¿Sabías que hay un montón de tías youtubers que te comen la oreja… literalmente?

Esta moza usa un micrófono estéreo con dos orejas de silicona en los extremos para que te metas 100% en el papel.

Ponte unos cascos y… ¿disfruta?

Al sobre enviado por Nubec.


Crooked Kingdom

- Leigh Bardugo Edit

“Sometimes, the only way to get justice is to take it for yourself”

I just recently finished Crooked Kingdom, and I couldn’t let it go, so I made this instead.

Ελα κατσε διπλα μου.
Θελω να μιλησω για το τιποτα σε καποιον που ειναι τα παντα για μενα.
Eravamo davvero felici con poco,
non aveva importanza né come né il luogo.
Senza fare i giganti
e giurarsi “per sempre”,
ma in un modo o in un altro,
sperarlo nel mentre.
—  Marco Mengoni

It has been 31 days and I still feel the hole in the mattress where your body used to lay.
I lie awake at night and think of the woman and I would be if you just came back.
I’ve added the flight to my cart 16 times- I never buy the ticket.
When I was little mama said you had to fall apart to learn to put yourself back together.
She never told me how to do it if he took some of the pieces with him.

If you’re reading this- please keep the pieces.
They’re the only thing that helps me believe you might come back.