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Keep working in my portfolio ~ I should have started with Valjean but… just watch me.

This is only the sketch and I’m already crying. Someone send help.

even more les amis things
  • enjolras: only likes one type of coffee from one random coffee shop. most of the time his coffee thermos has apple juice or chocolate milk in it
  • courfeyrac: a god at hula-hooping. don’t try to challenge him he’s deadass the best at hula hooping
  • combeferre: probably, 100% knows how to sail. he’s always trying to convince everyone to go with him but literally no one else knows how
  • grantaire: once was bored in an afternoon and learned how to do calligraphy
  • jehan: has bought every single yankee candle at least 3 times. his favorites are winter candy apple and pink peony
  • feuilly: the actually best at hanging up streamers and balloons. he also is the actual best at wrapping presents
  • bahorel: secretly has a garden where he grows tomatoes and cucumbers and other veggies in his backyard
  • cosette: is a marine biology major and works at the aquarium and is one of the best tour guides at that aquarium.
  • marius: a breakfast person. if he doesn’t eat breakfast the rest of his day is ruined (he especially loves pancakes)
  • eponine: does pottery and even has her own pottery wheel. she makes vases, jars and bowls for her friends that are all customized and they’re just great
  • joly: collects keychains. his favorite ones are his garfield the cat one that cosette got him for his birthday, and his dallas one eponine got him while visiting a few friends
  • bossuet: fluent in 3 languages: english, french and german
  • musichetta: has been in 9 shakespeare plays. some of her roles include: titania (a midsummer night’s dream), olivia (twelfth night), and hero (much ado about nothing)

anonymous asked:

Entomologist!Combeferre is the best Combeferre tbh... I've had that/ botanist Jehan in my head for years and it would work so fucking well.

That would be so cool though? Combeferre studying his lil insects and getting excited about anything related to them? Most people find insects disgusting, but Combeferre knows they’re an essential part of the ecosystem! They’re little friends!

While Jehan has so much knowledge about plants! And there are so many, too! Of course their favourites are flowers and cacti.

They unite their strengths to save the bees, though. They’re both really concerned about the bees disappearing and lauch many campaigns to raise awareness about that topic. They make special bee gardens. Give lectures. Wear t-shirt that read “Mind your beeswax: save the bees”.

Congrats on your graduation, sweets!

(College AU)

Waking up on graduation day should be a flurry of excitement because all of your hard work is paying off in the form of a ceremony and a piece of paper that signifies your status in society, but for Enjolras, he wakes on the day of his graduation to a pounding head accompanied with chills and a sore throat.

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les mis moments that break my heart: 1/?

combeferre, bahorel & the rest of les amis trying to stop courfeyrac going after gavroche