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The Man in the High Castle 1x02 “Sunrise“ [Part 2] | Joe & Juliana

thanks for the sunrise

Happy new year

“Joe, I’m not going to that party” you state for the tenth time that day.

“Come on y/N, I want to kiss you at midnight. You need to come!” Joe begs.

“I already told you, I’m having dinner with my friends. I don’t want to party tonight, and spare me the drama, you’re gonna get drunk anyway and won’t even notice I’m not here. You can come and sleep over at my house afterwards if you want to” you try to sound convincing, but the truth is, you’re kind of self consious. You and Joe have been dating for 3 months now and you have managed to avoid dancing in front of him. You hate to dance, especially in a crowded space full of gorgeous girls.You’re afraid that Joe would find you less attractive, or compare you to them…

“You never want to come to parties with me anyway” Joe whines. You get on your tiptoes to kiss his pout. When you step back, he wraps you close and refuses to let go. “Please talk to me” he whispers. You know he knows. You snuzzle your head into his jumper, avoiding his questioning gaze. He lifts your chin up gently, seeking eye contact. You stay like that for a while, his blue eyes locked in yours, trying to read you, figure out what he’s missing.

“There’s nothing wrong, Joe” you finally say and he lets go of his hold.
Deep down you feel a little guilty, and also worried to leave him on his own for new years eve. You’re aware that his friends are going to be there and all, but… Who is he going to kiss fisrt at midnight if it’s not you? And what about if your relationship doesn’t work out and it’s you last chance at a new years kiss?

“Fine, I’ll meet you there after dinner” You finally change your mind. Joe’s face radiates as a smile spreads accross his features. “I new you’d come around” he says and steps forward to cup your cheeks and kiss you passionately. Lips brushing against yours, he whispers “I’m so lucky to get to kiss the prettiest girl tonight” and his compliment boosts your self confidence. The butterflies in your stomach tell you that you made the right decision.


You hold your phone up in front of you, trusting Google map to guide you from your friend’s house to Joe’s party. Not many people are in the cold streets, but you hear noises and music from a few opened windows.

Your friends were a little upset that you had to leave before midnight but your cheeky smile when you said you were going to meet Joe left them in awe and to be honest, they are more than happy to see how in love you are.

The gps indicates that you reach your destination. You frown, a little concern: the party seems to be held in a fancy club, and two guards are standing at the door, blocking it from a few people yelling that they want to come in.

This is worst than you thought. But with the couple cups of champagne you’ve had and the thrill to get to see Joe soon, you decide to worm your way through the crowd and give it a go.

“Hi. I’m Mrs y/L/N, Joe Sugg invited me” you tell the guard. Despite your shyness, a wave of pride travels your body as you speak these words, and you can’t hold back a grin. The man checks the list, asking for the first letter of your surname again, and then your first name, before stating “sorry miss, you’re not on the list. I can’t let you in”

You step backwards and take your phone out, ringing Joe. He answers almost immediately.

“Hey, beautiful. I’m longing for you. Are you almost there yet?”

“Hey, I’m actually standing in front of the building, but they won’t let me in. Apparently I’m not on the list” you explain, knowing Joe will solve the problem for you.

“Hold on, I’m coming to get you”

You hang out and get closer to the door again. The guard who holds the list of names frowns “Miss, step back please, I already told you, this is a private event”. At this moment, you see Joe appear behind the glass doors. “I’m with him” you tilt your chin, indicating Joe the the guard. He turns around and Joe opens the door, immediately shivering when the cold air hits his bare arms. He must have rushed into getting you and didn’t even take time to put his coat on. The thought makes you giggle.

“Hey” Joe greats the tall man “This beautiful lady is my date” he says looking right into your eyes, before gesturing the man to hand him the list over. He goes through the pages, before stopping and showing him the very last one. “It’s my fault” he appologizes “I didn’t tell her I registered her under the name y/N Sugg”

Your heart skips a beat when you hear it. Y/N Sugg. Why would he do that? Either way, you like it. Joe shrugs, looking at you “I figured we would attempt together, so it would be faster to be registered under the same name” he explains and holds his hand out for you to take it. The man gestures that you’re good to go and holds the door for the two of you.

Joe leads you through the lobby, and avoids the dance floor where tons of people are swaying, guiding you to a more quiet corner with armchairs and coffee tables. 

“Don’t you wanna dance?” you ask, thinking that was the reason Joe had made you come here in the first place

“We don’t have to if you don’t want to” he says softly “I want you to be comfortable”

“I think… I think I want to” you breathe out. Joe’s eyes spark and he wraps his arms around you protectively, not giving you time to overthink it.

Joe is so great and understanding, you really want him to feel you put effort in this relationship as much as he does.

Still in the embrasse, Joe starts to rock you slowly. You put your arms around his shoulders, his being on your waist, and you slow dance like this for a few minutes to a totally non slow dance appropriate music. But you both don’t care and you find it so sweet that Joe tries his best to make you feel safe and make your night enjoyable.

Suddenly, you hear people buzzing and the dancing all around you becomes more or less drunk people juming around. They’re shouting 10… 9… 8…

You feel Joe’s grip tighten around you through the countdown, until 3…2…1… his lips meet yours for a long and delicate kiss. “Happy new year sweetheart” you hear him say into the kiss.

You feel more than ready to join Joe’s friends on the dancefloor and add a little craziness into that party but Joe seems to be taking his time letting go of you. Right before he does though, he leans in and whispers in your ear

“I lied to the guard earlier. I booked this party the day I met you, and althought I didn’t know your last name yet, I already knew I wanted you to be my date tonight and that you were the one I wanted a midnight kiss from”

He grins, before adding “and y/N Sugg sounds really nice, don’t you think?”