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For the two character pose C3 Ladrien? Pretty please ^_^

“My Lady! I missed you!”

“Adrien, we’ve just fought an akuma 5 minutes ago.”

“And I was miserable all that time.”

“You’re so overdramatic.”

Soft fluff meme


Sorry for the inactivity ^^ WE ARE NOW IN THE NEW APARTMENT! In the meantime as a mini challenge I decided to design a birb for my friend (nsfw) which I had a smiiig too much fun with ^^ 


jaebum + orange moodboard 🍊

Finally getting around to making a bias moodboard 😏(thanks for the tag




fuckstudy’s stationery review: a footnote

Sometimes, simple is best. Its ok if you don’t spend a small fortune on gel pens or 31+ colours. Hell, I went through high school using cheapass ballpoint pens. My notes were entirely in the good ol’ blue/red/black/green combo (see notes pictured above). My study method was still effective and I was able to achieve the results I needed to be in the position I am today. 

TL;DR: fancy stationery and ‘aesthetic’ is not a prerequisite to success. 

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idk how you can outright point out the sexual refs in Colors and seriously believe that you somehow turned the song platonic Theres nothing you can do to a line like "i only felt religion when i lied with you" to make it platonic. How can you turn a songs meaning around when the writer themselves has said its romantic anyways? I get interpretation, but when you use a clearly romantic song for a familial relationship... u can say it's platonic all u want but it doesnt change the songs meaning

lol omg ok so have you even seen the comic my guy

i didnt say i made the song platonic, the point i was trying to make was that even with those lyrics i managed to make the comic platonic. the song is what it is i cant change shit about it. the reason why i chose it in the first place was that there was still enough for me to work with that those lines weren’t an issue or distraction to the story i was telling with the comic. im not gonna choose some mushy kissykissy love song to draw to, im not stupid.

anyway, you asked how i could possibly change the meaning?? easy, use the picture. its a lyric comic, i cant tell my story with the words alone, the words by themselves tell their own story, thats what songs do. to tell my story i need to have my pictures morph the song to my liking. i’ll tell you what i did with those lines and my thinking behind them oh, curious little anon.

so! the first “issue” verse:

  • You were a vision in the morning when the light came through– for this line i drew stan during his first tour, trying to show that by pretending to be ford/ the owner of the shack, stan finally found something he was good at, a “light”
  • I know I’ve only felt religion when i’ve lied with you– the line you mentioned, congrats! i drew a background of the welcome signs to the shack. with the combination of the shack and the lyric i was trying to imply that stan only found happiness by lying to everyone. see? that wasnt so hard.
  • You said you’ll never be forgiven till your boys are too– tried to show stans effort of trying to get ford back, drew a stack of books to imply his studying, there’s also his newspaper clipping of his “death” as well as a faded picture of the stans as kids (plus a stanbuck and mystery mug). i used this picture-lyric combo to imply stan being completely unable to forgive himself until he found a way to fix what he’d done i.e. get ford back
  • And I’m still waking every morning but it’s not with you– hammer in stans effort, time skip to old stan passed out over the lab desk, implying the 30 years stans gone with no success. literally he wakes up every morning and its another day that ford isnt back.

and finally the second “issue” verse:

  • You were red, and you liked me because I was blue– start of a flash back sequence, stan and ford as kids. they were complete opposites but thats what they liked about each other, two halves of the same whole.
  • But you touched me, and suddenly I was a lilac sky– i drew the boat, the single most important object to their childhood that changed the course of their whole lives. it became stan and fords shared interest and dream throughout their childhood.
  • Then you decided purple just wasn’t for you– drew a lone stan after being kicked out. ford wanted to go to school, stan still wanted to leave on the boat. at the end of it all stan still had that dream, fords dream had changed, and their now separate desires drove them away from each other.

and thats how you change the meanings.
some lines are easier than others, but just because these verses on their own tell a vastly different story that doesnt mean i cant use their words to help tell minethats how you draw a lyric comic. and thus, i made halseys romantic song tell my platonic story. ta da~

oh and heres the comic, since this ask clearly tells me you’ve yet to see it. ignore the misuse of the word “seems” instead of “seams”, i fucked up and its too late

So today i beat Hyper Light Drifter and I loved this game to bits ! I can’t wait to play it more and try to find everything.

And of course i started to think of some of my (and @shuuzaar‘s) ocs in this universe, so here’s Anank !

(the image is scaled to 150% here !)

there is a blog dedicated to jack zimmermann’s horrible fashion sense. both bitty and parson are admins. they have no idea and bond over making fun of jack’s shoes

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What if Infinity!Loki mentally time-traveled to his time in the Avengers, but existed as a second consciousness within Avenger!Loki’s head, who violently fights any melding because he refuses to be rewritten? I guess this scenario has just been on my mind. If you want, I’d love to know your thoughts

YO, this is the kind of mindfuckery that I love, because yeah, a Loki who has seen everything go down post-Avengers and desperately wants to fix things vs. a Loki who is right in the middle of his breakdown and just kind of wants to destroy everything and make everyone else hurt as much as he does in that moment, both of them smashed into the same head…well, you thought Avengers!Loki was dysfunctional before, now he is literally two consciousnesses dueling for control and both trying to annihilate the other. 

and depending on what’s gone down in this version of Infinity War - let’s go with the universe where Thor dies instead of Loki, so this Loki is kind of unhinged and desperate and also a little “YOU DESERVE TO DIE YOU FUCKED EVERYTHING UP” at his past self and his past self is like “WHAT’S WRONG WITH YOU, WHY ARE YOU BEING LIKE THIS, WE DON’T CARE ABOUT ANYONE REMEMBER”

on the other hand in a universe where Loki did die and has all of that extra bonus trauma (extra bonus death trauma times two) that’s a whole other thing for Avengers!Loki to deal with, like, he thought he was fucked up and here’s this version of himself trying to grab the steering wheel that’s like. gone totally to pieces, pathetic (but also kind of terrifying, and another reason to not want to lose control). 

and basically this is the “this body ain’t big enough for the both of us, we hate ourselves and also each other, meanwhile there’s a squad of fledgling superheroes trying to take us down” story

oh oh oh man though picture this combo!Loki getting dragged to talk to the Other about why he’s fucking up so bad and Infinity!Loki takes over and basically goes full “fuck you you can do whatever you want to me I don’t even care I’m not going to do what you want buddy :D :D :D” while Avengers!Loki is like “WHAT NO NO NO NO THAT’S NOT THAT’S NOT TRUE DON’T LISTEN TO HIM”

and when they’re hurting (because obviously they’re hurting), Avengers!Loki’s like “seriously what the fuck what were you thinking” and Infinity!Loki’s like “you’ll understand when you’re older yeah you really have no idea how far this is from the worst things can be, come talk to me when you’ve been impaled and had your neck broken”