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exr + "oh my god i wasn't supposed to send you that message FUCK"

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Twenty dings. His phone had gone off twenty times, and that was twenty times too many. Enjolras grumbled, trying to ignore the incessant noise as he turned over in bed, attempting to put the ceaseless ringing from his head. He could turn the sound off, but that ran the risk of his alarm not going off. That couldn’t happen- it’d cause nothing but trouble; he’d be late to his internship, and then late for lunch with Feuilly, et cetera. Nothing but trouble. One the twentieth text, Enjolras sat up in bed with a heavy sigh. Honestly.

His eyes squinted at the bright light of his phone, the time blinking up at him. He had to be up in four hours. Enjolras unlocked it with a vigorous frown, pulling up his messages.


Grantaire: Ponine help hes driving me insane

Grantaire: he is so nanoying eponine

Grantaire: his annoying ass curls are going to KILL me

Grantaire: but i love it when he sometimes wears those glasse s? you know?

Grantaire: i think i cried a lil when he wore that sweate r vfest the other day

Grantaire: hes so annoying tho hes alwaus so DISTRACTED

Grantaire: his curls ponine

Grantaire: i want to tug

Grantaire: hes always studyin tho thats annoying too

Grantaire: ponine his eyes are so blue

Grantaire: he hates me

Grantaire: i love him so much epponine and he wont give me the time of day or the time of night

Grantaire: he wont even look at me but i wouldnt look at me either

Grantaire: hear ye hear ye: i am a piece o’ shit

Grantaire: i just want him so bad ponine but he is so too good for me

Grantaire: wait

Grantaire: oh my god

Grantaire: OH MY GOD

Grantaire: oh my gOD I wasn’t supposed to send yo u those messages fuck

Grantaire: Goodnight Apoolo

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