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Senpai ;-; I got so happy thinking finally we were gonna get a reunion sense all the other couples got to have one but Nooo Gruvia didn't get one ;-; so I'm sad and crying and don't know what to think. Even tho we will have a new chapter out tomorrow meaning Monday but I Bet we won't get a Reunion either ;-;

Im so so so sorry for my late reply…. and thank you for your message

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Well …

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we are used to the fact that Mashima puts aside Juvia, and that Gray forgets Juvia for this concentrate on his objective

But there, Juvia was not just wounded, she was dead …

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I think only one “window/pannel” would enough to see Gray, before leaving,
saying a word, or a look, or just asked to Ever or Porlyussica : take care of her

  A little “consideration” from him, just that…

It is not so and I’m getting used to it

Since the Avatar arc, Mashima despairs me with the management of Juvia’s character

I mean: WHY !?

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I even came to the conclusion that he don’t like this character …
So much I’m desperate… (i knw it’s not true but it’s just that.. sometimes I don’t understand why Mashima-sensei…)

I don’t understand him, and indeed I don’t even want to try to understand,

Since the end of Tartaros arc, Mashima has lost all logic,
Avatar is one of the worst arcs, but I must admit that Alvarez arc dethrone it,

I knw that Juvia is a secondary character, I have understood since the first day I liked this character, and I knew that I must have enjoyed each of these events, because they will be precious

But there … seriously Mashima?
set aside Juvia…again… again? With so much ease?

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My heart is divided btw anger and tiredness by the ease with which Mashima do that

So I tried to ask myself: it’s because I love this character so much then I’m not trully objective?
So I tried to understand and analyze that…

But my conclusion is always the same: Mashima doesn’t do justice to this character

I cannot really blame him because I knw he does his best to give importance to each of these characters but…

Even though I’m sad that there were no scenes of gruvia and
Beyond the situation with Gray, Juvia is a character in her own right, she possesses her personality,

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her fragility, her shyness

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But above all she possesses an incredible power: water

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One of the 4 elements on earth,

I have never seen any manga with such enormous power and as badly exploited with Juvia

She could lift the oceans,

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unleash the sea, create a tsunami,

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a tidal wave, tranform her water to ice,

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there is so much incredible possibility

When I see Laxus (lightning elements),

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Natsu (fire element )

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and wendy (air element )

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I wonder but : Where is the water in all this?

Why doesn’t Juvia deserve a real fight too?
It is the only character whose power is not seen to evolve

They’re all got power up, but not Juvia, why?

I knw she’s a Gray support character, but she’s also a full-fledged character, she’s also part of the guild, and she‘s the only major character we don’t really know the past,

I find it so unfair,

I would have liked Juvia slapping Gray, on his return from Avatar, and doesn’t forgive him so easily

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But I would have liked even more a slap to stop Gray during his ice-shied

But once again Natsu stops him…

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I don’t try to insert Gruvia everywhere, because it takes a logic to use Juvia, but here Natsu’s intervention was a scriptwriting ease, no surprise , is too easy!

Juvia could not find him for 6 months during Avatar arc, but when she felt him in danger against Briaya, she appeared magically cared for,

But here, she didn’t feel that the man she loves, above all , was about to commit suicide?

That doesn’t make sense… No… Mashima  prefers to let her sleep…

Meanwhile Natsu :
-  died twice,
-  fought Zeref,
- fought Jacob,
- survived August attack,
- fought Gray
- fight again Zeref …

When Wendy :
- fought Dimaria,
- Torafusa,
- Random,
- Eileen,
- Cared of Juvia of death,
- Cures Erza,
- Wounded to death by Eileen,
- She used countless times her dragon force

but she manages to get up… while in Oracion seis arc , she was hardly if she managed to cure the poison in the Erza arm

Speaking about Erza, seriously?
- Fought kyoka, and the other two, + - random Eileen’s Power
- Fought Ajeel + Jupiter
- Fought Eileen (+ dragon form), explodes a meteor, breaks the bones,

But she remains standing …

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It reminds me of her fight against Kyoka where she has removed these 5 senses,

BUT JUVIA, she stayed K.O ( The character of Phantom Lord and pretender to the S . Mage )

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Not …seriously, I sometimes understand the scriptwriting ease and found pretexts to put the secondary characters in the background to make the main team shine, but here, this is really ridiculous!

Gray leaves… without a word for Juvia, without a look…

Just look at the behavior of Lucy who stayed at the bedside of Natsu the two times he was sick, and once again even though she is back, she is next to Natsu during his fight against Zeref, I find it very beautiful , And that means a lot

I knw Gray to these goals, but dont uses the character of Juvia just when Mashima needs her

- Tartaros Arc : Juvia set aside,
- Avatar Arc : Juvia set aside for a fever, (seriously? )
She forgives Gray at the speed of light
Without a word, without explanation,

- Alvarez Arc : COMBO !!! Mashima set aside her ,
again again and again….

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It tires me, and I don’t want any more excuses for Mashima because there are none…

Ps : I’m sorry to answer like this, and if my answer may be disappointing… :s
But i love gruvia, i love Juvia and i love Gray ,
I love Mashima more but for now I don’t understand him

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Daily Drabble #388 (for 22/04)

IX: characters form a mental link

Well, this is strange, Carolyn observed, trying not to frown outwardly. Still. I’m sure we’ll find a use for it.

Oh, definitely, replied Theresa. If nothing else, we ought to be able to have a little fun. They won’t know what hit them.

Carolyn wouldn’t know how to put it into words if ever she was asked, but somehow, though she knew the thoughts were coming from Theresa, they were exactly that: thoughts, not spoken word. No Liechtenstein accent, no audible tone, just the feeling that went with the ideas.

And the feeling, without a doubt, was one of mischief.

Mmmmmm, caffeine.  So much for writing lol.  But hey, you know what that means for you guys?  More from The Grand Adventure of Edgelord Puppy and Fanservice Kitty!

First up, the Gryphon that definitely regrets its life choices, as Fanservice Kitty reminds everyone just what he meant by “he won’t be a burden”:

… to be fair it did try to roast Edgelord Puppy a few times so he was having none of that.  Although using Rime Slaughter might have been overdoing it a little … but with the hellion defeated, they move onward to find the remote village of Goddodin, only to find a huge Millionpede in their way!  Luckily, up and coming Popstar Rose had the situation all under control!

Of course, after that, it’s time to go to Goddodin!  After discovering the secret behind the Fake Elixir, it was time to go upgrade Edgelord Puppy’s Shepherd powers!  For whatever reason though, the Salamander seemed more interested in chasing after Popstar Rose, but good thing she’s quick on her feet!  After that, it was just up to everybody’s favorite team up to take care of the Salamander:

New Shepherd powers, plus a chance for humans to be reborn as Seraphim?  Well doesn’t Fanservice Kitty look pleased with that revelation!  And of course, back to Pendrago Shrinechurch to face Cardinal Forton, the original reason we trekked out to Goddodin in the first place:

Alas, Edgelord Puppy can’t save everyone, even if he really wants to.  At least Maotelus’s Crest in the background there is interesting enough to take his mind off of things, if only for a little while.


VOLTRON PRIDE ICONSAromantic Aesexual Shiro

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Tekken Tidbits: Technique

It’s that time again for your boy to impart just some little knowledge on you to help you out since I’ve been able to play for a few hours here and there. This time we’re going to cover techniques in the game in a general sense so you can get a decent grasp of the game. Like last time, I’m on mobile so if things get funky let me know.

1: Movement - Movement is the most important part of Tekken. There’s a distinct difference between offensive and defensive movement, because each will change the flow of battle. Before you learn combos, before you set up that sick unblockable setup, before you Google booby pictures of Eliza, learn movement. Learn how you move backwards, learn how you move forwards, learn sideways movement, learn the speeds you can go during wave dashes/kbd. Learn the rhythm. If you do this you will be better off overall.

2. I think I said this before, but I’ll say it again- 10 hit combos are not safe typically. There’s often spots where somebody can block or parry you during your combo and then whoop you down. Learn to wall carry first or combos that ‘jail’ people.

3. I mentioned universal parries in my last Tidbits, but here’s what I didn’t tell you - universal parries scale your damage down a ton. You would be better off blocking the lows and learning what punishes but you do make a statement by low parrying.

4. Rage arts do more damage depending on how low your remaining health is. You can also combo in to them but they get scaled heavily. I’d suggest learning your rage drives before your rage arts but your mileage may vary.

5. Grabs have different properties based on the type of grab, the character who is grabbing, and how they’re broken. Grabs can change the flow of the game and one good break could change the momentum if the person grabbing isn’t expecting it.

6. A lot of Tekken is mental as with most fighting games. If you can beat them on the mental field you can beat them in the set. What I mean by this is you can train people to expect you to move a certain way or do a certain thing, then change it up on them. This is a technique within itself.

7. Stop pushing buttons, just move instead. Learning better movement will let you be able to punish more, but you will quickly realize that pushing buttons leaves you wide open for a while. Don’t get that ass blasted because you thought you were locking people down.

That’s all for now, I have stuff to do. I tried to keep this as broad as possible, I hope it helps.

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I wanna know more about how you guys play magic! Reblog with answers to as many as you want. 

What is your favourite:

1: MtG card overall?

2: common MtG card?

3: uncommon MtG card?

4: rare MtG card?

5: mythic rare mtg card?

6: legendary mtg card?

7: planeswalker card?

8: 2-colour combination?

9: 3 colour combination?

10: 4 colour combination?

11: colour (as in colour from the colour pie)?

12: format?

13: playstyle? (aggro with a few large creatures, aggro with lots of small creatures, enchantment control, storm, etc.)

14: combo?

15: expansion set?

16: expansion block?

17: land card?

18: artifact card?

19: creature card?

20: instant card?

21: sorcery card?

22: enchantment card?

23: card cycle? (e.g ‘retreat to’ cycle, phyrexian praetor cycle, puzzleknot cycle, nephilim cycle etc.’

24: commander to play?

25 commander to play against?

What is your least favourite:

26:MtG card overall?

27: common MtG card?

28: uncommon MtG card?

29: rare MtG card?

30: mythic rare mtg card?

31: legendary mtg card?

32: planeswalker card?

33: 2-colour combination?

34: 3 colour combination?

35: 4 colour combination?

36: colour (as in colour from the colour pie)?

37: format?

38: playstyle? (aggro with a few large creatures, aggro with lots of small creatures, enchantment control, storm, etc.)

39: combo?

40: expansion set?

41: expansion block?

42: land card?

43: artifact card?

44: creature card?

45: instant card?

46: sorcery card?

47: enchantment card?

48: card cycle? (e.g ‘retreat to’ cycle, phyrexian praetor cycle, puzzleknot cycle, nephilim cycle etc.’

49: commander to play?

50: commander to play against?

feel free to drop me an ask with the number you want to know.

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