The rest of the night saw Taehyung become introduced to the most intimate place in your life: your home. This new development with Taehyung was probably the most intense, the knowledge that both of you liked each other made you see how adorably extra Taehyung was. 

After watching a movie, you made him dinner and he sat on the kitchen counter eager to taste what you were making.

“You know you can’t do that stuff to me until you break up with her?” You clarified, making sure Taehyung knew that encircling you from behind couldn’t happen just yet.

“It’s not like I’m in a real relationship…” He said, dangerously close to the silver of your neck. 

“If this is you now, what are you going to be like when we’re together?” You asked yourself out loud. 

“Why, you scared?” Taehyung’s voice was octaves lower, his lips still close to your neck.

“Petrified.” You said pessimistically, even though you were excited on the inside. 

Kim Taehyung was ethereal, and you still couldn’t quite believe he wanted you. 

“You better be.” Taehyung finished before backing away back to his seat on the counter. 

Dinner was served, and Taehyung ate eagerly letting you know how much he enjoyed the food. You were awed by how natural everything felt with him. Dinner passed smoothly, sometimes you ate in a comfortable silence, with other moments of Taehyung making you laugh and vice versa. 

After dinner you put the dishes away in the dish washer and found Taehyung messing around with your stereo system and area.

“Wow, you sure are a number 1 fan.” He said, holding out all your Bangtan CD’s. 

“The best. You know, Jungkook was my bias at first.” You teased. 

Taehyung growled in response, and you threw your head back in laughter. “Only for two months. Then you came along and I couldn’t stop looking at you. You ruined me.”

Taehyung approved of your response, shooting you a heartbreaking wink. 

He turned on the stereo and a slow song started to play. 

“You can say sorry by dancing with me.” Taehyung said.

“I can’t dance.” You made known. 

“No girlfriend of mine won’t be able to dance.” He sighed playfully, stalking towards you. 

Reluctantly, you agreed because you figured he’d get bored or hurt after you stubbed his toe. Taehyung put his arms on your hips whilst you rested yours on his shoulders.

“Ready? 1,2,3…” Taehyung tried to re-assure you. The music started to pick up slowly, and he started to lead but you were hopeless at following.

“I’m not an idol, Tae! I can’t just waltz out of the blue.” You laughed, but Taehyung was taking none of it.

He playfully sighed. 

“What am I going to do with you? Put your feet on my toes.” Taehyung’s smart idea was to lift you up to dance. He was beaming down at you and your heart nearly stopped.

“Stop dazzling me.” You whispered. 

“Why don’t you stop?” He taunted back.

Playful bickering became a part of your relationship. Eventually things worked in your favour, as Taehyung’s optimism seemed to have positive effects. Things got better for you, you rose up the ranks in the reporting world slowly and Taehyung had managed to be your rock. Little did you know, you were equally a rock for him. You didn’t realise it, but Taehyung did. You were the only one he would call up at 3am, or advise him on what the best thing to do was, or make him feel better with just a knowing look. 

Yin and Yang, both in sync together. 

You had managed to keep your relationship quiet for a long time, but two years down the line you were now a reporter known around and Taehyung had just launched his collection with Gucci on the side. 

The emotions hit you when you realised you were the one assigned to interview him, because this is what you had said would happen one day.

During the interview, you thought things went smoothly. Though, everything went smoothly with you and Taehyung because you were a couple of two years now. You couldn’t pick up on the small flirtations and bickering that went along during your interviews: but everyone else did. 

You didn’t realise it until you watched a clip on YouTube labelled ‘Taehyung x Y/N”.

“So, Gucci Kim Taehyung?” Your voice echoed from the screen, even your body language on camera looked way too comfortable. Your smile was the most natural, and Taehyung had a knowing smirk on his face too. 

Anyone with a brain would know something was up.

“Gucci.” Taehyung simply said with an adoring smile. 

His stare on screen towards you was smoldering, and it was probably because the first time you saw him after his tour was at the interview and not at home. 

“What inspired you to collaborate with Gucci?” You asked. 

“Well, I once met a girl and she just got Gucci on my mind. I couldn’t stop thinking about h- I mean Gucci.” 

Taehyung had made game over at this point, because camera you had looked down smiling.

“That’s a mighty inspiration.” You reply.

“I hope Gucci continues to inspire you.” Camera you peeked above from her eyelashes. 

“They do. In many ways, every single time of the day. Very passionate.” 

Camera you blushed at Taehyung’s voice and slight revelation about your love life. 

Watching the interview back, you cringed because it was a very private moment. You were surprised your company decided to air it. SNS had started to  blow up with theories on who you were to Taehyung too. 

You called Taehyung out of being anxious. 

“Gucci inspiration, baby? Seriously!” You yelled down the phone.

Taehyung laughed loudly. 

“Have you seen SNS? I think it’s time we come out clean.” He said, which earned you a nervous feeling in your stomach.

“You do?”

“It’s been 2 years, I’d really like to show you off to the world and you’d probably like to stop seeing those advances from douche’s at work who think you’re single.” 

You agreed, but were worried about the reactions that would come out of it. 

“Fine, I’m okay with it. If you are.” You clarified.

“Perfect, I’ll have a statement published later today. I’ll see you at dinner baby, okay?”. 

You gave your love to Taehyung and then hung up. 

The statement never came out though, which had you worried. Maybe Taehyung had changed his mind and wanted to keep things under wraps but it would be difficult for you though because the theories would continue. They were pilling up on your twitter too behind all other posts. 

That night, when you were about to ask Taehyung about the statement after dinner you were surprised to see him say he wanted to take you out on a drive. You knew Taehyung was probably exhausted from all his work today but agreed seeing he was so persuasive. 

“Where are we going?” You asked sweetly, in the hopes he would tell you.

“Trust me.” Those were the only two words that came out of his mouth. Taehyung even made you close your eyes as he put a blindfold on you. This was exciting, but surprises made you more anxious. 

The car stopped, and you asked if you could take the blindfold off. 

“Not yet, just follow my lead.” He said as he took your arm out of the car and lead you towards wherever he was taking you.

The cool night air here felt familiar. 

“Okay, open.” He took the blindfold off and you looked around to see where you were.

Noticing the curb on the floor and the moon shining right above both of you, you realised where you were. Taehyung and you had first met here in this car park. 

“Y/N.” Taehyung announched, and you ripped your eyes away from the moon to him. He wasn’t in front of you but was down on the floor on- one knee.

Oh my goodness, you thought.

“Thank you for being my guiding light for these past two years. You’ve always said how lucky you were to have met me, but I feel like I’m the lucky one. I’ve always been the lucky one here, and I’ll be the happiest man on earth if that’s even more possible if you do the extraordinary honour of being my wife.” 

Your hand found its way to your mouth as you held back your gasp. You were in the exact position that Taehyung had offered his hand to you to lift up, and two years later you were here again. 

“Yes.” You said. “Yes, yes, yes, yes!” You were the one now to pull Taehyung up to his suprise and kiss him boldly. 

“Let me put the ring on you, silly.” He said before breaking out of the kiss. 

“Ah, my beautiful future wife.” Taehyung beamed, lifting you up the ground. 

You wiped some of the stray tears that had escaped your eyes. 

“Let’s get that statement out new: The reason why Kim Taehyung is so infatuated with Y/N the reporter is because she’s his fiancee.” Taehyung said, which made you realise why he didn’t put out a statement earlier. He was planning to propose. 

Taehyung, always full of surprises. 

Two years ago, you were a mess. That mess began to clear up meeting someone you never would have dreamed of. Two years later, you were less of a mess and still had a long way to go: but you knew one thing, with Taehyung- you could go anywhere.

Your beginning had only just started. 

The End

AN: I loved writing this, writing after exams with no guilt is the best feeling. I’m thinking about having a Taehyung’s POV- we really don’t know what he was thinking apart from what he says here do we?

This marks the start of a lot of fic updates over the summer guys!

Noise (Part 4)

Summary: (Chris Evans x Reader / Sebastian Stan x Reader) you’re moving into an apartment on your own, ready to start fresh in someplace new. However, your new neighbor upstairs seemingly isn’t the quietest person in the world.
Warnings: a little angst, some fluff
Word count: 2194
A/N: This one’s a long one but things are getting somewhere! I also cried while writing this so that’s a first lol. Let me know what you think! :D 

Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3

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melancholy-marley  asked:

How the spouses react to the farmer's pet (dog/cat)?

Alex - “Awesome, a dog? Dusty should come over and play!”

Elliott - “Does your cat bite? Do you feed him fresh caught fish?”


Sam - “I dun meahn to be a boather, bu I thin I’m allergic to your cat.”

Sebastian - “Have you considered getting a spiked collar for him? That’d look awesome.”

Shane - “Okay, but make sure she doesn’t get into the chickens. They’re afraid of cats.”

Abigail - “Nice guard dog. Can she kill monsters? Has she killed monsters? That would be awesome.”

Haley - Haley has already dressed up the cat.

Leah - “Oh, he’s so cute! I should paint a picture of him. He look so majestic in the wind!”

Maru - “Does your cat like ear scritches?”

Penny - “Awww, the little guy is tired. Must be from running around the farm all day.”

Emily - Emily sits with the cat in her lap. Anytime anyone enters the house, she turns around, evilly stroking the cat.

Got7 Reaction to Y/N Spilling on Their Shirt

Hii! This is my first (real) post on this blog and I hope everyone enjoys! -Admin Kenzie

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Jaebum is usually the calm and collected type until it comes to Y/N~ He acts cool and quiet around you but once you get him ‘excited’, he would really come out of his shell, and into yours.

That’s why when you two were inside on a cold winter day, you were standing up to turn the A/C up, you accidentally spilled your tea on your shirt and took it off as fast as you could. The tea was fresh so it was still pretty hot. “Y/N? Why’d you have to take your shirt off here?” Jaebum whined, watching everything you did. “Sorry~” Y/N giggled, walking to the bedroom with a very happy Jaebum following behind.


Jinyoung is absolutely 100% in love with Y/N and everything you do. Now, it may not seem like it’s very easy to get him in the mood, but when it comes to you… 

It was on your birthday when you and Jinyoung were getting everything ready for the party. “Jinyoung? Where’s the punch bowl? Oh! Nevermind, I found it.” Y/N smiles and begins to put the ingredients into the bowl. “Jinyoung, what are you doing? Why are you so quiet?” You asked and picked the bowl up to take it to the table. “I’m right here.” He smiles, nearly giving you a heart attack. unfortunately, it scared you and you ended up turning the punch bowl over and  it spilled all over your shirt. “Dammit..” Y/N groans, setting the bowl down and pulling her shirt off. Well, that made Jinyoung even more happy than he was and he immediately wrapped his arms around you. “Yah stop! I’m all sticky! Plus, that was my favorite shirt.” You frown, crossing your arms. Jinyoung looked over at the clock and grinned. “I still have some time to make it up to you.” he whispers, leading her to the couch.


Youngjae may seem like a little ball of sunshine, and he is. That’s why if Y/N makes a move on him, he’ll just turn into mush and follow with whatever she wants. Maybe under some circumstances, he’ll take the lead.

Y/N was rushing all over the house to get everything packed for the tour. Youngjae had asked you to go with them on tour and you immediately say yes. Seems okay, right? Not at all. you haven’t been this stressed since your finals in high school. Youngjae was no help. You always packed for him so he didn’t even think to help. But now you had to pack for two in the same amount of time. “I will seriously have a meltdown if I forget something.” You mumble, walking down the hall. Youngjae was also walking down the hall with a cup of ice water in his hand. You were rushing and didn’t even notice he was there until you felt cold and wet. “Youngjae.. I am trying to pack.. This sets me back.” You frown, wanting to cry as you pull your shirt off. As you throw it in the dirty bin, you feel Youngjae’s eyes on you, obviously checking you out. “Jagi~ Let me take some of your stress away.” He whispers, taking you to the bedroom.


Just be prepared to be in for a wild ride when he sees you’ve spilled on your shirt. Especially your white shirt. Everyone know him as the wild and sexy Jackson Wang, but that’s one of the biggest understatement when it comes to Y/N.

Y/N stood at the sink washing all the dishes that somehow got piled up. “ What the hell? We use paper plates.” You mumble, lifting up a plate to see if it was clean and accidentally spilling the leftover water over your shirt. You slowly look down and frown. “Great. Now I smell like dishes. Disgusting.” Y/N rolls her eyes, walking to the bedroom and taking her shirt off once she was in there. “Oh hey b-” Jackson cuts his sentence short as he looks you up and down. “um.. Why don’t you have a shirt on. I mean, not complaining at all.. But damn.” He grins, walking to the bed and patting the space next to him. “Jagi~ Come here.” Jackson winks, wiggling his eyebrows. “Jackson. No. I spilt water on myself when I was doing the dishes and I still need to finish them.” You mumble, putting one of Jackson’s sweatshirts on. “Wearing my name is as good as wearing nothing. Actually, it’s better.” He offers his best smile. You sigh and roll his eyes at his attempts to get you in be but nonetheless you were flattered. “Okay, but not for too long.” Y/N smiles and quickly hops on the bed, letting Jackson have his way.


This innocent baby is seriously a baby~ But he would do anything Y/N wants to make her happy. Now, if you purposely try and put them in an innocent situation, he’ll be curious and excited for what’s about to happen.

Y/N hadn’t had a release in for what felt like forever, and it was just her and Yugyeom alone for once. “Hey Yugyeom, i’m going to get some apple juice.” you grin, standing up. Your plan was going to work and you just knew it. Y/N quickly got the cup of juice and walked out to the living room, pretending to trip and spill some of the juice on her shirt. “Aish~ That sucks.” You frown, slowly pulling your shirt off. “J-Jagi~ What are you doing?” He visibly gulps, remembering the last time they got it on and how amazing it really was. “Well, if I sit in a wet shirt with apple juice all over it, i’ll be really uncomfortable.” You wink, turning around and walking to the bedroom. “I guess it’s almost time for bed, I’m gonna go shower.” Y/N smirks, walking to the bathroom with Yugyeom trailing right behind her.


Okay, there’s two reasons why Bambam is so overly-confident about himself. He has two of his most favorite things. A big package, and you. Who wouldn’t be so confident when they have these?

You were having a really rough day. Possibly, one of the worst days of your life. You went to the liquor store earlier that day, looking to drink away your problems. Now here you were, drinking until you forgot everything. “Y/N! What’re you doing? You never drink!” Bambam frowns, setting his stuff down and walking towards you. You didn’t know he was so close, so when you turned around, you ended up hitting his chest and spilling the drink on yours. “Awe fuck. Just to add to my wonderful day.” Y/N rolled her eyes and pulled her shirt off. “Now I smell like alcohol, Bambam.” you frown deeply. “Well, maybe we could take a nice shower to wash it all off.” Bambam grins and takes you into the bathroom quickly. “And to help you destress.” He bites his lip, undressing the rest of you.


Give him a reason to pounce, and he will.

You had been teasing him all night. You knew that once wrong move and he could lose all control. You took your wine home from the restaurant because you needed it to keep the teasing up. Now you two were in the taxi and your hands were all over him. He didn’t mind, but he’d much rather be in control. Unfortunately, if he was, you two would already be having sex so he had to have self control. As you both got out of the taxi and making your way up to the apartment, you accidentally bump into him, spilling the wine on your shirt. “Ah~ this blows.” Y/N frowns, taking her shirt off as they walk down the hall. “Y/N..” Mark mumbles lowly, pushing you into the apartment. “You’re gonna regret all the teasing you’ve done tonight.” He smirks and pushes you onto the counter. “You do look really nice without the shirt though~” He whispers, moving in between your legs.

We had a secret hiding spot in the woods in back of our houses.It was your favorite place.I figured… if you ever got away, that’s where you’d go.I never gave up on you.

When he was ten years old, he would sneak out and spend the night in the woods. He would always carry the same things in his backpack; a flashlight, so they could make their way back home when she comes back, a blanket, in case she gets cold because  the nights are always cold, and a PB&J sandwich he makes fresh every evening in case she is hungry when she comes back. He did that every single night until his father shipped him off to military school. And on that day, he had gone to that spot and buried the bag in place he knew she would find. He attached a note to it, apologizing for not being able to be there but promising he will see her very soon.

I can’t believe I finally found you.

The first night she’s gone, he walks around the city, helplessly, hoping that maybe he would randomly just bump into her. And in the nights that follow, he starts planning his week, planning what areas to cover each night. He makes sure to be in at least one of her favorite places each night, naively hoping that she would just be casually grabbing a sandwich from her favorite deli, or randomly browsing through the books in her favorite little book shop, or maybe going through the newest selection of sketching pens and art supplies, not once caring that the stores are closed by the time he starts his nightly ritual. But he always ends up in the same place, on that bench in the park, late at night, when it too dark and too cold to be sitting on a bench park. He always ends up there, her ring in his pocket so that he can give it back to her when she returns. He always ends up on that park bench, the ring in his pocket, his finger routinely reaching for it so that he can feel it against his skin, make sure it is real.

Just like that time, when he brought her to that park bench, the ring she did not know then had existed sitting in his pocket, and he had gone down on one knee and asked her to be his wife; asked her to be with him forever. 

“Mommy Ate A Baby?!”

Part 2 of “I Want That One Daddy!…” JSP

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He promised more time with you. And that is what you got! He’s spent every waking moment he had with you for the past month. Neither of you were complaining. Of course not all his time was with you. Of course Y/D/N wouldn’t let you have you have your gorgeous husband all to yourself. And her reasoning for that was. “But I love Daddy too Mommy!” You didn’t blame her. Who didn’t love Hyuk? The man is everything. You woke up slightly earlier than everyone else. You smiled at Hyuk’s sleeping figure. He was smiling in his sleep, which caused you to wonder. “You better be dreaming about me or else.” You threatened under your breath. You quietly walked out of the room and went downstairs, into the kitchen. You decided it would be easier to start breakfast before Y/D/N woke up or she’d be bugging you more than Hyuk already does. That’s one more thing she gets from her father. She gets your smarts. But gets his looks, personality, and the power to bother you like no other. 

They are both annoying and adorable. But they are both your babies. Sometimes you swear on your life that you’re not only raising your daughter but you’re raising Hyuk as well. Just when you started the eggs you felt strong arms wrap around you and a pair of lips on your neck. A small smile was painted on your face in only a matter of seconds. “This early you’re making breakfast?” He questioned. “Of course. What else would I be doing?” “Laying next to your beautiful husband.” He answered. “I wouldn’t say he’s beautiful. He’s at least a four.” You joked. “Yah! I’m not a four! I’m a ten!” He defended. You turned around and pecked his lips. “You are whatever you believe you are. Which reminds me, I have a doctor’s appointment today. You coming?” “Yeah, I’ll go. I’ll just let Jiho babysit Y/D/N.” He said. “Woah. Woah. Hold on there. You’re gonna let Jiho babysit? Remember what happened last time? The house was trashed and she had him tied to a chair while she ran around in a tutu shouting that she ruled the world.” You mentioned. “Yeah I don’t need my little girl becoming a dictator. What about Crush?” He asked. “Nope. Remember? She had him in a fairy costume and put used my concealer on him and spilled it all over the carpet. And it took us months to get that stain out.” You thought for a little bit who would be the best babysitter. You didn’t have the time to find an actually babysitter. All his friends were terrible. None of your friends were really babysitter material either. You didn’t want to leave her just with anyone. 

That’s when it came to you. You sighed knowing this was your last option. “What if we call over both Crush and Jiho? Two half brains can make a full.” “That’s a good idea. You finish breakfast and I’ll call them up.” You continued to cook. He got on the phone with both of them and told them of the situation. Of course they agreed and came almost immediately which resulted in you cooking more food. You were all sitting at the table eating breakfast. “So Y/N? What’s your appointment about?” Jiho asked. “I’ve been sick these pass couple of weeks with really weird symptoms and this is the day they had to fit me in. So I just want to get this over with.” You admitted. You looked to your left and saw Y/D/N in her PJs, rubbing her eyes, with her one of her stuff animals being chocked to death with her right arm. “Mommy. Daddy. Why are Uncle Jiho and Uncle Hyo Seob doing here?” She asked walking over. Hyuk pulled her into his lap and moved the hair out of her face. 

“They are going to babysit you for today while I take mommy to the doctor.” Hyuk explained. “Is mommy okay?” “She’s fine sweetie. Don’t worry. She’ll be all better soon. We just need to find out what’s wrong. Now can you be a good little girl for your uncles and not become a dictator dressed like a princess?” “What’s a dictator?” She questioned. “Someone you don’t want to be. Now be a good girl for your uncles. And maybe I’ll buy you a doll and some ice cream. Okay?” She nodded and they high fived. You loved their relationship. No one loved Hyuk like your daughter loved him. That father daughter relationship that everyone loved and cherished. And of course you were apart of everyone. You made your way upstairs to change into a fresh pair of clothes. You took a quiet shower, slipped on a causal outfit, and made your way back downstairs. They were already playing. “Now look Hyo Seob and Jiho. I expect my daughter to be in one piece when I get home. You are in charge Hyo Seob. No dangerous that could kill or hurt her. If she gets hurt you’ll both get hurt. And I won’t be the one hurting you. Y/N’s very violent when it comes to Y/D/N. Are we clear?” Hyuk explained. He sounded as if he was some general in one of those military movies. 

“Yeah. We got it.” They both said tending back to Y/D/N. You grabbed your shoes, slipped them and got in the car as did Hyuk. He drove to the doctor’s. On the way there you wondered all the possibilities of your symptoms. You hoped you were okay. Once you got there, you checked in and was immediately put into your doctor’s office. Dr. Janggok. She’s been your doctor since you were really young. She made doctor visits fun and different. She even attended your wedding because she as such a good friend. You told her your symptoms and she suggested a blood test. You took it without really thinking about what you could have. Hyuk was by your side all the way, not letting your hand go, not once. He acted as if you were afraid of needles. If anyone was afraid of needles. It’s him. 

Back at home Jiho turned on some cartoons for Y/D/N while Hyo Seob fixed her hair. “Where did you learn how to do that?” Jiho asked him. “I barely know how to do this. It was just something I picked up from those American movies.” He gather all her hair and put it in a high ponytail. “Ouch! Not so tight Uncle Hyo Seob!” “Sorry Y/D/N! I didn’t mean to.” He apologized loosing it up. “Y/D/N. Look! Your Uncle Jiho picked out an outfit for you. Why don’t you go in your room and changed into it?” She nodded and grabbed the outfit. She rushed to her room, changed and ran back out. She looked adorable. He picked out white undershirt and to go over the shirt was overalls. “Good job Y/D/N! You look adorable. Come sit in my lap.” Jiho said patting his lap. She sat in his lap and continued to watch the cartoons. This was the best she’s ever been for someone. “You want some milk?” Jiho asked her. She nodded and smiled. “What flavor little one?” “Strawberry.” She answered. “Hyung? Can you get Y/D/N some strawberry milk?” “Yeah.” Hyo Seob got up and went into the kitchen to look for some strawberry milk. He found it some in the fridge. he poured it into a cup, stuck in a pink crazy loop straw, and gave it to her. 

In the doctor’s office you were a little nervous. It’s been awhile since you’ve been here. Dr. Janggok walked back into the room with a smile on her face. But there was something about her smile that was really weird. “I have some news. I don’t know if it’s good or bad in your context.” She said. “What is it?” Hyuk asked. “Is everything okay?” “Of course, Y/N. Everything’s fine. You’re pregnant.” Your eyes widened as did Hyuk. “Pregnant?!” “Another one?! Another kid!” Hyuk shouted almost fainting. “Congratulations. I wish the best of luck for the both of you and the baby. Tell Y/D/N. I said hi.” 

After your visit you got a sonogram. You couldn’t stop staring at it. It was giving you flashbacks of the first time you were pregnant. Inside of you she was a handful. Always hurting you on purpose, making you hate your favorite foods. You knew she would be a troublemaker. And she is. “Babe. Do you have any names for our baby?” You asked sweetly. “If it’s a girl, maybe (Girl’s Name) and if it’s a boy, (Boy’s Name).” He answered. B/N. You loved it. Once you got home you saw all three of them on the couch watching some cartoons. It was the closest you’ve ever seen Y/D/N with the both of them. It was the first time you’ve seen them spend a while with her without in makeup or dresses on. They just ignored the fact you were home. You grabbed a piece of paper, balled it up and threw up towards Jiho. They looked toward you and groaned. “We were just getting along!” Hyo Seob admitted. “Thanks guys for babysitting Y/D/N.” Hyuk said. They got up and left with a flick of the wrist. 

You sat down next to your daughter. “Mom! Where did you go?” She asked. “Your father and I went to the doctor and we found out some news. And we wanted to run it by you first.” “What is it?” She was very curious. Hyuk grabbed her little hand and laid it over your stomach. “We’re having another baby. You’re gonna be a big sister.” He explained to her. “Where is it?” “In mommy’s stomach.” He answered. “MOMMY ATE A BABY?!” You couldn’t help but burst into laughter as did Hyuk.

I wanted to continue this into a part 2 because I feeling it. Sorry for any mistakes. I hope you enjoyed. Love ya. Admin Bad Bitch June

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Sex, Lies, Videotape (The Intro)

Hey Derhsa Fam!!!!! I’m back with another fanfic series after “The Romans”. I never thought I’d decide to do another series but when I got these ideas in my head I just had to. This is Sex, Lies, Videotape and I hope you guys enjoy this one as well. P.S. the drama builds up fast and everything described in the footage will be a actual scene at some point in the series. Please don’t forget to give me your thoughts, comment, like and reblog. May we all continue strong in our hiatus. ENJOY!

Disclaimer: I do not own these characters as they belong to James LaRosa 

A year and a half ago Mr. and Mrs. Roman made one of the biggest decisions they could make to have a fresh start in their marriage. Ahsha and Derek decided to bet it all and move to a new city; Miami Florida. With all the drama going on in L.A they didn’t see much good happening there. Even though they were having much success in their careers they both knew that Devil’s arena was no place for anyone’s marriage. There was no mistaking that L.A. and the Devils would always be apart of who they were but it was just time to go. They both understood that the Devil’s ultimately brought them together but sometimes, that world had a very destructive affect on their relationship and they didn’t want that for their marriage. Soon after the wedding Ahsha and Derek packed all of their things and board a private flight to their new city hand and hand. Derek never sold their home in L.A. knowing that from time to time they would go back to visit family. But from that moment on they would take Miami by storm. Derek and Ahsha had to move quick because the new season was soon approaching and they both had a lot to do to jump into a new world. When they arrived in Miami, Derek’s agent had already found them the perfect place to live and they immediately bought a 2000 spare feet two story luxury penthouse condo right in the heart of the city. The residence was called “The Kingdom”. It was a six story building with only three tenants each home having two floors with a four car garages for each tenant.The Kingdom was known for being highly expensive because of its great view over the entire city of Miami, and its high security. It was definitely a place were the wealthy lived if they wanted to enjoy the city and being that they were just married the couple wanted to start embarking on a journey together that would create new memories. When the Romans arrived it was just perfect. It had all the bells and whistles. Still big enough like living in a house but not all of the extra upkeep like living in one. Ahsha and Derek was loving the city life but once they lived it for a while they both missed living in a home away from all the busy distraction so they figured when the season was over they would go house shopping this summer. Once Derek and Ahsha arrived the entire city gave them a warm welcome. They got a tour of the arena and was personally introduced to the owners of the team and their teammates. Thing moved fast and both Derek and Ahsha jumped in head first. Now a year down the line they were both in their married routine of life…………………………………..

The basketball team started practice early so Derek headed off to the arena first. Their practice usually ended the same time the dancers did so Ahsha
and Derek usually went home together. But today would be different. Ahsha got dressed for practice and headed to the arena as she was ready to see how the girls had improved on the new choreography. She placed her member’s key badge on the key pad and entered into the arena ready for another exciting week of practice with her new family; the Miami Blaze girls.
Ahsha and the girls were in the studio practicing for the game on Thursday night and they were killing the choreography. Of course when Ahsha first arrived in Miami a lot of the girls had their reservations about her coming right in and taking over. Especially for the ones who thought they would have first grabs at being the new caption and director when they found out the old one was leaving, but once they got to know Ahsha they couldn’t help but love her immediately. Ahsha was super talented, great with fresh choreography and
also a team player. The girls liked that she was such a energetic spirit with a little sass. What the girls didn’t know is that being a Devil girl helped groom her for anything. She was still Carebear at heart but she could also be very stern when then girls weren’t performing at her standard thanks to Jelena but she was also really open with adding some sexy elements to the dance and making the girls feel comfortable which she took from Kyle. Ahsha was in a new city but L.A. was defiantly the starting grounds for her. Once the Blaze dancers saw the type of responses they were getting from the fans they knew that Ahsha Roman was a great fit. This team was on a new high and they were running with it. Along with the basketball team having much success for the season the dancers always danced like they knew they were taking home the win.
Derek had just finished his shower and got dress after a hyped practice. He was heading out to leave the locker room when his team mate Drew caught up with him. Derek and Drew were old friends in the league before he played for Miami. Drew was a well rounded guy. He was married for four years and had a two year old daughter. He had played with the team in Miami for five years.
“Yo whatup D you heading out?” Drew dapped Derek up
“Yea man I’m about to head out. Today was crazy”. Derek exhaled deeply.
“Yea you know we’re about to get in they asses come Thursday night”
“Oh most definitely!“Derek and Drew bantered.
“Aye man since you heading out lets go play some pool or something before you head in”. Drew suggested.
“Nah man Ima have to catch you later on that I’m headed home. Ahsha has already been on me about us both being too busy to spend time together. I gotta go do the husband thing”. Derek said.
“Damn and here I am tryna get away from my wife” Drew joked. Derek chuckled.
“Alright man I’ll catch you later Ima go holla at Ahs real quick before I head out.” Derek stated
“Nah man Ima go with you to make sure you don’t distract these dancers for too long. I mean they’re use to us but you’re still seen as fresh meat.” Drew added lying about his reasoning for going and Derek saw right through it.
“Man if you don’t stop tryna come look at these women practice. Bye "married man”, Ima call your wife”. Derek playfully bowed Drew in the chest
“What D they might get stuck in a split or something and may need me to help them up. Plus I’m married not blind”. Drew joked.
The two men approached the dance studio and Ahsha was standing in front of all the girls as she watched them and made notes in her head. Derek and Drew waited until the number was over before interrupting. As the dancers hit their last mark Derek made his presence aware.
“Well hello ladies.” Derek walked into the room with his tall sexy stature. Ahsha looked at him and playfully rolled her eyes as she thought about her young days as a Devil girl when Derek would walk into the studio with Terrence to come and hit on her. At the sound of Derek’s voice all the women in the room stopped, but it didn’t bother Ahsha one bit. She knew how women fawned over her man. Drew waved to Ahsha and walked further into the studio to harass the dancers.
“Okay ladies take a quick five” Ahsha announced as she walked towards Derek with her hands on her hips. “I see you’re still interrupting my practices after all this time.” Ahsha said folding her arms with a slight smile on her face. “You are never were you’re supposed to be”.
“Well Mrs. Roman not much has changed. Wherever you are that’s were I wanna be” Derek smirked.
“Here I am” Ahsha retorted as she wrapped her arms around Derek’s neck standing on her toes to give him a kiss. Derek placed his strong hands around her waist and their lips met in a soft sweet peck that was too quick in each of their books but they would just have to wait until they got home for any extra love.
“Is practice over for you guys?” Ahsha asked parting from her husband.
Yea that’s why I was stopping by to tell you that I’m headed home.”
“Without me? How are you leaving your wife?” Ahsha playfully scoffed pleading with her doe eyes.
“Yes without you! I would be leaving with my wife if she wasn’t such a perfectionist. Derek raised his brow."How long are you staying?” He asked in all seriousness knowing Ahsha could practice forever.
“We’re gonna go one more hour so not long. Babe I promise I’ll be home no later then six” Ahsha pleaded. Derek pulled Ahsha into his arms for a hug goodbye.
“Alright Mrs. Roman, I’ll see you when you get home.” Ahsha tilted her head back slightly to steal another kiss from her man before they parted.
“Okay! And I’ll stop and get that Mediterranean food you like on the way home. Deal?" Ahsha added
"Alright I love you. Practice hard”. Derek smiles and lightly smacked her on the butt.
“I love you too” Ahsha said before she went back into the studio. Derek and Drew then left and practice with the girls continued.

After an hour more of a great practice Ahsha took a shower in the locker room. She washed practice off of her body and couldn’t wait to get home to her loving husband. Even though she and Derek had a few recent marriage spats over them making sure quality time in their relationship was high priority, she could tell Derek was listening to her and he was making all the extra efforts to make his wife feel special. Ahsha understood that their relationship before marriage was sometimes tough so she knew that they would have to put just as much work into their marriage as well. Ahsha got dressed and grabbed all of her bags to head home. Before reaching home, Ahsha made sure to stop by an Mediterainan grill returant that she and Derek frequent to pick up dinner. The time was now five thirty and Ahsha was staying true to her word that
she would be home by six. Ahsha finally made it home and she was ready for a relaxing continuation of her day. She unlocked the door to her home and as she walked in she was surprised at the many house guest greeting her. The first thing she saw was Derek sitting on the couch across from both of his and her lawyers and their agents standing behind the couches with unpleasant looks on their faces. Derek heard the front door open and he immediately rose to his feet and walked towards his wife.
“Ahsha…baby I’ve been trying to call you. I promise everything will be fine. I’m gonna fix everything”. Derek said rushing out in a strange tone and his eyes etched with worry. Ahsha’s brow furrowed.
“Yea sorry my phone must be in my bag on silent from practice? Fix what? What’s going on? And why is everyone here Derek?” Ahsha asked confused Derek immediately stopped. Now he had realized that Ahsha didn’t know what was happening. Not only was she about to be blindsided but he was going to be the one that had to tell her. Ahsha looked around the room and she saw that everyone knew something terrible she didn’t know.
“Ahsha Im sorry I”…. Derek held out his hands walking towards her
“Derek?” Ahsha said stepping back in confusion as her heart began to beat out of her chest. Derek was apologizing but she knew well enough not to accuse him of anything because she trusted her husband so it couldn’t be the obvious.“Derek, you’re scaring me…….. What happened?” Ahsha looked into his eyes. Derek was always so calm and always kept his composure so the fact that he looked worried about something terrified Ahsha of this unknown.
“Ahsha someone broke into our home.” Derek said giving Ahsha information little by little. Ahsha eyes widened and she clasped her mouth.
“Oh my gosh! Today? When you came home? Are you okay?” She rushed to him then looked around for any damage.
“Ahsha I’m fine and no it wasn’t today”. Derek continued. “Babe someone broke into our home while we weren’t here.”
“Derek as long as we’re fine material things can be replaced”. Ahsha looked at her husband.
“That’s the thing Ahs they didn’t take anything, but….”.
“But what?” Ahsha interrupted.
Ahsha they left something behind. That something being multiple hidden cameras. Whoever broke into our home has been watching us. Our every move and recording us”. Ahsha looked towards the living and saw what looked to be about five cameras scattered on the table the with ripped cords
“WHAT?! Ahsha said as she was trying to process what Derek just said. "WHAT DO YOU MEAN RECORDING US?” Ahsha said in a frantic voice now catching up to everyone’s urgency.
“Babe listen, whoever this is that broke into our home has leaked footage of us on the internet”. Ahsha’s heart now began to beat faster and she couldn’t control her tone.
“FOOTAGE OF WHAT DEREK?” She said hysterical.
“Ahsha calm down” Derek tried to touch her reasoning with her. Ahsha swiped his hand away.
“DEREK! What footage do they have?” Ahsha said her mood being taken over by many emotions. Derek hesitated then he finally realized that she needed the full truth.
“Baby they have footage of……. Everything”. When those words left Derek’s mouth Ahsha immediately felt sick.
“Everything?” Ahsha’s voice cracked looking into Derek’s eyes for confirmation.
“Yes” Derek said in a defeated tone.
“Oh my god” She said placing her hand over her chest. Ahsha walked over to the bar stool that sat infront of the island over their kitchen. The rooms was very still. Ahsha ran her hands throuh her hair to process her thoughts. Inside she wanted to hold on to the little ounce of hope that the situation wasnt that bad. She wanted to believe that they left their hardships in LA but her
gut was telling her that her lawyer wouldn’t be present right now if this wasn’t the worst case scenario. She sprang from the chair as she needed to see the footage with her own eyes. She rushed to go get her purse and Derek grabbed it before she could.
“Ahsha wait” Derek protested
“Derek show me the video” Ahsha said frustrated.
“Ahsha I don’t think you should see this right now” Derek barked trying to protect her.
“NO DEREK I WANNA SEE IT!!!!” Ahsha screamed as her voice cracked revealing the pain she felt inside. Derek was always very honest with her so the fact that he was trying to prevent her from seeing told her how bad it was. "SHOW ME RIGHT NOW”. She said desperately as a single tear fell from her eyes. In this moment Derek realized he could no longer protect her from the situation she was about to face and that hurt him more then anything. Even though they were going through this situation together he knew it would affect Ahsha in the worst way but she needed to know. Derek grabbed his iPad to reveal the truth to Ahsha. As she looked down onto the iPad Derek searched a popular social media profile called PalmTreeSHADE where it always uploaded all the latest gossip about celebrities. The first thing Ahsha saw was a headline that read “Racy Leaked Footage of Derek and Ahsha Roman has broken the internet. Is There A Sex Tape Press Play for Preview”. Derek opened the
video and what Ahsha saw next took her breath away. The first scene to pop up was of Ahsha sitting on the couch with her laptop answering emails wearing her grey and neon green legging with her matching spots bra. She had on her matching jacket and left it unzipped. Ahsha could tell that this was from mouths ago when she and Derek were still settling into their lives in Miami. Derek placed his key on the kitchen counter as he entered the couples home.
“Ahsha!” Derek yelled letting her know he was home. Derek appears in the frame with his athletic wear on as he just came back in from his afternoon jog.
“There’s my fine ass wife.” Derek cooed.
“Hey babe you just get back from your jog?” Derek picks her up from the couch and she wraps her legs around his waist and he place his hand comfortably under her butt.
“Yea the weather feels good out there”. Ahsha place a kiss on his lips.
“Eww babe I love you but you stink” Ahsha said feeling his skin still sticky from sweat. Derek through Ahsha over his shoulder cave man style.
“Well come on Mrs. Roman lets go get me cleaned up” Ahsha slapped her ass “And while you clean me up you can do that little thing I like”. Ahsha let out her raspy laugh and they are seen going upstairs. The footage fades into the next scene were Ahsha was in the kitchen making a meal before Derek arrives home from an away game. She was cooking her steamed zucchini on the stove and she had just finish sauteing her steak as she placed her phone on speaker to speak to her best friend Kyle who she missed terribly. They were doing some well needed catching up so
they had beem talking for hours,but the footage diplayed a very interesting part of their conversation.
“Kyle, Derek and I had our first taste of harmless trouble this weekend” Ahsha said giggled.
“Look at my Carebear taking Miami like a pro, Spill it. And you know I want all the details so don’t cheat me.”
“Well you know how it is when you’re still in the honeymoon phase. Derek and I were off for the weekend and we decided to go out for dinner. In which we got a little drunk and….
“AND!!! Kyles said excited.
"After dinner the night definatly got wild. When we got home we both were feeling our drinks and lets just say we used our entire house to release some drunk passion. But get this, you know we only have two other residence to live in the building. Two Italian brothers live on the first floor, an wealthy elderly lady on the second floor and we live in the penthouse. Each condo has two stories. Kyle we actually got a knock on the door from the police”.
"WHAT?! The police? For what?” Kyle asked shocked.
“The officer said he got a disturbing call from a tenant that was afraid because they thought someone was being abused in a fight upstairs.”
Kyle burst into loud laughter on the phone. “Oh My Gosh, Ahsha I am dying. How the hell did the old bag hear the two of you? Kyle was all over the place. “That a girl. You better be giving it to D-Ro” both of the women fell out in laughter.
“Kyle you should have seen the look on the mans face when he realized what was really happening. Then he had the nerve to say "Alright you two enjoy your evening”.
“Well did you?” Kyle questioned already knowing the answer
“Hell yes!! I can barley wear shorts to practice. I’ve been putting makeup over Derek’s love bites all week and I’ll be the first to say that their in some really provocative places.” Ahsha admitted. She heard the front door opening and she told Kyle she would call her back and the scene jumped into the next scene. Derek walked into in the couples bedroom from the bathroom with his towel around his waist as he sat on the bed to briefly speak with his agent on speaker.
Hey Derek great news, you are now the face of Men’s Sportwear Illustrated. They just teamed up with Nike and they want you D”
Damn man are you kidding me. I thought they were trying to go with Deon Lee for the next two years”.
Oh they were but they dropped that son of a bitch when they heard you were interested.They’re not gonna drop the news until early summer so we have to keep it tight but we’ve already closed the deal so its official. They’re even thinking about adding a sexy little workout shoot with you and Ahsha in the article”. Derek finishes
his conversation.The screen faded into the next scene and the footage went on. Ahsha had just come home from shopping on her off day to fine her husband but to her surprise Derek isn’t home. At first Ahsha doesn’t make a big deal about it and she took her bags into the bedroom. She is seen leaving the cameras eye view to go take a shower. She returns and she is seen in her new lingerie that she bought earlier. She would wear it under her dress tonight in hopes of she and Derek having a wonderful night that would end
explosive. She began to get ready for a night out. As she sits in front of her vanity to do her makeup she placed her phone on the counter putting it on speaker to calls Derek to see if he’s close.
“Hey Derek, where are you?”. Ahsha asked looking at her clock.
“Hey Ahs I went to meet with my agent to finalize a couple of deals then I met Shamar and Keith at the bar. We’re just having a couple of beers so I shouldn't be late coming in”.
“At the bar? Really? Are you joking right now?” Ahsha said pissed and Derek definitely didn’t miss it.
“No I’m not joking”. Derek said in a nonchalant tone. Did I miss something?”
“Derek tonight we were suppose to go to dinner and Angela invited us over afterwards”. Angela was one of the Blaze girls who was married. Derek had totally let dinner slip his mind.
"Ohh shit that was tonight? Damn it slipped my mind Ahs. I’m so sorry, let me make it up to you” Derek immediately stood up getting his wallet ready to leave.
“No no its fine I’ll just tell Angela something came up. We can do something another time.”. Ahsha said as she put her makeup brush down. She couldn’t believe Derek forgot. He was usually really good with these things and Ahsha wanted to give him the benefit of the doubt but lately Ahsha felt like he was being careless.
“Are you sure I can still make it home Ahsha.” Derek asked.
“Yea I’m sure” Ahsha said in a breathy voice clearly hurt.The screen now showed a very heated argument between Derek and Ahsha. The two are now standing in front of each other in their bedroom pissed off and hurt by each others words.
“Derek its not about this "one time”. You’re never home! All you do is practice, work out, have the guys over, attend meetings, go out with your teammates. I dont care that you’re out having a good time with them, I want that for you. But EVERY OTHER WEEKEND. What the hell? You act like you dont even have time for me. You spend more
time giving your focus to other things and you leave just a little for me. IM YOUR WIFE!!! Ive never been the women to run you down and blow you up but if you tell me you’re going to be home at a certain time then you need to be here or if something changes you need to tell me”
Ahsha yelled.
“Ahsha all I wanted to do is have some beers with the guys and I called you and told you I was on my way home. Just because I’m a little late now I gotta check in with you. Fuck That!” Ahsha pushed passed Derek.
“I never said you have to check in with me all I asked was that you let me know things if they change. Is that to much to ask for. Derek that’s what husbands do.”
“Oh so since I didn’t call you I’m not a good husband now?I told you! I was on my way home. I got here a hour later I already told you why I was late. What do you want me to do?” Derek said in a condescending tone. “You know what I’m going to bed I’m not arguing about this shit with you”!
“Derek lower your voice and you have one more time to curse at me before this turns all the way left.” Who the hell do I look like. I’m not your damn airhead basketball wife and you know that!“ Ahsha said now getting really heated.
“And I cant be told what to fucking do. You know that” Derek spat back. As he sat on the side of the bed taking his shoes off. At this point Ahsha had enough. She didn’t know what had gotten into her husband but she wasn’t having it. They never argued like this but when they did it was the worst because both of them could be a little headstrong. They were both strong individuals and it was hard when they both were at odds. Ahsha pointed to the door.
“YOU KNOW WHAT, GET THE HELL OUT!! I’m tired of hearing your rude ass mouth. Goodbye!” Derek needed to get away from this argument and quick because he knew both he and Ahsha had said things to both piss each other off. Right now it was not getting through to either of them. She felt her way he felt his. Derek got up from the bed and walked towards the door to leave.
“FINE! I HOPE IT FEELS GOOD SLEEPING IN THAT BED ALONE TONIGHT. YOU ASKED FOR THIS SHIT! Derek slams the door hard enough to break it but it doesn’t. Ahsha flinches at the niose and is obviously hurt.
All of a sudden the arguing stopped on the video and Ahsha heart was beating fast. She was on the verge of tears knowing that the world was seeing a very intimate moment between her and Derek that didn’t show them in the best light. She wanted to look away so badly but she couldn’t, she was stuck. The screen went black and all of a sudden Ahsha’s nightmare only got worst. No more footage came in but you could here her and Derek still talking. This time in a more calm manner. Now they both were
apologizing in a desperate way. Ahsha notice that this exchange was only two old and a recent one.
"Derek all I want is you. Nothing else. I married you, not this! None of this matters without you Im sorry”. Ahsha said breathing hard in tears.
"No….. Im sorry Ahsha. I should have came to you in a better way. You are the most important thing in my life, and I never want you to feel neglected.” Derek said in between pleading and kissing Ahsha’s lips.
“I know Derek and I sorry if you thought I was trying to tell you what to do” Ahsha said kissing him back desperately. Their breathing getting heavier.
“Ummm tell me what to do right now” Derek said in a tone laced with sex and desire.
“Never leave me in our bed alone. I didn’t mean to push you away” Ahsha pleaded.
You can never push me away, I’m not going anywhere. Remember For better or worst Mrs. Roman I’m sorry I love you” The sound of a rip was loud and clear and Ahsha didn’t need to see what was happening to realize that it was her panties
“UGHHAAA I love you toooo” Ahsha said letting out a moan. Now finally the audio was playing different scenes and sounds as if the footage was skipping around to different parts.
Sounds of kissing echoed in the couples home and the sounds of bodies crashing against the bed were heard.
“Ughhhh baby I love it when you use your tongue. YESSSS THAT FEELS SO GOOD!!! came Ahsha’s erotic moan
"Tell me where you want it” Derek’s voice sounded.
“Ummmmm Everywhere Daddy” Ahsha purred.“ARGGGHHHH Derek!!!!!
Come Here Women” Derek demanded suductivley. Don’t run now!
“DEREK YOU’RE DICK IS SO DEEP BAYYBEEE” Ahsha pleaded moaning.
“You fuckin like it” Derek cooed
“YESSSS!!! Daddy I dooooo. I love it” Ahsha said as if she was out of breath. Scenes changed and the head bored was heard banging against the wall.
“Ugh Ugh Ugh” sounds of Ahsha’s moans fade in again. Then a sound of a loud slap against flesh was heard.
“Fuck Ahsha” Derek coxed in a deep voice that rumbled in his chest from pleasure.
“Derek you’re gonna make me cum”! Ahsha moaned in a desperate tone as the bed began to knock against the wall harder and faster. “Alright you two enjoy your evening” said the police officer. The last thing hear is Ahsha cry out in ecstasy and blood red words flashes before her eyes. “LOVE,….PASSION,….WAR. Sex in “The Kingdom” Featuring the Royal Couple. Coming Soon”.
Ahsha mood was shattered and she was shaking. She could here her heart beating in her ears. She looked around the room and everyone was carefully awaiting her reaction. Tears started to well in the corner of her eyes. Her breath hitched as her eyes finally made it back to Derek.
“Ahsha talk to me” Derek moved in closer to her.
“Um Excuse me everyone”! Ahsha said quickly as her voice cracked. Before she could catch it she let out a loud cry full of agony and she ran off upstairs towards their master bedroom. Derek’s whole world crumbled around the sounds of his wife’s hurting response. Inside he was furious at the thought that someone would violate their security. If its one thing he vowed his self on was protecting his wife and someone was trying to get in his way. Right now he and Ahsha needed a private moment as they had shared enough with the class. Derek was pissed.
“Alright Everybody leave!” Derek spoke in a harsh tone.
“But Derek we need to discuss this as a team”. We need to find this person”. Derek’s attorney said nervously.
“NOW”! Derek barked not paying attention to anything they were saying right now he needed to go pick up the peaces with the women he would die for. They needed to be alone right now as their privacy was already invaded enough. Everyone scattered getting there things as they saw the look on Derek’s face and he wouldn’t tell them again. Right before their lawyer got to the door Derek grabbed his arm.
"Give me and hour and I’ll see what I can do but if I don’t call you I don’t want any fucking body knocking on my door” Derek stated clearly before he let Jeff's arm go.
“Yes Derek I understand”. After everyone exit Derek hurried upstair to find the women that controled his heartbeat. As he got closer to the bedroom he could here Ahsha heaving in their bathroom. She was frantic and couldnt control herself. As Derek waled into their master bathroom Ahsha had her hands placed on the counter with her head down crying. She couldnt bring herself to look into the mirror. Derek walked up behind her a strongly wrapped his arms around her waist. Her body tensed at his touch but she allowed her husband to embrace her. His grip was so strong. Ahsha turns around and wrapped her arms around his neck for dear life and cries into
his chest wetting his shirt. He holds her and right now this is the only place she feels safe but she is still devastated. She finally collapse into his arms and Derek brings them to the floor. Ahsha laid in his lap and sob.
“Ahsha….I am so sorry” Derek says in a breathy tone as you can barley here is voice. He was fighting back tears himself for his wife but he knew that in this moment he had to still fight to protect her.
“Derek how……how did this happen? I don’t understand”. Ahsha says through her tears.
Ahsha I don’t know, but I promise you that I wont rest until I find out who it is and I hope you’re nowhere around because I might kill this guy”. Derek admitted to his true anger.
Derek this could ruin us. Our careers, our reputations, everything we’ve worked for. I can only imagine what my mom and dad are thinking right now.” Ahsha cried “I just…..cant believe this”. Derek grabbed his wife and sat her up. He needed to talk her off the edge and this wasn’t about talking smooth or being charming this would be honest. Derek understood why Ahsha was so shaken up though. In reality a man could get away with anything. The media would just glorify Derek for being successful, the alpha male in his home and women would through their panties at him left and right because it was confirmed by Ahsha’s screams that he was sexing his wife
properly putting their curiosity to bed and other men would just applaud him. But on the other hand they would see Ahsha as the nagging wife, who fights with her husband over nothing, the controlling one. Most women would probably accuse her of being a whore even though she is only heard making love to her husband and the media would make a mockery of their marriage thinking that Ahsha allows other partners in their bed or whatever else they wanted to make up, creating lies that Derek is aggressive and she is weak. They would turn their marriage into some sexed crazed affair knowing that they’ve had the police to show up to their home because of wild
sex. Even though their relationship was so much more then solid then that and their love was stronger then sex could ever be the truth is the media wouldnt pay attention to the truth.
“Ahsha look at me. Look me right in my eyes baby. You think I would ever let that happen. Baby nothing can ruin us. We have made it through so many things this wont stop us. Im sure the media is having a field day with us right now but you’re forgetting one thing. Baby I got you and I got us. Im not saying this wont be hard but if its one thing I know is that we’re fighters and as long as we’re fighting together nothing can beat us.
"I really thought Miami would be different Derek.”
“I did too Ahsha but now that we’re in this we gotta face it. I know that you probably wanna run and hide right now, and apart of me wants to shelter you but baby we cant. Everything on that footage was a hundred percent us and we have to live in it. We’re sucessful, we’re happy, sometimes we fight like cats and dogs, we make love and on occasion or two we fuck like animals. Derek chuckled earning a soft laugh from his wife as well. “But the biggest truth about that video is that we love each other. Babe I know that something that precious shouldnt be shared with the world because people can make it into something ugly. Derek wiped away Ahsha’s tear away from her face. "But that’ll never change
that what we have is something special.”
Derek pulled Ahsha into him even further. Ahsha looked into Derek’s warm eyes and for the first time she felt calm because he was right. Ahsha gave Derek a weak smile because she could always count on him in he toughest times. Derek wasnt lying one bit and everything he was saying made complete since.
“You always know what to say” Ahsha said sniffling. “I know Ill feel better once I talk to my mom but I just cant face anyone right now.” Ahsha took a deep breath.
“Ahsha it’ll be fine” Derek said confidently. “No matter what your parents love you but most of all they know you. Trust me when I say they probably know something isn’t right”.
“Well Derek what’s our next step?” Ahsha looked to her husband for clarity. Derek kissed her on the side of her temple.
“We pickup the pieces together, talk with our lawyer and the detectives and find this son of a bitch” Derek stated.
“Derek promise me through this whole thing we’ll make sure that we’re okay and that our marriage is protected.”
“ I promise”. Derek declared confidently.

After and hour of Derek helping Ahsha pull herself together everyone arrives back to their home. Ahsha and Derek took a seat on their couch very close together. Ahsha still visibly shaken curled herself into a ball and lays her head on Derek’s chest as he place a protecting arm around her. Before everyone entered Derek instructed that he and Ahsha speak with their lawyer first. As followed the first person to enter their home was their lawyer Jeffery Stokes. Jeff sat on the couch opposite of the couple.
“Hey Jeff” Derek said nodding his head towards their lawyer.
“Hey D, I know this inst easy and its about to get a lot tougher. The detectives we have here to help with your case are outside. Now being that the situation is sticky they’re gonna have to ask you guys some tough questions”.
"What kind of question Jeff?” Derek asked in a gaurded tone
Derek they can ask the two of you anything, I just want you to be ready and prepared. Although its for the better to get more information of building the case I’ll be here the entire interview and I’ll let you know whatever you dont want to answer you dont have to. I’ll also advise you both on what not to answer period. I just need to know that you both are ready for this”. Finished Jeff.
“You ready Mrs. Roman?“ Derek inquired rubbing the side of her shoulder. Ahsha instantly thought about those same words Derek asked her when they boarded the plane to Miami but this time she wasn’t so sure.
"Yeah” Ahsha responded looking upward trying not to cry again.
“Okay, we’re ready” confirmed Derek. Now the real questioning would begin.


anonymous asked:

Let's say the Nordics S/o was an artist or a writer, and they were a perfectionist too. One day they started feeling really down, hating their own work, getting upset and stressed out, not wanting to do it anymore, etc. How would the Nordics react to this and try to cheer their s/o up? (I love your blog by the way! Best Hetalia imagines I've seen!)

Tino (Finland)- Tino would just sit with them and talk about how amazing they are at what they do. He’d talk about how proud of them he is, are and that while they aren’t feeling passionate about their work, it’s completely normal for people to get in a slump sometimes, and he’d be there for them through the whole thing.

Abel (Denmark)-  Abel would try and get them to take a break from their work for a while so they come back to it with a fresh view. He’d offer to take them out for as long as they need and do or go see some of their favorite things, or just hang out at home and have fun there. Anything to get them distracted enough to cheer up a bit, really. 

Berwald (Sweden)- Berwald is a man of few words, so he wouldn’t be quite sure how to comfort his s/o about their problem right away. He’d ask to read or see it for himself if they came to him upset about it. Once he did, he would talk about what he liked about it and how they’re an amazing creator until it might get his s/o’s confidence up some more.

Emil (Iceland)- Emil would be shocked at how his s/o could think that about their work. He always likes to support them and read or look at what they make, and whatever it is they were working on at this time, he’d have lots of positive comments. So when they tell him that they didn’t like their own work, he’d start pointing out all the fantastic things about what they’re creating.

Lukas (Norway)- Lukas would point out all the great things they’ve accomplished during the period they’ve spent writing or making art, and he’d keep listing off all the great things they’ve made and done until his s/o was feeling at least a bit better.

pastelqueen-sweetascanbe  asked:

Can you make a head cananon with the rfa and V and saeran reacting to past NC being super badass by getting into fist fights 24/7 and winning them though being ashamed of her past self.

Of course. I had some many issues with this but badass MC is what we all need ! I´m the opposite of badass-


  • You where ever way to embarrassed to tell him about your past even when Zen sometimes almost bragged about his past days in the motorcycle gang.
  • You wanted him to see you as a delicate flower you knew he liked that.
  • When ever your school days came up you avoided to tell him how much you got into fights with everyone.
  • One day he meets one of his old friends from back in that days.
  • At first he is not sure but then he recognizes you and he is scared.
  • You are the one person that beaten him all those years ago.
  • It´s really shocking to you you where praying for this day to never come.
  • When Zen asks you if its true you admit it.
  • You tell him all about your past and how you got in every fight ever you where full of anger back in that days.
  • You ever looked for trouble and you always won these days are long over now you calmed down and grew up.
  • Zen never thought that you been like that you are so innocent and pure how did that happen.
  • He is surprised but he really loves you and he has a bad past too so why should he judge you.
  • He thinks you must been badass back then but he is happy that you are like you are now.
  • Zen much rather plays the protector for you after all.


  • You really changed a lot since you been a teenager You are really ashamed of how much trouble you caused so  you keep quiet about your past.
  • Yoosung wonders why you talk so little about your teenager years he images all kinds of thinks but not that you got into fights.
  • One day when you take a walk with him you see someone familiar you try to go somewhere else.
  • They recognize you and call out to you.
  • You are more then unconformable to meet one of your old friends specially since they not changed at all since you last met.
  • They make fun at you for having someone like Yoosung as your boyfriend now what makes you really mad.
  • You almost punch your old friend but you remember just in time to take a deep breath to calm down.
  • You tell them how much you changed and now you are really happy with Yoosung.
  • When they leave you sit down with Yoosung and tell him all about your past you are afraid how he reacts.
  • Yoosung is really surprised that you been in so many fights and you always won amazing.
  • You where really cool and scary back then but Yoosung likes it how you are now.
  • At least he wont have to worry that someone will beat you so that is good.


- trigger warning for people trying to rob you-

  • When ever your past comes up you avoid the topic as much as it goes you rather forget it completely.
  • Jaehee is also not to happy to talk about her past so she wont pressure you into telling her.
  • She thinks you will tell her when you are ready.
  • One evening you are with her and you are on the way home from one of Zens musicals.
  • You feel like someone is following the two of you and it turns out you are right.
  • A group of dangerous looking people surround you.
  • Jaehee is happy that she knows how to defend herself from these people but she is really worried about you.
  • Your old fighting instincts are kicking in and you get ready to handle what ever they throw at you.
  • Someone called the police before anything could happen and the strangers run away.
  • After you both are save Jaehee makes sure you are okay and then asks you why you looked like you where ready to take them on.
  • Don´t you know how dangerous that could had ended.
  • Then you tell Jaehee all about your past she listens to your whole story.
  • After you are done you ask her what she thinks now about you after she knows that.
  • Jaehee finds it good that you got threw that difficult time and that you grew so much since then.
  • She fully accepts that as part of your past she is also glad that you trust her enough to tell her about those times.
  • Jaehee is glad that you are more calm now and she will show you proper self defense moves.


  • With how Jumin is you figure its best to not tell him about that chapter of your life.
  • You think he would judge you or stop liking you if he knew.
  • Jumin knows that you not like to talk about your school time but he has no idea what you are hiding or why.
  • He would not go behind your back to find out what it is and the longer you are with him the harder it seems to just tell him.
  • It takes someone from the press to figure it out after some digging.
  • The person that found out is after a quick buck and tries to blackmail you with that information.
  • You not want to pay for the rest of your life and you know that if one person found out their will be more so you tell Jumin everything.
  • He is glad that you came to him and he is a bit sad that you not told him that right away.
  • He would had not Judged you he does not aspect you to be perfect by all means.
  • Even when you are perfect to him you are still a human.
  • Jumin thinks its good that you are different now even when he would had liked to see the past you he is a bit curious how you been back then.
  • How did you win every battle ? Have you any scars ? How is your criminal record ? -a lot of questions-
  • You never got arrested or charged with any crimes so the scandal will be manageable but Jumin thinks its best to hire a expert to sell you story to the masses now where someone dug it up.



  • He found out during your background check that you changed schools a few times but they never wrote in the files why.
  • He wants to know but he also keeps secrets about himself so he wont even bring it up till way later.
  • After you know everything about him and while he is training you for saving his brother he sees that you have some experience fighting.
  • He then asks you about it and since he told you all of his secrets you know its only fair that you tell him about your past too.
  • You tell him how you got every single day in fist fights and how many people you had beaten.
  • Saeyoung is really surprised that this is the reason  you had to leave school.
  • He not found any criminal records either and you always where looking so innocent to him.
  • You must had changed so much he wants to know more and he wants to see you fighting but then he don´t because you would get hurt and that would be bad.
  • He is glad that you can handle close combat if you ever have to though.
  • Overall he is glad that you have a past badass side and he is also glad that you can be really sweet to him.


  • Since he is always very calm and kind you figure he would not like it how you been.
  • And since you never got in any issues 707 found never found out either.
  • You not really want to hide it from him but its been so long ago and you changed a lot so  how much does it matter now ?
  • Some time passes with you thinking about telling him about that part of you but you never do.
  • One time you are out with him for Dinner and someone recognizes you.
  • They want revenge for that time you beaten them in a first fight years ago -someone did not grow up-
  • They provoke you with calling you names but you tell them to cut it out you changed you not fist fight anyone anymore.
  • They don´t really seem to understand you and get more aggressive.
  • That is when V steps in to help you he tells the person to leave you alone or he will call the police.
  • You never seen V that serious before and it works the person goes away mumbling something.
  • Then V turns to you and asks you if you are okay and you tell him that you are.
  • Later back at home you tell him the whole story of your past and V understands that this was a bad time for you.
  • He feels that you grew a lot since then he is happy that you are not violent anymore.
  • He is also glad that you feel safe enough now to tell him about it.

Spoilers just in case


  • He has to deal with so much that you really don´t wanted to bother him with your past.
  • Specially since he did not found it out while he checked your background after he lured you into the apartment.
  • You did not think he would mind it but he had enough to deal with already.
  • One day you can convince Saeyoung to let you two outside to get some fresh air.
  • He is less then okay with it but Saeran needs some freedom.
  • You take a walk in the neighborhood with him.
  • Its peaceful till someone from your past comes your way they know who you are and they are scared of you.
  • First Saeran thinks they are afraid of him but they yell your name and pretty much run away.
  • Now you have Saeran staring at you in confusion and you tell him the whole story of your past.
  • He d´has issues to believe that you been like that he is curious about how you changed that much.
  • He is secretly impressed that no one could beat you , you must be quite strong then what is good.
  • Then he has to worry less about you.
  • He is still a bit upset for a while since you not told him about it he is distancing himself from you for a bit.

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The Dog and the Deep Voice (Part one)

You felt a shadow loom over you as you watered the cactus. You let go of the string you used to pull down the nozzle of the watering can and looked up to see Jack smiling at you. He crouched down so that his eyes were level with yours.
“Hi Jack” you said cheerily.
“Hey y/n, do ya wanna come out into town for a bit?” Asked Jack. “It’s been a while since you’ve had some fresh air”
You tapped your chin in thought. You had planned to start playing a few games after you were finished tending to the cacti but the idea of getting out of the apartment for a bit sounded appealing. Besides Jack was right, it had been a while since you’d been outdoors and you could always play the games later on. You nodded at his suggestion and in no time felt yourself being scooped up in his gentle hands. He placed you on his shoulder.
“Need to grab anythin’ before we go?” He asked.
“Not that I can think of” you replied.
“Alrighty!” He bounced forward. You had to grip on his jacket a bit tighter as he moved.
You both said goodbye to Wiishu as she set up to record her latest video before heading out of the door.

Jack’s first stop was to the coffee shop. He bought his usual large coffee and asked what you wanted. You picked out an extra small smoothie which was made quickly by the person behind the till. They gave you a friendly smile when they carefully handed the drink to you. It was still quite a big cup but you still hold it without too much trouble. You and Jack thanked them and left the shop to find somewhere to sit down. There was a green just by the river. Jack made his way across with you on his shoulder clutching your smoothie tightly in one hand while gripping his jacket with the other. You had got used to the occasional stare that came your way by curious giants. No one ever stopped to ask questions which you found a relief at the start when you accompanied Jack but now you had grown more confident and wished people would stop to get to know about your kind a bit better.
“Here we go y/n” he pointed to a bench on the green which faced the river. He sat down and took you off your shoulder. He put you by the edge of the bench so your legs could dangle off it. The river in front of you shimmered in the warm spring sun. You looked up to Jack and saw him leaning back and looking content. He sipped his coffee slowly and sighed.
“This is the life, eh, y/n?” He said as he stretched out his arms.
You nodded and let yourself relax too. You were both silent as you drank your drinks. It had taken a while but you could trust Jack completely and silences like this were hardly awkward any more. You let yourself get lost in happy daydreams as you sipped your smoothie.

An unusual noise made you jump out of your comfortable trance. It sounded like panting which rapidly got louder as it approached you. In no time you were greeted by the sight of big brown eyes surrounded by cream fur that had a golden tinge in the sunlight. You yelped as the thing in front of you pushed it’s nose towards you. You could feel it’s warm breath sweep past you. Scrambling to your feet you leapt into Jack’s pocket and started to shake. Your heart pounded in your chest as you caught your breath.
“Woah there!” Said Jack to the dog who kept poking at the pocket you were cowering in. He pulled his jacket away and scratched under the dog’s chin to distract it. “Yer an excitable one, aint'cha, pup?” The dog’s tail swished from side to side in a blur, happily taking Jack’s soft pets. He took in the dog’s features and frowned. He thought he recognised the collar “You look familiar, puppo”
"Chica! There you are, you slippery thing you!” You heard a deep voice from your hiding place and risked a peek. You slowly crawled up the pocket and peered out. Crouching down by the beast that tried to sniff you out was a giant with jet black hair and dark brown eyes. He had a beard that was neatly trimmed along his mouth and jaw. He clipped a lead onto the creature and stood up. 
“Sorry about-” he looked up and grinned “Jack! Hey buddy, how’s it been?”
Jack smiled and continued to pet Chica.
“Of course it had to be your dog, eh Mark?”
The black haired giant gave an embarrassed look as he rubbed the back of his neck.
“Must have recognised you and went bounding over”
“That or she managed to detect y/n” mumbled Jack as he glanced down to where you were. You ducked out of sight before Mark followed Jack’s gaze.
“What do you mean, Jack?” Questioned Mark.
Jack’s face lit up and he gestured for Mark to sit next to him.
You slipped back down in the darkness of the pocket and winced. You knew what was coming when you saw Jack’s hand reach down and gently wrap around you. You braced yourself as you were lifted out into the daylight.

anonymous asked:

When you get this, respond with 5 things that make you happy :) Then send this to the last ten people in your notifications anonymously.

1. @aurorarsinistra being back in biz-ness
2. Coming up with ridiculous crup names with @dragonsandotters-d that make me giggle
3. Creating absurd characters for fics who speak exclusively in Pirate Talk
4. Fresh sheets
5. Holiday planning

forgetsanity-forgetsalary  asked:

I just followed you a second ago, but I wonder what your favorite Shakespeare is? I'm only 15, so I haven't read many yet, but I'd like to read some more, so I just wanted to pop by and ask which one(s) you thought were best!

MY BELOVED FRIEND, YOU HAVE COME TO THE RIGHT PERSON. I’m an English major with a minor in Greek and Roman Classical Literature, I GOT THIS.

Well, if I had to pick, it would be Julius Caesar. Fun fact, when I get drunk at parties, I recite Mark Anthony’s speech. Apparently drunk me knows all the words by heart.

I also love the Merchant of Venice, because of all the cool and badass female characters. 

A Midsummer Night’s Dream, also because it’s just magical and so funny, with loving and moving poems, which just make it so gorgeous and easy to read.

And lastly, either The Tempest (last play he ever wrote and so complex) or Hamlet (the Fresh Prince of Denmark).
“Flashpoint” devs here – ask us anything! • r/Guildwars2
I hope you’re all enjoying the big reveal today – that is, the big reveal in episode five! Some of you are looking for more reveals today,...

Mike O’Brien’s full comment on the leaks:

I hope you’re all enjoying the big reveal today – that is, the big reveal in episode five!

Some of you are looking for more reveals today, reading anything you can find about the next expansion pack. I’m glad you’re so excited about what’s coming. But keep in mind you have the potential to spoil yourself pretty hard. Spoilers take away the delightful surprises from upcoming announcements and releases, and more importantly they also take away the reveals that you’d otherwise get to experience fresh as you play through the content. If you want to spoil yourself, to open all your presents early, that’s a choice you make for yourself, but do me a favor and don’t make it for other people. Things can quickly become common knowledge around map chat, guild chat, Reddit, etc., and then it gets to the point where no one gets to be surprised and delighted as they play through the game. And, after all, games are meant to be played.

While we’re talking, there’s another thing I’ll ask for your help with. You love the game: then get the word out. Not just today, with the release of episode five, but whenever there are things to talk about. I know many of you look to us to keep the game’s player base strong through paid advertising, but there’s only so much that paid advertising can do for GW2 in 2017 when most people made their buy-or-don’t-buy decision back in 2012. What brings new players to an older game isn’t the advertising but the buzz, excitement, press coverage, word-of-mouth. And specifically, that buzz has to happen in the places where the people who aren’t already playing the game are hanging out. If you only talk about the game in /r/guildwars2, and if you use /r/guildwars2 to spread leaks and rumors, thus muting our ability to make news elsewhere when we make announcements, you make it tough for us to keep reaching new players. But, you’ve shown as a community that you can be great evangelists for the game when you want to be. I hope you’ll rally together to help us get the word out … on days like today when there’s a big release … and of course when we reveal the next expansion pack, even if by then it feels like old news to some of you. ;)

// if google is right, then a neet is someone who doesn’t have a job and doesn’t attend school?

Going off of that so hopefully it’s all good. Also this is pretty short because i’m rushing requests to get them open as soon as I can!
Whoops (。-ω-)


- It’s not the job bit that bothers him, he can handle the two of you on his income alone– But you have to be more active, it’s bad for your health if you don’t get any sun in a day.

- Besides, he goes for runs a lot so he tries to persuade you to come with him on occasions so he won’t be lonely and you’ll get some fresh air. He doesn’t want you closed in that tiny apartment all the time.


- Doesn’t care at all just because he obviously has the means to be able to take care of the both of you. If you’d like to stay home so be it, he actually sort of prefers it that way.

- As long as you’re healthy and happy he doesn’t really mind you being home all the time. Elizabeth the 3rd keeps you company until he returns.

- Just make sure you see him at work sometimes! He loves your surprise visits and it’s nice to get out and about for once.


- It’s kind of hard because now there’s two people living in his tiny house, he tries to work extra hours at the clinic but he would like it if you could maybe work from home, like Seven does. Not hacking, just something. So you don’t have to go anywhere but still he can pay rent and have a little more for on the side than he does now.

- You do have Lisa at home so he’s not worried about you getting too lonely.

- It’s always nice to come back after a long day of work to you though, he knows you’ll always be there waiting for him at least!!


- Well.. She’s okay with it as long as you don’t get lazy. At least go outside sometimes and enjoy the fresh air, clear your head a little.

- She works a lot so she’s afraid you’ll become lonely at home, considers maybe even getting you a dog to keep you company.

- Her salary is pretty good so rent and such isn’t an issue. She just doesn’t want you to become sick from vitamin D deficiency.


- Honestly.. Same? He has to work though obviously but staying home and devoting your life to becoming hermits isn’t such a bad idea to him

- Actually sort of prefers that lifestyle. With the exception of late night car rides every once in awhile to get some air and have a little fun. Won’t worry about it at all because he loves it, at home being lazy with you 24/7 is the best.


- He can’t see why you’d like to stay locked in a house by yourself all the time? Then again, he was like that for awhile. But he wasn’t happy living like that.

- Loves to take you outside to look at the clouds with him, he can understand you not wanting to go in public places which he respects but please just go on a picnic with him!! Walks too. He feels so at peace when he’s under a pretty blue sky and wants you to feel that peace as well.

CSJJ Day 1 (Part 2!): 12 Ways to Make 2017 Your Best Year Ever

Surprise! It’s a double feature for @csjanuaryjoy to start the New Year! Both @warning-epic-nerd and I tackled the same prompt “Character A makes a list of things to do to make 2017 the best year ever.” Check out her beautiful take on the prompt here. (And thanks to her for the beta job for me!)

Emma Swan isn’t going to let a magazine dictate how she lives her life. But the challenges in this article sound fun and could be the start of something wonderful. Particularly when they lead her straight to Killian Jones.

Word count: 10102

Fic on AO3

12 Ways to Dramatically Improve Your Year: Monthly Challenges to Help You Embrace Life, Grow As A Person and Make 2017 Your Best Year Ever!

Emma stares at the title of the article in the cheesy magazine. She is equal parts irritated and hopeful (and then annoyed at herself for feeling hopeful) at the ridiculous statement.

As if a magazine is going to fix my life!

She doesn’t want to read on, but then she’s stuck waiting to see the dentist and really has nothing better to do. It wouldn’t do any harm to see what it said. She could tell Mary Margaret about it later and mock the ridiculous suggestions it had.

Because really, how could it suggest anything that would help her recover from the mess that was 2016? Not only had her almost fiance Walsh proved to be as too good to be true as she’d always worried, but also her ex Neal had reappeared wanting forgiveness for sending her to jail back when she was a minor and he was old enough to know better.

She had become Sheriff of Storybrooke, which really she should count as a win, but it had come at the cost of Graham’s life. He had been a good friend to her and getting ahead in such a way had never sit right with her. So even the best thing about her year was tinged with sadness and regret.

And there was the added insult that being Sheriff had meant more time with Mayor Mills. She was still trying to work out exactly what it was she had done to the high strung woman to earn her such contempt. It hardly seemed like a week went by without the mayor intruding or calling her abilities into question.

All in all, on a personal level, 2016 had sucked balls. Emma couldn’t even begin to consider all the political horrors that had happened and role models she had lost in the year.

Maybe letting a cheesy magazine dictate how to improve her year was a really dumb idea. But then, she hadn’t been doing all that well of having a good year on her own terms, so maybe it wasn’t the worst idea ever. She’d at least read the article. If the challenges sound fun, she might give them a try. Where’s the harm?

Keep reading

anonymous asked:

Can you do an Enzo Amore imagine where the reader is best friends with Dean Ambrose (who is protective over the young reader and is like a big brother to the reader as well) and Enzo wants to ask the reader out but Dean is being very very protective of the reader

You walked up to Enzo and put your hands over his eyes.

Y/N: Guess who?

He laughed and pulled your hands away.

E: Hi.

Y/N: Hi. So, I wanted to ask you something.

E: Ok, what’s up?

Y/N: I was thinking that after the show we could go get something to eat. You interested?

His eyes lit up.

E: Yeah. Sounds amazing.

Y/N: Cool. Dean and I will meet you here.

And then his eyes dimmed a bit. Dean and Enzo never really got along. But Dean was like the big brother you never had but you also were best friends with Enzo. It was stressful but that was a normal day for you.

Y/N: I know you two don’t get along but I want both of you in my life so can you at least try and get along for once?

E: Fine.

Y/N: Thank you. I got to go. Talk to you later.

You hugged Enzo goodbye before running off to meet up with Dean.

D: You’re late.

Y/N: I know. I was inviting Enzo out with us tonight.

D: I don’t like you hanging around that guy. 

Y/N: Why?

D: He seems to like you a little too much.

Y/N: Don’t do that. Enzo and I are just friends. Don’t get all protective again. Come on, let’s train. Please.

Dinner was awkward, like you expected. The boys didn’t even talk. You were happy when the check came by.

Y/N: I’m going to bathroom.

You got up from your seat and went towards the restroom but turned and walked out the door. You needed some fresh air. You let the cool wind hit your face and stood for a few minutes. You walked back in and went towards your table when you overheard the boys talking.

D: Don’t think I don’t know what you’re doing.

E: And what do you think I’m doing?

D: You want to ask Y/N out. I won’t be having it, you hear me? I know what kind of man you are. Don’t think for a second I’m going to let you ask Y/N out.

E: Dean, I know how close you two are but you can’t stop me. I like Y/N. I want to date Y/N. You’ll just have to accept that.

Dean slammed his fists and stood from the table. He walked out the door and left. You sat down across from Enzo.

Y/N: You want to go out with me?

E: Yes, I do. And I know how close you are with Dean but I like you. What do you say? Want to go out with me?

You looked at the door to see Dean walking out to the car. You knew he was going to be angry but just because he was a good friend didn’t mean he had control of your life. 

Y/N: Yeah, sure.

Your Moms Not Home // Juleila

It had been going on for about a week. Either after school, or in the evening when Leila’s moms were out, Julian would come over and they’d have some fun. The timing seemed weird, with him fresh off a breakup, but his ex had already moved onto another relationship, and Leila didn’t have any feelings for Julian, so she figured nobody was going to get hurt by some casual sex. Leila heard the garage door opening, and pushed Julian off of her. “Moms!” She exclaimed at him, letting him know they were definitely there before she began scrambling to put her clothes back on. Why were there so many buttons on this shirt!? She had tucked it in very specifically before, but now she just threw the ends of it inside her jeans just in time for her moms to open the door from the garage into the living room.
“Hey! I thought you were going to dinner after you went to the store!” She said to her moms, trying to distract them from how weird it was that her and Julian were just kind of standing there in awkward embarrassment.
“We ended up buying ice cream, so we needed to stop home first.” Elphaba-mom explained. “You’re not trying to get rid of us, are you?” She joked.
“What?!” Leila replied, nervously. “Of course not!”

You’re going to change the world someday.

It’s strange to look back at the past and reminisce about the times you had with some of the most important people in your life.
I remember being thirteen years old, sitting on the bed in my best friend’s room, looking at her in front of me. We were talking about the future, of how we’d live in an apartment together and be roommates probably in a big city, or maybe out in the forest in Montana, mapping out what colleges we wanted to go to and what jobs we want to get.
But of course, plans change, and things happen.
But we’re still waiting for that big day through fourteen, fifteen, sixteen, all the way to the magical number directing us into the adult word: Eighteen years old. Fresh out of high school. Ready to take on the world.
More plans change and big opportunities come your way. Dreams. Goals. And that’s pretty incredible. The people I love and care about are finding their place in the world, and I couldn’t be any happier and any more proud.
Sure plans change in unexpected ways– but isn’t that what life’s about? Change, and growth.
Sure, we may not move into an apartment together like we had planned when we were just thirteen years old, but we’re discovering who we are, and who we want to be.
Here’s to being eighteen years old: The start of being an adult. Beautiful things await you.
And no matter where we end up , and where the future takes us, I hope we’re the happy with our lives. No matter what, i’ll always be there for you, supporting you and your dreams, and goals.
You’re going to change the world someday.

theternalemerald  asked:

May I request Kasamatsu and Kise,where the reader is self-conscious and shy and tries not to make friends.The boys notice her and make it there personal mission to make sure they are happy whether its small gestures like little notes or big ones

 AH. My precious Kaijou babes are so sweet! I hope you like this!

Kasamatsu: He was extremely awkward and shy with girls. Any time they’d approach him, he’d stutter, blush and sputter complete nonsense, earning several snickers from his classmates. So he was even more baffled when he first met you. 

Although you were in his class, he’d never noticed you.. and he was very good at being observant.. The only reason he was aware of your existence that day was because you tripped over someone else and dropped your things. Since he witnessed it, he ignored the fact you were a girl, and was quick to help, only noticing a fellow student in need. 

So when he went to hand it over, he paused, blue hues widening at just how gorgeous you were. Though most of your bangs covered your eyes, he was still able to make out the colour, and he was quick to help you up, dragging you to a different wing. Before he could do anything, you snatched the books, red also tinting your cheeks, and without saying a word, ran away from him. He wanted to chase after you, really and truly he did, but his nerves decided to kick in, and his heart raced fast in his chest. 

He wasn’t even irritated at your lack of manners.

After that encounter, he tried his best to acquaint himself with you, but every chance he had was ruined either by the bell, one of his teammates or you just avoided him altogether. During his free time, which was very little, he’d try to observe you, only one thing echoing in his mind.

You were always alone.

For some reason, he didn’t like the idea of you without any friends, and although he had no experience with girls, found himself trying with you anyway. 

He also noticed you always wore your hair down, yet it was always done beautifully, even on harsh windy days. A couple times he wondered if it was as soft as he imagined, only to blush and shake his head in disbelief.

Where the hell did that come from?

So finally, he found a way to communicate with you, where the two of you wouldn’t be so awkward, yet he could speak his mind. 

He wrote small notes

He was careful with it, sneaking it in your desk before class started, and when no one else was around. 

It would be something as simple as ‘You look really pretty today.’ or ‘You should smile more.’ 

Each time he left those tiny notes, he’d find his lips curling into a smile at your expression. He always noticed your eyes to be a bit brighter, your smile to be just a bit bigger, and he couldn’t help but feel proud..

Some day, he’d find the courage to announce he was the mystery writer. But for now, he was content with watching your reactions from afar and knowing he was making a small difference in someone’s life made him all the more happy.

Kise: He LOVED getting attention. Being in the spotlight, having girls shout their love for him, Kise was used to it very well and needed to hear it on a daily basis. He had high standards okay? And he was beautiful, so of course he’d have to be praised!

Yet, he found himself feeling a bit… irritated… or conflicted, he wasn’t sure which, at the thought of a girl not giving him anything.

And that person was you.

Every time he’d notice you come in, he’d throw his hand in the air, shouting your name, which he found out from a few classmates, to which you’d stop like a deer, look at him for a few seconds before running into the class without a single response back.

Needless to say, he felt his ego take a nosedive.

To him, it wasn’t enough when everyone else praised him.. Not even when his teammates gave him words of encouragement, and that was pretty hard to do! Especially from Kasamatsu! 

He needed YOUR attention.

So he took matters into his own hands. Everyday, he would buy a small bouquet of flowers, sneak them into your locker, and attach a tiny note with the line ‘Hope these brighten your day!’ 

Now, some people would think the two of you are dating, and you began to hear rumours around the school because he was trying all these things to get your attention. But you didn’t want any part of it. You didn’t want to make friends or be close with anyone.

It was safer that way.

You didn’t even understand why a guy like Kise Ryouta, basketball prodigy and model, would want anything to do with you. You weren’t like other girls, flocking to him like moths to a flame. Even if he somehow brought out weird feelings, you wouldn’t allow yourself to get too close.

You’ll just get burned anyway.

One day, the flowers suddenly stopped, and you found yourself a bit saddened by the lack of presence in your locker. They were the only thing to keep you smiling, to keep your lack of confidence from crashing to the ground. But now.. you had nothing.. and for some reason, this made you utterly depressed.

You pulled out the note from Friday, the last day you received the flowers, and scanned it, not realizing a few tears had slipped from your eyes, coating the tiny post it with salty liquid. You didn’t even notice the tall blonde, who was around the corner, out of breath because he arrived late to class, carrying another bouquet of flowers to put in your locker, wearing such a sad look on his face upon seeing you in tears.

You grabbed your books, heading to class when you felt all your confidence go to shit. You’d suddenly felt like everything was pointless.. bleak.. a waste of time.. Did the lack of flowers and note mean that much to you?

Of course it did.

Because for the first time in your life, you wanted to be noticed, to be approached. Granted, you didn’t think a guy like Kise would be the first to come near you, or try to interact. But he did, and as much as you fought him off, it was all pointless in the end. 

You found yourself craving his presence as much as the flowers. 

At that thought, you ran to the roof, needing to get a breath of fresh air. When you arrived however, you weren’t prepared to come face to face with the very same boy who’d been trying to get your attention for so long, standing there somewhat disheveled, tie and hair out of place.

He turned to face you, golden hues wide and filled with shock, but then he found himself laughing nervously, scratching his head.

“..S…Sorry I was late… ___-chan…” He held out the bouquet, note tucked in the same place as the others, “…D..Did you still want them?”

You looked between him and the flowers, somehow finding the courage to walk closer, though you were slow and cautious, as if scared it was a prank. But when he didn’t make a single movement, you knew he was being serious. He was really asking if you still wanted them.. and you swallowed the lump in your throat, wiping away the few tears slipping down your cheeks. 

You grabbed them carefully, pulling them to your chest as you inhaled their scent, finding some sort of comfort in the white daffodils.. But you knew where the comfort really came from.

Taking your eyes off them, you looked up at the blond, finding it in your voice to whisper two small words, so simple and soft, yet it made him smile so bright, he was the sun warming your heart.

“Y…Y-Yes please…”

Song Used: I’m So Sorry by Imagine Dragons

I keep thinking I’m done freaking out about the trailer but then I refresh my page a see a whole new world of fanart opening up and it’s just the best feeling in the world to see this fandom coming back to life, and with so many fresh new faces. New artists and animators getting into it make me wanna scream. Gotta love your first real obsession fandom.