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Me: Okay yes but also THEY WENT SHOPPING IN BARCELONA!!!! *explodes in a pile of fluff*

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125 could've been done in 3 pages, making it an entire chapter with minimum plot progress makes it boring and excessive.

Yeah totally anon, I mean who cares about characters or themes or any of that nonsense? Nevermind that this chapter represented with exquisite beauty and symbolic resonance the long-awaited emotional salvation of the main character. Nevermind that it depicted the fruition of a relationship crucial to the manga’s thematic core that has spanned two series. No, the ruler by which we should measure great literature is how quickly we can shove it down our throats. War and Peace? More like SNORE and Peace. Give me a page-long entry on Wattpad any day! In fact, I don’t like reading at all. Just give me a checklist with all the important events on it that I can read on my coffee break, since I apparently have zero emotional connection to anything I read. It’s a pretty good principal to apply to life in general, it’s the same reason why a Happy Meal is infinitely superior to Italian Gourmet.


Viva la Rebellion!

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                      Tiny Red-bubble Update! 

Persona5 FFXV is now available on products and for prints!
Added casual Megane!Prompto onto the gallery as well!!

               Thanks for your patience, I hope to upload a bit more soon!

alrighty so i deleted all of the posts that had anything to do with the leaks from studio mir. i couldnt delete them last night bc tumblr kept ,, crashing my fucking computer so i had to wait. @ the messages and anonymous questions , thank u ! but i got it already !


i finally graduated today. 🎉

// Welp, just got Echoes. See you in 3 weeks lmao–
I’m kidding! Just my ass will be distracted with it. I also will not post spoilers, so no worries! //

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haha I’m actually thinking it’d be a HUGE challenge to write something BBC-friendly for Twissy…I’m not sure it’s even possible for me.

In my defence, the BBC started it with all those bondage references. And, you know, the sex dungeon. I can’t help it. I’m just drawing inspiration from the source material. 

i genuinely don’t think i have the motivation to finish this but here it is i guess

also don’t reupload this unless u want to get ur balls cut off