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Another one! I really had fun with this :D

I think I should keep doing these… 

aesthetics/associations with the signs

Aries: red, gold/yellow, orange hints, fire, red lips/lipstick, red nails, high heels, sharp eyeliner, coca-cola, sports, high ponytails, running, bricks, leather jackets, combat boots, sunrises, empty streets,early morning, chickenwire fences, suburbs, gyms, chicago
Taurus: black and white, brown, minimalism, the 1975, records, wrist watches, leather, multiple ear piercings, photography, calvin klein, street art, art museums, urban outfitters, plain iced coffee, dr martens, converse, punk rock, europe, cigarettes, grunge
Gemini: green, orange, pink, cooking skills, food photography, instagram, h&m, fancy coffees, fancy restaurants, instagramming food, makeup skills, dancing skills, upper east side, instagramming window views, painted nails, cocktails, champagne
Cancer: blue, pale blue, purple, the ocean, an empty beach, horizons, sunrises, indie music, folk bands, records, independent theatres, film festivals, plays, libraries, fire escapes, window views, balconies, looking out at a view alone, mugs of tea
Leo: red, gold, designer purses/clothes, high heels, winged eyeliner, clothes shopping, instagram, salads, juice bars, tall height, model aspirations, travelling, europe, urban outfitters, manhattan, cocktails, exercise 
Virgo: black & white, purple, grey, caffeine, fancy pens, history, cooking skills, tidiness, sweaters, winter smells, burning fireplaces, late fall/winter, christmas, books, cleaning, driving, CDs
Libra: gold, pink, purple, fashion skills, fashion magazines, designer purses/clothes, aesthetics (lol), writing, poetry, e-cigarettes, fairy lights, chocolate, iced coffee, travelling, new york city, cosmopolitanism, sunglasses, urban outfitters
Scorpio: maroon/dark red, black, maroon lips/lipstick, winged eyeliner, black leather, punk rock, grunge, cigarettes, combat boots, black nails, exposed brick, walls decorated with black and white photography, vinyl collections, chickenwire fences, dark chocolate
Sagittarius: green, black, leather jackets, black jeans, multiple ear piercings, cities, comic books, combat boots, punk, the new york times, alcohol, cigarettes, hookah, europe, wrist watches, being awake in the middle of the night, rooftops
Capricorn: black and white, blue, grey, minimalism, watches, caffeine, winged eyeliner, designer clothes/purses, fancy cigarettes, stilettos, whiskey, scotch, preppiness, mansions, math skills, upper east side, travelling, polyglotism, airplanes, leather sofas
Aquarius: neon green, purple, grunge, illegal adventures, being awake in the middle of the night, chickenwire fences, alternative music, hair dyed a color of the rainbow, combat boots, political opinions, movie blogs, music blogs, being a film buff, neon signs
Pisces: pink/pale pink, purple/pale purple, fluffy things, hearts, princesses, fruity cocktails, crochet, jewels, hookah, new age, psychics/pyschic readings, incense, pretty lighters, pretty bowls/bongs, paisley, cupcakes, beanbags, baking


                             TWIN PEAKS BIO – Lucas Alexander

Storm King
Age: 22
Job: Chef
Sexuality: Straight
FC: Alexander Dreymond
Strengths: Combat, cooking, smart-arsery
Quirks: Lucas always loved cooking, it was what he did when he wanted to relax. It also helped him make friends in the pack when he was a runt and not very good at fighting. Because of that people tend to go to him when they’re hungry and he’s always happy to help out.


Lucas grew up in the back, his mother and father were enforcers for the pack his entire life until they passed away. Although he wasn’t very old Lucas understood why it had happened and never felt alone or abandoned by them, but instead felt proud of them. Surrounded by the other pack members and raised by them he never felt a lack of family and because of that he grew up a very happy and rambunctious child. Although small he always tried to do his best in combat training that he attended with the Alpha’s sons and daughter. He wanted to live up to his parents memory and maybe one day end up an enforcer for the pack as they had.

As Lucas grew he became more proficient at combat. It wasn’t easy for him as he wasn’t the largest wolf in their pack  but because of that he worked his ass off. He spent extra time training and learning ways in which he could use his size against those that judged him weak. It helped him to win mock-battles with other pack members. Fighting is something he loves. He gets a rush out of it and it eases the strain he feels when he’s been cooped up for too long.

Lucas is very even-tempered and in order to get a rise out of him someone has to pester his quite a bit. He’s all about being honest with people, whether they want that to happen or not. Although even-tempered as a human he’s much more territorial as a wolf. He believes in justice and loyalty and isn’t quick to forget those that wrong the people he considers his family. Although he’s very easy to get along with he holds himself distant to anyone that wasn’t raised in the pack, it’s more of a trust issue than anything. He worries about the safety of his pack and it makes him harder to get to know.

Opinion on the split: Lucas was very torn when the pack split. He considers the entire his family, they’re the only people he has left after all, and because of that he didn’t like the split at all. Although Lucas very firmly believes in the succession laws that the pack had always used he sided with Niklaus. Lucas doesn’t like the infringements that are being made on pack land and doesn’t trust Idaho as far as he could throw them. So although he is missing the other half of the pack desperately he’s made his peace with it and is eager to show the other pack exactly who they have been messing with.

Connections: Lucas is intensely loyal to the Storm King pack, and the Paradise pack; although he keeps that part quiet.

What I know about Cutthroat Kitchen from my dash
  • not actually a cooking show, but instead gladitorial combat disguised as a cooking show
  • the winner eats the loser, probably
  • the hunger games of the cooking world

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(I’m responding to this hours late because holy shit, processing time. A few hours ago, I was just making incoherent whale noises so I hope this is more coherent than that). 

It starts with him holding a tray of souffles. Oliver Queen, peeps, is holding souffles. Two souffles. Ready to come in and surprise Felicity with them, when he sees the visitors in his house.

The first thing that popped in my head after seeing this?

This scene from 1x15, on Oliver’s disastrous date with McKenna. Sneaky writers. Very sneaky. Anyways, what I found really interesting was how they began the promo this year. The 20 second promo last year?  

Exactly how 3x01 began too. But this season, it is evident from the 30 second promo itself that things have changed. The contrast is deliberate and stark. Oliver Queen- master archer;

Expert gunman,

Excellent combatant 

is cooking and carrying souffles for a tiny, blonde midget of a woman who tries to cook for him but can’t. How adorable is that!

But there is more. There are things that were shown in the trailer that become cemented in split seconds of scenes (god bless gifs) from this small promo, things that need to be talked about.  

The second thing, after the souffles, that I noticed was very, very interesting. 

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