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So Close

Samoa Joe/OC: Joe loses at Great Balls of Fire and he has to find a way to work through his anger at his loss. You’re just what he needs. Fluff.

This was supposed to be rough and smutty but then I got v emotional and now it’s fluffy and a lil sad oh my god. Anyways. Here we go.

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The Man in the High Castle 1x02 “Sunrise“ [Part 2] | Joe & Juliana

thanks for the sunrise


Joe had opted out of going out that night, even at the boys instance, but he shook them off, telling them he really needed a night off and plus he had to get some work done.

Jack had whined the loudest, claiming that he wanted his boyfriend to come out with him, that it wouldn’t be as fun, but Joe had rolled his eyes and told him that he was sure Jack would still have plenty of fun with the others, and they could spend all of the next day together.

With the promise of cuddles, Jack finally dropped it, leaving to go out with the other boys, and Joe sighed a breath of relief, knowing that he could get ahead on some of his work.

Now though, it was nearing three in the morning, and Joe was still awake waiting for Jack to come back home.

He had just finished his work a short while ago, and figured that the younger man would be making an appearance fairly quick. Yet time kept going, and there was no word from Jack, or any of the boys really. None of them had posted on Snapchat in the past couple hours, and the few messages Joe had sent to their group chat remained unread.

Waving it off as the boys simply having a good time, he decided to throw a movie on to kill some time until he either fell asleep on the couch or Jack stumbled through the door.

What he didn’t expect was a phone call from an unknown number at half three in the morning.

For some reason, Joe decided to answer it with a hesitant: “Hello?”

“Don’t freak out.” Jack’s rushed words hit him, “But I need your help.”

“What happened? Where are you? Is everyone okay?” The worry flooded Joe’s body as he jumped off of the couch, already searching for his shoes and keys.

“Everyone’s fine. But I may be in a little bit of trouble…”

“Jack, explain. Now!”

“I’m at the police station.” Joe froze, shoe in hand, staring in shock over at the wall.

“You’re where?!”

“I’m sorry, babe. It’s a minor thing, but I need someone to come get me because I was drinking. And the boys can’t do it because they were drinking too. And now the nice officer is giving me a look, so I think I’m out of time, but can you please come get me?” Jack finished, sounding hopeful.

“You bloody idiot,” Joe muttered, putting his shoe on, “Which one are you at?”

Once the location was determined, Joe hung up and called for a car, sending a quick and stern message to the boys in their group chat before heading outside for his car.

The ride from his place to the station is long, and Joe’s worry only churns in his stomach as his knee bounced, fingers tapping against it.

What in the world did Jack do?! Why did he have to be so bloody stupid!

“Thanks,” Joe told the drive before slipping out of the car, glancing up at the looming building. Taking in a breath, he headed for the entrance, pulling the heavy door open.

The place is fairly empty, but then he reminded himself that it is about four in the morning on a Saturday night, and he smiled over at the cop watching him from reception.

“Hi, my boyfriend got brought in…Jack Maynard?”

“Just take a seat, dear,” The older woman replied, “We’ll be with you in a moment.”

Nodding, he glanced across the room behind her before taking a seat, his nerves causing his knee to bounce once again.

Nearly ten minutes pass before he’s called up, and the charges are explained, to which Joe inwardly groans because his boyfriend is a right idiot, and then once everything is settled, he’s told that Jack will be released in a few minutes if he’ll just take a seat again.

Except this time he can’t sit, and so he began to pace, chewing on the top of his thumb as he waited.

At the sound of a door buzzing open, Joe spun around, staring at the doorway Jack appeared from, grinning sheepishly over at him.


“You bloody idiot.” Joe shook his head, “Let’s go.” He turned and headed for the doors that lead to outside, knowing that Jack will be on his heels.

“Joe, please, I’m sorry!”

“You’re sorry?!” Joe faced Jack once they were on the sidewalk, “You scared the shit out of me!”

“I know…”

“What were you thinking anyways?! Getting naked in public!”

“I was drunk. And stupid. And dared.”

“Don’t you even try to blame the boys for this,” Joe poked Jack in the chest, glaring at him, “This is on you. On your record too, you idiot.”

“It’ll get waved,” Jack grabbed Joe’s hand lightly, twisting their fingers together, “Just like the last arrest.”

“I just…what were you thinking!”

“I wasn’t, and I’m sorry.” Jack wrapped his free arm around Joe, pulling him closer, “But thank you for coming to bail me out.”

“I should have left you there.” Joe muttered, the anger already fading.

“You didn’t though.” Jack grinned down at him, leaning in for a kiss, but Joe turned his head quickly. “Wha-?”

“No. No kisses. No sex. No cuddles tomorrow. We’re going home and I’m going to sleep.” Joe stepped back and out of Jack’s arm, heading for the car that just pulled up. “Get in.”

“You’re cruel.” Jack muttered, climbing into the car.

“And you’re an idiot who got arrested. Deal with it.” Joe replied, climbing in behind him.

Till Death Do Us Apart Part 4- Barry Allen x Reader

Prompt: While the reader and Barry are on a romantic date Zoom tries to kill the reader but instead he activated her powers. She is the key to defeating Zoom and alongside Team Flash she will do just that.

Now reader finds out that Barry is trying to keep her away from the Zoom mission and Zoom finds out that Team Barry is plotting against him causing him to show up to Joe’s houses and try to create chaos. 

Words: 1630+

Warning: A little bit of hard core make out between reader and Barry. 

A/N: I know it took me a while but I made it long because of that. I will be writing one more part since we are nearing the end of this series. I believe there will be one more part. Happy Reading!

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3


“It is about time you got here! Dad was about to start eating all the food by himself.” Iris says as she opens the door for Barry and me.

“That would be a true disappointment because I am starving.” Barry exclaims as he lets me go ahead of him, I gave Iris a quick hug as I walk in and I can smell the already smell the delicious pasta. Joe was in the living room watching a game, he looks up just as Iris, Barry and me entered with a bright smile.

“We brought some wine for dinner.” I say showing him the bottle in my hand.

“Hey, I’m just glad you got here. I’ve been waiting for so long that I considered to start without you guys.” he jokes, leading us to the dining room.

“So we’ve heard.” Joe laughs at what I say and pulls a seat for Iris to seat down, Barry doing the same for me.

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*Potential trigger, please read with care*

Y/N watched the red flow down her leg, contrasting against the pale cream colour of her skin. She released a sigh of relief, all the pent up feelings escaping with the blood.

Closing her eyes, Y/N leaned her head back against the bathroom wall, a million thoughts floating through her head. Black text against a white screen flashing, words cutting deep into her.

She had been reading the comments online, the ones about her and Joe, the ones that she shouldn’t have been paying attention too.

Her boyfriend had told her to ignore the mean stuff people wrote online, that they were just jealous. None of it mattered, he would say to her. He was with her because he loved her. But Y/N still read the comments on his videos, the replies to his tweets, or the words left under his instagram posts.

It seemed the nasty comments, mostly directed at her, outweighed the pleasant ones. And her mind never registered those, instead they clung to the horrible words people said about her. Those words combined with the dark thoughts that already existed in her mind, it was not a good combination. And it lead to moments like this, where she was sat on the floor of the bathroom.

Y/N opened her eyes again, tears filling them. She looked back down at her leg, and everything began to blur together. With a shaking hand, she brought the razor back to her thigh, another mark on her leg spilled out the red liquid, her tears mixing with it as they fell to the tiled floor. Every mark seemed to bring a little more relief.

When she heard the front door close, the razor fell to the floor in the pile of red. Moving quickly, Y/N pressed a towel against the marks that scattered across her legs, attempting to stop the flow of blood before he reached the bathroom.

“Love, you home?” Joe called out, his footsteps growing louder as he moved further into the flat.

“No, no, no…” She mumbled to herself, eyes widening as she realized that the blood wasn’t stopping.

Outside in the bedroom, Joe stopped on the other side of the closed door, knocking softly.

“Y/N, are you in there?” He asked, leaning against the frame.

“Y-yeah,” She flinched as her voice broke slightly. “I’ll be out in a minute!” She hoped that Joe wouldn’t notice, and would instead walk away to leave her to clean up.

But he had noticed. And now frowned at the closed door between him and his girlfriend. He was still unaware of the tears streaming down Y/N’s face, which only made it more difficult for her to clean up her mess.

“Is everything okay in there?” Joe’s voice carried through the door, reaching her ears.

“Mhm.” She hummed back, unable to trust her voice, knowing it would only break again.

Joe frowned at the door, worry growing in his chest. He had a feeling that something was wrong, and grew suspicious when he turned the doorknob and found it locked.

“Y/N, love, please open the door.” He kept trying to open the door, even though he knew it wouldn’t magically unlock.

“I’ll be out in a minute, promise.” This time Joe barely heard her, her voice was so quiet. But the way she spoke, it struck something in him.

And the next thing Y/N knew, Joe had forced the door open, revealing what she had been hiding from him.

“Oh gods…” He breathed out, his eyes scanning the sight in front of him.

She closed her eyes, turning her face away from him. Her hands were bloody from attempting to stop the flow. A pool of blood had formed under her bare legs, soaking into her shorts. The towel she had been using to attempt to stop the blood lay forgotten beside her.

Joe blinked back his own tears as his girlfriend spoke quietly.

“It won’t stop…please make it stop.” Y/N choked on her own words, opening her eyes slowly to meet his. The look in her eyes broke his heart, and he nodded slightly.

“It’ll be okay, Y/N.” He spoke softly, moving towards her, his eyes locked on hers.

A couple of minutes later, they were sat together in bed. Y/N’s back rested against Joe’s chest, his arms wrapped around her. Their legs were stretched in front of them, a blanket covering the bandages that wrapped around her legs.

“Love,” Joe started, his fingers running along her forearm. “Are you going to tell me why?”

“I’m so sorry.” She whispered, as more tears began to fall. “You told me not to read the comments, to ignore what they said..but I couldn’t…I just…I…” Y/N choked on her words, unable to say anything else. She turned her head, burying it into his chest, her body shaking with sobs.

Joe sat there silently, waiting until she calmed down before he spoke.

“You need to make me a promise. Right now. Right here.”

She lifted her head to meet his eyes, “Okay…”

“No more hurting yourself. If you ever feel like how you did before, you come to me. I don’t care what I’m doing, or who I’m with, you come to me. I’ll stop and listen, and we will get through it.” Joe paused for a moment, taking a breath. “When I saw you there, gods Y/N, you scared the shit out of me. I never want that to happen again. I love you, Y/N. Do you understand that? I love you, so much. Please…please never again.” He lifted a hand to her cheek, wiping away a tear with his thumb, ignoring the tears that pooled in his own eyes.

“I promise.” She leaned in to his touch. “I love you too, Joe.” Y/N moved closer, placing a soft kiss on his lips. Settling back against his chest after, relaxing into him.

The two fell asleep there, arms wrapped around each other tightly.

Fangirling (Joe Sugg Imagine)

Request: Can you make one about (y/n) fangirling over a member of 5sos and he gets jealous and such. It’ll be nice if its sweet and fluffy but not cheesy tho😂 Tysm ur Imagines always makes my day💕


You blasted out the new single from 5 Seconds Of Summer whilst watching the beautiful lads on your computer screen. Even though you were 21 you were kinda still a fangirl over 5sos, which sometimes annoyed your boyfriend Joe. You thought it was funny though, so you often played their songs when you hung out just to tease him, like you were doing right now. You were sat on Joe’s bed and was waiting for him to come down with some snacks from the kitchen. You could hear his footsteps in the hallway and he entered his room with an unsatisfied look on his face.

“What are you doing?” he asked which made you laugh before giving him a big smile.

“Ashton is looking so good in their new video,” you answered as Joe placed the snacks on his bedside table.

“Cool,” Joe answered, clearly not happy about that information.

“Awww look at him,” you said to the screen with a satisfied smile.

“So are we gonna watch that film?” Joe asked as he placed himself in the bed as well.

“Yeah in a minute,” you answered and you could see how annoyed it made Joe.

“I don’t get what you see in those guys. Look at that long hair!” Joe then said and you couldn’t help but smile.

“Are you jealous, Joe?” you asked, very amused over this situation and Joe instantly shook his head.

“No I’m not,” he then said and you couldn’t help but laugh. You closed the computer before placing yourself across Joe’s legs, facing him. You took his head in your hands before you placed a deep kiss on his lips.

“They’re a boyband Joe, and I will probably never meet any of them so you don’t have to be jealous, okay?” you said to him, still with his head in your hands.

“I’m not je…” Joe began to say but you cut him off with a kiss which made both of you laugh.

“I’m not jealous Y/N,” Joe then said, now with a laugh.

“Yeah right,” you answered before you crawled off of him. Before you got completely off of him Joe stopped you and pulled you back on top of him. He smirked at you which made you roll your eyes at him with a laugh.

“Don’t go,” Joe said whilst slowly pulling your head closer to his.

“If you admit you’re jealous I’ll stay,” you whispered towards his lips with a cheeky look on your face. Joe rolled his eyes at you with a laugh.

“Maybe a little bit,” Joe finally admitted which made you smile satisfied.

“Thank you mr. Sugg,” you then answered and to tease Joe you quickly jumped off of him and jumped off the bed.

“Come back you tease!” Joe yelled which made you look at him with a smirk.

“Then come get me,” you said before you jumped out his bedroom door with Joe following you. Teasing Joe had become on of your favorite things to do, because you knew that he loved it even though he would say he hated it. Before you got to the top of the stairs Joe wrapped his arms around you, twirled you around and began to place kisses all over your face which made both of you laugh loudly. You loved times like these when you and Joe acted like fools and ended up with stomach pains because of all the laughter. He was truly an amazing guy.

Halloween Series || Joe

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Word count - 1,178

Summary - The one with the revenge clowns.

You loved living with your boyfriend, Joe, but sometimes, he was quite the nuisance. He was always pranking you, and now that the Halloween season was in full swing, it felt like you were never safe in your own house.

“Joe, I’m home!” you called as you walked in the door, dropping your keys on the counter. There was no reply. “Babe, are you here?” Again, nothing. So, you walked into your bedroom, assuming he was on the bed, either sleeping or editing a video with headphones in. As soon as you opened the door, Joe jumped out from behind a wall wearing a zombie mask. You screamed and covered your face, turning away from Joe immediately. Joe laughed as he removed the mask and hugged you from behind.

“I love you,” he laughed in your ear.

“I hate you!” you said back, slapping him away from you. “You’ve got to knock it off with these pranks! I’m going to shit my pants one of these days!” Joe only replied with a laugh and gave you a kiss on the forehead.

“What do you want for dinner?”

After that day, you decided that enough was enough. You were going to prank Joe back, and it was going to defeat him and end these stupid Halloween jump scare pranks once and for all. So, you enlisted the help of all six other buttercream boys, even allowing Caspar (who was out of video ideas for the week) to film it and put it on his channel.

Joe was set to be gone all day doing a photo shoot with Zoe. You had called Zoe, telling her your plan of attack, and she agreed to text you when you were done and try and distract Joe and stall him if you needed her to. So, you were at your flat with the other boys, Tanya, and Niomi. You had called upon them in order to really make sure the prank went smoothly. You and the boys were going to dress up as clowns, hide around the apartment, and scare the shit out of Joe. You figured that if Caspar stayed in the main room of the flat and scared him immediately, Joe would assume that the prank was over and would let his guard down. Hopefully, that would mean the clowns in every other room would scare him into another world.

So, the seven of you were sat in chairs, waiting as Tanya and Niomi did make up for all of you. “I want this to look terrifyingly real,” you said to them as they did their work on Caspar and Josh. “Like, unable to recognize them real.” You knew that you could’ve gotten masks, but that was more Joe’s style. You wanted this to be as real as possible. So, you and the boys had gone out earlier to get wigs and clown costumes, but left the face for the girls to do.

“How excited are you right now, (Y/N)?” Caspar asked, putting the camera on your face.

“So excited,” you laughed. “We’re about to make Mr Prank shit his own pants!”

“We look so scary,” Oli said, gently poking his face as he looked in the mirror.

“Don’t touch it!” Tanya scolded, slapping his hand away from his face. “You’ll ruin it.”

What felt like hours later, Niomi and Tanya were done. You thanked them repeatedly and ushered them out of the house, making sure they left no trace of their presence behind. Just as you were all changing into your costumes and going over the final parts of the plan, you got a text from Zoe saying that Joe was on his way. So, you helped Caspar turn on all the hidden cameras then split up to go to your hiding places.

Caspar was behind the couch in the lounge, ready to pounce as soon as Joe appeared. Josh was behind the kitchen counter with Oli, Jack was at the top of the stairs, ready to run down menacingly on cue, Mikey was in the closet where Joe would hang up his coat, Conor hid behind the shower curtain in the bathroom, and you were in your bedroom.

You could hear everything going perfectly. Joe walked in and dropped the keys on the counter. You had texted him, tricking him into thinking you were out getting groceries. You heard the first scare go down perfectly. Joe let out a, “Jesus!” as Caspar leaped out from the other side of the couch. “Bloody hell, mate!” he shouted. You could hear Caspar laughing.

“The prank war never ends!” Caspar cheered to him. Joe managed a laugh and had calmed down, talking to Caspar about how sick the make up was and how in depth the prank had went. When Caspar headed to the kitchen for a drink and Joe followed him, the next scare happened. It sounded as though Joe dropped something, and a string of curse words flew out of his mouth. “Alright!” he shouted. “So where is everyone else? I’m not that big of an idiot. I know you’re all here.”

You could hear Joe padding through the house. He found Mikey and Conor in the closet and bathroom, but you could tell Jack startled him as he ran down the stairs. Finally, it felt like the deed was done. All of the boys had appeared, so Joe thought he was in the clear. Just as planned, Jack asked if Joe could get him a sweatshirt to borrow, considering he “was cold,” and Joe obliged, saying he’d be right back and running into our room. You had been hiding under the covers of your bed, ready to rip them off of you and sit up to scare him.

As soon as he entered the room, you jumped out of bed and let out the creepiest laugh you could muster. Joe let out a startled shout and spun around on his heel. Immediately, you started laughing. “What the hell, (Y/N)?” Joe yelled. You could tell he was holding back a laugh, faking his anger to mask his fear.

“I told you to stop pranking me!” you told him, sticking your tongue out at him. You ran over to him menacingly, causing him to back away from you. “Come on, baby, give me a kiss!”

“Get away from me!” Joe laughed. “You’re the worst girlfriend!”

The rest of the boys had come into the room, Caspar armed with his camera and all the boys laughing wildly. “We pranked the prankster!” you cheered to the camera, your arms wrapped around Joe’s body. You managed to place a kiss on his cheek, smearing a bit of your make up across his face.

“Don’t think this is over,” Joe said, wagging a finger at all of us. “Suggy doesn’t surrender.”

You couldn’t help but laugh a bit and roll your eyes. As the boys all left the room, you went into the bathroom to wipe all the make up off your face. You may hate Joe’s pranks, but you sure did love him.


Shy, hesitant – a side of Joe we rarely see. (Halt and Catch Fire, S2E8)

Is this what College Joe was like?

Holiday misfortunes - Part Six

Pairing: Conor Maynard X Reader

Request: No

Fandom: Buttercream squad

Prompt: (Y/N) and Conor don’t really get along, but she decides to go on a lads holiday. 


Conor’s POV

(Y/N) lay across the sun lounger on our balcony, her hand laced in mine as we both relaxed. We hasn’t really spoken much since the kiss, we both knew we had something but it was complicated and we just wanted to adjust to the change. 

“Hello, lovebirds. Wanna grab lunch?” Joe said from behind us, his hand rested on my back making me jump and let go of (Y/N)’s hand. 

“Don’t call us that, Sugg.” She smiled, standing up and walking into the hotel room. I followed behind her with Joe. 

We’d agreed to take it slow between us, she wanted to take time to trust me and I needed tome to sort my own life out now. 

“Guys, I just need to grab some stuff, I’ll meet you outside.” She said, we nodded and joined the rest of the guys in the hallway. 

“You told her yet?” Jack asked me, quickly I brushed him off and stuffed my phone in my jean pocket. 

“Look buddy, you know I’m happy for you both but if you hurt her I’ll hurt you. That’s a promise.” Caspar said, this side of him was rarely seen. I nodded before (Y/N) came out of the hotel room. 

“Ready?” Mikey asked, we all nodded and we walked to the warm breeze of the streets. 

“God, I’m starving.” Josh said, (Y/N)’s hand found her way to my own as we walked to a burger place. 

We sat down at a makeshift table the staff had to put together and ordered our food, it came quickly as the restaurant was fairly quiet. Probably because we’d gone for lunch at 2pm. 

“Look, I really don’t wanna sound like I’m complaining but it’s so weird not having to stop you two arguing.” Oli laughed, I nodded and sipped my coke as (Y/N) giggled. 

“Yeah well, he’s not so bad.” She smiled looking at me. 

“Well, that’s gross.” Jack said, taking a bite of his burger. 

“Ah, young love.” Joe laughed, but gave me a subtle look. The look that made my insides twist, I knew I had to tell her but I had no idea how to. I knew it could ruin us and everything we had and I wanted to stay in this little reality I’d built for myself. 

“Well, I’m thinking a quiet night in tonight?” Mikey suggested to the group. 

“Wow guys, you’ve had those a lot recently. You feeling okay, I mean you came here to party.” (Y/N) laughed, I nodded along with her. 

“Good point, let’s go out!” Jack said. 

“I knew you’d agree!” She laughed, Jack winked on. A fire started in the pit of my stomach. 

“Let’s all go get ready, its half three now so by the time we get back and ready it’ll be around six?” Oli suggested, all of us agreed and paid for the food. 

Once me and (Y/N) got back to the hotel room I knew I had to say something about Jack and her, my blood was boiling thinking about it. 

“What was that?” I exploded as she looked through her suitcase. 

“What?” She asked, pulling out a red dress. 

“What do you mean what? At the restaurant?” I said, she looked up at me confused as she began applying makeup. 

“Conor, I have no idea what you’re talking about.” She said, honestly sounding confused but my temper was getting the best of me. 

“With fucking Jack, (Y/N), are you kidding? He’s my brother!” I shouted, she looked shocked while she picked up her stuff. 

“I’m going to get ready in Joe and Caspar’s room, come and get me once you’ve realised how ridiculous you’re being!” She said sternly. I watched her walk over to their room, shutting our door lightly as theirs opened. 

A few minutes later I had a knock at my door, opening it I revealed Caspar. I almost wanted to slam the door in his face but he didn’t look mad at all, so I opened it more and let him in. 

“Look, I’m not here to get mad. I’m here to get ready so (Y/N) can use our bathroom. But Conor, before I shower, you need to tell her tonight. It’s why you’re so on edge, you need to tell her before one of us do.” Caspar said, before walking to the bathroom. I nodded to myself. 

Pulling on some ripped black skinny jeans, a white top and leather jacket I slipped on some back shoes, knowing that she liked this look on me. it’s what she gave me when I forgot my clothes. Caspar came out of the shower in a grey top, a black bomber jacket and black skinny jeans. I smiled at him, and he nodded at me before we made our way to his hotel room. 

“Hey! Let’s go!” (Y/N) said once we’d gotten to their room, the other guys waiting outside with us. She looked stunning in her red dress, black heels and her hair curled, she was breathtaking. I was so lucky. 

“Cor, you look nice, (Y/N).” Mikey smiled, she smiled at him. 

“Aw, well thank you!” She said, walking with him and Joe. I guess me and her aren’t on speaking terms. 

We walked to the club, and got taken to the VIP again. It happens a lot but it still surprises me. Once we’d all settled in the booth and got countless bottles of alcohol. 

I drank myself to a point where I no longer could think about anything but (Y/N), I had to make up with her. She hadn’t spoken to me all night and before my brain could process what I was doing my legs were making their way over to her and Oli. 

“Can I talk to you?” I asked her, she nodded and I lead her to a seat no one was on, I felt all eyes on us as I held her hand. 

“Sorry for snapping at you before, I got jealous because Jack always gets the girls and I guess I was insecure that you’d want him over me.” I admitted, she sat stunned before she kissed me. 

“Don’t be sorry, I want you. Always, for years Conor. I finally have you. I’m not letting you go that easily.” She smiled, I kissed her again before we pulled away and she pulled me up across to the dace floor. 

Caspar gave me two thumbs up, and I returned before me and (Y/N) were dancing to the loud music together. We spent most of the night away from the lads, walking back to the hotel I used my arm around her waist to support her as I carried her shoes, she had my leather jacket around her with her dress. 

Once we got to the hotel she ran to the bathroom, the guys following me into our room. 

“So you told her?” Jack smiled, I nodded proudly. 

“Oh good! I knew you could. I’m glad you’re still together.” Caspar beamed at me. 

“Of course we all, I only had to say sorry.” I laughed, the boys looked at me confused. 

“Conor, you didn’t tell her about Brooklyn? Your girlfriend in London?” Joe said, anger in his voice. 

“Girlfriend?” her timid voice came from the bathroom doorway. 

I’ve fucked up. 


Hello!! There’s part six, I hope you all liked it! Feel free to leave feedback or request, have a wonderful day/night :)

Starring Role - Part 2

Rating: PG-13
Word Count: ~2,000

Summary: The reader is guest starring on Criminal Minds as Spencer Reid’s love interest, but she’s hoping to acquire a more permanent role. When she and Matthew Gray Gubler have to shoot a sexy seduction scene, sparks fly. Will they remain just friends, or will their kiss catapult their relationship to the next level?

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Sacrificed Feelings (Request)

“No Joe stop stop put me down!” You squeal, hitting at his back though you were still laughing
“Who’s the better Sugg?” He questions once more
“Fine fine fine its you” You squeal and he sets you down from over his shoulder
“Its still Zoe though really” You shrug, running quickly to try to get away. He grabs your waist and falls on top of you on the couch. His blue eyes meet yours and for a moment you are silent.
“Jeez get a room you two!” Caspar rolls his eyes, coming into the lounge of Joe’s apartment
“Yeah yeah get off me Joe!” you stutter as he quickly stands up
“Umm are the boys on their way?” Joe asks
“Yeah they’ll be here in like five minutes” Caspar nods
“Okay well I’ll go sort myself out” Joe says and heads down to his bedroom
“When are you two gonna give it up and just date already?” Caspar sighs, flopping down on the couch
“Because we’re just friends” you lie. You had always loved Joe more than friends but hadn’t said anything. It appeared that his friends knew that and they seemed to claim he felt the same
“Well that’s rubbish! He feels the same (Y/N) just go for it” Caspar shrugs

Oli, Conor, Josh, Mikey and Jack came soon enough and they all decided on having a FIFA tournament. You had been forced into doing it as well.
“Come on I’ll show you sit here” Joe says, patting the spot on his lap
“I’m so gonna lose!” You groan, sitting on his lap and allowing his arms to snake around your waist to hold the controller with you.
“You’re playing against Oli I’m sure you’ll be fine!” Josh laughs. ~~~JACK’S POV~~~ I watched (Y/N) go to sit on Joe’s lap and wished it was mine. Of course they were only friends but I would love to be as close to her as she was with him. Should I ask her? It wasn’t like she was dating anyone but it might make things awkward…
“Jack she’s actually winning!!” Conor grabs my arm, laughing
“Go on (Y/N)!” Mikey yells and I hear her squeal as she tries to get past defence
“Shoot love! Shoot!” Joe calls, his hands guiding hers
“Yesss! 3-1 boysss!!” She cheers, “and it’s safe to say, you lost Oli. Good game” She smiles at him, dancing happily on his lap.
“Congrats love!” Joe grins, wrapping his arms around her slightly tighter.
I had to tell her. I had to ask her ~~~YOUR POV~~~ “Hey um (Y/N) can I talk to you?” You hear Jack ask as you grab yourself a drink from the fridge
“Of course you can” You smile, turning to face him
“Well I don’t really know how I’m meant to ask this but would you be willing to go on a date with me some time?” He asks hopefully
Before you can answer, Joe quickly walks in
“Sorry to interrupt, can I have a word with you love?” Joe asks you, his jaw clenching slightly
You stutter slightly, “Oh um sure yeah I’ll talk with you in a bit Jack” You nod, watching Jack head back to the rest of the boys
“I heard what he asked” Joe states simply
“Yeah I mean its completely out of the blue” you shrug. Maybe it would be good for you to date someone else, it would help you move on from Joe at least and you had always got on well with Jack.
“Would you say yes?” He raises his brows
“Well I don’t really know I mean why not?” You lie. Deep down, you knew that you wouldn’t feel the same way about Jack as you did for Joe and you couldn’t waste Jack’s time like that.
“Yeah sure” He replies and for some time you both are silent, “You can’t say yes” he blurts out
“What are you talking about?” You frown, a large lump building in your throat
“I like you okay? And not just like I tell you I do. You’ve been my best friend for years now and I know full well that I don’t just like you as that. I can’t help but admit that I… I love you.” He sighs, looking down and not allowing any eye contact
You stop. And in that moment everything felt perfect. A few steps towards him and you take his hand in yours, automatically making his blue eyes latch onto yours. Then, you kiss. A simple kiss between two people that had known each other for years. It wasn’t strange or wrong. It was perfect. Like you had been dating for years.
You lean back and smile, “I love you too”
And Jack, having stood up to tell you he was just going to head home, saw it all. He wasn’t angry or annoyed. Though of course upset, he knew it felt right too. And all of the moments he had passed off as ‘just friends’ came flooding back to him. He could keep his feelings to himself if it meant both you and Joe being happy. He could make that sacrifice.
Happy new year

“Joe, I’m not going to that party” you state for the tenth time that day.

“Come on y/N, I want to kiss you at midnight. You need to come!” Joe begs.

“I already told you, I’m having dinner with my friends. I don’t want to party tonight, and spare me the drama, you’re gonna get drunk anyway and won’t even notice I’m not here. You can come and sleep over at my house afterwards if you want to” you try to sound convincing, but the truth is, you’re kind of self consious. You and Joe have been dating for 3 months now and you have managed to avoid dancing in front of him. You hate to dance, especially in a crowded space full of gorgeous girls.You’re afraid that Joe would find you less attractive, or compare you to them…

“You never want to come to parties with me anyway” Joe whines. You get on your tiptoes to kiss his pout. When you step back, he wraps you close and refuses to let go. “Please talk to me” he whispers. You know he knows. You snuzzle your head into his jumper, avoiding his questioning gaze. He lifts your chin up gently, seeking eye contact. You stay like that for a while, his blue eyes locked in yours, trying to read you, figure out what he’s missing.

“There’s nothing wrong, Joe” you finally say and he lets go of his hold.
Deep down you feel a little guilty, and also worried to leave him on his own for new years eve. You’re aware that his friends are going to be there and all, but… Who is he going to kiss fisrt at midnight if it’s not you? And what about if your relationship doesn’t work out and it’s you last chance at a new years kiss?

“Fine, I’ll meet you there after dinner” You finally change your mind. Joe’s face radiates as a smile spreads accross his features. “I new you’d come around” he says and steps forward to cup your cheeks and kiss you passionately. Lips brushing against yours, he whispers “I’m so lucky to get to kiss the prettiest girl tonight” and his compliment boosts your self confidence. The butterflies in your stomach tell you that you made the right decision.


You hold your phone up in front of you, trusting Google map to guide you from your friend’s house to Joe’s party. Not many people are in the cold streets, but you hear noises and music from a few opened windows.

Your friends were a little upset that you had to leave before midnight but your cheeky smile when you said you were going to meet Joe left them in awe and to be honest, they are more than happy to see how in love you are.

The gps indicates that you reach your destination. You frown, a little concern: the party seems to be held in a fancy club, and two guards are standing at the door, blocking it from a few people yelling that they want to come in.

This is worst than you thought. But with the couple cups of champagne you’ve had and the thrill to get to see Joe soon, you decide to worm your way through the crowd and give it a go.

“Hi. I’m Mrs y/L/N, Joe Sugg invited me” you tell the guard. Despite your shyness, a wave of pride travels your body as you speak these words, and you can’t hold back a grin. The man checks the list, asking for the first letter of your surname again, and then your first name, before stating “sorry miss, you’re not on the list. I can’t let you in”

You step backwards and take your phone out, ringing Joe. He answers almost immediately.

“Hey, beautiful. I’m longing for you. Are you almost there yet?”

“Hey, I’m actually standing in front of the building, but they won’t let me in. Apparently I’m not on the list” you explain, knowing Joe will solve the problem for you.

“Hold on, I’m coming to get you”

You hang out and get closer to the door again. The guard who holds the list of names frowns “Miss, step back please, I already told you, this is a private event”. At this moment, you see Joe appear behind the glass doors. “I’m with him” you tilt your chin, indicating Joe the the guard. He turns around and Joe opens the door, immediately shivering when the cold air hits his bare arms. He must have rushed into getting you and didn’t even take time to put his coat on. The thought makes you giggle.

“Hey” Joe greats the tall man “This beautiful lady is my date” he says looking right into your eyes, before gesturing the man to hand him the list over. He goes through the pages, before stopping and showing him the very last one. “It’s my fault” he appologizes “I didn’t tell her I registered her under the name y/N Sugg”

Your heart skips a beat when you hear it. Y/N Sugg. Why would he do that? Either way, you like it. Joe shrugs, looking at you “I figured we would attempt together, so it would be faster to be registered under the same name” he explains and holds his hand out for you to take it. The man gestures that you’re good to go and holds the door for the two of you.

Joe leads you through the lobby, and avoids the dance floor where tons of people are swaying, guiding you to a more quiet corner with armchairs and coffee tables. 

“Don’t you wanna dance?” you ask, thinking that was the reason Joe had made you come here in the first place

“We don’t have to if you don’t want to” he says softly “I want you to be comfortable”

“I think… I think I want to” you breathe out. Joe’s eyes spark and he wraps his arms around you protectively, not giving you time to overthink it.

Joe is so great and understanding, you really want him to feel you put effort in this relationship as much as he does.

Still in the embrasse, Joe starts to rock you slowly. You put your arms around his shoulders, his being on your waist, and you slow dance like this for a few minutes to a totally non slow dance appropriate music. But you both don’t care and you find it so sweet that Joe tries his best to make you feel safe and make your night enjoyable.

Suddenly, you hear people buzzing and the dancing all around you becomes more or less drunk people juming around. They’re shouting 10… 9… 8…

You feel Joe’s grip tighten around you through the countdown, until 3…2…1… his lips meet yours for a long and delicate kiss. “Happy new year sweetheart” you hear him say into the kiss.

You feel more than ready to join Joe’s friends on the dancefloor and add a little craziness into that party but Joe seems to be taking his time letting go of you. Right before he does though, he leans in and whispers in your ear

“I lied to the guard earlier. I booked this party the day I met you, and althought I didn’t know your last name yet, I already knew I wanted you to be my date tonight and that you were the one I wanted a midnight kiss from”

He grins, before adding “and y/N Sugg sounds really nice, don’t you think?”


Daryl Dixon: These people, you’re gonna let ‘em go. These are good people.
Joe: Now I think Lou would disagree with you on that. I’ll, of course, have to speak for him and all ‘cause your friend here strangled him in a bathroom.
Daryl Dixon: You want blood, I get it. Take it from me, man. Come on.
Joe: This man killed our friend. You say he’s good people. See, now that right there is a lie. It’s a lie.
Rick Grimes: No!

Text Messages || Joeal
  • [Backdated messages, 22/03/14, night time]
  • Joe: i geot drunk i didn't lishten
  • Joe: yu'roe pretty tho
  • Joe: very ppretty
  • Joe: some guy loroking at me is pretty ntoo
  • Joe: but he c'nat hafve sex with mue
  • Neal: Joe, where are you?
  • Neal: I’m coming to get you, okay? Just tell me where you are.
  • Joe: im' fbine i'm with jmaie