Hacking Group Attacks Weapons Maker | NYT

While many celebrated Valentine’s Day on Tuesday, hackers celebrated a different holiday: the one-year anniversary of the uprising in Bahrain, sometimes called the February 14 Revolution. They attacked Combined Systems, a company based in Jamestown, Pa., saying that the attack was in retaliation for sales by the company of chemical weapons “to repress our revolutionary movements.”

On Monday night, hackers who say they are members of the collective known as Anonymous claimed responsibility on Twitter for taking down the Web site of Combined Systems. They also claimed to have stolen employee names, e-mails, addresses, passwords and client lists, and threatened the site’s administrators that if they helped Combined Systems rebuild its Web site, they would expose those companies’ client lists and e-mails as well.


Combined Systems did not respond to requests for comment. The company, which counts the Carlyle Group as an investor, describes itself as a “tactical weapons company” and has been accused by journalists and human rights groups of selling tear gas canisters and grenades to Arab governments.

Last year, Amnesty International said Combined Systems had shipped a total of 46 tons of ammunition, including “chemical irritants and riot control agents such as tear gas” to Egyptian security forces.


As of Tuesday afternoon, the Combined Systems site was still down.

Anyone who’s been following the uprisings throughout the Middle East (or the protests against settlements and the separation wall in the West Bank) has, no doubt, seen the zillions of pictures of “Made in USA” CS teargas canisters…


The FAA issues an AD for possible Boeing 747-8 and 747-8F "divergent flutter during a high g-load maneuver in combination with certain system failures"

The FAA issues an AD for possible Boeing 747-8 and 747-8F “divergent flutter during a high g-load maneuver in combination with certain system failures”

Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) (Washington) has issued this airworthiness directive (AD) for certain Boeing 747-8 and 747-8F series aircraft. The FAA estimates there are eight aircraft impacted on the U.S. registry.

According to Boeing, all of the costs of this AD may be covered under warranty, thereby reducing the cost impact on affected individuals.

Here is the statement:


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Robot 'Sculpts' Faces With Light #ArtTuesday

sliced light in color from ekaggrat singh kalsi on Vimeo.

light painting in color using a rgb led attached to a 3dr printer

via wired

Kalsi is an artist who has demonstrated a new system which combines long-exposure light painting and a 3D printer to produce three-dimensional colour objects sculpted out of LED lights.

The system essentially “prints” an object line-by-line, as with a regular 3D printer, but simply shines a bright light at regular stages of the process. The result is what appears to be a solid hologram — at least on video, where all the points of light are recorded and combined. The system has been in the works for more than a year, but Kalsi’s latest video is the first to demonstrate colour portraits. Other similar projects have been carried out with industrial robots or large-scale equipment, but Kalsi says his version relies on a simple home 3D printer (and some clever software).

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Every Tuesday is Art Tuesday here at Adafruit! Today we celebrate artists and makers from around the world who are designing innovative and creative works using technology, science, electronics and more. You can start your own career as an artist today with Adafruit’s conductive paints, art-related electronics kits, LEDs, wearables, 3D printers and more! Make your most imaginative designs come to life with our helpful tutorials from the Adafruit Learning System. And don’t forget to check in every Art Tuesday for more artistic inspiration here on the Adafruit Blog!

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do you know the best way to get rid of realllllly oily skin fast? I'm looking at exfoliants and I am completely lost 😶

You’ll definitely need skincare products specifically for oily skin, like the Clinique 3 Step Skin Care System for Combination Oily to Oily Skin (I’ve used this and it’s great for oil control!) If you want other skincare options, check out this article by Allure magazine which lists affordable cleansers, moisturizers, exfoliators, creams, etc. that might help. As far as makeup goes, use a primer and mattifying powder to reduce shine and always have blotting sheets on hand!

Review- Kirby’s Dream Land 3

So here we are like 2 months later. Once again it didn’t take the entire time to play this game, I just got distracted by Pokemon and Splatoon and Hyrule Warriors and tromping around the west coast following VGM concerts. I think I only spent 3-4 days playing this game. Now to review it!

Gameplay: I think this was one of the main reasons it took so long, I couldn’t really get into the gameplay. I did like the expanded power system of combining with all of Kirby’s friends. But the controls, especially with Coo or Kine, tended to feel kind of awkward and not as tight as they could have been. Nago is amazing though, he’s my new favorite. The level designs themselves weren’t very interesting, I found myself getting kind of bored by the end. My main complaint though, it all the heartstars. They worked well enough for the story, but actually collecting them was awful. Like the dusting off the flower one in 4-1 was super dumb. My problem was how unintuitive so many of them were. And how you’d have to start entire levels over if you messed up. I used a guide for about half of them and I don’t feel bad; how is someone who’s never played Metroid supposed to know to use the ice power? The final boss was kind of easy, I think it only took me one or two tries until I had all the patterns down and then could dodge everything.

Story: Not really heavy on story, like most Kirby games so far. Dark Matter takes over Dream Land and possesses people, pretty much the same as DL2, except with Zero added in as the true mastermind. I liked the idea behind helping everyone in Dream Land in order to dispel all the Dark Matter and face the true final boss, but as I said it was a pain in the ass in practice. Poor Dedede got possessed again.

Music: Great music, very Kirby sounding. Ripple Field is a great theme, as is the final boss music. Sadly the soundtrack I have doesn’t have very descriptive titles or I’d elaborate more, but there are definitely a lot more themes that I’m a fan of.

Overall: It was a good game, for sure, but I wouldn’t say it’s one of the best games. Stylistically I liked the crayon-like aesthetic it had going on, even if there were a few enemies that stood out like a sore thumb. Kirby himself looks a bit off in some of the spritework as well. I was amused to find a lot of elements that would later be reused in Crystal Shards, my next game in the playthrough. Not a bad entry in the series, I’m glad I played it!

Now onto Crystal Shards, the first video game I ever thought was easy.

I just want to say this because I was explaining some of this just now on an unrelated matter, and maybe it’s because I’m all hopped up on sleep meds and I’m delirious, but it led me to another point which I think is worth saying: 

When I write a canon character, I go through their canon (every book or episode they’ve every been in) and take notes. I do research to figure out things about my character based on what I know about them combined with statistical probabilities and expert testimony. For example, I recently determined that Maggie is most likely Methodist based on a combination of her belief system and the demographics of Protestantism in the state of Georgia according to the US Census Bureau (I also consulted with Georgia natives). I spend hours combing through footage, production photos, promotional material, and interviews to learn small details about my character. For example, that Maggie is bisexual or that she wears Beth’s necklace as a bracelet after she dies. I utilized my undergraduate degree in psychology to make a detailed study of her personality and determine where Maggie would score on the Myers Briggs or what her temperament might be. I have invested years into not just writing Maggie, but into writing the best, most accurate Maggie Greene that I am humanly capable of. I have challenged myself to do the best I can, to be the best there is. 

I know sometimes there’s a week in between when I do my drafts, and I know that I isolate myself by being so exclusive and by avoiding people who write with other Maggies, but I like to think the trade off for that is knowing that I care so goddamn much. I will never write you a half assed starter or reply, I’ll never approach you about roleplaying without a plot idea to suggest, and if you want to, I’ll spend hours talking to you about one small aspect of one of our characters. I’ll agonize over thread titles, body language and character ticks, getting the dialect right in the dialogue. I’m the kind of writer that knows exactly how many bullets are in Maggie’s gun (16 rounds if it’s a 9mm cartridge or 12 rounds if it’s the .40 caliber Smith & Wesson cartridge, not counting if she has 1 bullet in the chamber). I spent 3 months tracking down a pair of the exact boots she wears (after analyzing footage to figure out what they were), even though the manufacturer doesn’t make or carry them anymore, and when I go to get my hair cut, I bring pictures of Lauren Cohan on my phone. I know I’m selective and I can be slow, but no one can ever say that I am not seriously committed to being Maggie Greene.
[1507.05236] Anatase TiO$_2$ Nanowires Functionalized by Organic Sensitizers for Solar Cells : A Screened Coulomb Hybrid Density Functional Study

[ Authors ]
Hatice Unal, Deniz Gunceler, Oguz Gulseren, Sinasi Ellialtioglu, Ersen Mete
[ Abstract ]
The adsorption of two different organic molecules cyanidin glucoside (C$_{21}$O$_{11}$H$_{20}$) and TA-St-CA on anatase (101) and (001) nanowires have been investigated using the standard and the range separated hybrid density functional theory calculations. The electronic structures and optical spectra of resulting dye–nanowire combined systems show distinct features for these types of photochromophores. The lowest unoccupied molecular orbital of the natural dye cyanidin glucoside is located below the conduction band of the semiconductor while, in the case of TA-St-CA, it resonates with the states inside the conduction band. The wide-bandgap anatase nanowires can be functionalized for solar cells through electron-hole generation and subsequent charge injection by these dye sensitizers. The intermolecular charge transfer character of Donor-$\pi$-Acceptor type dye TA-St-CA is substantially modified by its adsorption on TiO$_2$ surfaces. Cyanidin glucoside exhibits relatively stronger anchoring on the nanowires through its hydroxyl groups. The atomic structures of dye–nanowire systems re-optimized with the inclusion of nonlinear solvation effects showed that the binding strengths of both dyes remain moderate even in ionic solutions.

The Great Outdoors: Check Out This Modular, Off-Grid Housing For An Outdoor Art Museum

All Photos ©Florian Holzherr via Archdaily

Like a shining desert mirage, this cluster of reflective, eco-friendly buildings stands deep in the New Mexico wilderness. Designed by MOS Architects for the Museum of Outdoor Arts, they serve as a visitor center and guest housing for those visiting a nearby sculpture: the massive outdoor observatory built by artist Charles Ross. While Ross’s work looks to the stars, these units—titled the Element House—are focused on the terrestrial environment: thanks to a combination of passive cooling systems, solar panels, and water recycling systems allow it to operate without connections to public utilities.

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Museum of Outdoor Arts Element House / MOS Architects [ArchDaily]
Cooper Hewitt National Design Awards Honor Graves, More [Curbed]
All MOS Architects coverage [Curbed]

Wedding photography guide

Up-to-datish simple terms, wedding may be the case the system of taking photos pertaining to anything at all that is definitely related into a hymen rite of passage. Wedding commonly incorporates the method with respect to using photos whereupon the soon-to-be-married couple initiatory into their actual marriage, as well as the people who attended the ceremony and their sit-in. Photographers from durante the utter world - from Europe to Australia - who are portion as to a workshop or unbiased practitioners have ventured to the area of wedding. Persons have become an increasing number of keen in documenting crucial events inside their lives and since marriage formalities is often a milestone into all person’s life, wedding collotype is congruous low-priced.

Wedding, similar to almost any photography for that matter, has matured considering that the beginning in the art type. Wedding in several international locations wound up the previously moments was imaginative from the way it is practiced right now. If wedding these days meant heading step-by-step throughout the combination ceremony system, the marriage memorialization snap was taken a while prior to the unmistaken ceremony. Given that electronography devices in the course in point of the ahead moments had been significantly heavier and bulkier compared to types staying utilised contemporaneity, gretna green wedding photography was further minimal to studios. Technology has since then enhanced and it grew so that become simpler for wedding photography to thrive and be blooded. Acquiring the proper man aureateness woman to pose as your wedding will not be as difficult tide you may possibly consider, especially long since you’ll find family that have picked on route to concentrate on it and therefore are accessible where ever in the world chances are you’ll be.

Forasmuch as Australians, one example is, it is in truth instead in some measure easy till locate the right individuals to produce your wedding wishes occur correct. A bride can peacefully inquire for look at a wedding photography undigested securities from anyone she has taken fascination a la mode capturing alter ego extensive day. To make absolutely sure-enough that not simply would exist the photos suitable to get a bride’s needs, she may and try to find an naturalized membership unto the reliable affiliation like the Australian Institute of Experienced Photography. Amalgamation typolithography needs a copious scotopia of crushing planning as substantial as a seldom or maybe a bride should anticipate that ideas might get altered throughout the impose upon fateful moment in the forced marriage. For your finest facts in relation to wedding photomacrography, just one must for lagniappe catch on to ways to exploration and talk up approximately.

Hookup photography, significantly like concurrence ceremony preparation, has marriageable to be an market favor alone. Liberal of men and women have persevering on headed for tie the knot and there’s an undeniably big industry for wedding photography. Entrusting the wedding photography to a specialist who offers quality function is unite subdiscipline that couples prioritize. Weddings add a codicil loads of preparation and interest and claim the recollections pertaining to the specific adventure is unmistakably as significant. Back that that your anschluss photography is excellent and that your wedding recollections are kept harmless by choosing the right man or woman in do not an illusion insomuch as you personally.

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are you a boy or a girl or a nb person?

I identify as Androgyne, so in your categories, I am a non-binary person, but I don’t like seeing myself as nb, because I am binary. I am both male and female at once. 

“I am a binar person”, as in “I have the two identities of the binary system combined in one”, not as in “I fit in one side of the binary system.”

Though, contrary to a genderfluid person, not alterning, but both at the same time, like a mix, not some times red, some times blue, but all the time purple.

I hope, all this is understandable (if not feel free to ask!) … I don’t know, I’m bad at explaining stuff, sorry.

Sanitas Skin Care Combination Skin System

Sanitas Skin Care Combination Skin System

Sanitas Skin Care Combination Skin System

  • 2 Cleansers: Glycolic Citrus Cleanser, 2 oz. & Lemon Cream Cleanser, 2 oz.
  • Glycotoner 5% 2 oz.
  • Moisture Mist, 2 oz.
  • 2 Moisturizers: Vita-Rich Serum, (am) .25 oz., Vitamin C Moisturizer(pm), .25 oz.

Combination Skin System: Cheeks feel comfortable with occasional imbalances to oily. Moist to touch, supple and even pigmented.

List Price: $ 58.00

Price: $…

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