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Yeah, Supa is not happy about that shit with Task1ne, but I don't know anyone that would be.

Yeah, I was just talking to Diabolic and Apathy on Twitter about that shit. What might happen is TeamBackPack will edit TASK1ne out and keep the rest of our verses then re-upload it. We’ll see what happens.

Upcoming Collab: "Like We Do"

It’s funny how Hip-Hop can intertwine people.  I hear Version One for the first time three years ago, who would then become one of ten winners of the 2010 Hip-Hop Census Contest.  After the second encounter in the recent No Sucka MCs Contest, we linked up for a quick banger supplied by King I Divine.  The chances of this joint being on “Late Blossom 2” is extremely high.

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Oohhhhh, you forgot Sentinel users too! LOL

I definitely did forget.  Honestly, after playing online for a while, I truly believe MvC3 is a broken fighting game.  The exploits are too much.  Not to mention whoever decided the damage should be that high by default should be executed.  Almost 90% of the top teams on the leaderboards have Sentinel.  Then just mad Dante and Deadpool scrubs.  The rest just find a person to do a linked combo to and they take out 90% of your health bar in one session.  I mean, I’ve won almost every match I’ve played but I’ve seen so much bullshit and cheesing it honestly isn’t fun.  They simplified MvC and made a better looking more noob encouraged game.  You will never see me pick Dante, just because I feel like he’s the new Cable.  Underground hip-hop heads pick Doom for an apparent reason.  Button mashers love Wolverine and X-23.  Shit is going to get whack to me real fast.


Cody McClaine - “XS 16Bars Xypher Entry” (prod. by Ralph the Architeck)

My name is officially in the hat.  I just have to wait for my video response to be approved and it’s no longer in my hands.

Verified Update

As it stands, nine joints are ready for “Late Blossom 2.”  I’m a few lines away from finishing one of the joints, I have to record a lot, and there are a few that need to be recorded for updating purposes.  For one of these joints, I’ll be consulting the homegirl, THE Ruby Ibarra AKA 90 Fingers so that I can get her to record a verse for a sentimental favorite.  The plan is to complete this to about 90%-100% to get them mastered and then sit on them until Spring 2014.

“The legend of Wei Shen” is still in the works, even with my focus being on “Late Blossom 2.”  I haven’t played the game much since beating it, but I will get back into that mental state of the game soon so that I can really write and dish out another good project.  Right now, I do have seven solid ideas for tracks - along with beats -  and more will come once I put the game back in the system.

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I knew I wasn’t the only one wondering where the local artists were.

The homie vandalyzm been out there consistently on the front lines. Nelly was out there the other day and was no help at all. Gave a little speech about how they were going about it the wrong way and told them they have “other options”. Then gave no actual plan to help out aside from that scholarship he set up. It was just a waste of time. Pretty obvious that Nelly not only was there for the photo opp, but also, he got all of his info from watching the news instead of checking social media to see what was really going on, because he was talking like folks were out there rioting, overreacting, and looting every night (which is how the news and the police present it when that isn’t the actual case). So yeah…fuck Nelly.

Cover Art Commitment

This sounds strange, but in order to influence that I get my workloads done, I started creating cover art for two of the projects that I definitely want to do.  I want to leave the L'amour x McClaine art in someone else’s hands, but the others will be up to me.  Which ones?

“Late Blossom 2: The Personal Victories”
I have been so on-and-off about this one, but it’s going to happen and there’s enough material (some I may have to re-do or re-mix) to make it happen.  Since this is the unexpected follow up to “Late Blossom:The Compilation,” not only will I try to follow up on where the first one left off, but go by the formula that made the first one special.

“The Legend of Wei Shen: Music Inspired by Sleeping Dogs”
The intensity and captivation of this game sparked something in me.  With that being said, I will be writing from the point of view of Wei Shen caught between so much stuff between being a cop and a gangster.


Cody McClaine - “Hang It Up” (prod. by 9th Wonder)

Leave to me to be the one to write about 75% of this to the beat some years ago, lose both in time, find them again this year, complete the other 25%, record it, and post it.

The basis of this is to speak on two situations with two different females of my past and it came up while I was talking about regrets with my friends. The message stressed is not to dwell on the mistakes and to not play it back mentally all of the time.

4/11 It's Time

I’ve done everything that I needed to do. I modified my set to 15 minutes, I went through my rituals, I packed my mic, and I’m donning the attire fit for revenge.

At Unified Dopeness, I was calm

At the Pan-Afrikan Step Show, I was excited

As I’m on the way to the Irr@tional Minds show, I am pissed off and will be until my set is done.

As far as “Late Blossom 2” goes, I feel as if I’m staring the finishline in the face. I just need verses from Jabez and THE Ruby Ibarra. I have literally two more to finish writing for and one to record. The rest become easier to handle after that process is done.

ETA: I want may just to coincide with “Late Blossom 1,” but if all works well, it may pop up in April.

What a Night

I ended up showing up late to the HHP briefing, but we ended up knocking out three cuts for that project. It’s crazy how efficient almost 15 people can be in one room and that was the first time I experienced that. Normally, I have up to two people recording in my spot, whether it was Rob E Normous (Philosophy), Ak-Durti, Q, Lil Lue, or B. Cannon. I got mine in last and got home by 4am. I thought about recording more today, but I think I’ll focus on EQing material.

On this project, I’m on five tracks so far. There may be more, but we’ll see what happens.