2016 Girls Combi Classic Highlights

A new victor claimed the Vans Girls Combi Classic title on Saturday when 15-year-old Poppy Star from Australia won her first official Pro contest! Poppy has been a rising star over the last few years ever since she dominated the 14 and under division to earn first in the rankings during the 2014 World Cup Skateboarding bowl series. In 2015, she follows suit and finished the year off again as #1 in the 15 and over division.

With a triumphant performance that fueled competition against four previous Combi Pool winners, Poppy Star claimed her first Combi Classic title. Final scores for the podium resulted in close calls for the entire competitive field, only to award 2013 title holder Nora Vasconcellos with second place, and Vans team rider Lizzie Armanto with third place. 

Watch the full highlight reel from the Girls Combi Classic on our YouTube page.

Girls Combi Classic Top 10 Results
1. Poppy Starr
2. Nora Vasconcellos
3. Lizzie Armanto
4. Brighton Zeuner
5. Kisa Nakamura
6 Julz Lynn
7. Alana Smith
8. Nicole Hause
9. Amelia Brodka
10. Lea Taylor

Congrats to the 22-year-old Brazilian beast, Iago Magalhaes, on winning yesterday’s Am Combi Pool Party and flying home $2000 richer. Thanks to all who came out and supported the scene and congrats to everyone who skated. You all killed it.

16 & Over:

1st—Iago Magalhaes, 2nd—Matt Wilcox, 3rd—Travis Rivera

15 & Under:

1st—Keegan Palmer, 2nd—Asher Bradshaw, 3rd—Tate Carew

Filmed by Vertual Skateboards