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Recreational Witchcraft: Simple Salve Recipe

Beeswax salves are a great recipe to have in your repertoire because depending on the herbs included they can be used for many purposes. Healing balms can be made for cuts, scrapes, bites, and for topically treating pain like menstrual cramps or sore muscles. Moisturizing salves can be used on the lips, cuticles or to combat any dry winter skin.  As for magical applications, the list is a long one. Protection salves, flying ointments, and glamour salves are just some of the more common ways beeswax salves have been used as a simple method of transferring the power and magic of specific herbs to the body. The possibilities are quite endless. 

You will need:

  • A mason jar
  • 1 cup of Olive oil
  • 1 ounce of Beeswax 
  • Assorted herbs
  1. Choose your herbs. Remember to choose your herbs with care. Herbs have specific medicinal and magical properties and some can cause allergic reactions. Use your better judgment.
  2. Combine your chosen herbs and one cup of olive oil into a mason jar. Your herbs will steep in this mixture for one month so their properties can be better absorbed into the oil. 
  3. After your herbs have steeped for a month, Melt down your beeswax into a liquid form, taking care not to burn it. You can do this on the stove but know that wax can be a hassle to clean from pots and pans (For this reason we have a specific pot for melting wax).
  4. Combine your infused olive oil and melted beeswax. You may strain out the herbs from the mixture to get a cleaner look like the salve above but the step is optional. Stir the wax and oil to together well, and pour the liquid into a tin or other other container. Let the salve cool and harden. Your salve is ready to use!

Happy Independence Day to all of my American friends!

So, this July 4 themed, modern royalty drabble is very loosely based on Prince Harry’s infamous trip to Las Vegas but different because it’s with Klaroline : )

This is dedicated to my favourite angry baker @megansarah11. Happy belated birthday, luv!

Justice and Independence

Lobby - MGM Grand Hotel - Las Vegas, Nevada - July 3

“Why did you decide to get married on the Fourth of July weekend in Las Vegas again?” Caroline insisted, pushing her way through the throng gathered outside the MGM Grand, bags in hand.

“Because we met at this hotel three years ago on Independence Day. I thought it was romantic returning here to exchange vows,” Lexi replied. “Don’t tell me you don’t remember, Care? You were there when we met, although the margaritas might have affected your memory.”

“Very funny,” she scowled.

Of course she remembered that weekend. Bonnie had been dumped by her worthless, cheating boyfriend and Katherine had convinced the four girls to take a road trip. One that, unbeknownst to Caroline, would end in Nevada. Las Vegas to be exact. Katherine argued that had she told her their destination Caroline wouldn’t have come and she was right. Vegas just wasn’t her style she’d insisted, to which Katherine replied with an exaggerated eye roll.

Caroline wasn’t boring, well that’s what she told herself anyway. She’d always been too busy during college striving for the best grades for her future career and it had paid off. She was the newly-appointed director of a not-for-profit organisation and couldn’t think of a better or more fulfilling way to spend her time. In fact, she was due in Malawi next month to tour the much needed sanitation infrastructure they’d built in one of the poorest villages.

If she was being honest, the overt opulence of Vegas didn’t quite sit well with Caroline. But Lexi was one of her closest friends, so she’d never begrudge her a dream wedding. She’d always liked Matt and had to admit they made the perfect couple.

He was the star quarterback for the San Francisco 49ers and had been on a team trip when they’d met poolside. Their chemistry had been instantaneous and Caroline had never seen Lexi so happy and that look on Matt’s face when they were together was enough to convince Caroline he was equally as besotted.

Feelings aside, Caroline was determined to survive the weekend. She was one of four bridesmaids and knew she had to make this occasion perfect for Lexi.

“Seriously?” Katherine groaned. “What’s with the hold-up? I need to get to the spa pronto and combat this dry skin thanks to this stifling desert air.”

“It shouldn’t be a moment Miss,” the receptionist assured. “We just had an unexpected VIP guest check-in.”

“What are we, chopped liver?” She muttered under her breath.

“Who are you exactly?” Caroline teased, knowing the celebrity was Matt and his teammates, not them. He had a last minute practice session and so was arriving later that day.

“Well, that would explain the traffic madness outside,” Bonnie huffed, placing her bags on the ground with a bang. “Last time I checked I wasn’t your personal porter, Katherine. We’re only here for the weekend, what the hell do you have in here?”

“I need to be prepared for any occasion, Bon. So anyway, who’s this mystery VIP?” Katherine purred, leaning across the desk and exposing some extra cleavage on purpose. “Anyone we’d know?”

“My lips are sealed,” he uttered, his eyes reluctantly diverting from her cleavage. “Looks like your rooms are ready and our wedding planner has said she’ll come up shortly to finalise the details for tomorrow.”

“Hallelujah,” Anna sighed, joining them at the front desk. “I hope there’s going to be a nice goodies basket included too?”

“You practically ate like a three course meal on the drive over, Anna. Do you ever think about anything else?”

“Ah, no,” she grinned. “Come on ladies, let’s get this party started.”

Skyloft Suite - Two hours later

“These lights are bloody impressive,” Enzo whistled, taking in the view of the famous Las Vegas strip from the suite window as the sun slipped lazily over the horizon in streaks of bright oranges and pinks.

“Says the Vegas virgin,” Klaus smirked from his place in the hotel spa.

“We can’t all be Princes and travel the world,” he scoffed. “I’m just a lowly protective services agent who’s lucky to even get a vacation given your gruelling schedule of social events Romeo.”

“You’re welcome to take my place, Enzo.”

Although people liked to think he had the perfect life, Klaus hated all of the unwanted scrutiny and attention his position attracted. His siblings seemed to accept the responsibility far better than he ever had and Klaus was more than happy to let them do that while he enjoyed himself to the fullest, starting with July Fourth weekend in Vegas.

“I’m not sure you mind too much when it comes to protecting Rebekah,” Klaus responded, sending his body guard a knowing smile. Although not public knowledge, the attraction between Enzo and his younger sister and princess was well known amongst their entourage. It had been simmering for some time but the Queen didn’t look too kindly upon such an uneven match for obvious reasons.

“You know more than anyone else about my professionalism,” he responded tartly. It was true and Klaus wished his grandmother could see just what an honourable match he would be for the Princess, if she bothered to get to know him. “Which is why I’m going to tell you…”

“Please, enough with the lectures,” Klaus groaned.

“Well, I wouldn’t be doing my job if…”

“Last time I checked you’re my bodyguard, not my mother, mate.”

“Well, someone has to be, Klaus.”

“You’ve been around Rebekah too long,” Klaus shot back, sending his brother a dirty look. “Now, how about a whiskey? I’m absolutely parched.”

Morimoto Restaurant - Four hours later

“To the Bride and Groom,” Anna toasted, raising her champagne flute in the air.

Matt, Katherine’s brother and Anna’s boyfriend Jeremy and his NFL teammates Jesse and Tyler had arrived a few hours earlier and the bridal party was enjoying the rehearsal dinner at the famed Japanese restaurant at the MGM Grand.

The rest of the table repeated her sentiments, clinking their glasses together in celebration. Caroline felt the tension in her body slowing start to ebb away, finally beginning to relax. That massage at the spa earlier was just what she needed. Maybe a wedding in Vegas wasn’t going to be so bad.

It certainly wasn’t going to be your typical wedding, with only the bridal party attending and the small reception taking place at one of the private cabanas with July 4 themed fare. They wanted their wedding to resemble how they met after all.

“Does anyone know who this mysterious VIP is staying at the hotel?” Katherine asked the table, looking specifically in Matt’s direction. She’d been stalking the hallways hoping to find out who was staying at the MGM Grand but no luck so far. Caroline had to give her friend points for dogged determination and persistence.

“Why are you looking at me?” He baulked. “You know just because I’m a football player doesn’t mean I know every celebrity out there, Katherine.”

“You really need to get over this weird scavenger hunt, Kat,” Caroline implored. “I mean who really cares about celebrities; you know present company excluded and all that.”

“I care,” she pouted. “What if it’s Chris Hemsworth or Brad Pitt?”

“Well, last time I checked Kitty Kat, Chris Hemsworth is happily married,” Bonnie observed. “And Brad Pitt is just all sorts of complicated right now and I never took you for the child friendly type and he’s got like a lot.”

“Plus, aren’t we good enough company for you?” Lexi asked, feigning annoyance.

They’d all laughed off her curiosity as dinner arrived. The girls were staying together overnight even though they had their own rooms. So, Caroline had ventured back to her suite to grab her pyjamas and some overnight supplies.

Given their room was only directly down the hall, Caroline decided to change there, putting on her pyjamas which consisted of a blue, fitted singlet and tiny, white shorts and tying back her blonde waves into a high ponytail. Grabbing her toiletries bag, she opened her room door not expecting the sight that met her in the corridor.

He was stark naked, well except for a cowboy hat placed strategically over his nether regions. Caroline wasn’t sure where to look. His toned physique was nothing short of impressive and those dark, blonde curls, crimson lips and stubble weren’t so bad either.

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Hairless Rat Care

As many of you know, I have a hairless girl named Willow. I love my baby girl, she was the inspiration behind this blog! Just look at this little rat potato!

But hairless rats have a bit more complicated care needs than their furry counterparts. For example, these hairless babies are more prone to respiratory ailments, eye problems and (obviously) skin problems. Hit “Keep Reading” to read up on how you can take extra steps towards making your naked babies so much happier!

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anonymous asked:

hi! im not sure if you've gotten asks about this and if you have im sorry! i suffer from some discoloration/acne and dry skin on my chin/around my mouth and it's not too bad, it's a little slight, but i was just wondering if either of you had recommendations for products i could try? thank you !!!! 💗

Hey it’s M!
Sorry I’m getting to this ask so late!
I suffer from the same skin concerns as well, so I’ll be happy to share some of my favorite products that help combat acne, dry/ dehydrated skin, sensitivity, and discoloration. I find that I use more Western/Korean skincare products.
Here is a breakdown of products I use and also some alternatives that I heard works well for our skin + things I would also like to try haha. (*Warning* I tend to be pretty thorough, so this may be a long read)

Cleansers- I like to use gentle cleansers (1-2x a day). Something that doesn’t dry or irritate my skin,but also removes dirt, oil, and leftover makeup.
1. Glossier Milky Jelly Cleanser ($18/ 6fl oz)
2. Dr. Jart+ Dermaclear Micro Gel Cleanser ($38/8.4 fl oz at Sephora) - I do not suggest putting this anywhere near your eyes! Does a great job cleaning my skin, but burns my eyes
3. Alternative: CosRX Low Ph Good Morning Gel Cleanser ($11/5.1 fl oz at

Toners/Essences- Just like my cleansers, I like to use toners that are hydrating, calming, and great for my pores (2x a day). These products help keep my skin clear, balanced, and absorb other skincare products.
1. Mario Badescu Facial Spray with Aloe, Herb, and Rosewater ( $7/4 fl oz - $12/8 fl oz at Ulta and Urban Outfitters)
2. Thayers Alcohol-Free Original Witch Hazel , Aloe Vera Formula ( $11/12 oz at drugstores and health food stores)
3. CosRX AHA/BHA clarifying Toner ($17/5.2 oz at Ulta) - Awesome for gentle and daily exfoliating. Will get rid of dry skin issues without breaking you out!
4. May Coop Raw Sauce ($14/1.32 oz - $43/5.07 oz at Sephora and

Moisturizers (2x a day)
1. Belif True Cream Moisturizing Bomb ($22/0.84 oz - $38/1.68 oz at Sephora)
2. Alternative: Raw Shea Butter
3. Alternative: Pure Jojoba or Argan Oil

Treatments/Masks- I typically use treatments/masks to treat texture and discoloration (1-3x a week, depending on the mask or treatment I use)
1. Dr Dennis Alpha Beta Universal Daily Peel ( $16/5 treatments at Sephora) - Game changer! G introduced this to me and I’m obsessed! Exfoliates and evens out my skin. Treats acne marks , texture, and hyperpigmentation.
2. Herbivore Botanicals Brighten Mask
3. Tony Moly Sheet Masks in Rice and Tomato ($3 per mask at Urban Outfitters and Ulta) - Great sheets masks that are inexpensive and effective! There are so many different types, try some out!

Sunscreen- Very key for preventing further discoloration and hyperpigmentation concerns + protecting your skin from the sun when using treatments(Use everyday!). I’m still looking for different sunscreens to test out as well…
1. Shiseido Urban Environment Oil-Free UV Protector Broad Spectrum SPF 42 For Face ($33/1 oz at Sephora)
2. Neutrogena Clear Face Liquid-Lotion Sunblock ($10.99/3 oz at drugstores) - G uses this, and I want to try this as well!


Benefits of Sweet Almond Oil (For Hair & Skin)

I often think that SAO is underrated, and I remember not too long ago someone asking me about the benefits of this oil on my blog. It’s so versatile in use, and I love that it’s virtually oderless. I use it in my homemade shea butter mix and it is the moisturiser of choice for my face after washing with Dudu-Osun (African Black Soap). Since Sweet Almond Oil is non-comedogenic, meaning it won’t clog or block your pores, it is easily absorbed into the skin.

Benefits for hair:

  • Known to treat dandruff by removing dead skin cells
  • Increases shine in hair 
  • Light & easily absorbed in hair – thus making it an effective component for an every day or daily leave in conditioner

Benefits for skin:

  • Helps to lighten up scarring
  • Reduces dark under eye circles 
  • Evens your skin tone & enhances the glow of your skin 
  • Combats and heals dry skin 

I can literally attest to every single benefit listed, especially as SAO has been a great moisturiser for my skin, is literally the only product that has made my acne scars completely disappear in conjunction with Black Soap, as well as evening out my skin tone and reducing redness tremendously.

The two photos above were taken after washing & moisturising my face. 

Tips & Tricks

You are what you eat

Nutrition directly affects skin energy from the inside out, which makes skipping breakfast a bad idea. Here’s what to eat now for your best beautiful self.

Colorful Fruits and Vegetables
Packed with powerful antioxidants, and lycopene, red fruits and vegetables, such as tomatoes and red bell peppers, help repair skin tissue and protect against the sun’s harsh rays. Carrots are a big source of carotene, an antioxidant that is converted into vitamin A, which is wonderfully beneficial to the skin. So load up on all those colorful fruits and veggies!

Along with being low in calories, fish such as salmon, mackerel, rainbow trout, and sardines all contain omega-3 fatty acids, which help fortify skin membranes and protect against free radicals. The healthy fats allow water and nutrients into the skin while keeping toxins out.

Beans and Lentils 
Beans and lentils are a budget-friendly staple to have on hand and are also one of the best foods to eat for your body’s overall health. The healthy legumes don’t pack on pounds and are very low-glycemic. And beans are anti-inflammatory, which means they combat dull, dry skin — and body fat.

Dark Greens 
We’re talking about young cereal grasses, like barley or wheat grass, which offer greater levels of nutritional density. But, if you’re not up for tossing back a daily shot of wheat grass, dig into dark leafy greens, such as kale, spinach, and chard for a big detoxifying punch. Packed with beta-carotene, vitamin E and C, regularly eating fresh greens keeps skin clear, healthy, and radiant.

If you love these little salty yummies then get happy because olives are a good source of healthy fats. Along with extra virgin olive oil, the nutrients in olives keeps cells supple and skin glowing. Both contain oleic acid, which helps the body absorb omega-3s and other vitamins and nutrients from our food.

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Vanilla bean, sweet sandalwood and amber, with the slightest hint of authentic banana.

A watered-down custard consistency, it absorbs fairly quickly and is effective at softening skin. Unfortunately, I don’t think this body lotion is thick enough to combat intensely dry skin, but is amazing for balancing normal to oily skin. My favorite year-round Lush lotion.