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Cux I’m really an evil person to the core. <3 

Am sorry but as much as I like Gabe, I like torturing him even more hence I regret nothing. Once again, angst76 shit. :3

Enhanced 2x09 “Scottish Barbarian” Scene

FTGO! Ch. 59 Spoiler

So, between having more hours at work and messing up, I’m probably not going to update until next week. :/ I’m really sorry, but hopefully this little spoiler helps? For those that don’t know, all new multi-chapter updates aren’t sending out notifications. I’m going to wait until they fix that issue, otherwise the 586 followers I have for FTGO! won’t get a notification if I updated sooner. 

Also! I will be barely on Tumblr for the next week or so to avoid Dragon cry’s spoilers. I’ll still check messages and reply to asks, but I won’t be very active. Hope you understand!

“You’ll do better next time,” Natsu reassured after Lucy took her seat next to him. 

She sighed. “Probably not. I wasn’t good at bowling the last time I tried it either.”

Lucy jolted when she felt something on her back. She quickly looked behind her, seeing Natsu was yanking his hand away from her. “S-sorry! I-I was gonna pat your back.”

She saw his cheeks growing red as he swallowed, his green eyes wide and full of panic. Lucy shook her head, breathing out a sigh of relief. “You’re fine. You just surprised me.” She didn’t expect him to touch her. He hadn’t been that affectionate lately, save the hug he gave her Wednesday after school and the hand holding earlier today. 

“You can pat my back,” Lucy said, leaning towards him. “I promise I don’t mind.” Truthfully, she wanted the contact. They hadn’t kissed in almost a week, not even a peck on the cheek. She wouldn’t pressure Natsu to do anything he didn’t want to, but that didn’t mean she was thrilled about not being touched. At least hand-holding wasn’t off limits, though she had to wait for him to initiate it for fear of crossing a line. 

Patience. She had to be patient. 

“Okay,” Natsu whispered, settling his hand on her back again, giving it a light pat before pulling it back to his lap. He smiled, more to himself than her, but she enjoyed the sight regardless. 

“Thanks,” she said, hoping he would feel comfortable touching her again, even if it was a simple pat on the back. Every little improvement helped.

  1. Concrete answers will not come weekly. Instead we will get little teasers to the endgame in the final 9 episodes, but these teasers won’t make sense until (we do some theorising and) we see the series finale. Nonetheless, the final 9 episodes will be entertaining as hell even without concrete answers until the 10th episode. 
  2. I don’t whole heartedly believe the finale will be as satisfying as everyone says. “I didn’t even know it was possible” said Ashley, and Keegan said it’ll put the show down in TV history. I’m not being negative, I’m being realistic. I really do think it’ll be a solid series finale which answers all of the post time-jump questions, don’t get me wrong. But I definitely think everyone’s comments as to the degree of satisfaction are a bit too extreme. 
  3. We will not get any answers regarding pre time-jump, other than why Sara Harvey was Black Widow and Red Coat. Halloween train, who was in Jason’s house, why was there blood in Jason’s trash, who was the blonde with Mona watching Hanna in 5A, Garret saying he knows who took Ali’s body, etc - these will not be answered. Don’t forget, we only get answers to “everything we (the writers) could REMEMBER”. 
  4. AD will be either Bethany Young, Spencer’s twin, Melissa Hastings, Alison DiLaurentis or another one of Mary’s secret children.
  5. AD has not been pulling the strings since season 1. After 5 years of peace, they became A only because Charlotte was killed.
  6. AD’s helpers will be Jenna, Noel and Wren.
  7. The letters A and D are Uber A’s initials: A_____  Drake/DiLaurentis or the REAL Alison DiLaurentis (this could be the big twist that Ashely “never thought was possible”). 
  8. AD’s motive will be as simple as avenging Charlotte’s death. AD thinks the girls voted to have Charlotte released from the hospital, just so that they can kill her. I’ve written (and seen) theories with far greater and complex motives, but I’m being realistic. PLL always focuses on the ‘who’, and never on the ‘why’. I’m not expecting much on the motive, at all.
  9. AD will die.
  10. Jessica killed Mary in 4x24 and who we are seeing now is Jessica pretending to be Mary.
  11. I will not be shocked if Charlotte is alive.
  12. But if Charlotte is dead, her killer will be either AD themselves, Melissa, Mona, Jessica or Spencer’s twin.
  13. Melissa was being framed as Charlotte’s killer in 6B. She was sending the emoji texts to find someone else to take her spot. 
  14. Charlotte was lying during her reveal in 6x10. She dramatised her story so that the girls will feel bad for her and tell the judge in 5 years that they’re not afraid of her. Charlotte pushed Marion, not Bethany. 
  15. They will not clear the plot holes as to why Charlotte needed a visitor’s pass to see Mona and how she was prom queen if she was locked in Radley.
  16. Wren might be Archer’s brother/cousin. 
  17. Wren might be related to Bethany.
  18. Wren was the British person speaking to Mary on the phone in 7x01. It wasn’t Archer as Archer was rejecting Mary’s calls for 2 days.
  19. AD’s board game of Rosewood will take them to a different place each episode, culminating in the church, where the AD revelation will take place.
  20. Mona will die in a heroic act to save the girls from the game that she started.
  21. Emily’s eggs are inside Alison which we saw AD plan at the end of 7x02.
  22. Noel killed Sara Harvey.
  23. Noel helped Sara in the dollhouse because he owed something to Charlotte - he did push the girl down the stairs at that party, but he blamed Charlotte for it and so she was kicked out of college for something Noel did.
  24. The girls will live happily ever after and be the best of friends. However, they will each go their separate ways and leave Rosewood - they tried and succeeded for 5 years but then were compelled back to this twisted town. At the end of the finale, they will finally be free to leave.
  25. Ezria, Haleb, Spoby and Emison will be endgame. 
  26. Alison’s final line (the one that was so incredibly hard for Sasha to say) will be either “that’s immortality my darlings” or “friends share secrets. That’s what keeps us close.” 
  27. “He” in “he’s coming for you” will be Archer. They made a point of it in 7A that AD knows what the girls did, so AD will make it look like Archer is alive and coming for revenge (but he’s not). 
  28. AD shot Spencer, not Jenna.
  29. Archer took on the alias Elliot Rollins so that he can flee the country and be with Charlotte. Hence the cash and passports too.
  30. We will find out why Sara was Red Coat and Black Widow. I’m not even going to take a guess. I can’t stand Sara.
  31. Melissa knows that Spencer is a Drake and she, along with Veronica and Peter, has been trying to hide this from her this whole time. “I’ve been protecting you since it started. Since BEFORE IT STARTED”. 
  32. Spencer and Marco will have a lot of (boring) filler time until an event happens that pulls Spoby back.
  33. Ezra will choose Aria over Nicole, obviously.
  34. Emison’s baby will draw them to each other and the commitment it takes will push Paige away.
  35. Haleb are already in a good state now and I think it’ll stay smooth for the final 10 for them. They get to be on good terms a bit longer than other ships because Haleb fans had to sit through Spaleb; this is their reward.
  36. The finale will feature an Ezria and Haleb wedding.
  37. Spoby will elope. 

    That’s all I expect! To summarise: weekly TEASERS to the endgame, but it won’t make sense until the finale. They will not answer many things from pre-time jump other than why Sara helped Charlotte and why Noel was in the dollhouse. The finale will be satisfying, but it won’t go down in TV history. If this post came across negative - I was being realistic instead. I genuinely think these final 10 episodes will be spectacular. But again, not TV-history-worthy. Calm down, Keegan!
Choices - Part 2: I Bet My Life

This one will be out around 8 or 9 pm CET tomorrow. I know it is long overdue. I will do my best to get the 3rd and last part to you a lot quicker. As for now here is a teaser :D 

Choices Masterlist

“Come on. Let’s get you out of here,” Dean smiled, pulling away from you a little before leaning back in, pressing his lips against yours, and you froze.

He felt different somehow, but he was still the same. Maybe it was just your mind playing tricks on you. You hadn’t been in his arms for so long, maybe you had just forgotten what it felt like. You remembered him as being more tender than that. Maybe it was just or imagination, or maybe the rougher, more demanding feel of his kiss had to do with the Mark. Maybe it was just him being angry you left like that but unable to express it to you in any other way. Still, something was holding you back. You had to make sure. So when Dean helped you back on her feet, you stopped him by grabbing his wrist and forcing him to face you again.

“Thank you for coming to my rescue, Captain,” you smiled at him, praying he would give you the right answer.

“Of course sweetheart,” Dean smiled back at you, and you fought your tears, telling yourself this could mean two things. You had no idea which you wanted it to be, but you had to know.

“I still love you, Dee,” you let out a slight sob with your words, and Dean’s expression softened as he stepped closer to you.

“I love you too, Y/N/N,” Dean spoke as he started leaning in, but just like that, you moved. You knew the man in front of you wasn’t Dean. You had no idea what or who he was but you felt sick to her stomach as you replayed the feel of his lips on yours over and over in your mind. Your fury made you stronger, and your knee collided with his crotch with immense force. The man instantly fell to the floor, moaning in pain.

“Y/N what the…” he started before you kicked him in the stomach silencing him again.

“You’re not my Dean,” you hissed before kicking the imposter again.

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It doesn't seem like there will be an MV for this Op. 2 release? I'm surprised no tittle track has been mentioned either.... or do you think we'll get that info as more teasers come out?

it’s too early to tell. all sm confirmed yesterday was the release date - likely because they were still juggling with the release of yesung’s mini album, which came out a few hours afterward. but now that that’s in the clear jonghyun will be the only focus for sm over the next week (minus the next station release) so we’ll have more information out in the coming days.

mimeticeternity replied to your post “get out” drama”


HAHAHA it hasn’t been officially released yet, nor is it really about malec!!

if you wanna see it here it is. it does have a little malec moment but there are actually a lot of interesting things going on it.
i honestly didn’t think they would show us as much sebastian as they did! and yeah there will be a bunch of malec angst but whatever, it’ll only make the sweet moments sweeter <3

EDIT: the link/video has been deleted bc of legal reasons.

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Hola! This is your friendly neighborhood Belle stopping by to gush and awe over how perfect you are. Your blog is outstanding and you have an incredible concept and understanding of your muse. I love seeing you my dash and I feel lucky to have you as a mutual. I truly hope you are having a wonderful day and that you show us those new cosplay ideas in the not so distant future.


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since blackpink is having a come back in June do you think that means we'll get a teaser soon?? :D

yeah probably :D although i’ve never been into a yg group before so idk how he handles things like that so i have no idea how soon we’ll be getting our teasers

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Just wanted to tell you that my cat loves the Wildwood teaser, always gets very curious and comes running when I play it. I like it too and can't wait for the whole album.

Your cat knows what’s up. 

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They all struggled to hold in the giggles…god I love SHINee SO MUCH!

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“I’m not sure bravery is something you acquire more of with age, like wisdom –but maybe here, in Dauntless, bravery is the highest form of wisdom, the acknowledgement that life can and should be lived without fear.”