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What if Canon!Ruby was genius but purposely dulled her intelligence down so she could be more normal.

She is a genius though?
She can come up with battle strategies on the fly. Such as when they took down the Nevermore, and the giant robot (Paladin I think?). The *Paladin* was even more impressive considering how she organized team combos that worked upon the strength of their weapons and abilities.

While they may not be on the level of an absolute mastermind, they’re pretty damn smart.

Let’s also not forget the fact that she’s both young, and relatively inexperienced, her genius will only grow.

Ruby Rose is an absolute genius.
Ruby Rose will only become more intelligent and more adept at quick thinking battle tactics.

And goddamm I worry Ruby Rose will become evil….and partially hope for it too.

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Ahoy, a Bulgarian here! :D I just wanted to say I hope you have a really nice time in our tiny country! People here can be a little grumpy/withdrawn but our countryside and beaches are lovely and we have some pretty architecture here and there, so if you're into sightseeing, you're in for a treat!

Hello!❤ your message is so sweet! thank you! oh and I know I’m in for a treat and I won’t be disappointed. that’s why I’m so excited 😀

it will be one of those 7 cities in 7 days killing combo of an organized trip so unfortunatelly I won’t have time to socialize with people. but still all the architecture and views❤ and i so hope our guide won’t skip on history!!!

weeee excitement!! 😃