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I ran across this series of videos and thought your followers might find it useful.

Thanks for the submission! This is a good video to watch, especially if you’re looking for information on British military. 

Since a lot of my followers are American though, here’s a few notes worth keeping in mind:

• Lindy (the narrator) calls the smaller units inside platoons “sections.” He does annotate this change in text, but in the U.S. the smaller unit within a platoon is called a “squad,” and then the smallest unit inside a squad is called a “team.”

• The only branch that still uses Lance Corporal in the U.S. is Marines. As far as I can tell the Lance Corporal rank is equivalent to E-3, and to be very blunt I’d be a little impressed if an E-3 were the one leading a team to emplace a machine gun. 

• Lindy keeps referring to the NCO of a platoon as a “Sergeant Major.” Sergeants Major are definitely not in any way platoon sergeants; they work at battalion and up. The NCO usually acting as platoon sergeant and working with a lieutenant (platoon leader) would be either a staff sergeant or a sergeant first class. I’m afraid I don’t know whether this is a British vs America thing or if he’s just mistaken.

• British people pronounce lieutenant “left-tenant.” He acknowledges this in the video as well. He also gives us two handy mneumonics for remembering the role of a lieutenant/platoon leader. 
1) The left-tenant is the left-hand man of the commander, or is the only officer left in charge. Platoons have one platoon leader, but often have only one officer, thus he is the only one “left.”
2) For lieu-tenant, the officer is in charge in lieu of the tenant, or commander, the officer commanding all troops. 

The tactics and such he describes are very similar to ours, and his voice is very soothing, so it’s definitely worth a watch!


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anonymous asked:

do you know any fics where steve and/or bucky do yoga? thank you in advance.

let me see

Balance by MsPeppernose

Bucky thinks for sure that Steve is joking when he suggests it, because he can’t possibly be serious about doing yoga to help him balance out his mind, his thoughts.

It’s not that he thinks yoga is stupid or pointless or whatever, he just never thought of it as anything before. He has actual physical training to do - combat, weights, cardio, tactical training - which does help, and he has twice-weekly therapy sessions for his mind, so he doesn’t see the point.

And yet that’s where he ends up; in an early morning Yoga class, with his ass in the air, trying to balance.

Flexin’ Real Tight by StarSpangledBucky

Bucky is a yoga instructor. Steve is one of his clients, among others. Bucky unexpectedly offers him a private session, Steve thinks it’s so he can keep up in the class. But Bucky has other intentions. Steve doesn’t seem to mind. Sex ensues.

G.I. Joes and 2AM Diners by OhCaptainMyCaptain

They look nothing like what they used to. Time and life have completely changed them. But as they sit there in silence, eating two halves of one cupcake, letting Brooklyn remind there where they came from, and enjoying a sky full of stars… They are those same little boys, somewhere deep down. For just a second, you’d be able to see them again.

And Bucky thinks to himself that maybe it’s little moments like these – fleeting as they may be – that remind him why life is still worth living.

Parallels by spoffyumi

At the end of “Captain America: Winter Soldier,” Steve fell from the helicarrier into the water. He wakes up, however, in an alternate universe where he and Bucky are dating.

The Tip of His Tongue Like the Tips of His Fingers by SharpestScalpel

Other considered names for this fic include: “Bucky Barnes Gets A Manicure And His Man” and “Bucky Barnes: Have You Been Using My Hair Treament - No, I Can’t Use A Line From O Brother, Where Art Thou? As A Title, Self.”

Bucky has a lot of good days. But sometimes there is still stuff that throws him. He just doesn’t understand why this time it’s a little bottle of nail polish that he lifted from Tasha’s apartment. This shouldn’t be that big a deal. Except for how it’s totally a big deal.

In which Bucky Barnes has a hard time but figures himself out anyway with the help of his friends because sometimes that’s how life works best.


“Those prancing little pants-wetters come here to learn the colorful and gentlemanly art of fencing, with its many sporting limitations and its proscriptions against dishonorable engagements. You on the other hand, you are going to learn how to kill men with a sword.”

Scott Lynch, The Lies of Locke Lamora (Gentleman Bastard, #1)

D is for Dehydration (4/26)

Fandom: Star Trek (AOS)
Prompt: Fic 4 of 26 in the CMO’s Log – A to Z series.  Click here for a listing of all the fics in this series!  D is for dehydration.  This fic is academy-era AU.
Word Count: 
Banter, lots of banter.
Rating: Teen+.
Author’s Note: I had a lot of fun with this particular reader-character.  Enjoy!

CMO’s Log – A to Z – D is for Dehydration

You swear as your sustained combat tactics instructor calls your name sharply, signaling you with a wave of your hand.  You glance at the monitoring band around your wrist, fuming at the red color it’s lit up in, betraying you.  Jogging off of the field, feeling suddenly dizzy, you join your instructor, coming to stand at attention before them.

“Cadet Y/N, report to medical,” your instructor says firmly.  “You’re out for this round.”

You protest, gesturing to the battlefield behind you, strewn with the slumped forms of training cyborgs and fellow cadets alike in various states of functioning.  You’ve outlasted 90% of your class, and you’re not ready to call it quits until you’re the last one standing.

“With all due respect, sir, I’m fine,” you pant, bending forward to plant your palms on your thighs as you catch your breath.

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cyndaquils  asked:

Jw bc you've been pretty vocal in the mls vs anarchist debate what do you see as the best way to combat imperialism w/o a state apparatus? like that and mass line sorta are why I lean towards Maoism :0 not trying to attack yr views or anything jsyk

We don’t really have a difference on the tactics of combatting imperialism in theory we just have different notions of how theses things ought to be organized. Like in a militant struggle against imperialism as in labor organizing and other struggles against capital and western powers it’s best for the autonomy and effectiveness of the resistance not to have leaders that can sell them out. Like anarchists agree with you that resistance ought to be organized and militant but we believe it’s best if it’s organized horizontally and communistically rather than adopting undesirable power relations