combat patch

To green day:

I was looking at picture of green day on the red carpet and then it all hit me at once, and i just looked at the screen in front of me and smiled. I realized that they taught me to be my own person, and don’t be a follower. They taught my that it’s okay to be weird and stand out. Before i started listening to them i was like people’s door mat or something. I used to not even where clothes that stood out, cause i didn’t want too much attention. But yesterday i walked around my school with safety pin jeans, combats, and a patched up vest with black smeared eyeliner. I was the only one looking like that, but i wad me. I wasn’t a photo copy of other people like everyone else was. I was different. And I’m okay with that.

So, my boys, I’m proud of u and I’m glad u are going down in history with your heroes, because u guys are my heroes.


I was pretty proud of my new patch - couldn’t resist taking a bathroom-mirror-selfie!

In the US army, having a patch on your right shoulder is a badge of honor. Some soldiers - even today - go their entire careers without getting one. They aren’t given out stateside, or on tours in peaceful places. They represent the insignia of the command under which you served in a combat zone. They mean you’ve placed your life on the line for your country. They mean you’ve sacrificed - spent time away from family, friends; missed birthdays, Christmas, New Years, thanksgiving. They mean you’ve gone on an adventure a long way from home to do something bigger than yourself.

So yeah, I’m super excited to have mine!