combi bowl


In Bank Bowling, Riida wants to try 3-man bowling.  After trying to subtly refuse Mikitty’s participation, his arm is forced and he ‘welcomes’ her… only to have tables turned on him when he has to apologize to all of Japan’s VS Arashi fans for the “unexpected” outcome. 😅💙😅💙😅

VS Arashi 13.08.2015

Is there any bigger skate-life hammer than busting out a doubles clip with your son? Christian Hosoi got the best birthday gift of all at his Combi bday party with this Classic Hosoi under/over. Wonder how long before 10-year-old Classic is the one taking the over? So awesome to watch our @vans family tree grow. Happy birthday again, Holmes.

Filmed by @juicemagazine

Steve Caballero tests out Powell-Peralta’s new indestructible Flight Deck Construction at the Combi Bowl and puts down a couple of classic tricks this this Flight Test video.

For more of Classic Cab visit and check out over 10 colorways of the Half Cab and Half Cab Pro.

Break out your Sex Wax, beach balls and bikinis! It’s Pool Party time. Next Saturday more than 75 pool sharks will battle it out for a $125,000 prize purse in the legendary Vans Skatepark Combi Bowl at The Outlets in Orange. For a full list of skaters and a schedule of webcast times for the May 13th event go to

Legend Steve Caballero just turned 50 years old so Vans decided to throw him one hell of a birthday bash at the Vans Skate park in Orange, CA. Watch as legends unite at the Combi bowl to shred for Cab’s 50th B Day and headbang to The Faction and Agent Orange.