Pics I don’t Reblog

I try to avoid reblogging (or even liking) character art that puts female characters in unreasonable armor or poses.  Big offenders are “boob plate,” “battle-kinis,” anything that includes high heeled footwear, and the infamous “boobs-butt” pose.  I’ve slipped a couple times because I missed the detail, and there are times I’m tempted to break the rule intentionally just because the rest of the piece is, truly, a work of art, but I prefer my strong female characters to be intelligent ones as well, and I can’t truly imagine an intelligent woman would choose a chain-mail bikini when expecting to face a horde of orcs.

This isn’t about slut-shaming.  As real people, women can wear whatever the heck they want, but drawn women don’t have agency - we can’t argue “well that’s what she wants/prefers/would wear” because it’s a drawing, not a real person.

Edit: Oh yeah, also not reblogging  any “armor” that looks like it was poured on.