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Now I've gone through a few deployments with family members but this is my boyfriend's first and I was wondering about his homecoming. He mentioned wanting me to be there but I have no clue how being able to be there when they arrive home works. Being in his first deployment, he admitted he wasn't entirely sure either. Do you know how it works when you're a non-family member traveling from out of state to be there?

It’s just the same as anyone traveling to a homecoming. All you have to make sure to do is have sleeping arrangements which can be done online. Just find a hotel in the city you’re traveling :b Now when you get on post, you’ll have to tell the front gate that you aren’t military (have no ID) but are going to a homecoming. Usually they’ll ask for your insurance and license so make sure those are updated and your registration. But you mentioned going to family’s redeployment ceremonies so i don’t know if you have an ID or not, actually. But if you don’t, you now know what to do :b If you don’t know where to go on post for the ceremony, ask the man at the front gate where the redeployment ceremony of “2-5 Cav” is going to be and he can direct you. However, the guy at the front gate might also not know where to go and you might have to go to the visitor center to get a pass for your vehicle. I suggest you get there 2 hours prior to the time he told you just in case you have to go to the visitor center and get a pass, which may be packed from all the visitors coming in. It’s a pretty basic thing. And so incredibly nerve racking. Omg. I’m excited for you just typing it out. Haha