• Kanan: Okay, are you ready for school? Sabine: Uh huh!
  • Kanan: Now let’s do a pop quiz real quick - are you ready? What’s the maximum effective range for the blaster that we keep at the house for a point target?
  • Sabine: 500 meters!
  • Kanan: Area target?
  • Sabine: 600 meters!
  • Kanan: Good!
  • Sabine: Cool, give me a hard one!
  • Kanan: Okay, now what do you do when there’s a mass shooter in the room?
  • Sabine: Find the fire extinguisher!
  • Kanan: For?
  • Sabine: Cover!
  • Kanan: Then?
  • Sabine: Stab him!
  • Kanan: Where?
  • Sabine: In the jugular!
  • Kanan: Why?
  • Sabine: Because the rebellion, that’s why!
  • Kanan: Good! Speed round, are you ready? Now what do you do if someone tries to offer you candy?
  • Sabine: Yell rape.
  • Kanan: Okay, and if someone tries to kidnap you?
  • Sabine: Cut ‘em!
  • Kanan: And if a boy calls you names?
  • Sabine: Kick him in the balls.
  • Kanan: What if a boy tries to kiss you?
  • Sabine: Put him in a choke hold!
  • Kanan: Now what if a boy tries to put his hands on you? What do you do?
  • Sabine: Apply the arm bar.
  • Kanan: Then what?
  • Sabine: Call Kanan.
  • Kanan: And why is that?
  • Sabine: To get rid of the body.
  • Kanan: That’s right! Good job. Now let’s go to school!

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hello cutie, i've noticed in your recent vlog that you were wearing leather shoes and eating cream cheese. not to be that annoying person but are you still a vegan? because if not i just don't want to keep my hopes up if u know what i mean

ah yes i got my adidas before i went vegan and that was hummus!! dont worry my b i am still vegan! on the topic of cream cheese, there is a vegan cream cheese thats so yummy if ur vegan and miss it! i have it on bagels all the time


Petals is the queen of Nature :) Her home is based of the Nursery Rhyme “The Little Old Lady who lived in a Shoe” I feel like she got it spot on :D Join us and build with us

Berry Craft is a server that

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Smut and Call the Midwife

@pellucidthings and @gabolange got me thinking. Smut in CtM is not something we talk about much in this fandom, especially the Turnadette-focused Nonnatuns, is it? There’s some out there, but statistically, and considering most other fandoms, there’s not too much. Obviously, fic preference is entirely up to the individual, but why is it so uncommon here? 

This is not a rhetorical question. Really. Tell us what you think.

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Little red velvet dress by Julia Panther
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