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Avoiding my studies like Prompto avoiding battles by taking selfies 😂
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[NEW HERO – COMING SOON] Introducing Sombra | Overwatch

Check out this video to see Sombra in action! (Also sneak peek at the highlight intros at 0:35 and 1:08).


NEW VIDEO: what did you dress up as for halloween?

honestly god fucking bless Mike Stamford cause if it weren’t for him our two broken sons would never have met and we wouldn’t have the best love story in tv history

So I got to meet Tyler again tonight after the show. He was such a sweetheart for coming out and taking pictures with everyone! When I went up to him I told him that I printed out all of the FPE papers and passed them out to everyone and he said that he really appreciated it and loved seeing them held up during Goner. So I asked him if he could hold the last sign up in the picture and he said that we should hold it together. The show tonight was INCREDIBLE and I’m so happy right now, I can’t even describe how much I love this band. Happy birthday Tyler |-/ @twentyonepilots @fpeproject




It’s a miracle my cat even tolerates me.

Vine by Eeliah


Selena Gomez’s videos posters/movie style/cover

“Sometimes you’ll have moments where you’ll feel weak, they are supposed to encourage you, they are supposed to motive you and push you. Whenever you have a goal, people are going to bring you down, I always tell people that if you have something you fell passionate about, don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t do it”

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Don’t tell me if I’m dyin, cause I don’t want to know…

And don’t wake me cause I’m dreaming, of angels on the moon. Where everyone you know never leaves too soon..