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Oohhhhh, you forgot Sentinel users too! LOL

I definitely did forget.  Honestly, after playing online for a while, I truly believe MvC3 is a broken fighting game.  The exploits are too much.  Not to mention whoever decided the damage should be that high by default should be executed.  Almost 90% of the top teams on the leaderboards have Sentinel.  Then just mad Dante and Deadpool scrubs.  The rest just find a person to do a linked combo to and they take out 90% of your health bar in one session.  I mean, I’ve won almost every match I’ve played but I’ve seen so much bullshit and cheesing it honestly isn’t fun.  They simplified MvC and made a better looking more noob encouraged game.  You will never see me pick Dante, just because I feel like he’s the new Cable.  Underground hip-hop heads pick Doom for an apparent reason.  Button mashers love Wolverine and X-23.  Shit is going to get whack to me real fast.

Upcoming Collab: "Like We Do"

It’s funny how Hip-Hop can intertwine people.  I hear Version One for the first time three years ago, who would then become one of ten winners of the 2010 Hip-Hop Census Contest.  After the second encounter in the recent No Sucka MCs Contest, we linked up for a quick banger supplied by King I Divine.  The chances of this joint being on “Late Blossom 2” is extremely high.


Cody McClaine - “XS 16Bars Xypher Entry” (prod. by Ralph the Architeck)

My name is officially in the hat.  I just have to wait for my video response to be approved and it’s no longer in my hands.


Cody McClaine - “Hang It Up” (prod. by 9th Wonder)

Leave to me to be the one to write about 75% of this to the beat some years ago, lose both in time, find them again this year, complete the other 25%, record it, and post it.

The basis of this is to speak on two situations with two different females of my past and it came up while I was talking about regrets with my friends. The message stressed is not to dwell on the mistakes and to not play it back mentally all of the time.