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Big Bang's Reactions to their tomboy gf being insecure about herself

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IT. IS. SO. HOT. (that is how I am gonna cold the F down myself)

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I am barely living I swear. Sof fucking hot. (excuse my language) How are you? Are you guys on holidays? I am not going anywhere this year… Thank you for all your request… I will work on them ^^

He liked your short hair and was impressed how talented you are in sports. He fully supported you there and cheered on you. While you were looking through your wardrobe, you saw you don’t have any dress. You thought he might be embarrassed by you because you never wear elegant dresses or put diamond earrings on. He found you laying in the wardrobe crying over your favourite pullover.
“What’s wrong my beautiful skater? Why are you crying over Mike (your pullover’s name)? He did nothing wrong… Did he?”
He tried to be funny and it worked for a couple seconds. After you told him what’s going on, he told you how beautiful you are even when you go to his premiers in jeans and black shirt combined with Adidas hat. He told you how proud he is on you to be confident about yourself and know your talents so much. He was envious of you because you had so much confidence and talent that he never thought you might be thinking like that about yourself.

(I gave the pullover a name bc I wanted to hhahahahah…)

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He was very happy you were a tomboy girlfriend. He liked your style and liked you for who you are but there’s one thing that he did not like about you being a tomboy. Your friends. Your friends were rebellious and many of them didn’t even like Jiyong or Big Bang. They were all against it and he was worried they might tell you to break up with him that’s why he didn’t like them. You were really sad because he wanted you to get new friends but your friends were all you needed and they were actually really nice. He found you sobbing in your bedroom.
“What’s the matter? Is it me? Did I do something? I’m sorry, I know I said some things that might be hurtful but I have so much work and I am so stressed… Please forgive me for me not being there for you…”
He would feel horrible to see how serious you took that. He didn’t mean to boss you around and tell you what to do but unfortunately, that’s exactly what he did. He agreed to meet your friends to change his opinion on them and get to know them better. When you were having dinner together they bonded and they even taught him how to skate even tho you failed that mission a couple times.

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You knew Youngbae’s  style is cute and sexy but not even near tomboy that’s why you were worried why is he even holding onto you. You were worried he is only doing that so you could feel better about yourself. You couldn’t think that was the case. While you were thinking about that in the living room he came home and found you all sad on the couch. He sat down and comforted you.
“Hey~ What’s up? Is something the matter? Tell me~~”
He always tried to save everything by aegyo and he had no idea you were serious. When you started asking him why he is still with you if you’re not even his type, he shook his hand and hugged you. He couldn’t believe you thought you are not his type. He was impressed by everything you do and he loved giving you sweaters and other clothes and buy matching shoes that you both like.

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He always liked girls who had the courage and don’t dress extremely girlish. He was very happy he met you but you had some doubts about yourself. You thought maybe being ‘tomboy-ish’ isn’t really your thing and that you should act cute and be more girl like for Daesung. You thought he might want another girl instead of you because you weren’t dressed in sexy dresses and wore skirts all the time.
“Hey, what are you doing? Let’s play video games together… A-are you crying? What’s wrong??”
He thought it was really wrong for you to doubt who you are because of him.  He felt a bit offended because he would never do such a thing to you. He loved you and wouldn’t exchange you for anything. He tried to cheer you up by promising you he’ll play drums in his underwear again. You laughed and begged him not to and then you went out to get dinner together and then go for a walk in the park. 

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You always liked your short hair and your black ripped jeans that fit perfectly with your sweater. You were proud on your strong absent liked to exercise with Seungri but since he was busy with his job a lot you couldn’t do that often. When you went out with him to grocery shop or somewhere where you met his fans, they told him you look like a boy and how could he date a woman like you. Usually, criticism really got to you but now it finally got to you.
“I’M HOMEE ~~ LET’S GO SOMEWHEREE ~~~ Uhm… Babe… What are you doing… Are you okay? Are you hurt? What is it? Tell me”
It was the first time he’s seen you cry. He was shocked and didn’t know what to do because he didn’t know why you were crying. You told him about the mean comments and he knew they would get to you at some point. Fans were great but sometimes some of them crossed the line. He hugged you and told you how much he loves you. It was hard to see you cry so he couldn’t stop wiping the tears from your cheeks. He kissed your cheeks and told them to stay as beautiful as they are.

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Jack Maynard x reader

Jack Maynard x reader
5. “Who would’ve guessed we’d be sharing a room.”
“Yo, Y/N!”
You locked the door to your flat, suitcase in hand, and turned around to see the buttercream boys sitting in the van they rented for the trip.
You’d gotten a cabin in the country rented out for the weekend and you and the boys were heading out there together.
“Sup buttercream?” You shouted back.
Various calls and shouts came back as replies making you laugh.
“Come on and get your little ass in here!” Jack Maynard shouted at you making you laugh again.
You threw your suitcase in the back and jumped in with the boys.
You were tossed around playfully a little bit before falling in a seat next to Jack and Conor.
“So how’s mama buttercream?”
You smiled. The fans had become accustomed to calling you mama buttercream after you started hanging out with them and the boys picked it up quickly as well.
“I’m good! Totally excited for this weekend!”
This only sent another chorus of excited shouts throughout the van.
“Oi! Pipe down back there would ya? A man’s gotta drive without distractions!”
You snickered. “How’d Oli get stuck with driving?”
“He picked the smallest straw,” Jack replied.
“Which reminds me,” Joe piped up and he lifted a hat, the boys wooing and making various noises.
“What’s that for?” You asked, confused.
“Roommates!” Caspar said. “You said there were only three bedrooms right?”
You nodded. “Yep. And there’s always the main room.”
“Yep,” Joe shook the hat. “Whoever picks the same color has to room together.”
“All right,” you said. “Let’s do it.”
“You first mama buttercream!”
You reached a hand in the hat, pulling out a red slip of paper.
Conor pulls a green one, Mikey pulls a yellow, Josh pulls a green, Caspar pulls an orange, Joe pulls an orange, and Jack pulls a red.
“Oli gets yellow! So we’ve got Joshor, Jaspar, Olkey, and (your names combined).” Joe tosses the hat down and you exchange a bashful glance with Jack.
A little while later you arrive at the cabin and Jack grabs your hand, pulling you from the van before you can think.
“J-Jack! What are you doing?”
“Placing a human call device before the others can get to the best room!”
“Would you at least let me get the key out to open it?”
You pulled the key from your pocket and opened the door, only to be dragged into the house and being practically tossed into the room Jack liked best.
“Stay here! I’ll get your bag!”
You sighed and fell back onto the bed. These boys were a lot of work.
“Damn, eager weren’t you mate?” You hear from the other room.
“Just wanted to get a good room before you idiots.”
“Are you sure it wasn’t because of something else?” Conor wiggled his eyebrows, making Jack glare at him.
“Stop being gross, Conor,” you chimed from the doorway. “Thanks, Jack,”
“No problem, mama buttercream.”
You set your suitcase on a bed and went out to sit in the lounge.
“Okay, who’s ready to play truth or dare. My style?” You smirked as the others settled down.
A chorus of what you took as readys.
You opened your extra bag and pulled out a bottle of vodka and eight shot glasses.
“You all know how it works. Answer truthfully, do the dare, or take a shot of vodka mixed with” -You pulled out the last thing in your spare bag- “mustard.”
You made them each shot and one for yourself before starting. “Okay. First up,” you spun the closed vodka bottle. “Josh Pieters. Truth or Dare?”
As the game went on, you experienced Caspar skinny dipping, Joe doing the ice bucket challenge in nothing, Josh becoming a human chair, Mikey getting makeup put on by the boys, Oli letting the boys hack his twitter, Conor tied to the wall with duct tape, Jack running naked through the trees, and yourself letting the boys draw on you with permanent marker.
You learned how Caspar feels about having celebrities around, how many girls Joe’s had sex with in the past six months, what Josh would do if he were a girl, how many things Mikey has stolen, what Oli’s most awkward date was, what embarrassing thing Conor has been walked in on, and what man Jack would kiss.
They’d all forfeited at least once and you were the only one with a shot glass still full of the gross concoction. And it was now your turn.
“Okay, Y/N,” Conor smirked. “Truth or Dare.”
You grinned evily back. “Dare.”
“I dare you to kiss your roomate.”
Your eyes went wide and you blushed. “Shit. Conor, you know I promised not to kiss any of you!”
“So you don’t want to kiss my brother?”
“I didn’t say that!”
“So you so then?”
“I didn’t say that, either!”
“Kiss him then!”
“Forfeit then!”
“Bloody hell, fine!” You downed the shot.
The boys cheered as you came up with a disgusted look on your face. “Bleh. Give me just the vodka to wash it down.”
You walked in your shared room and got under the covers of your bed, preparing to go to sleep when- “Who would’ve guessed we’d be sharing a room.”
You rolled over to face Jack who was staring at you through the darkness.
“Yeah, funny, right…”
Silence passed between you.
“Yes, Jack?”
“Why didn’t you want to kiss me?”
You blushed, even if he couldn’t see it. “I- um- I-i didn’t say I didn’t want to kiss you.”
“You didn’t say you did, either.”
You started thinking about your silly crush on him and how he’d never return it. You got butterflies in your stomach just thinking about sharing a room with him and now you were. He was just a few feet from you.
“…I don’t think I should answer you.”
“Why not?”
“Because it’ll make things awkward between us…”
“It can’t be that bad, just tell me.”
You took a deep breath. “All right, Jack. I did want to kiss you, just not in front of everyone…”
Silence again and you felt stupid for admitting it. Why, why, why had you done it?
Suddenly you heard shuffling and Jack was right in front of your face. Grinning ear to ear. “Maybe you should try that dare again, hm?”
You smiled. “Oh, Jack,”
Then you kissed him.
It felt so right and sweet that you didn’t want to let him go until-
“Er, Jack?”
“Shh, don’t ruin the moment with talking.”
“But Jack-”
“Well it’s about bloody time you made a move mate!”
Jack jumped and fell back away from you. He had failed to notice Conor standing in the doorway.
“Hey, everyone! (Ship name) finally happened! Jack grew some balls and kissed her!”
“Shut up, Conor!” Jack yelled.
“Wait, does this make you daddy buttercream?”
“Shut up, Conor!”
Ha, that ending though. First time doing a Jack Maynard imagine! How’d I do? Well, loviecleone43 hope you enjoyed!

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Hello, I hope you're having a good day. What is a typical outfit for the 104th and vets in a gender bent modern AU? (With an agender or gender neutral Hanji). - from a fan artist in need of some inspiration.

Mikasa: Gothic style, black clothes, many accessoires
Reiner: A nice summer dress with print on it
Bertholdt: Plain skirts and flat shoes (he is very tall after all)
Annie: Punkish outfit, ripped clothes, leather and jeans
Eren: Typical neo grunge clothes, crop shirts, plateau
Armin: Mom jeans, striped t-shirts and chucks
Jean: Casual look, white blouses, jeans, t-shirts
Marco: Preppy style, school girl skirts, sweater
Sasha: Casual, Flower shirts, relaxed pants
Connie: Classic girl next door style, striped shirt, jeans, sneakers
Historia: Girly fashion (genderbend version adores girly style)
Ymir: Oversized look, long sleeves, skinny jeans, loafers
Levi: 90s Grunge, plaid shirts, hot pants, doc martens
Mike: “Tomboy” style, bottom up shirt, loose fitting jeans, flat shoes
Erwin: 70s style, whide cut jeans, flower prints, colourfull
Nanaba: Trendy, modern jeans, bomber jackets
Moblit: Artsy style, combines a hat and other small accessoires, blouses
Hanji: Neutral grungy look, inspired by many other fashion styles, Hanji just wears something comfortable, not too tight, not too loose, not much colour, but fashonable

I am deeply sorry I didn’t answer it with pictures, but I have a problem with too many pictures on my blog and with longs posts, they stress me very much. I hope this will do anyway 💙

Youtuber!Namjoon as a Father

And now it is time for the last member of the hyung line, an amazing leader who has such a nice voice like have you ever heard him say “baby” I found a compilation of it and it is so nice what a nice thought what a nice man that’s a good man right there, Kim Namjoon aka Rap Monster aka joon

  • For the original youtuber!joon post, click here, for his proposal, click here and for father!joon, all of the father related posts are here
  • For everyone that hasn’t read the original father!joon post, he has two kids, a daughter and a younger son
  • Just a quick summary of youtuber!joon, his channel isn’t just one thing, it’s vlogs mixed with tags mixed with sit down and just talk videos, it’s all just about him and his life, that’s the main point is capturing his journey so he can look back in twenty years and watch all the videos and be reminded of memories he may have forgotten
  • So when he finds out he’s gonna be a father, it doesn’t take long at all for him to be talking about it in a video
  • He sits down and he has this huge smile on his face and he talks about how excited he is for her to be born and how much he wants to hold her and it’s so blatantly obvious he’s wrapped around her lil finger already
  • With the second pregnancy, he does a similar announcement but this time, he has bby girl in his arms, taking a lil nap on his shoulder bc he’s her favorite pillow, he’s soft and warm and he gives her head lil kisses so she’s more than content
  • He does a l o t of bby related videos bc he really really wants this part of his life to be documented, he never ever wants to forget how excited he was over being able to buy tiny outfits for his munchkins and how long it took to set up the nurseries and how much work everything was but most importantly, he wants to always be able to look back and remember how worth it it was
  • It was worth getting woken up several times every night by a crying bby, it was worth diaper duty, it was all worth it when he gets to see that precious smile on their faces
  • He also wants to share it with his viewers bc they’ve been with him through so much and he thinks it’s only fitting that they take this journey with him
  • He films the two of you setting the nurseries up, he films random lil moments like picking out toys or clothes or bickering over baby names, he films a lot of the moments leading up to the births
  • It becomes weird to not see his bbys in his videos or at least have them mentioned
  • They’re forever in the background, whether they just walk through or they’re sitting down and playing or watching something or even just their lil voices
  • They’re in his lap or walking next to him, they’re just always near him in some way and no one minds whatsoever bc seeing him interact with them is a do r able
  • He does a couple advice videos, he shares what he did as a new parent, how he handled certain things like teething and getting them to sleep as quickly as possible, he answers questions the viewers send in
  • But he also asks them for their advice, he’s got no problem admitting he isn’t perfect and he doesn’t know everything about parenting so he’ll sometimes ask them for their opinions like if they have any tips or the best brands for toys or clothes or whatever he needs next
  • F or e v e r calling them cute, pretty much any time they do anything, you’re gonna hear him giggle and mumble a lil “cute” under his breath
  • Like there’s this one time where bby girl is eating an apple and he’s cracking up or this one time bby boy tries to walk around in joon’s shoes and he can’t believe someone so cute and precious exists
  • You could so easily make a compilation of all the times he calls them cute and have it be over ten minutes
  • But in his defense, they are really really really precious, they have cute smiles that resemble his and the big puppy dog eyes and the same clumsy nature
  • Their outfits are also really cute, they always have outfits that go together (at least when they’re young and you and joon are picking their outfits out) like if bby boy is wearing a shirt with pink in it, she’ll have some pink somewhere on her outfit and if she has some black on her dress, he’ll have black somewhere on his outfit, etc.
  • They don’t match exactly but it’s just enough matching to make you go “awww”
  • Bby girls likes to try and do bby boy’s hair so in the background of some of his videos, you see her trying to get his fringe into a ponytail or trying to give him pigtails 
  • Always gets them to do his outro with him and he always ends it by kissing their lil cheeks
  • They’re in his vlogs all the time of course, that’s where they’re mainly featured bc his vlogs are just about his life and his family is his life
  • Just picture this for a moment
  • Namjoon, tall as ever, holding hands with his two small teeny tiny babies while they walk down to the ice cream shop together
  • Also joon getting all :D seeing them so excited, eating their ice cream, enjoying their day, just being joyful in general bc happy bbys = happy joon
  • His favorite videos he films with them are pretty much all of the “first” videos, their first steps, first words, first time trying a lemon (he still tears up from laughing at their reactions)
  • His favorite to watch when he needs to be cheered up is definitely the video of them going to Disneyland and meeting all of the characters bc the smiles on their faces combined with their hats that have Mickey Mouse ears on them combined with their overall happiness never fails to make him happy 
  • They’d gotten so many pictures with the characters and they’d rode all the kid friendly rides and he’d filmed a l o t of it so he could always see his kids’ faces light up as they rode “It’s a Small World” and he could watch the clip of them ever so happily munching on some snacks and talking about their favorite Disney movies so seriously
  • “Lion King was the best”
  • “But Ariel has mermaids”
  • “Lion King has lions”
  • “M e r m a i d s” 
Black Cherry Chutney

alright everyone, here’s the whole thing! i hope you guys like it! it gets a little dark for Bughead here. once again, based on the prompt provided by @cooperbettycooper over on @bughead-fanfic-wishlist

It’s also up on ao3 -

it also makes me anxious to post this, as it’s out of writing comfort zone, but i’m proud of myself. mentions of blood and knives, so be warned. 

Tell me something, what do you think Betty Cooper has to hide? She’s got a 4.0 GPA, is a cheerleader, editor of the school newspaper, tutors other students 2 days a week, and is always home by curfew. She’s always careful, too careful. Curious? So is Jughead.

In a world where blood runs white and darkens with each sin, only time will tell who runs with the devil.

He sat at his booth at Pop’s, laptop opened to a blank word document. He stared at the screen, fingers poised above the keys. The sounds of the dinner behind him, low and barely registering as he zoned out. Why couldn’t he think? Why couldn’t he get the words out? There was this frustration that was bubbling up inside him, hot and clawing it’s way up his throat. His hands slammed against the table, a resounding ‘smack’ ringing out and causing a burst of silence around him. He only brought a fist to his lips, holding back the curses he wanted to scream at everyone who had turned to stare at him.

“Everything okay?” a voice sweet as sugar. He wanted to groan.

“Yes, Betty. Everything’s just fine.” His tone was short, words clipped in anger as he stared defiantly out the window, not looking at her. He heard her sigh and he waited for her to walk away. She was still standing close to the table because he could still smell her. She was always this alluring combination of vanilla and honeysuckle that clouded his brain like a thick fog billowing out, drowning him. He fucking loved it.

Instead of leaving, he heard the squelch of the vinyl booth as she sat down. Not across from him, but rather, right next to him. She was close enough that their arms were brushing and he could feel her bare skin ghost across his – it was too hot out to wear anything more than a t-shirt. A shiver ran down his spine, gooseflesh rising on his arm. Shifting slightly away from her he put his arms back on the table, closing his laptop and staring ahead towards the booth in front of him at the back of some woman’s head.

Her fingers closed around one of his hands, small warm fingers squeezing.

“Jughead,” her voice was close to his ear and he didn’t dare turn his head.

“Yes, Betty?” he questioned, voice aloof as he waited for her to say her peace and then leave.

“I’m worried about you,”  he scoffed at her words. When had she ever really paid attention to him? How could she be worried about someone she didn’t really know?

“You haven’t been at school for three days,” her voice was soft, like a whisper blowing in the breeze.

“Did you just come here to state facts Betty? Or was there a purpose to this little visit..” He trailed off, lips pursing tightly. The hand that wasn’t under her grasp tightening where he had pulled it down to his thigh, fingers digging into the muscle.

“I came here because I saw you this morning, at Sweetwater River.” There was something in his throat that he was trying not to choke on. She had seen him?

“I told you, I was worried about you. Archie had said something about how you’d been going down there lately. And when you hadn’t come to school for the second day in a row I thought something might be wrong.” Oh Archie, you idiot.

“So you took it upon yourself to try and do something about which you have no control over?” he couldn’t help how sharp his words were, biting through the air like a knife. He heard her slump back into the booth, the red vinyl squeaking from the press of her back.

“Jug, I can’t worry about my friend?”

“No, Betty, you can’t. Because we’re not friends.” That probably wasn’t an accurate statement, but Jughead was trying to be mean on purpose now.

“I’m serious Jughead. Stop trying to push me away!” she hissed at him, her voice against his ear as her fingers pinched the skin of his hand causing a bite of pain to flame up. He yanked his hand away, crossing his arms against his chest.

“Listen to me, Jughead.” Her voice demanded attention and he barely turned his head, the piercing green of her wide eyes at the corner of his vision.

“I understand what you were doing there. You shouldn’t be skipping school though,” he wasn’t expecting her to say that, not really. Well, maybe the skipping school part.

“It’s not like anyone cares, Betty.”

I care.” He rolled his eyes at her.

“Whatever, Betty. Are we done here? I promise I won’t skip school to go down to Sweetwater River anymore.” Jughead couldn’t tell if he was lying or not. Maybe he hadn’t decided yet. He couldn’t help the twinge in his chest at her declaration. He could have sworn she only had Archie-vision.

“You better be at school tomorrow. I didn’t skip today for this to be for nothing, okay? I mean it. Go to Sweetwater River after school if you have to.” She scooted out of the booth, her shoulder knocking into his briefly as she turned. He looked over at her, his eyes glancing to her hands where they were clenched into tight fists. She left like that and he watched her out the window as she stomped to her car, eventually leaving.

However, he would never know that when Betty got to her car and uncurled her fists that the blood she had brought to the surface with her nails was a deep, rich red. The color of sin.  

He of course, couldn’t keep his promise to Betty. Monday morning he was back at Sweetwater River.

In the beginning he wasn’t sure why he came down here, but then he had found this little wooden shed in the forest. He had watched it for a while, no one seeming to come around it. It was close enough to the river that he could see it out the small window inside. Just slightly larger than where he used to sleep at the projection booth at the drive in last year and just a bit smaller than his room at his dad’s trailer. 

He had made it his little home away from hell. Sleeping bag tucked into the corner, small camp stove, extra propane, a cooler, lantern, and a big charging brick for his laptop, phone, and a fan he used for these warmer months. He charged his things at school or when he was actually at the trailer. His personal stuff was strewn about the small space in a manner that he found pleasing, with a single picture of himself and his sister that he had been carrying around forever.

Jughead was ill at ease knowing Betty must have seen him come here. Had been watching him. Did she believe him when they had talked Friday afternoon or was she watching him right now? His lips turned down into a frown, looking out the small window. Archie must have told her where exactly he was, what a bro, dude. He hadn’t seen anything out the window but trees, grass, leaves, the squirrel that skidded across the dirt.

He got down to the floorboards, pulling a pocket knife from his jean pocket and flipped the knife out. He looked at the blade briefly before using it to pry up one of the boards closer to the window. From the space in the floor he pulled out a rectangular metal box with a lock on it. He dialed in the combination and popped the lid.

Jughead was no angel.

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Jack Cooper+BT vs Megatron

With his fusion canon and ruthless will, the leader of the deceptions leads his soldiers with deadly force. He is capable of transforming into a powerful cybertronian tank.

Jack Copper+BT
Pilot Jack Cooper and his titan BT are a force to be reckoned with. While BT lays down heavy fire with a wide array of weaponry such as lock on rockets, predator autocannon, ion core, and more, he can glide across walls, utilizing anti titan and infantry weapons to take down targets distracted by BT. When combined their skills increase.

Battleground: NY city

Winner: BT and Jack Cooper

While Megatron certainly has more physical prowess than BT, but BT’s extremely wide array of weaponry allows it to adapt to any situation and Megatron’s ability to transform wouldn’t allow him to get the best of a titan that can switch from heavy guns, to missiles and flying, to a shotgun and sword, to laser based weaponry on the drop of a hat. This, combined with Cooper’s ability to disembark while laying down fire from anti-titan weaponry would make them just too much for him to handle.


Vernon Icons

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After seeing this post by @determinedtomato I thought I’d make alternate Zodiac Symbols for the Eight Signs of Universe C from a post I  made a while ago. Based on their shirt symbols rather than their Aspect Symbols, the Zodiacs/constelations themselves are still named after their classpect as before. Feel free to use/edit these for Speciesswap AUs as well as post-game AUs, if you want but please credit me and/or this post. Also Dirk’s Zodiac is a combination of his hat, to represent him and his shades to represent Hal/AR.

Halitus the Heir
Lucerna Lux the Seer
Hora Tempus the Knight
Locus Spatio the Witch
Vita the Maid
Nilum Vacuum the Rogue
Anima Cor the Prince
Fides Spes the Page 

Using literal translations now, leaving the old ones in a strike-through in case anyone wants to use them still. (thanks to @hearts-rogue for the ask)

Whodda thunk we’d have so much to post the day before the August update hit?! All of you? Oh. Fine then. Regardless, we’re happy to report that there will be about 40 new pieces of gear added in the August update.

From what we’re hearing, some of these items will be found in the shops at the Booyah Base, while others can only be acquired by meeting certain conditions. You can dress yourself from head to toe in new gear, or mix some of the new items in with old favorites. We can’t wait to see everyone’s fresh new get-ups. Just look at the swag the Inkling in the middle is bringing to the table. If you traveled back in time to before I made this post and told me that one day a fashion visionary would successfully combine a bucket hat, a vest, and a look that screams “blue steel,” I wouldn’t have believed you.