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No hate to development or anything, I know I don't know the first thing about the difficulty of the job. But it seems odd to me that a team of dedicated specialists can miss simple infinite combos in a single set that hordes of fnm players see the moment they're spoiled. Any thoughts on why this occurs?

Multiple million players playing five minutes of Magic is more playtesting than we have of all our play testing combined.

Also, Un-Sets aren’t playtested looking for broken combos. That kind of stress testing is just done on Standard-legal sets.


“One thing I knew was that Dame Agatha always made sure that all the clues were there for everyone to see - if only they looked for them. If you did grasp them all, then you would know who did it; if not, you would have to wait for Poirot to tell you. It was one of her greatest qualities as a writer - she was always honest with her readers - and I wanted to be equally honest with her viewers. They had to feel that they might have reached the same conclusion as Poirot if they had put all the clues together; although they knew, in their hearts, that although they might have noticed one or two, Poirot saw them all - which was why he was a great detective.”
- David Suchet, Poirot and Me



[TRANS] Shukan Josei - Namjin Interview


Q. “Your favorite place”
RM: My studio in our company. I like it because my favorite Bearbricks cover a whole wall. Recently, I have so many that some are in my bedroom.
J: There are so many (lol).
RM: I used to not understand my habit of collecting things, but now…
J: You really do have a lot (lol). One of my favorite places is the Korean Barbecue place near our dorm. I really like beef!
RM: That reminds me, I remember when we went to eat chadolbaegi (thinly sliced beef), but it was sold out. So we ended up ordering…
J: The beef combo set! We ate everything!
RM: Jin cooked the meat for me.
J: That’s the basics for someone who loves meat!

Q. “If you were to sing to your crush”
J: As expected, it would be “AWAKE,” my solo song from our Korean album “WINGS.” I think she would like it if I sang “Wide awake ~ ♪” in front of her.
RM: /stifles laughter/ (lol)
J: Why did you laugh!?
RM: Because you chose your own song (lol).
J: Then what would you sing?
RM: I would naturally invite the girl to somewhere like a river side or park, sit on a bunch (with her), then hum or something…
J: (looking disappointedly at Rap Monster) Then you’re going to sing “Reflection” right?
RM: It’s a bit embarrassing to sing my own solo song (lol). I would probably sing “A Little Girl (소녀)” from the drama ‘Reply 1988.’
J: … What would you do if the girl runs away?
RM: It’s okay… If I can tell her how I feel, that’s enough.

Trans cr: Mia & Kylie @ allforbts
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