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hi my names camille and tumblr just ate my intro the first two times i wrote it, welcome to jackass. harry styles just released an album that was almost entirely about me but i ain’t let it get to my head. if i had to pinpoint one place that i was the queen of i wouldn’t be able to because i’ve lived everywhere from germany, to nyc, to la, to new zealand and australia; currently found in cloudy columbus which is a huge problem for a woman who wants to live in a bikini 12 months a year. i’m a 28 year old fitness model and tv personality, i starred in a show called the gc (that’s gold coast) which was basically a combination of jersey shore and the oc but with a bunch of australian accents and my thick german one. my hobbies include shitposting, watching men write albums about me and then leaving them, thinking about post malone, and making sure my booth is the loudest one at every fitness expo. i’m a new mum and there’s a 99% chance i’m tired and wondering why my husband never sweeps the floor. if this intro didn’t make you think that all i do is the most and you should steer clear of me, my gh is prettylittlethvg

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Hi! I got into EXO not too long ago and I've seen a lot of fan pages with the number 614 but I don't know what it means... could you explain it, please? Thank you!

omg hello anon, welcome to the fam! :D i hope you’re not being too stressed bcos i currently am. hahaha

so, 614 is simply Chanyeol and Baekhyun’s jersey number combined together. 61 - chanyeol’s and 4 - baekhyun’s = 614

looks deep right? hahaha but it’s actually not except for the Baekyeol/Chanbaek (i call them ParkByun) shippers of course. i don’t know the real history behind it, it just came up honestly and i’m one of those who adopted it :P hehe 

it’s also used as a date 614 (june 14) and celebrated as Chanbaek day by others. 

idk what else to add asdfghjk sorry >< 

but anyway, welcome to the fam! hope you’re having a good time here in (The War) Power era!! thank you for supporting the kids!!

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Random weird question but what do you think Wally sleeps in

lol no i kid.

…. sort of. C|

Mostly he just throws on like. A tank top or t-shirt and sweats.

Sometimes it’s just sweats over his costume on rough, exhausting nights, or sometimes he forgets to change.

He also owns a metric buttload of Flash merch. Wally loves merchandise. |D His Keystone Combines jersey is frequently slept in, Flash merch ofc, merch of other fave heroes (ESP green lantern and superman)

and honestly i wouldn’t put it past him to just flop out in his boxers from time to time. i mean. 

He’s not really the fashionista of the sleepwear-world. \D