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im an idiot but i forget that voltron can combine weapons??? like whenever the paladins insert their baywards in different combinations, voltron will have a certain kind of weapon (ex: keith’s sword + shiro’s bayard = blazing sword) and i fIND THAT REALLY CLEVER OF THE TEAM TO DO THAT HOLY SHIT


It turns out Night Blogger Steven is more powerful than any of us realized

I finally finished editing my fusionmatsu comic!! 🎉

“Why, for someone who boldly announced that he came here to kill me, you look remarkably pitiful, Germaniya.”

Operation Barbarossa. 

anonymous asked:

practicality of a bladed gauntlet a la the wolverine's claws? perhaps with less thin blades.

The only real problem with wolverine’s claws is figuring out where he stores them when they’re not in use. They’re supposed to sit in his forearm, which causes all kinds of logistical weirdnesses for how the blades are supposed to pass through his wrists. X-23 has the same problem, for what it’s worth.

There are several different unarmed claw weapons. Off hand, the Bagh Nakh comes to mind. This is a set of (usually) five small, curved blades, mounted on a strip (I’ve seen metal and leather, I think wooden braces also exist), or on the inside of an open handed gauntlet, that slip between the fingers, and allow the wielder to strike with an open hand and then rake the victim with the blades by pulling their fingers back.

There’s also a variant where the blades mount facing out from the palm, and can serve as a combination weapon and climbing tool, though I honestly, do not remember the details there.

The only real problem with Wolverine’s claws is the logistics of actually integrating blades like that into a (pseudo) human body. Attaching them to a wrist gauntlet is a legitimate option.

That said, it’s worth remembering, this is basically like giving a character an over-engineered knife. It’s good for dealing with unarmed opponents, but when facing a foe using anything approaching an actual weapon, like a fire axe, sledgehammer, or crowbar, they’d be at a disadvantage again.

So, yes, they’re practical in the narrow range of situations they’re designed for, and not so much the rest of the time.


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Cpl. Ural Hunter and his sentry dog “Fritz” take the point position as Combined Action Platoon 2-3-3 begins another day of patrolling near Vieh Hao. Cpl. Hunter has been working as point man with several CAP units for the last eight months. (USMC Photo by Sgt. Roger A. Paul) 1971

I’ve found FE heroes sprite sheets and I’ve been messing around with them making puppets

I feel so powerful. I can make any combination of characters, weapons, and outfits with these resources. Now I can cool make heroes edits when I’m bored, like this one

For @ffxiv-art-prompts‘s #003: “ ANY FFXI AF - ESTABLISHED OR CUSTOM”

I decided to go the “custom” route for my own Red Mage AF armor and relic weapon design, combining elements of the old school RDM, FFXI’s version, and recurring elements I’ve encountered in FFXIV’s equipment designs.

Also I don’t have enough fluers de lis in this outfit.

Now back to working on commissions!


Completed the entire Dark vs. Light event yay!

I don’t know why torture myself like this but I did it pretty casually over the months and it’s nice to get it done :)

Best thing I got from all the packs combined was the Light Weapon Tuning, which I will be using on my Sage who I did most of the event on.

anonymous asked:

Opinions on MetaDoom?

It’s a pretty great mod that combines almost every weapon from the Doom franchise (which includes the PC games, the console versions, and even the Java mobile games).

Currently in development, you can download it here!

(I am not sure if Kinsie added the black hose to the fire extinguisher sprites, though. My plan was to add it later on but never got around to do so…)