combine elite

The next army: Sisters of Silence+Inquisition+The Scions

Well I have decided this weekend on the next army, if it wasnt already obvious.

We are going super deep down, dark, scummy underbelly of the grimdark 41st millennium. 

That’s right Girls and Mutants, there’s no room for your “Snowflake” primaris marines here. There is only the written order of the Emperor’s inquisition and his silent daughters.

My army concept, which came out to equal about 125 pwl. when I added everything up is a combination of elite units combined with rapid insertion tactics.

Small units of high end units including Scions (stormtroopers) SoS, and inquisition, backed up by Valkyrie transport, rhinos, and of course an excuse to by the new  Kharon Pattern Acquisitor. Happy Hunting!

-Thought for the day: There is no such thing as innocents, only varying degress of guilt.