come a little bit closer baby

Have you ever had someone lay their fingers along the spaces between your ribs and squeeze? Really find those fleshy bits between the bones and just curl into them? I have. The thing is, you can’t help your natural reflex in reaction to that strange, visceral, intrusive feeling. Your body knows, “hey, I don’t think I should be touched there!” and so it flails wildly, almost manically, to protect your most vital organs, even if there’s no real threat.

My wife loves the spaces between my ribs, but has kindly refrained from squeezing them since I’ve asked her to stop. Still. I’m a nervous person, and the guard just goes up sometimes – can’t help it.

The other night, we were laying in bed and cuddling, and I was about on the brink of passing out while baby lay curled over me. Her hand rested on my chest, her head lay nestled between my shoulder and my chin, and I was smelling her hair – a vague scent of shampoo, still a little wet from the shower. Everything felt warm and right and peaceful, but for the fact that (as exhausted as I was) baby was like a shaken up soda can of hyperactive lesbian. She was happily chatting away when her hand traveled a little lower, then circled around my side and her fingertips moved into those vulnerable little dips.

“Noooooooo,” I whined, and I yanked her hand away.

“But I can’t sleep!” She protested, laying her leg over mine and lifting her head to give me that wide-eyed, entreating look. “I won’t squeeze! I just want to count your ribs! It’s soothing.” I can never deny her anything when she gives me that look. (She has very long eyelashes and very blue eyes. It’s my kryptonite.)

So I let her hand go, cautiously, and relaxed a little bit. She teases and jokes, but she never lies to me, so I knew she’d at least stop herself from squeezing even though I know how much she loves it. She moved her hand back over to my rib cage and I took in a breath.

“You know,” I offered as her fingertips began to dance gently over each individual rib, “you could count sheep instead.”

And baby chuckled lowly, snuggling closer, warm and soft and sweet. And then she proceeded to say the most terrifying thing I’ve ever heard come out of her mouth, in a voice that sounded like it should have been wafting inexplicably down the halls of an abandoned building.

“There are no sheep here,” she whispered, “but there are plenty of your bones.”

And somehow that simple statement was more instinctively horrifying than the feeling of fingers in the spaces between your ribs. Turns out, it inspired the same reaction. I flailed, and she laughed and laughed and laughed until I was laughing too.

It took us both a while to go to sleep.

Not entirely fluffy, not entirely sinful, somewhere in between LOL

Hope you all like it!^^

Sitting on RFA + Saeran’s lap


  • He was working out at the rooftop. Sit-ups, push-ups, you know, just the regular exercises you can do at home without the fancy gym equipment
  • That are as effective as any equipment, because man is sweaty and panting hard
  • And as soon as you step in to the rooftop, he just splashes some water so you won’t see him all sweaty (he doesn’t know you would kill to see that, though)
  • And since he looks always ready for a photo shoot, he really looks like a model in a Nike billboard, he looks… irresistible.
  • So you just make your way to his lap, just like that.
  • “B-babe, what… what are you doing?” “Nothing. What were you doing?” “Just working out, you know, just keeping my body in shape…” oh, if you wiggle like that one more time…
  • “I see, yes… very in shape.” You squeeze his biceps, smiling. Gurl… his mind is a little cloudy due to the beast, but he’s not stupid, he knows what you’re up to.
  • “Yes, babe. Don’t you think I deserve a prize after working so hard?” one of his arms circle you by your waist as he leans towards you to kiss you…
  • “No! You’re all sweaty! Eww!” Gurl… you’re not the actress here, don’t even try. “Ah yes… my bad, princess. I’m really sweaty…” he gets up, shifting you in his arms so he can carry bridal style “I think you’ll have to help me take a shower.”
  • Good luck, now it’s your turn to exercise a little…



  • Boy is becoming multitasked these days.
  • Look at him studying in the kitchen while waiting for the dinner to cook in the oven!
  • You are hungry and go to the kitchen to grab something while dinner isn’t ready
  • “Na-ah, MC! Dinner is almost ready, you won’t want to eat later if you eat something random now.” Really multitasked, he says this blocking your way with his arm without taking his eyes off of the book.
  • He looks so serious, so focused, so cool. How can you resist?
  • So you sit on his lap, and he immediately stiffens his body. You keep telling him to focus and study, how can he focus like this, woman?
  • “MC… co-come on… we can… we can do this later… we…” “Do what later, Yoosung?” Oh no… are you really going to make him say it? Look how red he is, the poor thing!
  • He’s trying so hard not to give that glance at your body and how you’re pressing against his own, so he looks at your eyes… only to find that teasing expression you always do… oh, he always for this!
  • “You know very well, MC…” he holds you as he brings you closer, but you scoot lightly away from him “What? I don’t! I’m just hanging here waiting for dinner because I’m hungry!”
  • “Well, I’m hungry too…” he motions for you to get up before leaving his chair as well. You watch as he tosses his book aside and goes to the oven, turning it off. “I’m starving…” you could tease him for these innuendos, but you’re just too much into it as he grabs your hand and leads you both to the bedroom.
  • Yeah, you really didn’t make him say it, you just let him show you.


  • She’s super caught up in the plot of this DVD
  • Seriously… she’s not blinking for a while now…
  • You, on the other hand, aren’t that interested. You’re messing on your phone and sighing dramatically from time to time.
  • She didn’t take a notice of any of these sighs!
  •  And you genuinely don’t want to get on her way in this, but ahh… you’re getting quite sleepy and her lap looks really inviting…
  • So you yawn and lie on the couch, resting your head on her lap.
  • “MC?” she looks at you all flushed and with this little reprimanding look on her eyes. “What? I’m just tired.”
  • “But I… I’m… the movie…” “You can keep watching, I’m just going to stay quiet here…” you nuzzle your head in her lap… god…
  • You’re the worst kind of tease: the one who plays innocent, ahh, if only she didn’t love this so much, her life would be so much easier…
  • “Are you really going to stay quiet?” she grabs your chin, making you look at her as she bends down slowly. “Nah, you know what? I better rest in the bed, right?” you get up, heading to the bedroom. She rolls her eyes as turning the TV off, then she follows you.
  • Her life would be easier, but waaaay less interesting if she didn’t fall for your teasing…


  • Shhh, he’s on the phone…
  • And judging from the way his rubbing his temples, it’s a strenuous business concern.
  • You walk into his office to grab a book, but your eyes go straight at him and how tired he looks.
  • He’s been on this deal almost the whole afternoon, shouldn’t he take a little break?
  • You walk towards his desk, going behind his chair as you mess with his hair a little. He finally notices your presence and bring your hand to his, still talking on the phone, but massaging your knuckles.
  • Oh, he is the one who needs a massage… anyway, you take this as an invitation to his lap.
  • “Yes, just hold on for a minute…” he covers the speaker with his hand as he looks at you. “Can I help you with something, my love?”
  • “I’m okay. Not so sure about you, though…” you squeeze his shoulders “So tense… are you okay?” Is this a trick? Are you genuinely concerned or genuinely tempting him?
  • He hopes it’s a little bit of both, and goes back to his phone. “I’ll talk to you later. Something just came up.” Placing his phone in the desk, one hand wraps your hips as the other grabs your chin as he comes closer.
  • “Ju-Jumin!” you pull away a little “What about your work? You can’t just… no, you…” he chuckles as he hugs you again “I suppose a little break won’t do any harm?”
  •  Probably it wouldn’t, but it wasn’t exactly little…


  • There’s something wrong to one of his babies. He spent all day trying to fix it by himself, messing with the gears and engines, then going inside the car and trying to start it. Nothing.
  •  You let him do his thing, but it’s getting kinda late, shouldn’t he get inside now and admit this is a job for a professional mechanic.
  • You were going to tell him that, but seeing him with his hands and face all dirty with grease stirred something in you.
  • “Having problems, buddy?” you lean on the side of the car. “Ughhhh, I’m a genius, MC! Why can’t I fix this?”he sighs in frustration, resting his body dramatically in his seat.
  • Okay, that’s your cue! It’s not exactly comfortable, but you quickly manage to get on his lap, straddling him.
  •  “Ah, honey… I know what you’re doing, but… no, I’m just so tired, I’m…” oh, you’re wearing a skirt, huh?
  •  “Then let’s get inside so you can rest.” You twitch your fingers in the back of his head, playing with the hair.  And he wants to pull away and ask you to stop, he knows he can think of a way of fixing this car, but…
  •  “Are you sure you want to wiggle against me like that, MC? You know I can feel eveeeeerything, right?”
  • He rubs your back up and down before holding your head as he brings his face up, but you tilt away from him “Yeah? So what? You only care about your car, anyway…” you pout.
  • Oh… you fight so dirty sometimes… “I’m so offended you would say this, MC. Guess I’ll have to show you how much I care about you, then.”
  • Now you’re feeling eveeeeerything too.


  •  It’s pretty quiet around your place
  • He’s sitting on the couch, just hanging and messing with his phone.
  • So are you, you’ve been putting some things in place while typing in your phone, walking around with your eye glued on the screen.
  • After you’re done, you decide to sit on the couch, and since he’s so quiet and you’re distracted, you don’t notice the seat you’re going for it’s already taken.
  • “Hey! What are you doing?” “Oh, sorry! I didn’t see you there!” he’s clearly annoyed, but… there is something else…
  •  “Wh… wha…? How could you not have seen me? What is in your phone to keep you hooked like this?” “Oh, just this cool game I downloaded, check it out.” You adjust your legs on top of him.
  • “Whoa! What are you… why are you… still…like this?” oh, he’s not really mad, just super flustered because you never sat on his lap before.
  • “Like this how?” ah, you know you shouldn’t mess with the poor boy like this, but how can you not when he looks so cute? “Like… you know how, your legs and your…” he won’t say ass nor butt, no, he won’t say it! “Just… get out, this is weird!”
  • “Nah, I think I like it…” you wiggle, earning a low whimper from him in response. Oh, he knows what you’re doing… “You’re doing this on purpose, ain’t you?” he places his hand on top of your thighs, his eyes dart down your lips.
  • “What? No! I wasn’t even paying attention on you before!” you laugh, but your giggle soon turns into a gasp as he grips the back of your thighs, moving to get off from under you to get on top
  • “Then I’ll have to make you pay full attention on me this time.”
Yoongi Scenario: Naughty Girl.

Request: Hi can i request a yoongi scenario and the daddy kink? It doesnt have to be smut because i know you dont do that but i really like your writing. something like yoongi being really dominant and possessive but not abusive and the mc being kind of innocent kind of mischievous and playful. I imagine her working at a candy shop or something like that and then a guy starts to work there and he likes the mc so yoongi is vey protectiveand jealous. Idk if this is too much i’m just really thirsty Im sorry

Daddy kink.

Genre: Romance.

You felt Yoongi’s strong gaze from the bathroom’s threshold and blushed, you were getting ready for work and since he was always ready first than you he’d usually watch you. You were a bit self conscious about it since you always wanted to be attractive to him, but at the same time you couldn’t help but love the attention, his eyes following your every move, even if it was just doing simple things like retouching your hair. Smiling mischievously you thought what could make it better and started to hum a tune, something that you had heard in the radio but that undoubtedly must be playing at the disco, a sexy tune and thus you swayed your hips to it like you were distracted.

Suddenly you felt the pair of hands grazing your hips softly just before give them a squeeze.


-You are happy today- he observed lowering his head so he could place a kiss on your shoulder. -A special reason?-

You shrugged, putting the straightener aside to turn still in his grasp. -No reason-

Yoongi hummed. -Such a bad time to be doing these things- he squeezed more and you squealed a little, but you were soon silenced by his lips. -Are you going to move like this while at work?- he asked half teasing half meaning it. 

You knew whether you answered yes or no Yoongi would react, it amused you the idea of saying yes just to play with him, Yoongi wouldn’t take it as lightly though, the thought of him rectifying that attitude made you want to answer positively but you were almost late for work. -No- 

-Good girl- he approved giving you another kiss. -I have to go to the office, let’s get going, go fetch your things-

You nodded, doing as he said. Yoongi always took you to work, first because it was conveniently close to his work place, and then because he wouldn’t just let you go alone, he was very protective and you liked him taking care of you this way.

As he drove there you only listened to the radio, today was a good day and both of you felt very calm with no need of speaking, of course you’d be staring at him from time to time because your boyfriend was beyond hot in his suit, a pleasure to the eyes. 

-Wait until that car moves- Yoongi instructed when you were close of the candy shop were you worked but not quite in front of it where he usually dropped you off.
You nodded, gathering your purse and things to be ready as Yoongi stared at the car ahead and looked curiously to the front of the candy shop, it was very cute, decorated with big real size candy like soldiers.

-Who is that?- Yoongi asked and you frowned not seeing anyone but then you did, a guy was arranging the exhibition outside the store.

-I don’t know, although there would be coming someone of proof period this week, it must be him-

Yoongi stared at the guy for a moment not liking what he saw and then his eyes drifted back to you. -Why didn’t you tell me?-

-I didn’t know he was coming today, and I didn’t know it was going to be a guy- you explained already knowing Yoongi and what he was thinking.

-It’s work…It can’t be helped- he muttered after a few seconds and looked down at his watch. -I have to go, but Y/N you need to be careful alright?- you nodded. -If he gets annoying tell me, don’t get distracted around him, I know you- you giggled at that and Yoongi licked his lips with a stern face which made you stop and nod. -If he gets touchy let me know right away, I’ll come-

You exhaled. -Yoongi, you talk like he’s going to be instantly interested in me-

He groaned annoyed -Do as I say- he answered back ignoring your comment. -Give daddy a kiss-

You obliged, getting closer to him to them put your lips over his, you expected a light kiss but Yoongi’s tongue surprised you, gasping you let it him in, humming when you felt his hands on your body, one on your nape and the other massaging your ribs and one of your breasts. 

-Call me when your shift is over- he said after he let you go.

-Yes- you were still out of breath but Yoongi stared hard at you. 

-Yes what?-

-Yes daddy- you felt excited to call him that, usually you’d reserve it for when you were going to play, in sex, or such times. So calling him that and leaving him made you feel frustrated, already craving to be next to him again.

-That’s a good girl-

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Petals 007#: get well soon, dumpling

#007 - When baby Min got a fever

➽ Character/Genre/words: Min Yoongi x occasional OC | Parenthood!au, Fluff | 1,475 words

➽ a/n: based on my Baby Min headcanons

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Warning: Smut, very very smut. Dom! Namjoon. Slut and daddy kink.
Word: 618

Check out our masterlist here

Originally posted by simondismydaddy

“Daddy, please” you begged.
Namjoon was your boyfriend, and God, he was so fucking hot even in bed.
You just loved when he used to dominate you. And there you were, tied in your bed, naked and soaking wet with his teasing.
“Tell me what you want, baby girl” he teased.

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sheer joy || bill skarsgård

description: in which you’re reunited with the one you love

warnings: none that i know of

notes: holy shit i love dad!bill so much. what’s more adorable than that man w children? nothing, nothing i tell you. i’m in the softest mood ever because of this lmao

Alarm clocks. Who needs ‘em when you have an energetic four year old jumping on top of you the moment the sun decides to shine its rays through the windows? 

Was it always enjoyable? Not particularly. But on this morning, it was welcomed, because along with that little girl’s excitement came an equally as childish excitement of your own, with your eyes fluttering open as a smile reached your face. 

He was coming home today. 

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I Really Missed You

Request: Could I please have a Tom Holland fanfic? Where he shows up at the airport to surprise the reader, who wasn’t expecting anyone and was supposed to catch a cab. And Harrison and Zendaya (who woul be like her bfff) show up and tease the two. I love your blog by the way ❤️ also could you please add a gif for me ?

Pairing: Tom Holland + Reader

Warnings: none! idk I guess i’ll try to make this fluffy but I’m horrible

Notes: this also took forever fml I’m trying to nail all of these tonight I hope this isn’t as terrible as I feel LOL

“Tommy don’t worry about it, I can just see you after.” I was currently on FaceTime with Tom, my boyfriend of just about two months. He had been in New York filming his new movie, Spider-Man: Homecoming, when he out of the blue asked me over a phone call if I had wanted to be his girlfriend. He said he was going to wait until he got home in two months but that he had overheard me on the phone with Zendaya and heard me talking about a boy who had written his number on my Starbucks drink.

He had called me that night and told me not to call Erik, that was his name, and when I asked him why he had simply blurted out, “Because, you’re mine! I thought everyone knew that!” I was shocked to say the least. Tom and I had definitely had a flirty vibe to our friendship, but I thought that’s all he saw in me, a friend to joke around with. So, hearing this made my cheeks flare and my stomach burst. He stumbled over his words, trying to retrieve them, but I laughed it off and told him not to worry about it.

“Tom, you’re right,” he asked what I meant and I smiled before saying, “I am yours. I mean, if you want me to be.” And then he proceeded to say that he was waiting but didn’t want to wait anymore, and although he knew it wasn’t the most romantic of ways to ask me, he just wanted it to be done.

So here we were two months later, I flew out to New York to join him and the cast with the celebration of filming being done, and I was supposed to see Tom as my boyfriend for the first time ever. We had agreed that he and Harrison would pick me up at the airport and we’d drive to the hotel to get ready together for the party. But, Tom had just told me that he and the rest of the cast were called back onto set to film a last minute scene, which resulted in him calling to apologize about a hundred and fifty times.

“I know, babe,” he sighed before continuing, “but this was supposed to be special for us.”

“It still will be! I’ll still see you at the hotel. It’s not like we won’t be able to see each other.” I tried to mask my disappointment, knowing we wouldn’t see each other right away stung just a little bit, but another four hours after two months wouldn’t be too bad.

“How will you get to the hotel?”

“I’ll get a cab.” I heard him softly groan before I heard the overhead come on and a flight attendant say that we were getting ready to land. “Baby, I have to go. We’re landing.”

“Okay, sweetheart.” He sighed again before giving me a toothy smile. “I’ll see you at the hotel in a few hours. Call me back after you get your luggage? I just want to make sure you get to the hotel safe and sound.” I laughed a little before nodding and blowing him a kiss, he pretended to catch it and then winked at me before disconnecting the call.

I sighed as I was sent to Tom’s voicemail for the second time. I hung up and called Harrison, hoping to get him. I sighed in relief when I heard a faint, “Hello?” on the receiving end.

“Haz? Is Tom with you?”

“Hm? Oh, (Y/N), yeah he’s right here.”

“Can I talk to-?”

“Where are you? It’s loud.”

“I’m at the airport, Haz.” I laughed a little, not believing slightly that he forgot I was coming in today. It wasn’t until I focused back on the call that I noticed how loud it was where he is. “Are you on set, Haz?”

“What? Ouch! I mean, yeah. I am. Sorry!”

“It’s so loud.” My eyebrows pulled in, when I heard a distinct shout from behind me. “What the hell?” I muttered, turning around to see a jumping Haz holding his left foot and a twist of pain on his face. I gasped a little seeing Tom doubled over in laughter and Zendaya recording the incident on her phone. She looked up and then hit Tom’s shoulder, pointing toward me. Tom looked up and his laughing ceased, a wide smile taking over his face as he jumped over the luggage to get to me, I let go of my suitcase and ran toward him jumping into his arms as soon as I reached him.

His feet were planted on the ground as he lifted me up. His grip on my waist was deadly but I didn’t care. It was about three minutes of us just hugging before he set me down and he cupped my face. We locked eyes, our smiles never faltering. “God, I missed you.”

“I missed you too, baby.” He whispered before his lips came down to capture mine. His arms dropped down to my waist, winding around and pulling me closer, my feet not touching the ground anymore. My arms found themselves wrapped around his neck, my fingers slightly pulling on the ends of his hair, earning a soft sigh from him.



We pulled apart with heavy breathing to see Harrison and Zendaya both filming our reunion. My cheeks flared a little bit causing me to bury myself into Tom’s neck. I feel his laughter and then feel his hand coming up to my cheek, lifting my gaze. He leaned down to connect our lips again for a few seconds. “I’m really happy you’re here.” He whispered into my mouth.

“Me too, Tommy.”

“Oh! I’m so glad you’re here!”

“Oh, my, Tommy! How I’ve missed you!” I turned again to see Zendaya and Harrison embrace each other dramatically.

I laughed loudly before going up to them and shoving them. “Shut up!”

They laughed too and Zendaya broke away from Harrison to hug me instead.

“I’m glad you’re here, though! I was getting bored without you. And hearing Tom talk about you all the time made me miss you even more!”

I turned to look at Tom, his cheeks turning a pinker shade. I reached my hand out for him to hold, an arm still wrapped around Zendaya’s waist as we walked back to my suitcase, ready to leave the airport.

Tom leaned down to kiss my cheek lightly, his hand squeezing mine. I smiled at him before pecking him again slightly. “Thanks for surprising me.”

He smiled down at me. “I’d do anything to see you, darling.”

Let the game begin

Originally posted by 7thvelvet

Pairing: You / Sehun

Type: very explicit smut

Word count: 4,5K

Summary: Every saturday night you go out, and every saturday night you flirt with some poor guys just to get them to buy you drinks and then you ditch them. Then one night someone sees right through your game.

Another saturday night, another night out. Every saturday night it’s the same deal, you come, you flirt with some poor guy to get you free drinks, you get wasted, you ditch him and you leave. It’s all a game to you.

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Jealous!Tom at the club

a/n: Again I’m sorry anon. This isn’t my best work and I’m so so so sorry if this doesn’t correspond to your expectations. But I’m always open to sins so don’t be afraid to ask me another one.

• you always loved to dance and so did Tom but today he was really tired
• not that you cared because you’re going a club tonight and dance until the sun raise
• Tom would only go to make company and maybe dance a little bit too
• but as you both arrived he sits and order a drink and you know he don’t want to dance
• “Tom, come dance with me”
• “I’m really tired, darling”
• “Toooooooooom”
• “Baby, you can dance alone”
• “I’m going to dance with the first person that appears then”
• “Be my guest, sweetheart”
• you’re a little bit frustrated but you really want to dance
• so you start to move your hips to the pulsating beat of the music
• you feel two hands on your hips pulling you closer to
• turning your head you see a beautiful woman with a bright red lipstick
• she smiles at you and you smile return feeling her fingers moving to your waist softly
• now you’re both moving synchronized to the song and you just let your head rest on her shoulder
• you put your hands above hers and she start to travel the curves of your body
• you didn’t expect for real to dance with someone but now you’re really enjoying it
• you can feel her lips traveling through your neck and jaw leaving a trail of fire
• she’s whispering on your ear how much you’re beautiful and how you stole the attention of everybody on the room in the moment you stared to dance
• she left a kiss on your neck and bite softly where her lips have touched
• you smile at the words and you’re about to tell her that you have a boyfriend when you feel a familiar hand on your forearm pulling you away from the woman
• “Let’s go home, babygirl. I’m really tired”
• but he guide you to the other edge of the club instead
• he turned you around and pressed his your back on his chest
• his right hand grabbed your neck squeezing a little bit harder than usual and his left hand went to your inner tight rubbing your fingers on your panties
• you let a low moan scape and he stopped the simulations
• before you even be able to complain Tom pull your hair making you shiver
• you wanted to provoke him more so you started to move your hips to the beat of the song again
• you’d be able to feel his hard dick and that would make you pull yourself closer to his body
• his hand traveled to the middle of your thighs again making you smile softly
• “This is illegal you know? We could go to jail”
• and with that he started dragging you towards the doors without saying a word
• he was in the driver’s seat and had the key in the ignition before you had even gotten your seatbelt on
• Tom peel out of the parking lot like a thief on the run and now you worried if he’s really angry and the things end in a fight
• the silence was heavy and you’re thinking about proper ways to apologize but then you remember he had a boner and was furious
• that’s the better combination ever
• you watch his Adam’s apple bob looking like he’s looking the right words before start talking and his eyes glued on the road the entire time
• “You are impossible, you know that?”
• his hands holding the week tighter, his knuckles were practically white on the steering wheel
• “Wearing this fucking dress, looking absolutely goddamn delectable. And then dancing with that girl, like you didn’t know what effect that would have.”
• you squirm in your seat and start to think about all the things he’d do to you
• as he pull up to a red light, you made a snap decision to push your lucky until the edge
• your hand land on his knee and you felt the muscle there tense under your touch
• slowly, you began trailing your fingers up his thigh, ever closer to his cock, rock hard and easily visible through pants
• he murmured something and you feel the car jolt under you as his foot press down on the gas
• your hand found his dick and you stroked it through his pants, squeezing your hand and reveling in the feeling of his length so close to you at last.
• “I -”
• he felt in silent and you saw his jaw clench
• “Fuck! I’m trying to drive here!”
• "So drive”
• you shrugged and then put even more focus into your administrations
• he seems to be debating something and then he turned his directional on and took a sharp right onto a much quieter road that you definitely didn’t need to turn down to get home
• you’re about to raise a question when he slowed down and pulled over
• in an instant, you understood what he was doing
• you feel your heartbeat quicken and thought, briefly, that he would definitely be the death of you
• “Backseat. Now.”
• is voice sent a chill down your spine and you obliged, clambering out of your seat and throwing the back door open
• he slid into the middle of the seat and you climbed over him so you could seat yourself on his lap
• both of you let out breathy moans and gasps as your lips met and your hips ground firmly together
• Tom’s hand were on your thighs, pushing your dress up so that he could grope your ass and only be encumbered by your panties
• meanwhile, you were having your own fun marking his neck and rolling your hips against his
• he grabbed the hair on the back of your neck and pull it making your neck exposed
• “I was tired you know? But now I have to fuck you all night until your brains out to remember you who you belong to”
• you let a long moan scape when he attacked your neck hungrily marking all the place with marks that will not disappear for days
• one of his hands would be gabbing your ass and occasionally slapping your cheek and the other would be tangled on your hair making you whine in both pain and pleasure
• he bite specially strong one spot, the same spot that woman left a soft kiss before, making you let a small cry out
• after a few minutes the windows fogged up completely and anyone passing by would have had absolutely no doubt as to what was happening inside
• your hands trailed down Tom’s chest and stomach to his belt
• the buckle was undone and his fly was down in an instant
• you struggled a bit more with popping the button on his pants, mind addled with lust and the couple drinks you had had at the bar, but you got it after a second and managed to pull his cock from his boxers
• your forehead fell against his as you took him in your hand, stroking up and down firmly
• one of his hands left your ass and wrapped around the back of your neck to pull your lips back into his
• you felt like fireworks were going off throughout your entire body, and finally you thought that if you spent one more second without him inside you would actually explode
• you rose up on your knees as best you could with such a low ceiling and pushed your panties to the side
• you twisted on his lap when you feel a slap in your ass that for sure would leave a mark
• you rose up on your knees once again and guided his cock to your entrance
• he grab your hips and pull you down as fast as he could not caring about time to you adjust
• he let out a rapturous moan once you were fully seated on his length and you dug your fingers into his shoulders
• you rolled your hips experimentally and drew long groans from the both of you
• soon you had established an absolutely blissful rhythm but that wasn’t enough for Tom
• he spread his legs so that he had more purchase to thrust up against you and began thrusting up into you
• you whimper feeling him shift beneath you and curse
• small grunts and pleasured moans filled the car as his hips hammered into yours
• you were cut off by a loud moan as he angled his hips just right to completely numb your mind, causing you to see stars
• all you could do was drop your head to his neck and suck hickies and bruises there, hands wandering over his torso and down his arms
• in your haste, you hadn’t even removed his suit jacket or properly moved your dress up
•you shook your head and clashed your mouth to his with a click of teeth, eagerly exploring his tongue with your mouth
• he set his hand to your clit to speed along the process
• the added stimulation was just what you needed
• your orgasm took you with blinding force, causing you to go shaky and limp in Tom’s arms
• the tightening of your walls as you came was enough to send him over the edge as well
• you both panted together, bodies covered in sweat and shivering through the aftershocks of your orgasms
• “Y/N… You know that I’m still angry and I’ll ruin you in a way that you will not be able to walk without remember me right?”

They see you in lingerie for the first time (S.Coups, The8, Wonwoo, Mingyu, Jun)

wow these are getting steamy

Seungcheol is going to be absolutely shameless while checking you out, like he’ll scan your body very carefully and one of his eyebrows will end up rising, and with a smirk tugging at his lips he’d finally look straight into your eyes. “Well, Y/N, that’s… definitely a nice surprise.” He wouldn’t have expected to see you in lingerie despite the two of you talking about it some time earlier, but boy, does he love the sight. He’ll beckon you to go closer to him, and when you’re in his reach, his hands would be all over you and he’d be pulling you even closer, and with his lips pressing to the skin of your chest, he’d mumble, “You look irresistible,” and as one might guess, he’d be very excited to have some fun with you.

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Minghao would initially be a bit surprised, but when you give him a playful smirk and sway your hips a little, he’s gone. “Come here, baby,” would be the only words he’s able to say in that moment, and naturally, you’d do just that. The closer you get, the more Minghao lets his eyes wander on your body, and takes in every little detail of the lingerie and how good it looks on you. By the end, Minghao would be grinning and standing up, pulling you flush against himself. “It should be illegal to look that good.” You nibble on his lower lip while sliding your hand down his stomach, and it’s so obvious he’s impatient to get out of his pants.

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Wonwoo, like the others, would love the sight, and would’ve probably brought up the idea himself. Upon the very first sight, he’d give you a lopsided grin and beckon you to come just a bit closer to him. When you’re close enough, he chuckles. “That’s good. Now, baby…” His voice would be so low that it makes you feel all kinds of things, much like the intense stare he’s giving you. “…could you dance for me a little?” You know exactly what he means, so you put on a show as you do just that, and eventually you end up giving him the lap dance of his life, which ends with him pulling you into a passionate kiss while his hands slide under the sheer material of the lingerie. “Do you have any idea how hot you are?”

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Mingyu would be awestruck and give you the toothiest grin possible, and probably ask, “How did you know I wanted to see you wear that?” At which you playfully roll your eyes, because chances are he’s actually said he was interested in seeing you wear that piece of lingerie at an earlier point in time. All in all he’d be very excited and not shy in the least to tell you just how good you look, and he’d also let you feel how good he thinks you look, in one way or another. Like Jun, he’d also insist on you keeping it on, although chances are he’s going to fiddle with it so that certain areas are more available.

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Jun would’ve bought you the piece of lingerie some time earlier, and probably suggested it earlier that day that you’d wear it. And when you do, he’d be grinning from ear to ear while his eyes practically eat you. “It looks just as good on you as I imagined.” You’d grin at his words and take a seat on his lap while he sits on the couch, and with his hands on your waist, playing with the material of the lingerie, you ask him if he wants to have sex while you wear it. Jun’s Adam’s apple would bob a little, and he’d instinctively push you down on him a little. “Please don’t take it off.”

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c-taylor  asked:

Could you do 15 and 20 with Suga please? I really like your blog by the way


Reader x Suga 

Word count: 1953

Inspired by this prompt list.

Summary: NSFW SMUUUUUUT. So- don’t read if you’re underage or just not ready for all this steamy goodness. I would apologize, but YOLO.

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“No that’s wrong. It was earlier than that!“ Jungkook interrupts Jin’s story about some drunken night they had while Taehyung waves at Yoongi then points at the salt. Yoongi hands it over to him. 

It’s always the same. Dinner with Yoongi’s band mates starts with casual conversation and ends with at least two of them arguing over the facts of a story while the others shovel food into their mouths. You didn’t mind though. You were used to it now and it made you feel closer to Yoongi. These boys spent days on the road with him so they were bound to come as part of the package.  

You did start to feel uncomfortable when the topic shifted to places they had sex. It was like a competition ensued between Jimin and Jungkook as they tried to out smart each other with wilder and wilder places. Jin ignored them while shoving some noodles in his mouth.  

“What’s the wildest place you guys have had sex?” Namjoon suddenly asks you and Yoongi, causing you to blush. 

“Hey inappropriate,“ Jin points out, jumping to your aid.  

"Right sorry,” Namjoon mumbles, “oh there was this one time on a roller coaster,” he adds to Jimin and they all start their conversation up again. You nod your thanks to Jin who simply smiles and returns to his food. 

“Hmm what is the wildest place?” Yoongi muses, lips against your ear so only you can hear him. You blush. You don’t know. You weren’t unadventurous, but most of your kinks were acted out in the bedroom. Yoongi didn’t realize it but his lips on your ear were really turning you on and you found yourself crossing your legs.  

"What would you do if I touched you here?“ He asked and your face turned to look at him in shock. Had he really just said that? Your body erupted in goosebumps at the mere thought. You swallowed, darting your eyes around the table to see if anyone was watching the two of you. “Now is not the time for that.”

Yoongi seemed to notice your reaction and it seemed to please him. He ignored your words and dropped his hands from the table down to your leg. You flinched. He shoved your leg, forcing them to uncross, and trailed his fingers over the fabric of your skirt. Ugh he was such a tease sometimes. You had pictures of his hot, naked body in your head and it wasn’t helping you keep your cool. You could feel your cheeks burning. 

He slowly inched his fingers closer to your core and you stiffened as he brushed over it. Nobody seemed to notice and he began to rub harder, pressing the fabric of your clothes against your sex. God it felt good and the risk just made you more aroused. You could barely sit still so you picked up your food and ate it while squirming in your seat. 

Yoongi smirked, knowingly. This boy was so infuriating. You wanted to kiss that smirk right off his smug face but you were side tracked by him slipping his hand up your skirt. Really? He was going to do this right here?  

You choked suddenly as he slid his finger in to your panties then curled it inside you. He only just had room to slip it in. Everyone looked at you as you struggled to breathe and your face turned red. “You okay, Y/n?” 

You simply coughed, nodding your head, and took a drink of water. Jungkook seemed to believe you, turning back to their conversation. Yoongi looked ridiculously smug right now. You wanted to get him back but there was no sly way that you could feel him under the table. 

"You’re going to regret this when we get home,” You growled lowly.  He chuckled as you struggled to hold back your heavy breathing. He pulled his finger out just a bit, using the heel of his hand to brush where you needed him most. You shoveled your mouth with food to disguise the moans that kept dropping from your mouth. “This food is great,” you exaggerated as Yoongi smacked down on your clit roughly. You could feel your core shiver with arousal and your hairs stood on end as that trickling sensation started to float down your bloodstream. You were getting closer and closer and the thought of coming at this table horrified you. 

You crossed your legs and wriggle a little, trying to pry Yoongi away but he simply gripped your knee and separated your legs again. He leaned in to your ear.  "You going to cum, baby?“ He whispered, "you gonna cum for me in front of my friends?”  

“No,” You huffed, using every bit of your will power as you threw his hand away from you. Your eyes darted around the table to check to see if anyone was watching, before pushing yourself up from the table and heading to the bathroom.

It took Yoongi a total of 5 excruciating minutes, before he pushed open the bathroom door and locked it behind him. “Who told you that you were excused?”

You clenched, the dark look in his eyes telling you that you were in for it. “I’m sorry, sir.”

“You’re sorry?” He laughed, “I was being good to you, baby girl, but now I think I’ve changed my mind.”

He took two steps away from the door, grabbing you by the hair as he pulled your lips to his. His mouth drank down your moans, his tongue darting in to claim your own. “On your knees.”

“Yes sir,” you whimpered, sinking down in front of him. The cold tile dug into your knees, but when he began unbuckling his belt, your mind was focused on a completely different kind of pain. His dick was red and painfully hard, pre-cum already dripping down his head to show you just how crazy his antics at the dinner table had made him. Who knew Yoongi would have an exhibitionist kink. 

“Open you mouth for me,” he growled, jerking himself a few times, before pushing past your lips. You moaned at the taste of him, watching as his eyes fell shut, your tongue providing the relief he was desperately seeking. You pulled away from him, licking up and down each side of his member, before sinking back down on him and hollowing your cheeks. 

“That’s it baby,” he breathed, his eyes opening to watch you bob up and down for him. “You look so good with my fucking dick in your mouth.”

You moaned, clenching your legs together as you sought some sort of relief. You were throbbing painfully at this point, your near orgasm from before still just beyond reach. You swirled your tongue around him, trying your best to please him, so he would reward you. 

“So good for me, baby girl.” He breathed, hips bucking into your mouth as he tried to get you to increase your pace. “Use your fingers, baby.”

You sighed with relief, pulling away from him only to allow him to watch you sink down onto your fingers. Your eyes rolled back at the feeling, the delicious stretch exactly what you needed to fuel the raging fire inside of you. “Fuck, you’re so sexy, get back over here.”

He gripped your hair, forcing you all the way back down, his dick making you gag and your eyes water. “Take it for me baby girl, I know you can take it.”

You forced yourself to relax, breathing through your nose as his dick twitched in your throat. He pulled away slowly, relishing in the feeling of you clenched around him, before picking up his pace from before. “I didn’t tell you to stop fucking yourself, did I?” 

You moaned around him, pumping your fingers in and out desperately. “Curl your fingers for me, show me how you touch yourself when I’m on tour.”

You did as he instructed, your fingers stroking your g-spot and making you scream around him. His hips began to move desperately, his grip in your hair pulling harder than before. You knew he was close and the fire dancing through your stomach was getting harder to tame. Your moans were unstoppable, the feeling of your wet walls on your fingers as Yoongi filled your mouth were too much. He hadn’t given you permission yet, but you were going to go crazy if he didn’t let you cum soon. 

“Fuck,” He groaned, slamming back into your mouth fully as his white hot heat released. He pumped slowly in and out of your mouth two more times, before pulling away from your mouth. “Look at you, loosing yourself to just the way my dick feels in your mouth.”

You were desperate, your body riding your hand as drool dripped down onto your neck. “Please, sir, please let me cum.”

“Give me your fingers,” he instructed, his hand reaching for yours impatiently. You whined, pumping faster, so close to your delicious high. “Do as I said, baby girl, or you’ll regret it.”

You whimpered, letting Yoongi have your hand, the sudden emptiness enough to make your eyes fill with tears. He liked your fingers clean, his dark eyes never leaving yours. “You’ve been good for me baby girl, get on the counter.”

You jumped onto your feet, quickly pushing your back against the cold mirror. Yoongi chuckled at your desperation, licking his lips as you spread yourself for him. “You’re such a dirty girl, y/n. So desperate for me to fuck you in this bathroom, aren’t you?”

“Yes, sir,” you whimpered. 

He sunk to his knees, sliding your ruined panties off of your thighs, before pulling your clit in between his lips and sucking. You moan, throwing your head back at the contact. His lips are so soft and warm around your clit, that when he adds his tongue in the mix you can feel your legs shaking. He moves his tongue against you so quickly that you can’t hold back from gripping his hair between your fingers and bucking your hips into his mouth wildly. He grips your hips to keep you from moving, trailing his tongue down to your entrance and pushing in. 

You moan loudly, “Ah fuck, Yoongi, right there.”

His tongue enters you a few more times, before trailing back up to your clit, his fingers slipping in effortlessly. He wastes no time, curling them and sucking your clit into his mouth harshly. His rough movements causing his name to fall past your lips over and over again. When he looks up at you, you can see your wetness around his mouth, his eyes looking so hungrily at you that you feel the white hot band inside of you snap. “That’s it baby girl, cum for me.”

And that’s all you needed to hear as you lose yourself in your orgasm, fist tightening in his hair as your hips buck into his face twice, before he’s pulling away from you and letting you taste yourself on his lips.  

“Ah fuck,” A voice jerks you out of your post orgasm haze, your eyes darting to the door as you scramble to hide behind Yoongi. “You guys should really lock the door.”

“Get out, Kookie,” Yoongi chuckled, not even phased. Jungkook scrambled to shut the door behind him, his eyes darting over your body just before it shuts. 

Yoongi turns to look at your embarrassed cheeks, “Why are you hiding behind me? Let him see how good I fucked you.”

“I thought you locked the door,” you squeaked.

“Oops,” he smirked. 

Unconfident Daryl

Daryl Dixon tells you he has a confession before one of your week long supply trips with Maggie, but once you return, Daryl seems a little hesitant to go through with it.

  • Daryl Dixon x Reader
  • 2024 Words
  • Warnings: Cussing, talk of sex.

The supply run was a complete bust, only arriving back at Alexandria with a few items on the list of things needed, plus a few things that weren’t listed. At this point, you couldn’t be too picky. Most towns were bare of anything salvageable and most runs took anywhere from two weeks to two months.

You fiddle with the small box in your hands, twisting it between your fingers as the truck pulls through the gates, seeing a very familiar face directing Maggie where to park. Abe was smiling, though you weren’t quite sure how to feel about that smile on his face. It was hard to pick Abraham sometimes, never knowing what was going through his mind.

“Find anything useful?” Abe asks, strolling over to your window and peering inside. He notices the box in your hand and raises an eyebrow. “That?”

“Shut up.” You push your door open and jump from the truck, landing on your feet perfectly. “It’s a gift.” You state as you walk by the ginger and help Maggie unload the bags. It wasn’t much, just a few cans of food and maybe there was a diaper bag in there for Judith. At this point, it was hard to remember what you grabbed.

“Hey!” Carl ran over, his hat sitting atop his head as usual, with a giant smile plastered across his cheeks. “Find any games?” He asked eagerly. The boy had been asking for any kind of entertainment for months now, since they found him a small gaming device that still worked, but only for the next couple of weeks. There was no way to charge it, bringing the fun to an end quickly for the growing boy.

Maggie’s lips turn down and she gently shakes her head at the young boy that had somehow passed her height. “Not this time, buddy.”

That doesn’t seem to bring Carl’s mood down too much. He grins, agreeing that next time they would have luck, and ran off to play with one of the other kids.

“What is with everyone?” You ask Maggie as you take the bags up to the kitchen. “It’s like a damn Hallmark movie up in here.”

Maggie laughs at your comment, nodding ever so slightly at the thought of such a happy life. “Wouldn’t that be nice? I can only remember the WalMart baby, though.”

“WalMart baby!” You giggle.

As you two talk about the movie, you come up to Daryl’s house. The garage door is open, revealing his precious motorcycle sitting in pieces. Though that wasn’t exactly what caught your attention. No, what caught your attention was the Dixon ass poking out from the hood of one of the old supply trucks. You knew it had run out of gas some time back and blown some sort of fuse. Daryl was asked weeks ago to fix it.

You feel your legs slow down as you got closer, wanting to linger just a little bit to watch as his butt wiggles in the air as he cussed at the engine and made a loud clanking sound with his tools.

Maggie gave you a small push toward the man and, with a wink, took the bag from you. She scurries off to meet Glenn, Rick, and Abe.

Feeling your heart race against your chest, you decide that now was the time. You make your way over to Daryl, the man you’ve had a crush on since you laid eyes on him. It was unsure why, seeing as you hardly dated before the apocalypse, leaving you a bit confused when it came to dating.

Not that you weren’t good looking or anything of the sort. Honestly, you always felt confident in your looks, especially without making yourself up and dressing in those frilly dresses all the girls used to wear. You were naturally pretty, you just weren’t into the dating scene all too much. Guys were never on top of your list.

“Son of a–!” Daryl pops his head up, sucking on his index finger as he whips around and catches you staring at him. His body tenses up as he slowly lets his finger fall from his lips, his eyes squinting, trying to figure you out as quickly as possible.

“I brought you something.” You force a smile onto your lips. Daryl was your crush, and Daryl liked to flirt back, but you always thought that was Daryl, giving in to your little game. You never thought he was serious about it, never. He would always make fun of the way you were looking at him, giving him the ‘fuck me’ look and licking your lips every time he rearranged his junk in front of you. You were completely and utterly smitten by this man.

“Me?” The words came out in a low growl, the very same growl that made your skin crawl and that smile to spread across your cheeks. “What is it?”

With a swift movement, you hand him the pack of cigarettes you knew he likes, unopened and with a working lighter tied around it. “Found it in the house we raided. Thought you could use it.” You shrug, remembering Daryl telling you a while ago that he was in need of a good smoke.

Daryl nods a thanks, though his lips remain in a thin line and his shoulders still look tense.

“What’s wrong?” You ask, not able to shake off the fact that Daryl was the only one in town that hadn’t smiled at you yet, or hardly given you much of a look at all. “Everyone else is in a good mood.”

A cigarette between his teeth already, Daryl lights it quickly and takes a long drag, fluttering his eyelids closed as he took in his nicotine. He breathes the smoke out, blowing it out of the corner of his mouth so it didn’t catch in your face. “Dunno.”

“What’s going on between us?” You bring your voice down, knowing that anyone could be eavesdropping.

He pocketed the pack and slips the stick between his fingers. “Not sure what you mean.” He grumbles and looks back inside the engine of the truck, clearly avoiding the subject.

A little bit of courage bursts inside you. You cross your arms over your chest. Maggie was right—you needed to talk to Daryl about this. All the mixed signals were getting in the way of something that could potentially be great.

“Just before I left, you acted like you wanted to tell me something and now you’re doing your best to push me away.” You point out the obvious, wishing you hadn’t the moment the words left your lips.

Daryl looks up at you, the cigarette hanging between his teeth as he flicks his eyes up to meet yours. His lips are still in a thin line and his jaw clenches. “That was before I started thinkin’, doll. I ain’t got nuthin’ to say.” And he went back to his tinkering.

“Daryl.” You say sternly, standing your ground and promising yourself not to back down now. “Why can’t we just have a normal conversation?”

“There ain’t nuthin’ worth sayin’.” Daryl flicks the bud onto the ground and stomps it out with the heel of his boot. His hair falls into his face, but he doesn’t push it back. It gives him a little cover from the truth.

Anger shot through you and you ball your left hand into a fist, ready to slam it on the hood of the nearest car. “Before I left, you started to say something. I want to know what that something was.” You demand him. “If it has anything to do with this age gap then—“

“Age gap?” His eyes move back, meeting yours as he straightens his back up and crosses his arms. His muscles flex and relax again, giving you a little shiver down your spine. You loved when Daryl went sleeveless and showed off those curvy arms of his. “Fuckin’ age gap? I don’t care ‘bout no age, Y/N.”

‘Then what is it?” You were no longer quiet, you raise your voice to get a point across. You wouldn’t let him go until he gave you an explanation this time. Daryl was a quiet man, likes to stick to himself, but he wouldn’t be able to just bury his emotions now.

Daryl shifts his weight from one foot to the other and kicks at a pebble on the ground, allowing his arms to fall at his sides. He turns his nose up to the sky just before he opens his mouth and tries to think of a way to answer that will both satisfy you and keep him out of trouble. “I can’t afford to lose you.”

That should have been something sweet shared between two lovers. Coming from a Dixon, it was much more. The sound of him saying those words to you melts your heart, even though you were still upset with him, it made this a little easier.

“You won’t lose me.” You smile, assuring the man.

Daryl looks up, his cheeks turning a deep shade of red at the realization of what he said. “Forget it.” He growls and returns to his job.

Maybe it was the adrenaline, but you found yourself padding over to Daryl and wrapping your arms around his waist from behind. It was something you’ve dreamt of doing for weeks now. To feel his skin against yours, that was much needed. “You won’t lose me.”

He grabs both your wrists and shoves you off him, carefully. You drop your hands to your sides and it feels like your heart was ripped from your chest. Daryl watches you with his eyes narrowed and his chest heaving like a wild dog getting ready for an attack.

“If I let you get close, I’ll end up losing you.”

He wasn’t making any sense to you. You tilt your head to the left and let your own hair fall in your face, not bothering to push it aside. “If you let me closer, we can have a good time.”

“I’m too rough.” He rumbles.

“Rough?” You blink your eyes a couple of times, still very confused. “I can handle that.”

Daryl savagely shakes his head and flings his hair everywhere. “Naw. Naw, you can’t and I’m not allowing myself to take a chance.”

It takes you another minute to understand what Daryl was rambling about. You assumed, at first, he meant he was rough around relationships, hardly knowing how to be in one. Now, you were realizing he wasn’t talking about just the relationship. Daryl was scared of physically hurting you.

“I fuck up too bad.” Daryl goes on, but he didn’t seem to realize you were slowly moving closer to him, taking the final five steps to close the space between the two of you.

“Fuck me up, Daryl.” You purr, pressing your chest to his and leaning up on your tiptoes just a little. “Show me how you’re an animal in bed.”

Daryl gulps and his eyes flick from your eyes to your lips, all the way down to your breasts which are placed against his chest, wanting to pop out of that shirt you were wearing. He’s thinking hard on it, wanting to resists but at the same time, loving the challenge. The spark ignited in his eyes, shining through as he grabbed your waist with enough force to leave a bruise for weeks. You squeak and grab hold on the front of his shirt and wait until he crashes his lips into yours, not caring who saw, not caring that he was a bit sloppy at first.

Daryl Dixon was finally yours, rocking your world, promising you that he would get better with the boyfriend thing eventually. You loved his little fuck ups, though. The way he wasn’t sure how to comfort you other than to hold you and kiss your forehead or the way he awkwardly held your hand whilst walking down the street, unsure if he wanted the whole of Alexandria to know who he was seeing every night, bruising to the high heavens.

Request: I don’t wanna miss a thing

Request: Can you please write a happy imagine where happy is spending time with you and the baby can it be sooo fluffy

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You woke up early but feeling well rested. It was a miracle, your baby girl hadn’t cried once during the night. You should go check on her but when you turned on your back you saw why she hadn’t cried. Your husband, Happy, was by your side and your little girl was laying on his naked chest, peacefully sleeping.

“Morning”, Happy whispered and opened his eyes. He wasn’t sleeping of course. He probably had watched you and the baby sleep all night.

“Morning”, you whispered back and propped your body up to kiss him. You noticed the bedside crib by his side too and raised an eyebrow.

“I heard her fussing after you fell asleep and decided to bring her here”, he explained, “She slept like an angel and you had a good night sleep too babe”

“You are the best husband and dad Happy Lowman”, you said, earning a bashful smile from him too, “Just don’t get her used to it. I know she’s a daddy’s girl but she has to sleep on her own crib and bedroom”

“I know”, Happy sighed, making you smile as you got up and walked to the bathroom. You knew Happy thought he was missing things as he worked hard at TM and for his MC and that made him a bad father, so he tried to make it up every chance, every extra second he could get with you and your baby. He hasn’t realized yet there was nothing to make it up to you two.


Happy was talking on the phone as you finished breakfast, but his eyes never left the little girl on her swing for a second. You smiled as you put a plate in front of him and he hung up the phone, “Jax said we have the day off”

“That’s great honey!”, you pecked his lips and poured coffee on your cups.

“Yes it is”, Happy smiled at you and looked at the baby, “And I get to spend it with my girls. What you wanna do babe? I can help you clean, watch her…”

“Thank you Hap”, you caressed his arm, “But I cleaned the house just fine and I had plans to go out today”. Happy creased his brow as he listened to you, “She’s old enough to go out Hap, she needs fresh air and sun… We could go to the park”

“No”, Happy just said and began to eat.

“Hap…”, you sighed.

“No”, he looked at you again but you just stared back until he sigh and rolls his eyes, “People will try to touch her. Look at her, she’s adorable! And I don’t want her exposed to all the germs”

“Oh Happy Lowman, you’re a softy”, you laughed, “Nothing bad will happen and you will be with us all the time. I doubt someone will dare to come any closer”


Happy growled and complained but you dragged him out of the house with your baby girl and dog. Reaper, your dog, was in the backseat with your baby and looking happy to go out too. You smiled at them and at your grumpy husband driving. At the park, nobody would come closer as you had predicted. Happy had the baby in the carrier and a “Do Not Come Closer or Touch the Baby” glare.

“Smile Lowman”, you glanced at your husband, “Just a little bit”

“We should have stayed home”, he muttered, “Watch cartoons or something”

You just rolled your eyes and continued to walk. Your dog was sniffing the air and obediently walking by your side. Your baby was just looking at everything in this new place. Happy talked to her and she looked up at her dad, making your husband finally smile. You walked for a while and found a place to sit. Happy let your dog run and played with him while you and your baby watched them. He kept an eye on your two all the time and seemed to actually enjoy the morning outside. You were just putting your phone away when Happy walked back to you.

“Time to go home?”, he asked, kneeling to give water to your dog.

“Nope”, you said, “It’s time to go to grandma’s for lunch”


Your old man looked happier as you greeted his mother and she held her granddaughter. Family was everything to Happy and you knew paying his mom a visit would make his day off even better. He insisted on helping to set the table and serve lunch, making you and your mother in law glance at each other and smile. As soon as Happy sat by the table, your baby girl screeched for him.

“She’s a daddy’s girl indeed”, his mother said, making Happy smile from ear to ear. You told her about your morning and Happy just listened you two talk, protectively holding his baby. You glanced at father and daughter talking and felt happy to see your old man relax for once.

After lunch, you went back home and Happy carried your baby girl to her crib for a nap. Reaper laid on a rug by the crib and Happy petted his head, “Good boy. Watch our girl for me”. You held his hand and pulled him to the bedroom. You snuggled in bed, Happy’s head on your stomach and his arm around you.

“You should get some sleep”, you caressed his back, “You watched us all night”

“I didn’t”, Happy muttered.

“We will be right here when you wake up”, you softly traced the tattoos on his skin.

“I don’t wanna miss a thing”, your old man admitted, “I wanna be a good dad”

“You won’t miss anything”, you reassured him and felt Happy relaxing, “And you already are the best dad”

Shy Alibi - Jungkook

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Group: BTS
Member: Jungkook
Type: smut
warnings: sexual content, quicky

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He was constantly fiddling with the hem of his dark blue botton-down shirt, nervously looking around him. You watched him from across the table, amused by his uneasiness. His shoes were tapping to an uptempo rhytm to try and calm down his nerves, but it wasn’t much use. He kept glancing at the entrance of the restaurant every time he noticed someone came in to confirm their reservation, only to find they were not the people he was waiting for. He stifly pressed his lips together, clapping his hands on his lap, along with the rhytm his feet were making.

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Suzanne overhears something she shouldn’t have, but is so glad she did. Takes place over the Madison Fourth of July weekend.  For @lastknownwriter <3

The garage. Yes! Suzanne finally remembered where she put the citronella candles. The garage. After that, she’d be all set for the guests who would be arriving in an hour. She closed the kitchen sink cabinet and headed toward the garage.

As she approached the back screen door, she heard hushed voices coming from the yard.

It must be Jack and Dicky, she thought with a smile and then stopped dead in her tracks when she realized what she was hearing.

“I just… I just want you to hold me, and – and never let me go.”

Suzanne’s eyes grew wide as she heard Dicky’s voice. Oh sweet Mary! No, Dicky. Don’t do it! Suzanne had suspected Dicky was carrying a torch for Jack. Who wouldn’t? And she wanted to talk to Dicky about it for so long, but then that would mean she’d have to tell Dicky she knew he was gay. Or suspected. But every magazine article she’d read said wait for your child to approach you. To tell you. So, she waited. And waited, and waited. And now her poor boy was about to have his heart broken.

“Never. I’ll never let you go.”

Wait… hold on, that was Jack’s voice. He’ll never let him go? What? Suzanne tiptoed closer to the window and peered out. Jack and Bitty were on the swing, which sat alongside the house.

She saw Jack reach out and place his hand on top of Dicky’s. The old swing creaked slowly.

“It’s killing me not being able to just kiss you and hold you tight, every time you’re near me.”

Dicky smiled and looked down at their hands.

“I know. Me too, honey. Every time I see you walk into a room, I just want to jump into your arms. I’ve missed you so much.”

Was this real? Her son and Bad Bob Zimmermann’s son were dating? How long had this been going on? Who pursued whom? Jack wasn’t straight? Her son – her baby – and Jack Zimmermann? And clearly, they were into each other.

“Me too, Bits. Me too. Thank god for the calls and Skype, but nothing beats this,” Jack said as he stroked Bitty’s forearm.

Suzanne wasn’t sure when she had stopped breathing, but her brain kickstarted itself and forced her to take a deep, deep breath. Bits. He called Dicky “Bits.” Oh, that’s sweet. His little Bits. Suzanne pushed in a bit closer; the gauzy curtains stroked her face as they billowed in and out.

“I wish you could come back home with me. Now. This weekend.”

“Sweetheart, you know I want that more than anything but I have camp and then… what would I tell my parents?”

Suzanne, placed her hand over chest and inhaled.

“That I love you. That I want to be with you… always.”

“You… you love me?” Dicky asked wide eyed.

Jack looked adoringly into Dicky’s eyes, and nodded.

“I’ve been wanting to say that for weeks now, Bits, but it just didn’t seem right to do it over Skype.”


“Yes,” Jack said as he pulled in closer.

“I love you, too,” Dicky said softly. “So much.”

“I wish I could kiss you right now,” Jack said leaning in just slightly.

“No… someone might see.”

Suzanne frowned. Oh, these poor boys. Bless their hearts, she wished she could tell them it was okay, but she supposed she was back to the waiting game.

“I guess I’ll have to wait till tonight,” Jack said with a smirk.

Dicky laughed, and playfully slapped Jack on the chest.

“And could you be a little more quiet this time? I swear, you almost woke up the entire house last night sneaking into my room. Lord!”

Suzanne frowned. Okay, what‽ Love was sweet and all, but there would be no hanky panky in her house. No sir.

“Boys!” she called out and watched Jack and Dicky jump apart. Bless. Their. Hearts.

“Can you bring in the citronella candles that are on the shelf next to the window in the garage? And then I need some help with a couple things.”

“Yes, mama!” Dicky replied flustered as he stood.

Jack quickly ran his hand down Dicky’s back. Dicky turned and smiled at Jack who mouthed I love you

Dicky threw a kiss to Jack then pulled him out of the swing and led him toward the garage.

Suzanne shook her head and smiled, in spite of herself. Despite the nighttime shenanigans, she was thrilled for Dicky.

Her son had found love, and clearly it had found him.

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