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Once you get this, you have to say five things you like about yourself, publicly. Then you have to send this to ten of your favourite followers (non-negotiable, positivity is cool) 💋

Ohhh goshh, thank you for sending it to me can’t believe I’m one of your favs followers *-* 💕
Imma copy this from a tag I made some time ago ‘cause I remember that it took me a hard time to think about five things x-x

۵ 1.- I like my hair. It’s a combination between straight and wavy.  I’ve always liked to have my hair very long, but a year ago I cut it and donate to make wigs for cancer patients. It was something new for me, but I felt so good. Right now it’s in a medium length, it’s growing very fast.
۵ 2.- I like my voice.
I didn’t like it before because people used to tell me that I sounded like a little girl, but I don’t care anymore, I like it.
۵ 3.- I like the fact that I make my family and friends my priority.
I’ll always be there for them whenever they need me, I wouldn’t change them for anything nor anyone.
۵ 4.- I like my nerdiness.
I’m smart and I’m not ashamed to say it, I love to get high grades. I’m on my fourth semester of university and I’ve never failed any subject in my life.
۵ 5.- I like my smile. It has been a long way, but I learned to like it. When I was a kid I used to have a lot of problems with my teeth, because my jaw was too small. I had braces three years of my life and it was hard. I still cover my mouth sometimes when I laugh, but since I got them removed I’ve been able to smile with more confidence.
I have more insecurities than things I like, but I’m slowly trying to get rid of them! ^^

Study Tips Before Exams!

Hey guys!! Sooooooo here’s some tips that I personally use! Make sure you try ‘em out a little bit to see if some of the steps work for you as well. It’s a combination of my own thoughts & some I learned from others. Hope this can be helpful:D

#1 Stay calm & sit
You’re gonna have tons of exams in your life, so there’s no use panicking over this one. Stay calm, have a glass of water, and sit at a place you feel like. A library, a coffee shop, your fav spot at the restaurant, comfy bed or the corner of your room with fluffy pillows.It could be anywhere comfortable.
#2 Mind maps
You may only have 3 days to review everything, so don’t waste your time on copying the things you’ve already been familiar with. Draw a mind map will certainly help. Quickly flip through your textbooks & notes, close ‘em up, then start working your mind map. It doesn’t have to be the pretty ones you would’ve posted on your blog, just keep it as simple as it can be. Including major stuff you need to memeorize, as for the details- think about them and see if there’s anything you seem to have questions with. If there actually is, then BINGO- keep in mind to check this out again.
Also, you can use old mind maps to do this. It saves you a lot of time.
Yay so here’s your little reward during hard studying times. You ray of sunshine that shone on your weak little body! Remember to take breaks, so everything cool down a bit. It can be ten minutes rocking out to your fav band, it can be three to five minutes sitting there and do absolutely nothing, depends on how long you’ve studying & how frustrated you are. Adjust with breaks, keep yourself hydrated, so you can jump right in to study after. Oh another thing- KEEP THE DISTRACTIONS AWAY. For me, I can’t pick up a book and not continue to read it, so I’m putting all my books out of sight so I won’t be having a vacation intead of several minutes.
#4 Flash cards
Okay so this is like the part you do your magic trick to memorzie. I personally use flash cards because they are fun to make and easy to go through. It’s so helpful that basically everyone know this, so I’d rather stop talking about this. But the good old flash card is my life, I’m recommending this with all my heart :P
#5 Sleep
Lack of sleep can cause bad states during exams. Also, your revision efficience would drop. So sleep early everyday.

Good luck😙xo Lynda

feel the chemicals burn in my bloodstream

By: lourrynavy

Words: 123k

“Alright, alright. No need to bite,” Harry says, holding his hands above his head in a general gesture of surrender.

Louis quirks an eyebrow and his foot nudges Harry’s as he moves to sit straight. “If that’s what you think biting is, you’ve got another thing coming, Styles.”

Harry blinks at him before he feels his face flush and inside the marrows of his bones there’s pulses of heat, pulses of fire spreading through him. “Is that a threat, your Highness?”

“That’s a promise,” Louis answers just as the car halts to a stop. “One I intend to keep.”

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