Oh, Lord I ask for your divine
strength to meet the demands of
my profession. Help me to be the
finest medic, both technically and

If I am called to the battlefield, give me the courage to conserve our fighting forces by
providing medical care to all who
are in need.

If I am called to a mission of peace, give me the strength to lead by caring for
those who need my assistance.
Finally, Lord help me to take care
of my own spiritual, physical, and
emotional needs.

Teach me to trust in your
presence and never-failing love.


The R.A.T.s (Rapid Application Tourniquet) was designed based on feedback from the battlefield where soldiers required a tourniquet that could be easily applied and offered a low profile carry. The tourniquet is already in use around the world by varrying SOF elements and has been proven on the battlefield. The R.A.T.s can fit just about anywhere on your kit and can be quickly applied to an extremety using one hand.


  • ½" Flat Bungee Cord quickly stops the bleeding
  • Low vis carry profile
  • Half the price of traditional tourniquets
  • Robust locking system
  • Made in the USA 
The RE Factor Tactical Advanced Special Operations (ASO) Bag is specifically designed for the individual who needs the ability to travel with a tactical bag without the tactical look. The bags dimensions allow it the maximum space possible that is still compatible for carry on with most of the major US carriers. The bag’s unique outer pocket features an RFID blocking material that is specifically sized to fit phones, passports and credit cards to help protect your identity while traveling. We outfitted the other end of the bag with an easy access “fight pocket” that is lined with MOLLE Velcro for adhesion of magazines and patches and a medical kit. This kit opens using one hand and has tie stays to keep the pocket from flapping open when in use. The bottom of the bag is lines with a durable waterproof material to keep your belongings dry on wet range days and the main opening of the bag is made extra large to fit plate carriers and other equipment. With keeping your heavy gear in mind we added heavy duty, removable backpack straps as well as side carry straps that can both be stored when not in use. On the inside of the bag we made 7 large mesh pockets that allow easy separation of your equipment and a MOLLE Velcro lined inside wall for placement of magazines and nylon pouches. This bag is hand sewn in the USA of 1000D Cordura.  
  • Sized for carryon travel: 23 x 15 x 10" (56 Liters)
  • RFID blocking cellphone/passport pocket
  • Wide opening top pocket
  • 7 x mesh organization pockets
  • MOLLE Velcro lined inner wall
  • MOLLE Velcro lined fight pocket
  • Removable backpack straps
  • Hideaway carry straps
  • Waterproof bottom
  • 1000D Cordura
  • Made in the USA

There is a man, the one who weeps for the Grunts.

He is shrouded in dust and mud and hate and blood. He carries a thousand souls in his pocket and a hundred lives in his heart. He checks the trucks and makes them ready; he smokes the cigarettes, grips his hands until his knuckles are loose and grinds his teeth to keep his hands steady and his knees from shaking. He keeps silent most of the time…the shadow of the Infantry…close at hand yet always apart.

He walks into danger and never backs down. He never asks why and he never second guesses his mission. Yet he dreads the call…the scream of a familiar voice that rises above the din of battle because he knows it’s that scream that will make his job necessary.

So he dreads it…and he welcomes it…his purpose and his curse.

He listens as it starts; Hoping it doesn’t happen and praying he is fast enough when it does…

and then the silence…

and now the rage…

and above it all…



Dynamite goes off in his veins and everything becomes a blur. He is at the side of a man he calls brother and he’s doing everything he can to keep him alive…”Stay alive…look at me…you’re going to be alright…it’s nothing…” But his brain is screaming as hands delve into the open wounds…”Grab this…” “Pinch that”…” Call for nine-line NOW!” Jesus fuck…let’s get him moved!”…everything’s is a blur…no emotion yet…just the job…keep low…wait for Dust Off…*crack*…*snap*…“not today…”…“stay with me…angels inbound”…

Hours later, after the rush wears off, you can find him at the CSH holding hands with the man while they work on him. “Doc, it’s time to go”…no answer…don’t expect one…Doc don’t leave his boys.

Who is this man? What makes him so? He is God’s Savage Angel and he reaps the battlefield and robs the enemy of their victory! This, this man, the MEDIC…the Corpsman…is St. Michael’s own chosen…the only understanding soul a Grunt really has…

If the Infantry is Death…

Then the Medic is a thief…stealing life from the blood thirsty devil and giving it back to his beloved Grunts.

The Savage Angel and Death’s own Specter…

Together on the battlefield…


Never to be parted.

-Preacher, Admin from Gruntworks

 — with Gary Blanton.