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Overwatch is recruiting new members in order to better combat Talon. So Zeynatta, Genji, Zarya and Junkrat reactions to their Overwatch member s/o bringing a new possible recruit back to their HQ but this recruit is actually an android. They look almost completely human but inside they're purely omnic. Like the androids from Dragon Ball Z.

I mean they’re technically cyborgs, at least 17 and 18 were. 16 was a proper android. 


  • He’s super intrigued, asking you what your thoughts are. He wants to know if your perspective is different just looking so human.
  • He thinks that your existence is the most important is proving whether omnics have souls, the way that humans treat you like their own just proving the lack of differences between the two


  • He is intrigued, only because the pair of you are two different sides of the same coin. He is a man who appears to be an omnic while you are an omnic that appears to be human.
  • The two of you are close, Genji often meditating with you. He gets a little envious that Zenyatta is so interested in you but it doesn’t last long.


  • She is immediately suspicious of you, finding the implications of your existence troubling. She can no longer trust the humans around her fully, making her angry at your existence.
  • It takes a while until she’s comfortable being in the same room of you but she’ll never fully get rid of that coldness in her voice.


  • He doesn’t believe you’re an omnic, people are people and omnics are omnics and they don’t look like each other.
  • It isn’t until you take damage, circuits showing does it finally click. Junkrat getting cold towards you when he thought it was a joke you were human to him.

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Genji with an s/o who has a frail looking body buT IS STRONG AS HELL

  • At first he was a bit skeptical of how prepared you could be in a hand-to-hand combat situation with a Talon agent that was bulkier and potentially stronger than you
  • Yes, Genji could see you being agile enough to survive and tall enough to be able to see but if an enemy pinned you down, he wasn’t so sure if you could make it through without assistance
  • But his concerns were immediately dashed during an infiltration mission when he saw you aiming your gun at a Talon agent only to realize that you had completely ran out of ammo
  • Genji watched as he quickly threw a barrage of shurikens at random Talon agents while you used your gun to knock out foot soldiers on the head and toss them over your shoulder before using one as a human shield
  • He wasn’t even sure if he needed to call on his dragon as you kept on taking Talon agents until the two of you emerged victorious
  • You caught Genji staring at you while he sheathed his sword and you press a kiss to his face mask
  • “Impressed, Genji?”
  • Man was Genji glad that he had his face plate on, because if you saw his blushing cheeks and gaping jaw, you would never let him down for it
  • When he manages to calm himself down, he removes his mask and kisses you passionately before telling you to show him your daily training regiment
  • If you can keep up a delicate facade while being able to kick Talon ass, Genji really wants to be apart of it
  • He even gets to spend more time with you as an added bonus and totally doesn’t have something else in mind after training

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Photo Series 21 - Versatility across a century

The star of this edition is an old friend of many air forces around the globe, it’s so versatile that it has gone into space and came back  that it has more than 40 variants including an armed version, an eletronic support platform, a tanker and a civilian freighter variant. Yes, i’m talking about the Lockheed C-130 Hercules.

Developed during the 1950s, the Hercules was designed as a combat transport plane from scratch, that allowed the airframe to be built for the proper job which was completely different from transports that were converted from civilian aircraft.

The C-130 soon became famous for it’s versatility, the ability to land on unprepared runways allowed it to operate from hard to reach places, this feature is especially useful during disaster reliefs when airport infrastructure suffers extensive damage. This combine with troop transport and medvac makes it the ideal platform to perform operations during war and peacetime periods.

Other variants and roles 

AC-130 - Gunship variant, the badass ground attack aircraft armed with a 25 mm GAU-12/U Equalizer, a 40 mm Bofors cannon and a 105 mm  M102 howitzer, this configuration is for the AC-130U Spooky II and the AC-130H Spectre.

EC-130 - An airborne command post that was retired and it’s role was taken over by E-8 JSTARS and E-3 AWACS aircraft. The latest variant EC-130J is a psychological operations aircraft operated by the US Air National Guard, it’s role is to basically transmit broadcasts in the AM, FM, HF, TV and military transmission bands.

MC-130 - SPECOPS (Special Operations) aircraft, these aircrafts perform infiltration, exfil and support of special operation units such as helicopters and ground forces. During the Iranian hostage crisis, a Combat Talon (MC-130H) was modified to land on an Iranian soccer stadium near the US Embassy using rocket jets placed along the airframe, this aircraft was designated YMC-130H although full modification was done the plane crashed during testing resulting on a total loss, the entire Credible Sport operation was cancelled.

I only wrote about the variants that has photos in the post, i wish i could bring them all but IT HAS TOO MANY FREAKIN VARIANTS the post would be extremely long although all of the C-130 versions has interesting roles and shows how versatile this airframe has been since it’s development in the 50′s.

A last info to be brought is that the Hercules alongside the English Electric Canberra, B-52 Stratofortress, Tu-95 Bear and the KC-135 Stratotanker, has reach the 50 year mark of continuous operation with it’s original user, the United States Air Force. It also has the mark of 60 years of continuous production making it the longest continuously produced military aircraft, the lastest version is the C-130J Super Hercules.

I’d like to give my thanks to @rigs83-stuff for the awesome C-130J pic, it’s the first one, at the top of the post.

If you have any suggestions, contributions or just wanna talk, don’t be shy, i’m here everyday.

Have a great day!!!!!

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Hey I don't know if you ever played mass effect 2 but could you do a story where Tracer is sent to recruit a vigilante called archangel and they turn out to be their S/O who disappeared after the fall of overwatch, when she arrives her S/O is being attacked by talon agents and they are injured in an explosion which scars half their face. (Sorry if it's a little long, you don't have to do it if you don't want to and also make it gender neutral please) I really like your work.

A/N: I played a ton of Mass Effect 2, did a couple full playthroughs of the trilogy. It’s a shame Andromeda turned out the way it did, but I prefer to remember Mass Effect how it used to be. I know I’m super lazy at putting these out. Frankly, I haven’t had the same motivation to write that I used to, spending my time with friends and playing competitive. I’ll try to be better about it, but I don’t want to make any promises I can’t keep. First half is from Tracer’s PoV, second half is from the Reader’s. It’s fairly long, so hopefully that makes up for the wait. Enjoy.

Tracer sighed as she meandered through the narrow streets of Paris. She’d been sent to recruit an infamous vigilante to Overwatch. Not officially, of course, the United Nations had made sure of that, but Overwatch was reforming, away from the prying eyes of the world’s political leaders. Winston had surprisingly little intel on their prospective ally, the mysterious renegade earned their reputation through their work in Paris. Talon had a large presence in the city, though city officials would never admit it, making it a prime location for any courageous vigilantes. The locals had even given their enigmatic savior a name, Archangel. A little melodramatic for Tracer’s tastes, but it was fitting, seeing as how crippled Talon’s operations had become. Save for the name, Tracer had little to go on in terms of locating Archangel, simply an area where their activities were most concentrated. Winston was fantastic company, sure, and easily her best friend, but his intelligence gathering needed some work. He’d given her a dossier on the target, though it had little inside other than some details of their combat skills. Excessive force wasn’t uncommon, though the fatalities were remarkably low, considering the combatants, Talon usually preferred to kill their enemies. Still, Archangel seemed to hold a vendetta against the mercenaries. No one would take them on so boldly without a damn good reason.

It felt odd recruiting someone like this to Overwatch, though it wasn’t the first time a vigilante had caught their attention. Soldier: 76 had been one of the first agents recruited to the reformed Overwatch. Though a little gruff, the old soldier had an almost fatherly role among the team. Tracer chuckled, the faceless vigilante certainly reminded her of Strike-Commander Morrison, though that felt like a lifetime ago. Her smile faded as she thought back to the Golden Years, to the friends, no, the family she had back then. McCree had shown up out of the blue, though it had taken some work to persuade Doctor Ziegler to join them, and Genji signed up soon after, but not everyone was accounted for. Sure, Reinhardt had been more than happy to return, and Torbjorn reluctantly tagged along, even Captain Amari had reappeared like a watchful spirit, but that wasn’t everyone. Morrison, Reyes, Lacroix, her thoughts turned to an old flame, a passionate young soul who’d swore to save the world with her. Tracer couldn’t help but smile thinking of them, hopeful that they’d reunite someday. A lot of agents went missing during Overwatch’s Fall, but she never let up hope that they were still out there.

A gunshot ripped Tracer back to reality withdrawing her pulse pistols from their holsters. The shot was close and, with any luck, it’d lead her to Archangel. She sprinted down the street, ducking into an alleyway, nearly tripping as she rounded the corner. A squad of Talon soldiers stood in the courtyard, consisting of four highly trained agents. Their attention was focused on the rooftop of a small building on the opposite end, Tracer could barely make out the barrel of a sniper rifle from her position. Even further above the rooftop, a strange black mist seemed to linger for an instant, before dispersing. The closest soldier turned towards her, visibly surprised at the appearance of the British adventurer.

What the fu-” His alert was cut off as a shot pierced through his chest, his body crumpling to the ground. The remaining Talon agents had taken cover, their attention still focused on Archangel. They were on the same side, Tracer could gather that much, though her offer would have to wait. She blinked ahead, crouching beside a Talon soldier.

“Cheers love, the cavalry’s here!” She laughed, striking the back of his head with the butt of her pistol. He slumped to the ground, dropping his weapon, though her catchphrase had alerted the two other soldiers to her position.

Deal with her, I’ll keep you covered!” The rough voice of a Talon grunt roared, firing at the unseen sniper. Tracer wouldn’t be getting any cover as long as Archangel was pressured. She glanced over the stone bench she hid behind, watching the soldier make his way towards her. The shooter was just within her blink range, she could deal with him, then recall before the other two figured out what happened. Hopping over the bench, Tracer quickly blinked to the gunman, landing a swift strike against the back of his head before recalling back to cover. She let out a sigh of relief, Archangel would be free to cover her now, before looking back up.

“Bad luck, sweetheart.” The Talon agent sneered, aiming his rifle at her. Tracer felt a lump in her throat as the agent’s finger tightened around the trigger, before a shot rang out. He crumpled to the ground, a large hole in the center of his forehead. She let out a sigh of relief as she pushed herself to her feet, flashing a thumbs up to the rooftop. An explosion shook the courtyard as fire engulfed the rooftop. A lone figure was thrown from the blast, Tracer quickly blinked across the courtyard, bracing herself as Archangel flew into her arms. They slid along the ground for an instant, coming to a stop several feet from the collision. Archangel’s mask had done little to protect them from the blast, half of it had been shattered in the explosion, leaving deep wounds along their face. She glanced down, recognizing some familiar features despite the wounds. It was them, Tracer knew that they’d see each other again, she had just hoped it would’ve been under better circumstances. Recruiting would have to wait, she needed to get them to a doctor, fast. Gibraltar wasn’t too far by shuttle, she’d have to push her accelerator hard to make it to her shuttle quickly, but at least she’d have an excuse to fly recklessly.

“Don’t worry, luv, you’re gonna be alright.” Tracer didn’t know if she was saying it more for their sake, or for her own.

Your head pounded as your eyes slowly opened, adjusting to the bright lighting of the room you found yourself in. The last thing you remembered was fighting Talon in a courtyard, worried about rumors you heard of Reaper being called in to Paris, and shocked that Lena had shown up in the middle of it. You kept her alive through it all, and were curious about what she would want. Your identity was a mystery, wearing a mask everywhere did wonders for that, so what was she doing in Paris? Thankfully, Talon’s watchdog didn’t seem to be a part of the firefight, and Lena handled herself admirably, though how they set up a bomb without breaching your perimeter was a mystery. You yelped as a sharp pain enveloped the right half of your face, bringing a hand up to it. Tentatively dragging your fingertips against your skin, startled at the rough texture you now possessed. The sound of heels against tile diverted your attention, a familiar face greeted you.

“When I said you could learn something from me, I didn’t mean to put ‘angel’ in your name.” Doctor Ziegler snickered, smiling at you warmly.

“It wasn’t my choice.” You laughed, surprised to find yourself in the medic’s company, though not disappointed. You were among friends, and you were alive, things were looking pretty good, although you hadn’t seen Angela since before The Fall. “Seeing as how I’m still breathing, I assume I owe you a thank you?”

“Anything for an old friend.” Angela smiled, “Though I’m afraid there was some damage. I did what I could, and it’s not nearly as bad as when you came in… It’s better if I just show you.” She grabbed a small mirror from the table at the foot of your bed, facing it towards you. Your eyes widened slightly as you took in your reflection, several scars trailed across the left side of your face. The rough skin was far from ideal, but it was better than missing half your head, at least you were alive.

“Well, at least I didn’t lose an eye.” You joked, seeking to lighten the mood. You weren’t in critical condition, and surprisingly little pain, considering you were just in an explosion, Angela always was a miracle worker. “Besides, a little bit of rugged charm never hurt, it always worked wonders for Jesse.”

“It certainly did.” Angela giggled, placing the mirror back on the table. “You have a visitor, though I suspect you know who it is. I’ll give you two some time.” She smiled as she departed through a nearby door, leaving you alone for a moment. You shut your eyes for a moment, stretching your arms into the air, your ears picking up an all too familiar sound.

“Hey Lena.” You smiled, greeted with the sight of the adventurer beside you. “It’s been a long time, hasn’t it?” You weren’t really sure how to interact with her, sure, you still felt the same way about her that you did before Overwatch collapsed, but so much time had passed. She was as cute as ever, her nose still scrunching up a tiny amount when she was annoyed.

“You disappear for years, and the first thing you say is ‘Hey’?” Lena crossed her arms, attempting to look as stern as her soft features would allow.

“I can ex-” You stammered, before being cut off.

“No, just, let me talk, alright?” Lena sighed, her gaze noticeably softer. “I held on to this little sliver of hope that I’d be able to reunite with everyone from Overwatch, that I’d be able to reunite with you. I thought you were gone for a long time, that maybe you never made it out of the collapse, that I’d never be able to see you again. It killed me to think about those things, to think that we’d never see each other again.” Lena sniffled.


“Why did you leave?” A few tears fell down her cheeks, though she still maintained her confidence.

“They were right, you know? Overwatch had become something it was never meant to be, we were supposed to be heroes, but we had some pretty morally questionable ops. I couldn’t be a part of that any longer, and I figured it would be easier for the both of us if I just disappeared. I knew you’d look for me, so I hid myself, I didn’t… I couldn’t bring myself to face you again.” You averted your eyes from her hazel orbs, not wanting to face her sadness head on. “All the memories of what we did would come back with you. So I left to fight Talon, because at least then I would I was on the right side. And I know it was a shitty thing to put you through all of that, but I’m sorry. Truly, I am.”

“Just… Just tell me one thing…” Lena’s voiced hitched for an instant, you looked up at her eyes once again. “Do you still care about me?”

“I never stopped.” Lena pulled you into a tight hug, pushing the air from your lungs, before pressing her lips against yours. She tasted the same as she did all those years ago, the same hint of cinnamon and vanilla trailing her lips.

“I love you.”

“I love you too.”

Confession: I know Reaper just tosses his guns on the ground and pulls new ones out of Edgespace to reload, but I can’t help but wonder how he gets a shotgun shell in there to begin with.

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Got any HC's for how Talon!anyone (you pick!) would react with their OW S/O was captured and reconditioned too? Would their pain be enough to break their own programing to save them?

Why do… one… when I can do… everyone…

(That sounded kinda dirty)

(Also, I’m going to assume s/o has only been partially reconditioned)

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Johnny wanted his leg ripped off. Epically. so i obliged and drew him blocking a kick from a Blaziken. 

Hooray! Also, a bonus Gif underneath with flaming wrists of doooom!

(as someone rightly pointed out, yes this pose is highly unrealistic in terms of defensive martial arts, however, this is the pose johnny wanted, and so i obliged XD)

Ongoing problem: Widowmaker’s backstory is fucking atrocious

Known issues:

  • Widowmaker’s backstory is constructed in such a manner that prior to her become a villain more attention is given to the character of Gerard, the husband she later kills, than Amelie Lacroix herself.
  • The use of brainwashing as a plot device robs the character of her agency, especially given that Overwatch’s story consists largely of shorts (like ‘Alive’) and written blurbs depicting background rather than an ongoing narrative in the game itself.
  • Moreover, the above makes Widowmaker feel like a retread of previous Blizzard characters Sarah Kerrigan and Sylvanas Windrunner, weakening the parts of the character that feel original.
  • The idea that her skin is blue and cold because her heart rate is drastically slowed is stupid as hell and should be jettisoned entirely.

Proposed fixes:

  • New Backstory:

As a young girl in Annecy, France, Amelie Lacroix was terribly afraid of spiders.  That fear, however, did not stop her from pursuing a career in the French army.  With a talent for marksmanship, Amelie Lacroix became a decorated sniper, earning high praise for her poise under fire and patience in waiting out her targets before striking.

Her position brought her into contact with the Overwatch organization, as well as the man who would become her husband, Gerard Guillory.  A year later, the pair were wed, and Amelie left the armed forces to take up the Overwatch banner.  However, calls for sniper action in the peacekeeping organization were few and far between, and while Amelie pursued idle interests in the fashion industry of her homeland, her fingers itched to once more hold a weapon, and soon enough she began taking offers as a freelancer, making use of her formidable talent once more.

Overwatch was at the time entering its twilight years, and when Amelie realized the troubled agency was all but powerless to stop a mercenary like her, she began taking more difficult, higher-profile work.  To keep undercover, she utilized her childhood fear as a basis to construct a new persona for herself - the Widowmaker, using advanced biotics to temporarily color her skin an eye-catching violet that could be dispelled to resume her cover once a target was struck down.

With the final dissolution of Overwatch, Amelie planned to once more devote herself full-time to her craft.  In particular the shadowy Talon Organization promised to pay her well, not only in coin but also with high-powered weaponry and advanced battlefield technology.  However, Gerard discovered her plans and opposed her joining the Talon, having combated the plans of the nefarious syndicate himself during his time in Overwatch.  In the heat of the moment, they fought.  Gerard hesitated.  Amelie didn’t.

Severing all her ties to the defunct Overwatch organization, Amelie Lacroix soon became one of the world’s most notorious assassins.  Her temporary persona was rendered all but permanent as she fully embraced the monicker Widowmaker.


  • The use of childhood arachnophobia to construct the Widowmaker persona is intended to show strength of character (fear exists to be conquered) as well as provide a striking profile that sets Widowmaker apart from the Overwatch cast.
  • While the character remains something of a generalized ‘femme fatale’ the removal of the brainwashing aspect of her backstory makes the persona her own rather than a thing forced upon her.
  • As a background character Gerard serves the purpose of entwining Widowmaker’s past with Overwatch’s own, though in her case it sets up the current hostility between herself and the former members of the organization.  Gerard’s death portrays Amelie as strongly villainous, willing to kill for her own gain rather than at the behest of another.  He does not (and should not) serve as the basis for her character.
  • While it is admittedly a bit stereotypical for the game’s French character to hold a passing interest in the fashion industry, the aspect of Widowmaker’s character is intended to serve as basis for her later construction of her mercenary image, (As well as an origin for her variety of alternate costumes.)

Headcanon: I think I figured it out. Reaper’s combat shotguns are a pair of break-action revolvers. That’s why we never see casings hit the floor. We just can’t see the cylinders because they’re hidden in the body of the gun.

- Submitted by logannashofthencr.

Radiocative OC - Sagittarius
Alkalic Secretary bird
Team Alpha   

Sag relies mostly on her electric abilities than her physical ones. However, whenever it does come down to physical combat, her beak and talons have had mechanical support added for stronger infliction of damage.

She’s not social in the least and can be considered very mysterious - questionable, even. 
She knows her task is to hunt down acidics and fulfills that task ruthlessly and with little distractions.

Lemme know if anything needs to be altered or fixed!

Radiocative belongs to Deo