come along tonight to see if it happens again!

In Support Of Ruby Slippers

I’m so sad seeing all the hate on Ruby Slippers when we should be supporting the hell out of this, I know it wasn’t Red Warrior/Mulan Rouge and people are upset because Dorothy is such a small charector but everyone was really excited when they thought Merida was going to be the lesbian reveal (that sounds wrong) and she had pretty much the same sized role as Dorothy has/will have

Besides, Ruby IS a recurring charector and who’s to say she won’t bring Dorothy along when she pops up in the future? It wouldn’t be the first time a minor charector climbs the ladder to recurring

I also am seeing alot of “Mulan deserves better” but isn’t it possible that she’ll eventually get the girl too? We KNOW Mulan still has feelings for Aurora, we’ve seen that again tonight, so who’s to say that Sarah Bolger won’t come back and give Mulan her happily ever after with Aurora? Any number of things could happen with Phillip, it isn’t like he’s actually important (sorry Phillip) and we know that they do switch up the fairytales sometimes, or maybe we’ll get genderbent Shang!! Wouldn’t we LOVE to see a Leah Shang guys? I sure as hex would!!! Ruby was far from Mulan’s only choice and besides, now we get the, admittedly rare, thing in TV where you have two girls, who are freinds, who both like girls, but who are not a couple, you have a lesbian(?)/bi freindship and neither is trying to couple up with the other and that’s actually really GOOD representation, Mulan is our hope of getting ANOTHER f/f ship on this show!

I know everyone is upset that this relationship was rushed and I am too, I would have honestly preferred Red Warrior because it’s been building longer, but in a realistic way OUAT is a *~family~* show on ABC, we know for a fact alot of ~family oriented~ people watch this show (my mom and I were giggling about how many “conservative” *coughhomophobiccough* people were probably freaking out over that kiss pfft) and I’m sure TPTB wanted to make sure they weren’t going to lose a really big number of fans with this episode before they give us a slow-build couple with a real STORYLINE like Mulan and Aurora- who already have the history and just need the canon, if the homophobes raged too hard over this episode they could back off of Sleeping Warrior with little harm done, if the fans SUPPORT Ruby Slippers more and overpower the negative comments they might relax enough to go on and cannonize Sleeping Warrior, it’d make a big part of the fanbase happy, give us a slow-build, and quite frankly, it would only require one episode to do

TL;DR: Ruby Slippers is a START, not a FINISH, this isn’t where the LGBTQ train STOPS, it’s where it BEGINS and I know, I KNOW that it isn’t great representation, but we do have to start SOMEWHERE, OUAT is a “family” show, it isn’t like HTGAWM where they only are pleasing a section of adults and can throw around whatever sexualities and sexual material they want, they’re treading on new territory and if we want MORE- and we do- we need to support the start they made, not scream at it or they’ll never get their pants back up and give us a bigger, better one, that’s sadly how TV is sometimes, I’m not saying we should start singing OUAT’s praises as some revolution, but we should definately try to be more positive rather than negative so that they’ll hopefully give us more LGBTQ in the future