combining loves is lovely


just like how inspirits are able to give you strength, you’re able to give us so much more.

happy birthday, lee howon ♡

honestly i love the concept of hunk just. making jokes about galra keith all the time now. bc he knows keith is worried about allura (and possibly others) hating him now so hunk is determined to make it seem like it’s not a big deal by constantly making light of it.

  • hunk: [points to a galra drone] keith is that your brother
  • keith: [walks into the room]
    hunk: [starts blasting E.T.]
  • “his parents may still be part of the empire”
    hunk: oh my god keith what if zarkon is your mom
  • pidge: dude i’d love to see inside area 51
    hunk: same [turns to keith] can you hook us up?
  • hunk: what kind of weird alien stuff are you up to?
    keith: i’m…eating breakfast…
    hunk: man aliens are wild
  • [on a purple planet]
    hunk: keith, you’ll blend in with the scenery
    keith: i’M STILL NOT PURPLE
  • hunk: hey siri are galra allergic to taking showers

You guys wanted Kubo’s thoughts on Love on Ice? Here they are.

“I think that the foreign drama called “Love on Ice” is a completely different work from Yuri on Ice, and it seems interesting to me so I’m looking forward to it! Whether it is a movie or a TV drama, creating more stories centered around figure skating is important and I really want to support that effort!”

While we were busy freaking out over it, this pleasant lady says that she‘s simply glad to see more stories featuring figure skating. I think that attitude is admirable.

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Now make a face that puts the bad guys in their place
‘Til they regret the decisions they made that day
That led to standing in your way
- Warrior Face


I’ll never get over the fact that everything they say is so accurate.


Some Swapfell style study I did before of Swapfell’s original creator Kkopphang and another artist Eli-sin-g.

It’s a shame the original creator is no longer with us :c

I was going to do something with them for some Outerswapfell designs but never got around to it and these boys have been sitting in my files doing nothing since sooooo… >w<”