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No one ever expects a lefty 😜.

I’m a mediocre swordswoman (would prefer a poleaxe, really) but the left handedness almost always catches people off guard. Taken this week at Swordcraft LARP in Melbourne, Australia by @theprohobby.


At last the BBC has picked this up! Cheers to my sisters in arms who are kicking arse and taking names internationally. This doco covers a few of the great women in this fast-growing sport of full-contact, armoured medieval battle, including several close friends. Fight on, all!


How is Pennsic already over? I remember last year it dragged on for what felt like forever - I never had enough sleep, or enough time, or enough patience. I loved the experience, I wouldn’t trade it for anything, but the whole thing felt like a struggle because I never knew what to expect. To be honest, I was happy to go home.

When this Pennsic started, it felt like last Pennsic never ended. It’s as if my life was put on pause last August and everything this year has just been a part of one big intermission, filling in the gaps, pushing time along. When Pennsic started, life resumed.

Same lake, same good company, same walk up the hill to work. Same shops, same food, same customers. Just like last year, the sun would set and the smoke would rise like an old friend and linger until the morning light.

Weirdly enough, when I’m home I almost miss the drumming. To be honest, after a few days of Pennsic you stop hearing the drums - they just fade into the atmosphere, become a part of your heartbeat, lull you to sleep. As I sit in my bedroom writing this I feel a certain sense of loss, as if the quiet night isn’t quite as peaceful when it’s not marred by that steady rhythm. 

Last year I couldn’t wait to go home, I basically ran to the airport. This year, I was grasping at the moments, watching tents collapse and the dust rise as people filed away down the dirt roads around us. I didn’t want it to leave, I had so much more to do and so many people to hug. I had poetry to write and walks to go on and carp to feed. By the time we left, it wasn’t Pennsic anymore, it was just Cooper’s Lake Campground. 

I suppose I’m now existing in the twilight zone between Pennsics, and next July my life will resume.

So apparently this is actually a legit sword technique:

It’s actually called ‘Half-Swording’.

refers to the technique of gripping the central part of the sword blade with the left hand in order to execute more forceful thrusts against armoured and unarmoured opponents. The term is a translation of the original German Halbschwert. Equivalently, the techniques were referred to as mit dem kurzen Schwert “with the shortened sword.”

Half-sword is used for leverage advantage when wrestling with the sword, as well as for delivering a more accurate and powerful thrust. Both of these are critical when fighting in plate armour because a slice or a cleaving blow from a sword is virtually useless against iron or steel plate.[1] Most medieval treatises show armoured combat as consisting primarily of fighting at the half-sword; the best options against an armoured man being a strong thrust into less-protected areas such as the armpits or throat or, even better, the same against a man who has already been cast to the ground. 

There is even a video example of how half-swording could be done. This really explains the utility of Diana’s leather hand wrap. The video also shows that holding a sword by the blade is viable.

(although i guess less benign because it seems half-swording is also called murder stroke… so the person can better bash their enemy down.)


IMG_2650 by Scramasacs


Chesterwick’s archer squad at your service - as you can tell, they’re absolute professionals, the Prince’s finest hunters… well, except for Cecil over there, she can barely hit a dead rabbit. Come to think of it, Gavin has no idea what he’s doing either. It’s basically the blind leading the blind out there. At least they look good.

Swordcraft LARP - Melbourne, Australia. 


If a Tumblr analogue existed in the Fallout Universe accessible from any Pipboy compatible Device.

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-1 Endurance, -1 Agility, -1 Intelligence

I saw other amazing artists doing fusions on characters-

Me: *attempts to jump on bandwagon of fusions*
Also me: *procrastinates and jumps too late, falling face first onto the ground*

Ok but an Iida Ojiro fusion would balance out so well he’s be a highly efficient killing machine. Iida’s ridiculously clunky armour that’s just stupid for a speed based quirk. Ojiro’s light garb which offers zero protection considering he’s a close combat fighter.

Moderate armour that offers a reasonable amount of protection, but lightweight and limited armour that allows for greater flexibility and agility.

Why Iida and Ojiro? They were partnered up for that test thing against Power Loader.

Also I cry he looks like Monoma and that was an accident

A Space Marine Dreadnought is a large, walking tank which carries both powerful guns and lethal close combat weaponry, armoured to withstand all but the most powerful of enemy firepower and often relied on by Space Marine forces to tear an opening in enemy defenses. Each Dreadnought contains a living being, permanently interfaced with the machine through a form of Mind Impulse Unit. Dreadnoughts are surprisingly agile, able to walk and balance with the ease of a living creature.