Budget Combo of the Day #17-Mastery of the Unseen & Conjurer’s Closet

Breaking the Bank at: $1.25 USD (7/24/2015)

This is a simple mono-white combo that lets you move out creatures very cheaply without the need to go into a manifest cost.  You can get similar mileage from Galepowder Mage, Planar Guide, Parallax Wave, or the classic: Astral Slide.  If you can afford it, Ghostway is phenomenal as well!

Do you have a budget combo you haven’t seen here yet? Let us know what it is, and we’ll share the love!

EDIT: Pardon the picture/title snafu! -Sheth

New 17 touch combo at Iron Alley tonight. Flows a lot better than the one we have been doing for the past few weeks, so it’ll be nice to do this one for a few weeks and get some good speed and power.

Sweat a lot.  As per usual.

According to my Gear I did 1400 steps during tonight’s session.  Which actually sounds about right if you consider that I take a step with every jab, we had double up crosses (one short, one long) so that’s a step and a half in and again out each time, double jabs are a couple of steps etc.  Plus we did stair runs.  Urgh.  But cool for the step count.

Oh, and I also went to the gym today.  First time in a loooong time.  Was starting to think that I should probably cancel my gym membership since I very rarely go, but I like the fact that I have it so that I CAN go if I want to.  If my kids aren’t home in the weekend, I can go.  If someone sits with them at ten at night on a random Tuesday, I can go.  But realised that I can’t justify the cost if it’s not getting used…so I used it.  Go me.  Did 5kms on the treadmill and some stretching.  So didn’t really make the most of it but hey, it’s a (re)start, right?

cappheus asked:

16 and 17 stephcass combo

“It looks we’re going to be here for a long time.” Cassandra stated grimly, rubbing her forehead.

“It would be worse?” were the only words of comfort Stephanie could offer to Cass, who then gave her a look

Steph wasn’t actually wrong, Cass acknowledged to herself, it could have been way worse. The person she could have been trapped in an air duct with could have been, say, a wayward Gotham rogue. Imagine being trapped in a vent with Poison Ivy. Actually, if Cass had to pick someone to be trapped in such close quarters with, on any other day, it would have been Steph. But not right at this moment, as currently the two were in some kind of weird game where they both clearly realized they had crushes on each other and pretended to be oblivious to them. This had gone on for quite some time, and maybe this would be the push they needed. Or maybe it would be like their “subtle” flirting during meetings, passing cups and papers to each other and having their fingers brush for just a bit longer than needed, only over and over again for about an hour. Cass was going to die. 

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