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Okay but imagine tiny!les amis in the first year of primary school singing 'revolting children' from mathilda the musical.



  • Very competitive, especially in subjects he loves, like history
  • Impossibly eloquent for an 8 year old. Impressive vocabulary and rhetoric
  • The best at designing and organising games and make-beliefs, with costumes, action and high stakes


  • Insists on reading everything within reach, even books that aren’t suitable for his age. Mathilda is his ultimate role model
  • Brings insects, snails, and the like in jars for show and tell, knows all the latin names etc etc
  • Calm and reliable, but also king of the Stone Cold Roast. That kid is savage and goes for the kill


  • The kid who trades pokemon cards, marbles, pogs, or whatever it is kids trade these days. He’s very proud of his collection.
  • Once watched a PG 10 movie and talked about it for 3 months
  • Will fuck you up and get into fights if you mock his friends


  • The class clown but also really smart because he reads a lot and actually likes learning when he’s not obligated to
  • Dyscalculic as fuck, thus sucks at maths. He was scared people would make fun of him, but they’re really cool and helpful about it
  • Knows all the current memes for some ungodly reason. Help this child


  • It doesn’t matter what people say, cure-all kisses are real and if you say they’re not, you’re a liar
  • Brings his own lunch box because of food allergies. His mom prepares the cutest lunches anyway, and everyone’s a bit jealous
  • Loves golden star stickers so much. All the stickers, actually


  • Every party trick condensed in one kid, be it the milk snorting or juggling
  • So many novelty band-aids
  • So generous and kind, you have no idea. He’ll give you up to the tooth he’s just lost if you needed 2€ from the Tooth-Fairy


  • Really likes French lessons because they get to learn poems by heart and recite them, even though they’re really really shy
  • The school once called their parents because Jehan had “unusual and morbid hobbies” after they found a dead bird and organised a very dramatic funeral for it
  • Will stand up to bullies with every inch of their tiny intrepid body


  • Makes a lot of little origamis in class
  • Adores geography more than anything else, because learning about other people and their culture and what’s going on in other places is fascinating
  • Is very protective of younger kids, even though he’s not that old himself.


  • Knows absolutely everyone from the youngest batch of pupils to some adults who are part of the school staff it’s just??
  • He looks a lot older than he actually is and is a bit intimidating like that, but he’s actually a huge softy
  • Merciless in PE. He /will/ destroy you. He didn’t come here to make friends, okay? Friendships disappear once you step foot on a football field

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Do you have any ideas about aro Courf? Like he's super affectionate and loves cuddles and fooling around but doesn't want to date and never gets crushes at all, he loves everyone too much and can't understand romantic love. Sorry if you don't understand this ask but thanks anyway for being awesome!

Hey so a little lark has told me that it’s aro-spec awareness week!!!  Of course I’m happy to oblige with headcanons . And Happy awareness week!<3

  • There are lot’s of things that Courfeyrac has the desire to do, bake a hundred Christmas cookies on an impulse in July, Go on a cross country road trip with Enjolras and Combeferre, learn how to ride a unicycle- but falling in love is not one of them, not even in the slightest
  • He’s tried dates before, out of pressure to go on them more than anything, but they always felt so strange and wrong to him, and people would often quickly grow frustrated with his inability to return their romantic affections
  • It wasn’t until he was in his early twenties that he discovered the term Aromantic whilst attending a gender and sexuality poetry slam with Jehan and it landed softly in his mind like a the first snowflake to fall in winter
  • He did a lot of self discovery, attended some more poetry events with Jehan (begrudginly), had long and emotional D+M’s with Combeferre, talked in length about the difference between romantic and sexual attraction with Marius (who is asexual but as we all know, a huge romantic), found encouraging words and self assurance when Enjolras gave him a “You’re perfect the way you are and I’ll fight anyone who says otherwise or tries to change you” speech
  • Ultimately it enraged him how little information is readily accessible for people on the aro-spectrum. (“Finding yourself is everybody’s right, and you shouldn’t need a degree in sociology to find this information!”) and made it his mission to spread positive, informative and accurate information on the subject
  • Will give anybody who places the value of romantic love over other types of platonic love a very heated and precise shut down. He’s even written a rap about it. (Bahorel refuses to ever let him perform it though. Comparing it to “a kids bop rendition of X Gon Give it to Ya”)
  • The most kind and loving friend you will ever have the pleasure of knowing, and eventually-confident and proud of himself and the knowledge of who he is.
Triumvirate and books

Combeferre keeps his books completely pristine, he never breaks the spines and he always uses bookmarks, if he wants to mark a passage he uses a post it note with the line reference written on it.

Enjolras is still extremely careful but not to the extent of Ferre. He still doesn’t mark them but he does crack the spines and will use literally anything as a bookmark, and if he can’t find anything then he WILL fold the corners… only very, very carefully though.

Courfeyrac treats his books with a kind of casual love. Any books he borrows he treats like gold dust but his own? The pages are folded, the spines cracked, his favourite passages underlined with anything he can get his hands on, be it a pencil, a pen, highlighters and on one notable occasion some paint from R’s palette.

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glasses trio: Combeferre, doesn't need glasses, wears for aesthetic, respectable. Joly, needs and wears glasses, good for operations and jokes with younger patients, good in general. Grantaire, needs but doesn't wear glasses bc they conflict with his Rugged Artist aesthetic, very bad, I am v concerned for his eyes.

Jehan: wears reading glasses when they read before bed, sort of needs them after a long day, picked the most ostentatious frame, chaotic good frame

Grantaire started wearing contacts soon after joining les Amis and holy shit he was not prepared to see Enjolras in full HD. He was shook

Les Mis fandom things where “I don’t know where that idea came from but it’s everywhere and I love it”

-Jehan being nonbinary
-Grantaire and Éponine being BFFs
-Enjolras and Cosette being siblings
-Grantaire being an artist
-Combeferre and moths
-Combeferre and glasses
-Courfeyrac and glitter
-Jehan and flower print everything
-Montparnasse’s expanded character in general
-Everyone’s nicknames
-Fake dating AUs 

  • Someone: I love that one Musical! The one with the cute French guy!
  • Me: Do you mean Phantom, Hamilton or Les Mis?
  • Someone: Idk, but it was set around 1800...
  • Me: Do you mean Phantom, Hamilton or Les Mis?
Les Amis as out-of-context quotes that my friend said while watching Les Mis for the first time

Enjolras: “Oh look, they’re hating on the rich people!”

Combeferre: “So they sing about their love… And they haven’t had any conversations besides their song about their love. Doesn’t that stink? Oh, well. What you gonna do? It’s TV.”

Courfeyrac: “They’re all so pretty. Why are they all so pretty?”

Jehan: “Pretty neat things, them stars!

Bahorel: “The kid is like 8, and he’s still singing when he gets shot. That’s commitment!”


Joly: “It looks like a face mask! I, too, love exfoliating with human crap.”

Bossuet: “Ooh, that’s some deep shit. Sorry guys, what can I say, I love some crappy puns!”

Grantaire: “Aw, he’s singing about stars again, except they’re not pretty this time. He’s clearly having some life issues.”


Marius: “You know what I noticed? There’s no comic relief in this.”

Cosette: “I wonder what they made that out of. Pudding, maybe. Just a happy thought.”

Éponine: “Is the part where we’re supposed to feel sympathy for him? Cause I feel NOTHING.”

Montparnasse: “OH SHIT IT’S THECOPS!”

Courfeyrac has, without a doubt, the best Snapchat story.

Want to see Combeferre freaking out over a possible UFO sighting? He’s got it.

Want to see Bahorel smack talking Montparnasses new shoes? He’s got it.

Want to see Jehan teaching a group of middle schoolers gender theory? He’s got it.

Want go see Enjolras, delirious with sleep, ranting about Grantaires hair? He’s got it.

Want to see Musichettta rapping Nicki Minaj? He’s got it.

It may be three thousand seconds long, and no one is sure how he always manages to catch it on camera, but every single second it worth it.

Combeferre is so in love with the concept of parallel universes. He loves it so much. Everyday he goes around like: “In a parallel universe, the library of Alexandria was saved”, “in a parallel universe, we’ve found a universal cure for everything”, “in a parallel universe, no one questions the concept of universal healthcare.”

But he also brings him down sometimes: “In a parallel universe, I’m holding Courfeyrac’s hand when we walk down the street”. “In a parallel universe, I’m brave enough to ask Courfeyrac out.”

One day, Enjolras gets enough of the parallel dating universe Combeferre is wallowing in, and puts his hands on his friend’s shoulders: “In parallel universe, you and Courfeyrac never end up together. Make sure you’re not living in that universe, okay?”