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U.S triple Grenade Pouch 

Otherwise known “No, that is not Dylan’s half-arsed job of tying his boot lace”  Hopefully this post will help dispel the untied boot laces misinformation (though sometimes admittedly cute) that is still working the perpetuated Tumblr rumor circuit ;) 

From a distance in photos and video, some have automatically assumed that Dylan was just a lazy ass  on 4/20 and didn’t bother to lace his combat boot’s all the way up his shin so that the boot appears to be dangling all flappy-loose as he lumbers about. But nope.  While Dyl made not have given a shit about much as he’d be dead within the hour, it was more of a matter of one of a few of his uniform malfunctions than carelessness.  The reality here is that his right shin/ankle in question looks messed up because he has his U.S. army green triple grenade pouch sketchily attached to it

The U.S. Triple Grenade pouch was used from the end of World War II until the 70’s. It is meant to carry six grenades total so is cumbersome no matter how its worn. It just wasn’t very well designed. It appears in all 3 of his gear sketches, with the first two pouches on the top listed as holding extra (“xt”) shotgun shells or bullets (the order is switched in one of them) and the bottom pouch as “poison” in one of the sketches. 

In the basement tape “transcripts”;  Dylan “attaches black suspenders to his pants and also attaches a tan ammo type pouch to his belt or suspenders & a green canvas pouch to his right shin.” 

Given how sloppy the pouch adheres to Dylan’s leg - half peeling away from his right leg - he likely jerry-rigged the pouch with a shoelace or something tied to the wire.   It’s just another little detail that makes this particular type of pouch and the way he wore it even stranger.  Why Dylan elected to strap it to his boot when it didn’t fit securely to begin with is anyone’s guess.  Based on his sketches, he seems firmly set on it being part of his aesthetic- no matter how impractical it may have been from the get-go when he tried it on for size in the “NBK fashion show” the two had in the Basement Tapes.  Dylan needed a place to store extra ammo and apparently he didn’t come up with any alternative idea for that.   It must have been a bit of an annoyance to him the day he was in action because it looks as though he’s partially dragging it around - half detaching from his leg. He may have even had to stopped at certain points of massacre to check it and fix it more securely so that it wouldn’t fall off completely as he walked or ran.

The Triple Grenade Pouch is specifically drawn on all of his gear sketches so he conceptualized and envisioned this with his fantasy ‘uniform’ atleast a few months prior. In the end, the pouch was more of a nuisance in reality than a useful, practical battle accessory.  In the sketches above, he slightly makes modifications on what goes where in the pockets: the first two pouches was to contain ‘XT’ shorthand for ‘extra’ 9mm bullets or shotgun shells. In one of the sketches, he fantasizes that the 3rd pouch pocket will be for “poison”..which likely was never included.  It’s was simply was that he liked the idea of having various suicide methods at his disposal in case the cops were closing in on them.  He also stuck a bullet in his boot - which of course, was useless without a shell or clip. But it was the idea for him that he was ‘prepared’ for his Death Day. 

In the two photos above, you can see Dylan’s actual grenade pouch as well as his trench and the other gear of the two in that glass display case of the 2004 Columbine Evidence Exhibit. This exhibit was permitted to showcase one time only as part of Jeffco. Sadly, most of this evidence has now been destroyed as far back as 2011, if we can entirely believe Jeffco’s claims..

Guardian of the Forest // Poe x Reader

Anonymous said: Could you do like a Poe!werewolf x reader (he is like a twilight werewolf) and you and him don’t know each other and you go in to the woods and you are about to be attacked by storm troopers and he protects you. Ik that this might be weird..but idk I just thought of it. Thought it would be cool. :)

To make the flow of everything more coherent and overall sound better, I wrote this as an AU. It’ll make sense when you read, trust me. PS to whomever requested this: This was such a great prompt. It was super cool and creative. Ily bby :*

Stepping on some branches, they make a soft snap under the sole of your leather combat boots. You push the lush greenery out of your face in order to see the sights in front of you clearly. You had one objective, to get to your clearing in the wood. Your hideaway.

Ever since you were a young girl, you felt a certain calling to the forest. For some reason, the isolation from society and the soft sounds of nature was a comforting ambience. You started coming into the woods when you were six years old. At that time in your life, your parents were fighting more and more, on the verge of divorce. The arguing would be too much for your six year old self, and you needed to get out of the house.

Across the way from your town was a huge mass of trees and shrubbery. Your mother had warned you that it was never a safe place to go to at night. Many dangerous things lurked there after sun down and she was too concerned for your well being for you to ever go exploring. Your older brother however would always sneak off at night as an escape and you decided you would follow in his footsteps.

That one night, you came into the forest as the trees whispered your name in the wind. Some would find the scene frightening, but you were intrigued by what the wood had to offer. As you walked deeper and deeper into the forest, there was a large clearing in the heart of it. The grass was a pure green with a small creek off to the side, the water rippling across the small stones.

That’s how it came to be. You and your older brother would escape into the woods together whenever your parents fought to get away from the madness and just breathe. It was relaxing, a different experience. In a way, almost out of body.

Your parents eventually got a divorce, and you and your brother were separated. Him with your father and you with your mother. You would get to see each other on the rare occasion, but it wasn’t enough. You started to sneak off more and more into the woods, it becoming a safe haven for you. You’d run off there when you were angry, upset, or simply just craving it.

The tradition carried on years later, to today on your nineteenth birthday. Your mother had allowed you to throw a celebration as you invited your friends. The party lasted for a long while, but it was stopped short when kids from your old high school came to crash it, drunk off their tails. Your mother called the cops to have them shut it down and soon enough, everyone left your house, giving you their final birthday wishes.

After having opened your presents from your mother and friends, she gave you a kiss goodnight, signaling she was going to bed. And you, escaped to your hideaway.

At this time of night, the woods carried a gentle silence. The sound of grasshoppers and other small creatures rustling about, carrying on their nightly business. The trees stood tall and proud as they watched over you protectively.

When you reached your clearing, something seemed off. Your safe place wasn’t right. Instead of the air smelling of dew, it smelt of musk and dust. Something wasn’t right. As you walked in deeper and deeper, you noticed litter around your grass patch. Empty and crushed beer cans and bottles.

You weren’t alone.

Nervously, your palms sweat as you know you have to get out of there as soon as possible. Before you turn around to escape a deep voice calls, “Hey, if it isn’t the birthday girl!” Turning around, you see the same three drunken boys who had crashed your birthday party earlier. “We didn’t get the chance to sing you happy birthday!”

“Leave me alone, Josh,” you tell the leader of the small squad. You wrap your bomber jacket around your body tighter, as if that were to keep you safer from the already dangerous kids in front of you.

He drunkenly chuckles as your stomach turns sour. The taste of bile hid in the back of your throat. “Come on, (Y/N). It’s your birthday, we wanna give you your present,” he says with a devilish type smile which makes your heart race faster and faster.

The small group starts walking towards you as you back away. “I told you to leave me alone,” you say unconvincingly. Your back hits a tree as Josh walks closer and closer to you. “Get away.”

His friends standing not too far behind him, Josh reaches out to touch your cheek as you slap him across the face, his head moving with it. “Oh, feisty aren’t we now?” He grabs your wrists harshly as you whimper at the contact. “We just wanna have a little fun on your birthday, (Y/N),” he whispers in your ear, the alcohol evident in his breath. His voice scares you into oblivion as you shut your eyes tight.

Slowly, you feel his arm glide up your side, making you nauseous at the contact. Before he can pull anything, you feel the contact lost as his body is thrown off of you. A loud scream is echoed across the forest. Opening your once closed eyes, you see a large, furry creature pinning your attacker onto the grass covered ground. You stay put against that tree, knowing if you run away from the creature, he will surely attack you next.

The creature bites Josh as he lets out another yelp. His friends have left him alone now, letting him suffer the pain. Barking at Josh, you can now identify the creature as a wolf as your nerves jump from frightened to terrified. The wolf gets off of him, as Josh gets up and runs, his arm bleeding.

Panting the wolf slowly turns around to look at you. Your chest is rising and falling rapidly, your eyes contaminated with fear. However, when you look into the wolf’s eyes, they are eerily comforting. It’s eyes are a deep brown with a glimmer of faith in them. Your breathing starts to fall back down into a normal state.

Slowly, the wolf turns away and starts to trot off into the forest. You were so intrigued by the creature. It somehow had you in a trance that you were now following it. As you follow him deeper and deeper into the woods, you think to yourself, why didn’t the creature come after you? Was it trying to protect you? Was God somehow watching over you and sent this creature of nature to protect you?

Suddenly, you stop when you see the wolf bow behind a rock. You pause to watch it. When you think the creature is going to take a rest, it’s physicality starts to morph. The fur slowly skins into it’s body as olive skin appears. It rises up from the ground, coming up to an average man’s height. The black sleek fur is now replaced as black hair, in a tousled mess.

You can’t believe the sight you just witnessed. You realease an audible gasp as the creature, now man, turns around, the same dark brown eyes on yours with the same glimmer of faith. The man’s eyes widen as he sees you, him knowing you just witnessed his transformation.

“Who are you?” you ask, completely frightened, yet entranced by this half person, half wolf.

He clears his throat. “I can explain,” he says, his voice deep, his tongue licking his lips nervously as he fiddles with his fingers.

“Start explaining,” you bark as he breathes out.

“I’m Poe. I’ve lived in the forest all my life and I’ve seen you grow. (Y/N), I’m your protector.”

@pastelchara replied to your post “Frisk and Chara are blank slates for everyone who plays them to…”

A lot of monsters stared at me. I put up my middle finger at them.

they’re 100% up to interpretation, so i decided that they were wearing a black corset with matching lace around it and a black leather miniskirt, pink fishnets and black combat boots, as well as black lipstick, white foundation, black eyeliner and red eye shadow. there was no sun because it was underground, which they were very happy about.