So I saw a post that said how Harry Potter is the only fandom to not have a Hogwarts AU and then I read through a few of the notes and there’s basically two responses;

One: Mind Blown. Mind Fuck. What have you done how is this even-

Two: But every AU that happens at Hogwarts is a Hogwarts AU

And I am just: this is likely just a shitpost but I’m curious and don’t really agree with either so let me think a bit…

Me, after thinking about it: A Harry Potter version of the Hogwarts AU would be where characters from different eras are all at Hogwarts at the same time (either as teacher or student) so, like…

Fifth!Year!Newt Scamander’s best day in his life was when Hagrid became the COMC Professor, incidentally Fourth!Year!Charlie Weasley is the only one to agree with this

Headmaster!Godric Gryffindor gets into a series of arguments with Deputy!Headmistress!Rowena Ravenclaw over Firstie!Hermione Granger (Potion!Professor!Salazar Slytherin occasionally has these arguments about Firstie!Harry Potter’s placement, occasionally muttering about pre-Sorting bias)

Minerva McGonagall is the Transfiguration Professor, Always. Dumbledore very much enjoys teaching Music (Grindelwald is lurking somewhere as the Alchemy Professor)

Third!Year!Regulus has a rivalry with Firstie!Harry Potter about Quidditch, he finds Firstie!Draco Malfoy’s whining about how he should be on the team annoying

Seventh!Year!Tom Riddle is actually a well-adjusted human-being because Helga Hufflepuff decided not to teach but instead be the school’s councilor

(the majority of her time is spent mediating Gryffindor-Slytherin spats, arguments about Quidditch, soothing NEWT and OWL students as testing nears but her greatest projects were:

Tom Riddle not being sent back to an orphanage each year and basically strong-arming Salazar into adopting the kid into his family

Salazar and Godric not arguing or fighting in front of the student body or encouraging the Gryffindor-Slytherin rivalry because you are supposed to be role models, honestly!

Getting the Black Brothers to talk to each other despite the Heinous Crime of Being In Different Houses

Keeping the Marauders, Weasley Twins and others from crossing over into bullying - holding school assemblies on bullying and how it’s Not Okay)

….I’ll stop before I try fitting everyone in this.


A bouquet of unimpressed Franz faces from episode one. I can’t stop laughing.

(Gankutsuou Franz is considerably more suspicious of the Count than book Franz, and even book Franz had some serious doubts.)

((That last one is him making fun of Albert, but he’s also still wearing his skeptical face through the whole dinner with the Count.))