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I have this headcanon that Draco would struggle with saying “I love you”

When he was young he never really said it, it wasn’t the “done thing” between pureblood families, especially not ones headed by Lucius, where it was all polite handshakes and the only way to show affection was through obedience and respect.

And then moving on to Slytherin house at Hogwarts, it wasn’t much different. Most of the students also having been raised similarly. Expressing ones emotions like that was a sign of weakness.

But then Harry Potter comes along, and by the time they’re in a relationship, Draco’s sure he’s already been in love for years. He wants to say it every time Harry smiles at him, and every time Harry does one of his irritating Harry-ish habits, and every time Harry whispers it to him like a promise. 

He knows Harry doesn’t mind him not saying it, that Harry understands how much he means to Draco, but it isn’t the point.

The first time he says it, it’s shaky and whispered and murmured against Harry’s lips as they kiss on a lazy Sunday morning in bed. It’s the smile Harry gives him, the smile like Draco is the best thing in existence, like he’s the only thing that matters, that makes Draco say it again.

The more he says it- when Harry’s laughing at the Prophet, when he’s making them coffee, when he’s moving above Draco in bed- the more he wants to shout it from the rooftops.

Because he’s in love with Harry Potter and he’s never been happier, and he’d say “I love you” a thousand times if just to see Harry smile as he whispers it back.

anonymous asked:

Snape x blind 6th year student reader where snape makes fun of her in class without realising that she's blind because she's always managed well, until she makes some sassy comment and he then realises and then later on he finds her crying in a corridor because some Slytherin's decided to drag her somewhere and get her lost..

continued: Snape brings her back to his room as it’s too late to get into the gryffindor common room and she asks if she can do something odd and he accepts so she feels his face to see what he looks like. And can she also mention something about how nice his voice is? Thanks :))

Hey sunshine,

Sure, I will do my best! I hope you like it.

AND I proclaim that it happens before Potter comes along (like a year or three before that); so Snape is relatively young, but not tortured by Lily’s death.

Name: I do not want you to leave.

“Ms. Y/L/N,” you hear Snape’s voice right over your head, so you flinch, almost dropping your wand in the potion. “Do you know the difference between red and yellow? Or are all colors of the Gryffindor flag same to you?” you freeze. You were sure you did everything correctly, checked the tags on the chemicals at least four times before using each one of them. They all were correct.

“No, sir,” you answer quietly. 

“Then why on Earth would you put in the powder of rat’s bones instead of the powder of the poppy seeds? Or did you decide to improve my own recipe by exploding the whole castle?”

“I… I am sure I put in the right ingredient. Are you sure you wrote the right instructions?” Snape’s breathing gets quieter and must more hateful, so you can almost feels how much he wants to strangle you.

“Are you questioning my ability to write, miss?”

“No, only your ability to label the ingredients properly, with the correct usage of Braille,” you answer calmly. “I used the ingredients with the correct tags.”

“Braille?” you nod. “You are blind.”

“Uhm… So hard to notice the dark glasses, cane, and the weird way of walking? Professor, you may need to check your ability to see students, you are doing much worse than I am,” your classmates pulls your sleeve, hoping that you would stop before Snape decides to kill you, but he seems to not be willing to.”

“My… apologies,” he answers finally, much quieter than before. You hear him whisper something under his breath, and the potion in front of you disappears. “I will make sure the ingredients are labeled properly from now on,” you nod and hear him walk away, his robe swishing by your side.

“Hate those Slytherins,” you murmur later that evening, as you are walking around the basement, trying to find your way out. The most annoying thing ever is probably when those morons get you as a group and abandon you in the middle on the basements, so you spend there whole night, trying to find a way back to the Gryffindor tower.

“Miss Y/L/N?” you hear Snape’s voice coming from somewhere, so you turn around.

“Oh, Professor Snape? What a lucky meeting, I’ve been looking for you all over the place,” you smile at him. “How are you doing, sir?”

“You have been looking for me just to ask how I am doing?” you nod. “I am doing well despite having a student walking around the castle in the middle of the night.”

“Then I shall return to my room, professor,” you answer calmly, turning around, then stopping and turning back to him. “Uhm… Professor?”

“Yes?” you can almost feel how he is sarcastically lifting an eyebrow - your classmates told you that’s what he keeps doing to show sarcasm.

“Could you… Could you point me in the direction of the Gryffindor tower, sir?” Snape walks up to you and gently grabs your shoulder. “Sir?”

“Let me walk you, miss. You don’t have your wand or your cane, I suppose it’s only adequate that I make sure you make it to your room before morning.”

“Thank you, sir,” you murmur, and Snape simply keeps pushing you forward, one hand almost wrapped around your shoulders.

“I do need you to tell me who did that,” he notices at some point, when you are walking upstairs. “Who was it?”

“Just a Slytherin kid,” you shrug your shoulders. “It’s always them, but you may have guessed that I am not that good at remembering faces.”

“Very funny. I will make sure they are punished. Careful,” Snape quickly pulls you closer, as the staircase, which you almost stepped on, starts rapidly moving.

“Thanks,” he nods, not hurrying to let go of you.

“You really should be more careful,” Snape slowly releases you and leads you in the tower, then to your room. “You have your own because of the vision impairment?”

“Yes, sir,” you drop on the bed and smile. “God, I missed this place.”

“Well, now, that you are safe…”

“Professor, may I ask to do something… odd?” you ask quietly, and he agrees, sitting by your side. You do wonder why he seems to care for you. “Sir, permission to… see your face?” he doesn’t answer, so you lean forward and slightly touch his face, brushing your fingers against his eyelids and lips. “Wow.”

“I suppose you understand that this act should remain between us and not be discussed with other students, miss?” you smile and nod quickly, your hand sliding down his jaw and neck, when Snape catches your fingers. “Miss?” you smile apologetically, and Snape lets go of your hand.

“I am sorry, sir.”

“That’s alright. Miss Y/L/N, you really should go to sleep. It’s past midnight,” Snape slowly pulls away, as you smile sadly.

“You do have an amazing voice, sir… It fits you,” you murmur, as you lean back and crawl in a ball under a blanket. Snape giggles, or makes somehow similar sound, not going anywhere for some reason - just sitting there next to you.

“What career are you going to pursue after you leave Hogwarts?” he asks finally. “I never ask that, but your case seems rather…”

“Unusual?” you grin. “Yeah, people tend to believe that I am not complete without the vision… I was thinking of doing potions, but that seems quite impossible without a good assistant. So I will probably stick to the ministry work… And kill myself because of it,” you grin again.

“You may want to stay in Hogwarts.”

“As a librarian? I don’t think so.”

“As my assistant. I am looking for one, and you are doing quite well for your disability. Incredibly well, actually, you could become a good potions master,” you sit up, not understanding what the hell was happening.

“Professor, what is wrong?”

“Only that Dumbledore requires for me to hire an assistant from the current students, and I dread the thought of hiring any one from the Slytherin… our dear director is a Gryffindor, there is no way he will let me get one more Slytherin. Also, you are very good.”

“Sounds… too flattering. Professor, I am blind, but I am not dumb. Why are you offering me this job? It’s Hogwarts, a great place, officially the highest salary in the educational institutions in magical Britain… Professor, why?” he sighs, raising his hand and slowly stroking your cheek, brushing his finger against your lips. Snape breathes in, terribly slowly.

“Because I do not want you to leave,” he answers quietly, and you freeze, really wishing you could see his face right now. And, as if knowing it, Snape gently takes your hand and allows you to touch his face, your fingers running by the his stressed forehead and the tensed muscles, as if he is about to erase your memory and run away if anything happens.

“I don’t want to leave,” you answer just as quietly, your fingers stroking his jaw, as Snape carefully puts his hand on your waist and pulls you closer, pressing his lips against yours.

Dining Finely
  • Draco: Do you like fine dining, Potter?
  • Harry: Never been.
  • Draco: How utterly plebeian of you. You must be educated to the ways of the Malfoys, for you shall soon become one.
  • Draco: Come along now, Potter. You will pay for both of us, of course. It is only a small price to pay for my sacrifice of time to educate you.
  • Draco: You may call me Draco after we have dined.
  • Harry:
  • Harry: What do you mean become a Malfoy?
  • Draco: Oh alright, we'll compromise and make it Potter-Malfoy. Now hush, we have a ridiculously expensive dining establishment to visit and you need new robes.
  • Draco: I will help you pick out those robes.

Top 10 longest fics posted on AO3 this month

1. I Do What I Want by XxTheDarkLordxX [E, 508.3k]

There are worse things out there than Voldemort. The dead man had been just one delusional guy. What will Harry do when he has to face not just one new Dark Lord but three?
From The I Do series

2. The Shadow Lord by ArissAvion [M, 122k]

In 1981, Voldemort burned down the old magical world and built his own empire on top of it. A decade later, a scarless but powerful Harry Potter begins his education, determined to prove himself. But chaos and violence rule this new Hogwarts, and making it out alive won’t be easy. Especially not for the boy destined to be the Dark Lord’s nemesis. 
Part 1 of Shadow of Mars series

3. Bruises to the soul by @casknowsaboutwizards [E, 119k]

After the war, Harry struggles with the aftermath of his fight with Voldemort at the battle of Hogwarts. Hermione forces him to see a Mind Healer but after his first difficult appointment, he no longer needs her to coerce him into going every single week. Indeed, Draco Malfoy is also a patient and he’s nothing Harry thought he’d be.

4. Malfoy Child by Vorabiza (Biza) [T, 94k]

A potions accident turns Draco into a four-year-old and Harry takes over his care for the next four months. 
From the Child series

5. Balance, Imperfect by @bixgirl1 [E, 91k]

When Harry sustains an injury in the line of work, he no longer knows how to navigate the life he loved, and finds help and solace from the most unexpected source. 

6. The Boy The Snake and The Stone by Demondog136 [M, 70.4k]

What if Harry had some help before school? What if he meets someone who can help him achieve greatness? What if he has some looking out for him? Harry is getting help from unlikely sources, and would not change them for the world; him and his new companions will face the challenges of the wizarding world and what it has to offer. Can Harry and his friends be able to beat what the school year has for them? 
Part 1 of The Boy and The Snake series

7. Non-Linear Temporal Relocation by Windturtle [G, 56.7k]

Draco seems to have gone seven years back in time, but things are very different than he remembers them. Now he has to try and make his way in this changed timeline while figuring out how to get back.Oh, and for some reason, the last person Draco wants to be stuck with has come along too. Harry Potter.

8. Stuck by blxcksirius & @fangirl383​ [M, 55.8k]

When Harry and Draco come back for their Eighth year at Hogwarts, their rivalry still stands. It isn’t until a hex is thrown their way, forcing them to interact with each other, that they try to understand one another. 

9. The Fear Is Just an Illusion by @mugglelissa​ [E, 37.8k]

Voldemort is dead but the war is far from over. Draco, once again, is torn between protecting his family and doing what is right. Secret meetings, conflicting loyalties, and grey morals bring Harry and him together but it’s also what could threaten to tear them apart. 
Draco-tops-Harry Fest 2017

10. You Send Me (Honest You Do) by @firethesound [E, 36.9k]

As far as potion accidents go in general, and deaging incidents go in particular, Draco knew this could have been so much worse. Harry only lost about ten years, and all his memories are still intact. But the sight of him looking as if he’s stepped straight out of Draco’s Hogwarts memories has dredged up a whole mess of complicated feelings Draco thought he’d buried years ago, and Draco really doesn’t know what to do with any of it. 
Draco-tops-Harry Fest 2017

Harry Potter and why JKR sucks sometimes

Okay fellas. I get why JKR didn’t make Drarry canon and still fights it off. Some people see their chemistry, some don’t. I’m very much okay with that, as long as I can still read smutty fanfiction about it.
I even like Ginny and Astoria very much. JKR planned them to be rivals and all that. I get it.

But why the heck is JKR making Scorrose canon. W h y.
I mean if you’ve read Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, you’ll understand what I mean. That book is so gay. Scorpius and Albus mean everything to each other and they hug a lot and, you know, do gay stuff.

Plus Scorpius and Rose have, like, no chemistry at all. Rose hates Scorpius. She never wanted to befriend him, she believed the rumour that he was Voldemorts son, damn she even ended the friendship with Albus, her cousin, because he was close to Scorpius. I don’t see why they should end up together. For me, it’s just a bad attempt to bring a love story into this which isn’t gay. Because heteronormativity is sadly still a thing.

So guys, if you don’t agree with me, that’s okay, I just felt the need to say this. Scorbus was going so strong in CC.

Have a nice day!

  • Harry: *scowls. Fuck off.
  • Draco: *dramatically gasps. Such language, Harry. What happened to hanging out? You know, inter-house cooperation?
  • Harry: Hang out with my arse, Malfoy.
  • Draco: *smirks. Well, I don't see any reason to deny your request. Come along, Potter, let's put that very nice arse of yours to good use.

siriuslynoble  asked:

So really randomly specific fic rec request. Sorry I send you requests all the time but I love your recs. Fics where one/both of the boys are Aurors? Also muggle au where one/both are policemen? Sorry, saw a pic that caused men-in-uniform feels.

And I love requests, siriuslynoble! Especially great ones like this. There are so many awesome fics where they’re aurors I’m breaking this into two parts. Fics where they’re both aurors and auror partners coming soon. These are fics where Harry is an auror and where his Auror-ness is central to the story (b/c there are a lot of fics where Harry is an Auror and it’s pretty incidental to the story.) Here you go!

Harry-as-an-Auror H/D Recs

The Auror, The Toymaker, His Ego and Their Courtship by themostepotente - NC-17, 22.5k - When Draco’s toymaking livelihood is threatened by a murderer hell-bent on destroying his life, along comes Potter to save the day.

The Darklist by Cheryl Dyson - R, 87.5k - When Draco Malfoy, wanted criminal, strolled into the Ministry to give himself up, he seemed destined for Azkaban until he offered to hand over information to avert an upcoming crime. Of course, he refused to divulge that knowledge to anyone but Harry Potter.

Disturbing the Peace by moonflower - NC-17, 22k - Draco wakes up after a hard night out, with a few questions…

The Eloquence of Mortality by fleshdress - NC-17, 5.5k - White masks, prison cells and dubious deals.

A Fair Cop by oceaxe - R, 6.5k - Harry Potter walks into a cafe for some coffee, and instead gets the surprise of his life. Plus some coffee.

For the Public Good by blamebrampton - PG-13, 23.5k - Harry is loaned to the Muggle government to assist relations between the two governments after the London bombings. When his counterpart in the Communications team comes to him with evidence of a plot to expose wizarding Britain, he is all ears. And only in part because the messenger has such a familiar voice.

Gone Down the Angel on a Lonely Night by femmequixotic - NC-17, 18.5k - Eight years after the end of the war, Harry stumbles upon Draco in an unexpected place: Islington.

I Lit a Candle in the Window by penwyn - NC-17, 4.5k - You always light a candle in the window when he goes on raids. (Warning: MCD)

Immovable Unspeakable Meets Irresistible Hit Wizard by Alisanne - R, 11k - Harry Potter and Draco Malfoy are just average, ordinary wizards working in dull positions at the Ministry and leading average, ordinary lives. Or, at least, that’s what they’d like everyone — including each other — to believe.

In Plain Sight by taradiane - R, 17.5k - Pansy comes to Auror Potter’s office with a special favour to ask…

In Which Harry Potter Discovers a River in Egypt by kestralsparhawk - NC-17, 24k - Amissing roommate, a mysteriously familiar male prostitute, murdered Muggles, and an angry boss are all making life difficult for Auror Harry Potter. And that’s before he discovers that the reason he’s avoided having girlfriends for three years is not only because he doesn’t like publicity.

Interoffice Communication by Snegurochka_Lee - NC-17, 10.5k - Draco has convinced the Auror department to test his new messaging charm for secure communications. Harry really would have preferred that he not find out through messages like, ‘Yeah, tonight you’re going to beg me for it,’ that the system wasn’t as secure as they thought.

An Interpretation of Justice (Aurors and Assassins Mix) by noticeably - R, 16k - The little-known truth about floor sixteen and the department that inhabits it is this: the ten witches and wizards that sit in the front, while attending to things like paperwork and other trivial matters, are only a front to appease the few easily confused, lost individuals that happen to wander into the department unannounced, most usually when looking for another floor.

Left My Heart by Emma Grant - NC-17, 85k - Auror Draco Malfoy has disappeared, and Harry Potter has been sent to San Francisco to find him.

Not Ours to Command by furiosity - NC-17, 16.5k - When a poisoning case ends up on Harry’s desk at the Auror HQ, Harry finds himself backed up against the wall. Figuratively speaking. Features typical Slytherins, a minor parade of house-elves, a toddler-chasing Ron and a rude talking mirror.

Of Hoof Picks, Centaurs, and Flight by blamebrampton - PG, 22k - Harry has promised that he will not do anything to upset the new head of Magical Creatures. Even if it is Draco Malfoy. When three centaur foals appear in Cumbria, far from the Forbidden Forest and all too close to Muggles, Harry’s promise is thoroughly tested. To say nothing of his equestrian skills.

Splintered by aquila_star - NC-17, 38k - When you’re Harry Potter, life is never boring…he should be used to it by now. But just when he thinks it can’t get any more complicated, life throws him a few surprises.

Their Kind of Forever by furiosity - NC-17, 38k - The final part of Harry’s Auror training forces him to walk the line between truth and lie, between the wizarding world and the Muggle world, between the life he thought he’d have and the disappointing reality. And through it all, he finds unexpected solace in a most unlikely person’s company.

Tissue of Silver by fearless diva - R, 76k - A love story concerning possessed furniture, black silk pyjamas, courtroom drama, premonitions of doom, assassination attempts, Death Eater yoga, absinthe, bare feet and a sensible werewolf.

Waiting For You by lauren3210 - NC-17, 20k - After finding and catching the renowned art thief Draco Malfoy, Harry realises he needs his help and gets him released from Azkaban into his custody. But has Draco really decided to live a crime-free life? Or is he just biding his time until the right opportunity strikes?

Enjoy! And, as always, remember to leave these fab authors lots of comments/kudos/general appreciation!

Lily Evans,

First of all she is not Hermione Granger. Do they share certain characteristics? Sure, but so do Dumbledore and Voldemort, it doesn’t make them the same person.

Lily Evans is smart, and kind, and caring, and respectful, and responsible, but those things don’t make her lifeless and stiff.

She’s smart because she likes to read and watch television and talk to people to expand her viewpoint and her knowledge. She likes to try new things and go new places and learn phrases in other languages. She likes picking up her friends hobbies for a couple weeks and trying to see why they like them so much. She’s smart because she never stops asking questions and looking for answers and she knows how to get what she wants, but she doesn’t always look in the library because some of the answers she wants aren’t in books, like ‘where’s Mary?’ and ‘When’s dinner?‘ and ‘Where did you put my homework, Mary?’ 

She is kind and caring, but that doesn’t make her weak. She’s kind because her parents taught her to always start with kindness. You can never take back a harsh word, so you keep them to yourself unless you really mean them. She learned at a young age that people who spit out hurtful words and wear dark looks usually have had the worst that life has to offer, and she never wants to be another reason for someone’s frown. So she smiles at people, and sits with people who she often sees alone and helps her friends so they don’t fall behind in their school work and listens when they are upset and holds their hands when they are crying, but these people deserve her kindness, the people who hurt them, who made them cry, they should hide because Lily does not take kindly to people hurting her friends.

She’s respectful because everyone has their secrets and she doesn’t want to make anyone uncomfortable by pushing it. She has her own secrets that she’s forced to keep from her muggle friends and family, so she knows that sometimes you don’t really have a choice, and it’s a waste of time to be hurt over someone not sharing a secret with you because most of the time it has nothing to do with you. So she’ll let you have your secrets.

She’s responsible because that’s how she was raised. Her dad was a muggle doctor and her mum was a social worker and so she was raised to believe that there were certain things that you put before your own wants. She was raised to believe that if you were capable of helping someone, than that’s what you should do, if you had time to do something good, than you should do it, if you could make life easier for someone else, than you should try. She knew that you couldn’t get anywhere in life if you didn’t put in the time and energy, so she turned in her school work on time (mostly) and she studied for exams and helped her friends when she could.

Lily Evans was a lot of things that made her a good person, a terrific friend and a loving wife and mother, but she was not dull and lifeless before James Potter came into her life. She was confident in who she was, in her beliefs and convictions. She was a good person because she wanted to be, but she didn’t walk around Hogwarts thinking that she was better than everyone else, or that everyone should be like her. Nah, she liked that people were different, and that kind of shows in her choice of friends.

that absolute DREAD that fills you when everyone is happy and everything is perfect and there’s still 7 more chapters

c-crane  asked:

So I've been going through some really not fun stuff lately and am looking to the internet to put me in a good mood. Do you have any fics that you would say are gauranteed to make a bad day better?

Hey @c-crane!! Sorry it’s taken so long to get back to you, and definitely hope things have been looking up in the meantime!! If you still need them (or for anyone who does) I definitely have some fics that, imo, can improve a bad day. It’s sort of a relative category, granted, but these are all ones that I think can pretty reliably put a smile on one’s face. Hope you enjoy!! And, especially since it’s such a subjective thing, would also invite people to reblog and add on their fave H/D day-improving stories! It would be great to have a list like that around!!

Drarry Recs: To Improve a Bad Day

Are You There God? It’s Me, Draco by floweringjudas - NC-17, 23k - Harry and Draco are straight Aurors. Then they’re gay teachers. It makes sense in context.

The Auror, The Toymaker, His Ego and Their Courtship by themostepotente - NC-17, 22.5k - When Draco’s toymaking livelihood is threatened by a murderer hell-bent on destroying his life, along comes Potter to save the day.

A Consummation Devoutly to be Wished by Mirabella - NC-17, 6.5k - Um… dracoisaveelaandHarryishismate.  Shut up.

Crystal Clear by icmezzo - PG-13, 7k - Harry customizes a snow globe. Draco listens to centaur weather reports. Ron investigates the height of Pansy’s boots. And Hermione knows even more than everything, as usual. (No one signs up for the class for lactating witches.)

Draco Malfoy: Toilet Supremo by who_la_hoop - PG-13, 26k - It must be a vision brought on by eating cheese sarnies too close to bedtime, Harry thinks. There’s no way that Draco Malfoy can really be standing on his doorstep, calling himself a Toilet Supremo, and expecting Harry to buy not only this unlikeliest of scenarios, but also a new loo.But no: Harry’s eyes do not deceive him. Malfoy, Lord of Toilets, is really there. Which begs a very important question: what the hell is he up to, and what evil scheme is he about to unleash? Because there must be an evil scheme … mustn’t there?

Experiments by firethesound - NC-17, 2k - Draco always bottomed and Harry wondered if maybe there was something he was missing. It’s a shame Draco’s not around to help him figure it out.

The Gentlewizard Club by Sophie_French - NC-17, 28k - Draco wants what Draco wants. And if he has to snuggle up to Harry to get it, well, surely, Draco can handle that. Problem is, not sure Harry can. (and timestamp Stick to the Report!)

Haute Allure by zeitgeistic - NC-17, 12.5k - Harry is famous for his menswear now. Malfoy is the inside leg that he loves running his tape measure up.

He Was He and I Was Bunny by bryoneybrynn - NC-17, 37.5k - The war is over and “eighth year” is about to begin at Hogwarts. But for Harry and Draco, nothing is quite the same. Harry’s looking for an escape, Draco’s looking for a friend. Does a little black bunny hold the answers for both of our boys?

Here’s the Pencil, Make it Work by IgnatiusTrout - NC-17, 49.5k - Harry thinks “Why is Malfoy working in a coffee shop in muggle London?” is a much simpler question than, “Are you going to accept that auror offer and, if you don’t, what will you do?”

The Honeyduke’s Job by nishizono - R, 3k - What could be more fun than a stakeout in a sweet shop with Draco Malfoy? Well there’s castration, watching Hagrid give Voldemort a lap dance…

Hot and Cold by who_la_hoop - NC-17, 8k - Harry had an inkling as he checked out his surroundings – a gloomy forest, dusted with snow, and featuring one hundred per cent more Draco Malfoy than was comfortable – that his first Auror practical exam was not going to go as well as he’d hoped …

House Style for Gryffindors by femmequixotic and noeon - NC-17, 12k - The Slytherins have always ruled the Sortilegus, a wizarding society magazine popular since the Middle Ages which lost most of its staff during the recent Unpleasantness (informally known as the Campaign against Noses). Pansy Parkinson has just been made the youngest witch ever to head the publication and has been charged with livening up the magazine and helping it move into post-war society whilst maintaining tradition. Which is all fine by Draco until she brings Harry Potter on staff, an obvious attempt to force Draco into a nervous breakdown by requiring him to work cheek-by-jowl with his arch-nemesis.

In the Company of a Rubber Duck by birdsofshore - NC-17, 35k - War makes for strange bedfellows. However that doesn’t fully explain how Harry ended up sharing his bath with Draco Malfoy… nor why Malfoy was a rubber duck at the time.

Little Red Courgette by blamebrampton - PG-13, 31.5k - When this season’s purple courgettes are woefully thin, Draco Malfoy thinks it amounts to small beans. Next thing he knows, the Department of Standards is over-run with leeks, Brussels sprouts all sorts of legislative difficulties, and somebody appears to have put a roquette under Harry Potter. Can Draco seize a marrow victory? Or will his plans for peas be squashed?All along, Kingsley Shacklebolt finds himself pining for the good old days, when, instead of governing, all you had to worry about were Dark Lords and imminent death.

Love Lies Bleating by ICMezzo (PG-13, 6k - It took a very special goat to scale Draco’s lonely heart.) and it’s remix/sequel, Two Hearts that Bleat As One by dracogotgame (G, 5.5k - After the war, Draco was prepared to spend the rest of his days alone and miserable. Then that damned goat showed up.)

Minister Scrimgeour Does Not Approve by Lomonaaeren - R, 5.5k - The Ministry has regulations preventing Aurors who are lovers from being partners. Minister Scrimgeour knows that Aurors Potter and Malfoy are having an affair, and once he catches them at it, he can sack Potter. But they are being extremely tricky about it.

Of Hoof Picks, Centaurs and Flight by blamebrampton - G, 21.5k - Harry has promised that he will not do anything to upset the new head of Magical Creatures. Even if it is Draco Malfoy. When three centaur foals appear in Cumbria, far from the Forbidden Forest and all too close to Muggles, Harry’s promise is thoroughly tested. To say nothing of his equestrian skills.

One Night at the Ministry by Maeglin_Yedi - NC-17, 11.5k - One night. One party. One arch-nemesis. Lots of champagne. Now all Harry has to do is survive.

Party of Two by fireflavored - NC-17, 14k - Drinking, sex, and a total misreading of the concept of fuck buddies.

A Portrait of the Artist by firethesound - PG-13, 5.5k - When Harry Potter, reclusive artist, finally agrees to an interview, Draco can hardly believe that he’ll be the one to do it.

There Comes a Mist and a Weeping Rain by faithwood - NC-17, 21k - It always rains for Draco Malfoy. Metaphorically. And literally. Ever since he had accidentally Conjured a cloud. A cloud that’s ever so cross.

We’ll Always Have Paris (and Madrid and Tokyo and Cairo) by themostepotente - NC-17, 10k - It’s Murphy’s Law (or rather Merlin’s Law) for Harry when he accompanies Draco on holiday. 

What You Do With Your Life, A.H.K.B.C.B. (After the Hero Kills the Batshit Crazy Bastard) by oldenuf2nobetter - NC-17, 40k - Draco Malfoy had waited years in hope of seeing Harry Potter utterly humiliated….

anonymous asked:

Christmas themed drarry fics?????

!!!! I’m very glad you asked because I just so happen to have a little list of them right here. Enjoy.

- Humbug (A Christmas Tale) (one of my favourite fics of all time)
Rating - NC-17
Word count - 30k
Summary - Draco has been taking his casual relationship with Harry for granted. Visits from four key ghosts the night before Christmas just might shake up his priorities in life.

- After Hours At The Ministry Of Magic
Rating - NC-17
Word count - 11.5k
Summary -  It isn’t precisely how Harry planned to spend Christmas Eve: trapped in a lift with his ex-boyfriend, somewhere between the third and the fourth floors of the Ministry of Magic.

Rock Hard Vice (or Twelve Days ‘til Boxing Day or In which Harry Denies He’s Gay Eleven Times) 
Rating - NC-17
Summary -  Just how many times can you read the word sex?

- The Christmas Wish
Rating - NC-17
Summary - Sometimes, as Lily discovers, Santa does grant wishes for Christmas.

- The Auror, The Toymaker, His Ego and Their Courtship 
Rating - NC-17
Word count - 23k
Summary -  When Draco’s toymaking livelihood is threatened by a murderer hell-bent on destroying his life, along comes Potter to save the day.

- Dear Father Christmas (The Boy Done Wrong Again)
Rating - NC-17
Word count - 22k
Summary -  “Dear Father Christmas, It’s strange that I have more cause to believe in you now that I’m in my mid-twenties than I did when I was a child.  I didn’t think magic existed then either, but now I know that it does. I wonder if it’s the same with youThere’s nothing that I want for Christmas that could be wrapped in a box and put under a tree. But if you are as magical as they say you are, there is one thing I want that could only be accomplished by a true Christmas miracle.I want Draco Malfoy back.”

- Eggnogs and Mistletoes
Rating -  PG13
Word count  - 8.8k
Summary -  Harry thinks Draco has had enough festive eggnogs at the Ministry Christmas party. Naturally Draco thinks otherwise.

slyth-princess  asked:

Ok, so I'm sick and I have a fic rec request from you, since you are so good at this. I am looking for either daddy!draco, daddy!harry, or even better both. Preferably one where they don't bash Ginny. If you have this for me (or a few) I will love you even more. I love long fics, but I'm not picky. Thanks in advance!!!

Yes, can do! For some fics where their kids are friends and help bring them together, check here - there are some great ones on that list!  For even more fics where they’re parents (and their parenting plays some significant role in the fic, and they’re parenting their own kids vs Teddy, and their kids are already born, vs mpreg fics which would be their own list) see below!

H/D Parenting Recs

The Auror, The Toymaker, His Ego and Their Courtship by themostepotente - NC-17, 22.5k - When Draco’s toymaking livelihood is threatened by a murderer hell-bent on destroying his life, along comes Potter to save the day.

DIY Messiah by scoradh - R, 27k - Harry stopped hating Draco Malfoy on Bring Your Kids to Work Day. (There’s some hard stuff around Ginny in this one, but not bashing)

Feeling Lucky by gryffindorj - NC-17, 19k - “Luck is not chance, it’s toil; fortune’s expensive smile is earned.

The Price We Pay for Wings and A Flame Undampened by Frayach - NC-17, 13k and 5k - View’d his own feather on the fatal dart, And wing’d the shaft that quiver’d in his heart.  ~ Lord Byron (In which Draco writes a series of books recounting the events of the war, has prophecies about Scorpius’ future, and encourages love even when the costs are very great.)

A Single Soul by noeon - NC-17, 6k - In which Professor Draco Malfoy attempts to survive the inaugural Hogwarts Visiting Weekend with a shred of dignity intact, and Head Auror Harry Potter thwarts him at every turn, supported by a Cast of Thousands (or at least Hundreds).

Take a Sad Song (And Make it Better) by femmequixotic - NC-17, 48k - The last thing Harry wants is to lose his kids.

An Unstraight Path to Happiness by florahart - NC-17, 21k - Many in the Wizarding World were still a bit backward about issues of sexuality, but Harry knew this was the right thing. Femme asked for post-Epilogue fic or fic which incorporates Epilogue events prior to the “nineteen years later”, kidfic, plot, Harry and Draco as adults, snarky banter, angry can-barely-keep-their-hands-off-each-other sex and other stuff I didn’t quite manage to include.

There are some fantastic fics in here - hope you enjoy, and that you feel better soon!

And, as always, remember to leave comments and kudos for these fantastic authors!

Miscellaneous Headcanons

A few for Anon :D

Harry Potter:

  • Harry keeps all of Hedwig’s fallen-out feathers in a box
  • When she’s having a bad day, Hermione strokes the ‘mudblood’ scar on her forearm
  • When Ron sees her doing that, he takes her arm and kisses each letter, and then takes her other arm and traces words that he thinks about her ('intelligent’, 'strong-willed’, 'bit bossy’, etc.) 
  • When Teddy fully comprehends what happened to his parents, he starts a ritual of morphing into a wolf and howling on the anniversary of their deaths

Percy Jackson

  • Nico doesn’t realize he’s fallen in love with Will until he comes down with a pesky cold and Will sings him to sleep 
  • Leo’s dramatic re-introduction of himself to the rest of the gang is sabotaged by Calypso 
  • Reyna and Jason get into a fight over who should be Nico’s best man
  • Hermes starts bursting into Hades’s palace uninvited after Will and Nico become official
  • Annabeth and Percy move to New Rome, where Annabeth heads projects for new buildings
  • Percy ends up destroying one by accident during a mock fight with Jason (it’s blasted to pieces by a tidal-wave mixed with Jason)

Death Note

  • L and Light were both asexual 
  • When Light pissed him off, L would hide pieces of hard candy on Light’s side of the bed so that he could never get comfortable while falling asleep (like sticking them under the sheets) 
  • Light got back at him by replacing his sugar with salt 
  • No matter what, both men would never admit that they got into a food fight (specifically a cake-ice cream fight)
  • L once put icing in Light’s shoes
  • He never did it again after Light 'accidentally’ spilled hot tea on his crotch


  • Sam is the only one who knows that Dean is bi
  • Sam found out when he thought he had a crush on a boy at one of his middle schools, and Dean told him that wasn’t as bad as having a crush on your teacher
  • Cas sees a dream catcher detailed with feathers while he’s walking the streets as a human, and does research on what they are. When he finds out, he stares at his back in a mirror and wishes that he had real wings and feathers so he could make dream catchers for Sam and Dean 
  • Gabriel once stuck gum in Castiel’s hair 
  • To get it out, Cas shaved that part of his head. He was very confused why Dean and Sam laughed, but was happy that they were even laughing at all 


msprongsie  asked:

Hello! Could you maybe write something where James tries something ridiculously extravagant to ask Lily for a date? (Like, spelling it out with fireworks in the great hall or something, I dunno xD) Please? I would be so grateful ^^

          This was so fun to write! I need to do more fluffy jily.  I hope you like it love!

  “James,” sighed Lily as she walkeddown the stairs to breakfast, “What on earth are you wearing?”

           The tall boy across the entrance hall from her grinned incorrigibly.

           “Well Evans, you said you wouldn’t go out with me if it were a choice between me and the giant squid.  So I decided to confound your expectations.” He certainly had done that.  Lily could honestly say she had never expected James Potter to woo her by dressing up as a giant squid.  Yet there he was, covered in tentacles and oozing confidence.  She put two fingers to her temples; only James could stand surrounded by half the school, partially Transfigured into a cephalopod, and still give off the distinct aura of being a gift to humankind.

           Lily wished she could keep a straight face.

           “What do you say, Evans?  Hogsmeade next weekend?”

           “I don’t know if Hogsmeade would really be the best location for it,” Lily replied sweetly.  A smirk broke through her façade, and Potter’s expression was immediately tainted with suspicion.

           “Why’s that?  A date with me would be fabulous anywhere.”

           “Well, the problem is,” she grinned, “squids are aquatic.” She flicked her wand, and a waterfall appeared directly above James’s head.  His eyes went wide for a moment before he was showered with gallons of water.  Lily was quite proud of the fact that the deluge was confined specifically to James—even casting nonverbally, she had managed to control the stream.  Her smile widened.  

           “Miss Evans, might I ask why it is raining in the entrance hall?”  Lily hastily ended the spell and turned to her Head of House as Potter sputtered below.

           “Er… I was concerned for Potter’s welfare?” the Head Girl apologized hopefully.

           “And your solution was to flood the hall?” Professor McGonogall’s eyebrows rose alarmingly.

           “Well, ma’am, he’s turned himself into a squid, and it seemed to me he might suffocate if he wasn’t submerged directly,” she said earnestly.  The professor looked as though she’d like to pinch the bridge of her nose.  She directed her gaze to the foot of the stairs.

           “Mister Potter, would you care to explain your decision?”

           “You see Professor, Miss Evans here told me that she’d date the giant squid before she’d date me.  So I thought if I was the giant squid, she’d have no choice.”  He had apparently forgotten that his arms were several-yard-long tentacles; the gestures that accompanied his defense nearly took out a few of the students standing closest.  Professor McGonogall waved her own wand, and the squid with James’s face reverted into a sopping wet, but fully human James Potter.  He flipped his dark hair off his face and gave the two witches above him a winning smile.  “It was a sacrifice I had to make, Professor.  For love.”  Lily rolled her eyes, but she couldn’t stop the giggle that escaped her at his theatrics.  McGonogall maintained her exasperated air better, though Lily though she saw the corners of the older woman’s mouth twitch up.

           “We will discuss this incident further in my office.  Come along, Potter.”  James tread gamely up the stairs.  When he drew level with Lily, Professor McGonogall turned and they followed her away from the entrance hall.

           “Y’know, Evans, you never answered my question,” he muttered cheekily.  Lily glanced at him, a single eyebrow arched. There were little rivulets of water running from his messy hair and around his eyes.  They were a soft hazel.  And the way his wet robes clung to his chest was not exactly unflattering (Lily couldn’t help but notice).

           “Alright, then.”  She hurried ahead of the stunned James because she didn’t want him to see how hard she was smiling.  She had always been rubbish at poker.

           Right now, she was pretty damn happy with her hand.