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hey Rae :) i absolutly love LW and right now my favorite couple is graham and amber. i know you guys dont really write regular fanfic about the show but if you ever had time id love to see amber having doubts about seattle (maybe after graham doesnt say i love u back?) but she stays because cody. amber and cody are my fav<3

So in case anybody else doesn’t know, I am open to trying Amber-centric prompts, especially now that you’ve found out a big important piece of her story in the latest episode of Little Wonders.

I know I don’t write prose very much anymore, but I’m trying to get back into it so I tried this fic in first person to see if that helps.

If you don’t read LW, here’s a quick rundown: Amber’s marriage goes to crap, so she moves to Seattle where she gets involved with a hot general surgeon named Graham, who has an autistic baby son from a previous relationship named Cody.


It’s one of those things I hate about myself.

One of my worst qualities actually, and I have a ton. I’m selfish sometimes. I’m insecure, impatient, a little reckless and a lot impulsive. But more than that, I have a bad habit of doing things even when I know they’re wrong. That’s the worst thing about me. And the sad thing is? I won’t change it. You know how that is. When you can pinpoint the worst thing about yourself, know that it’s a problem and still be unable to change it? I have a really bad habit of doing things even when the tiny voice inside my head tells me not to.

Like now, for example.

My body is trying to tell me to stop, actually. My fingers are tingling, my head is freaking pounding and my stomach feels like it’s going to drop out of my butt. Because I know that what I’m about to do is not only wrong, but it also teeters on the brink of being illegal. But do I stop? No. It’s one of those things I hate about myself.

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My Lord (to: you)

I can feel the shores of myself.
The waves, too cumbersome
(With salt and fear).
To the rocks, I shall flow willingly.
I cry, my lord! my lord!
How I do need you.
Make your presence known.
Hear the bray of my heart.
You are, what I am not.
Thou is who I will to love.
Thou is who I will to mirror.
My lord! My lord!
By you, I am clean.
By you, I can see
(And only see you).
Awaken, my eyes they be, to see my eternity.
The comber love to which you bring, to my solemnly lonesome be.
For you, I am unyielded.
For you, I am free.
My lord! My lord!
To you, I will forever be.
To you, I live in prosperity.