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Dirty Secret

Honestly, Kiba has a huge kink for his partner dressing up in a kitten roleplay. Maybe it’s just the dog in him, wanting to dominate something that he considers to be his polar opposite. Maybe it’s the aura that felines give off- the indomitable, unchangeable stubbornness that they convey. Either way, it’s a will that he finds incredibly attractive, and the challenge of changing a personality or character like this is even more desirable.


The Inuzuka’s have some sort of canine gene in them, and it often shows through their astounding ability to be hairy in places that most people can only imagine. For the most part, Kiba keeps it pretty well contained. It’s usually only grown out on his chest, leading down to his lower stomach, and then narrowing out into a treasure trail. His situation downstairs is wavy, just like his normal hair, so he will keep it cut quite short. This cleanliness had to be built over time, however, and when he was younger you would actually believe that you were living with an actual werewolf if you were to see him naked.

Jack Off

Kiba is an incredibly impulsive person, and driven by his emotions and desires. This can be a good thing, but it also means that when he’s horny and he hasn’t been allowed to deal with the situation, he can get irritable and snappy. If he isn’t with a partner, or doesn’t have a partner at all, then he will actually jack off pretty often. He has a high libido, and can get in the mood on the drop of a pin, some days. It all fluctuates, just like his sense of smell and hearing do. He does go into something akin to a heat, however. After being with him for a little while, you can actually figure out when he’s going to go into huge periods of wanting nothing else but sex. To his discomfort, it was actually Hinata who first made note of this aspect when he kept disappearing during one of their sparing sessions.


Roleplay, marking, breath play, dom/sub, public sex, unprotected.


Sometimes Kiba doesn’t need any motivation at all to be turned on. However, there are certain things that can impact him greatly when he’s feeling perfectly fine. A smooth, seductive voice and/or good dirty talk can get him riled up pretty quickly. He loves a vocal partner, and if they sound good, then you have his undivided attention. Wide hips are also very alluring to him. He’ll have an inexplicable urge to grab them, and he might show this by hugging you around your waist and letting his arms slip down over them when he’s being affectionate. He also suspects that it’s his more primal instincts as well, and the body structure tends to be better for pregnancies, and his more animalistic nature responds to that.


Kiba isn’t necessarily a tease in bed, but he will joke around and talk to you through it all. There won’t be a quiet, charged atmosphere if you’re sleeping with him. He’s the kind of lover that will still crack jokes to make you laugh, or even get a bit of amusement if your bodies do anything strange or unpredictable. Sometimes he’ll even ask you about your day, and nonsensical things. It’ll make you feel very comfortable with him, but you might have to redirect his attention to intensity and romance if that is the atmosphere that you want.


Not very much a moaner. He will growl and grunt, and his breath will hitch and break sometimes. The loudest noise that you would get out of him would be a low groan, and this is when he’s really close to the edge. He isn’t a very loud lover, but he will frequently make noises during lovemaking. He’s unreserved in this way.

Beg pardon for that cold open, folks.

So, before we get started:

I learned from Frederator’s 107 Facts about Digimon that originally, episode 13 was to be the last of the series, but at some point the decision was made to continue, partly because the crew working on the show had become attached to the world and characters they had made. But, this explains why the intro sequence is focused so heavily on the Devimon arc despite it being wrapped up less than a quarter way through the series.

I really like the thought that the creators of this show, knowing full well that they were essentially riding the coattails of Pokemon’s popularity, kind of serendipitously created something completely unique, all its own, and with some real emotional gravity This episode marks the turning point of where this series started to get REALLY interesting.

EDIT: Turns out this is false! According to interviews with some members of the production crew, Digimon was always planned to be a year long project. So the premise of this post is fundamentally false. Oopsy-doops! Thank you to @adventure-hearts for the correction! That means that some of the jokes I’ve made up until this post (and a couple after) are based around a lie. Oopsy-doops x2 combo.

hi this is my new davekat baby ive just been calling him kidd. hes rlly loving and p loud but he deff has shy bouts and tens to be rlly clingy w his dads. his eyes are sensitive x2 combo so,,,

he likes tying on capes and zoomin around the house like hes flying ?? how cool is it that his dad can fly ??? wow ???? and his other dad is so so smart wow ?????? he loves them sm

The True Heroine of Homestuck

Yesterday, before going to sleep, I was thinking about a few of the plot threads and time loops that were closed in the background rather than showing us, and I began to notice something…

So, I believe in my Meta Theory, about the Kids sorta ‘transcending’ the format of the Webcomic, becoming their own people, and now being in the hands of the Fandom. They’re even updating on Snapchat now as if taking real selfies and doing stuff! But after examining the last Act again and checking a few things, I realised that, there was someone I don’t feel I’ve seen anyone praise for allowing the Session to be completed in the first place.

Someone whose actions directly fucked Lord English over and that screwed the Alpha Timeline SO BAD it forced Caliborn to take drastic measures.

Vriska found the Juju and used it against LE.

John got his zappy powers and retconned his Timeline.

But the one person who allowed either of them to EVER be successful was…

)(er Imperious Condescension.

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