combination hat

Imagine your SS taking MacCready’s hat, Preston’s hat, Piper’s press cap, Nick’s fedora, and Hancock’s tricorn, and combining all those hats into one massive, hat-based lifeform. The Hatmalgamate.

Vernon Icons

read terms before using


After seeing this post by @determinedtomato I thought I’d make alternate Zodiac Symbols for the Eight Signs of Universe C from a post I  made a while ago. Based on their shirt symbols rather than their Aspect Symbols, the Zodiacs/constelations themselves are still named after their classpect as before. Feel free to use/edit these for Speciesswap AUs as well as post-game AUs, if you want but please credit me and/or this post. Also Dirk’s Zodiac is a combination of his hat, to represent him and his shades to represent Hal/AR.

Halitus the Heir
Lucerna Lux the Seer
Hora Tempus the Knight
Locus Spatio the Witch
Vita the Maid
Nilum Vacuum the Rogue
Anima Cor the Prince
Fides Spes the Page 

Using literal translations now, leaving the old ones in a strike-through in case anyone wants to use them still. (thanks to @hearts-rogue for the ask)


High tech hat!

Recently was commissioned to knit a hat combining wool yarn with Retroglo super-reflective thread.

Added in some glow-in-the-dark yarn I’ve had sitting around, and made the shiny glowy hat of nighttime safety!

First picture in normal lighting, 2nd picture with flash, 3rd picture in the dark.

I have a tiny little bit of the Retroglo left that might show up in some future etsy hats.


The sign boards I got from Moa and from Damurushi; I asked Moa for Absolute Zero Ryouta and Damurushi for The King! Every time I look at these I start absolutely screaming inside. I would have paid double my badge cost for EITHER of these, so combined with the signed hat from the day before… I was basically walking on the moon at this point. Thanks to Moa and Damu for making AOD a con I’ll remember forever!

(Also they each did these in under five minutes. HOW?! I guess when you’re a super high level pigeon you can do things like that…)

The signs as summery things I associate them with
  • (check rising sign)
  • Aries: A festival with music that you love
  • Taurus: Tasteful selfmade smoothie with blueberries
  • Gemini: Picking flowers in a garden full of the most exotic types
  • Cancer: Jumping into the ocean from a cliff or rock.
  • Leo: Freckles showing up on your face when you're sitting in the sun
  • Virgo: Roasting marshmallows on a campfire
  • Libra: Getting sunburned, and having to lubricate your red body with aftersun
  • Scorpio: Having a fun party with friends turning into a wonder-filled one night stand
  • Sagittarius: The flight with an airplane to your holiday destination
  • Capricorn: A foodtruck festival where you meet new people
  • Aquarius: Skinny dipping in a nearby lake with your best friends
  • Pisces: Cute hippie dresses combined with a straw hat

Whodda thunk we’d have so much to post the day before the August update hit?! All of you? Oh. Fine then. Regardless, we’re happy to report that there will be about 40 new pieces of gear added in the August update.

From what we’re hearing, some of these items will be found in the shops at the Booyah Base, while others can only be acquired by meeting certain conditions. You can dress yourself from head to toe in new gear, or mix some of the new items in with old favorites. We can’t wait to see everyone’s fresh new get-ups. Just look at the swag the Inkling in the middle is bringing to the table. If you traveled back in time to before I made this post and told me that one day a fashion visionary would successfully combine a bucket hat, a vest, and a look that screams “blue steel,” I wouldn’t have believed you.


Mangbetu man, Medje village, Congo by Eliot Elisofon, 1970

The photograph depicts man wearing traditional barkcloth ‘nogi’. “The main item of men’s clothing was the ‘nogi’, a piece of barkcloth wrapped between and around the legs and held in place at the waist with a belt.” “Mangbetu hats combine basketry with feathers in various ways. Most hats were made to be purely ornamental, but some had special meanings.” [Schildkrout E., Keim C., 1990: African Reflections, University of Washington Press].

Incase it wasn’t obvious from our previous post, the Santa Slice is gigantic. It’s comparable in size to Santa’s head, beard, and hat combined. It’s much, much larger than a regular human’s head. Only 3 slices fit in his sleigh, which is why these come in 3 collectable boxes with illustrations by @bosssdog @bargainbinblasphemy and @orionmustbedestroyed.

Go get one today from the West Burnside @sizzlepie! Available from 11am-7pm. Be sure to get an extra one and leave it under the tree for Santa. #polerstuff #campvibes #deathtofalsepizza #santaslice by polerstuff