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No one ever expects a lefty 😜.

I’m a mediocre swordswoman (would prefer a poleaxe, really) but the left handedness almost always catches people off guard. Taken this week at Swordcraft LARP in Melbourne, Australia by @theprohobby.


At last the BBC has picked this up! Cheers to my sisters in arms who are kicking arse and taking names internationally. This doco covers a few of the great women in this fast-growing sport of full-contact, armoured medieval battle, including several close friends. Fight on, all!

Just getting back from Swordcraft Spring Quest 2016. It was absolutely amazing - we did a soft launch of our new warband, The Royal Court of Chesterwick, which is based on 14th century England. We had a fabulous in-character camp and looked great. No dramas. Huge success.

I was working the whole event so didn’t have a huge amount of free time for fighting, but managed to sneak away and armor up for the final battle (pictured).

So many great moments, I don’t even know where to start! Time for a long sleep in a soft bed (and not a gradually deflating air mattress).


Help us get back Bill’s gear! Stolen from Cambridge MA, 20th July 2016

To the thieves who steal medieval gear, you are really, really stupid. When do you think you can wear or sell high quality kit without people noticing? This is a small community that is everywhere, and we look after each other. Give it back, and get armour or swords the way the rest of us do- through hard work. 

Please share if you feel the same way.

Anyone going into pawn shops and finding armour like this in the coming weeks, please pay attention to whether it looks like it was from a museum. Bill’s gear was top quality and very distinctive.

Below from Bill, 

“Just when you think it cannot go any worse. Right now I’m crushed.  I was in Cambridge today. When I went to leave, I noticed that my car (and several others) were broken into. The motherf**s took half my armour, and my ammo box of tools

 I’ve lost:
All of my leg armour
All of my arm armour
Two different gorgets
Two different set of gauntlets
A set of sollerets
A handmade brayette
A pair of period shoes.

A bunch of tools, including two hammers, four set of needle nose pliers in various sizes, good shears, scissors, two different punches for leather, a punch for steel/metal, a bunch of various other tools for my armour, leather belts, buckles, straps, rivets etc in a .50 Caliber Ammo box. 

Here is a picture of the arms and legs. They are quite unique.

I now have no real armour, I cannot fight Friday night.  I can no longer do demos. I can no longer sell my art to others in the way I usually do.”


A few weeks ago I went to a few Battle of Nations/ HMB type shindigs with Team Kraken, our local team here in Melbourne. We left late on Thursday afternoon and arrived in Sydney at 5am Friday. People were fighting again at 11am. We then drove back to Ballarat (another 12 hours) for more fighting. I don’t know how we’re all alive and how we didn’t actually strangle each other from the excessive time spent in the car, but hey. We’re still here.

I was a squire so I spent a lot of time fiddling with straps, adjusting things/ repairing things with shoe laces and just trying to keep stuff safe and functional. It was a lot of work, pretty stressful, but also a ton of fun because all of the guys on Team Kraken are friends of mine and A++ people.

I’m not a great photographer but I did manage to get a few cool shots. The last photo is of myself, hanging out with Son of Fear before it was broken in a fight later that day.

To those wondering, check out Battle of Nations. It’s coming up really soon and is an exciting combination of medieval costuming, gorgeous yet functional armour and kicking the crap out of each other. Best sport around.

Homesick (Klance fic for arrafrost)

Here’s my little Klance offering to @arrafrost the Queen Crab temptress extraordinaire who dragged me into this ship. You’re a mean crab sorceress and I’m gonna fight you and your evil influence (with red heart confetti). Enjoy! Just like how I enjoy these two gay dorks. Ugh, that sounds kinda creepy when I say it out loud. Also, like I suddenly want Space Daddy Shiro to sex up Lance and I don’t know why.

Tags: Keith/Lance (Voltron), fluff, some angst and crying, comforting boyfriends, my stupid first attempt at Voltron because I’m an incurable shipper of two gay space cowboys pleasedontkillmeeeee

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Kaldorei Pankration

The Pankration is a Night Elven sparring and athletic practice adopted by various groups during the Long Vigil as a way of exercising, having fun, and keeping the warrior traditions of the Kaldorei alive during peace time.

Based on a blend of boxing and wrestling, Pankration matches can appear to outsiders as having no rules at all. There is also much variation between versions of the sport and the context in which it is practiced - sometimes weapons are involved, sometimes not, and the criteria for winning varies between practitioners and events. Unifying them all is an emphasis on ferocity and agility and un-armoured combat.

The game consists of a contest of strength and skill centred on grapples, throws, locks, and kicks, until one combatant yields. Sometimes a blade is involved  - a simple knife or 3-bladed glaive - placed in the centre of the field for combatants to fight over; in these cases the game usually ends when first blood is drawn. There are no hard rules banning certain moves or tricks but gratuitous violence is frowned upon and any competitors not respecting their opponents or the spirit of the game bring dishonour on themselves in the eyes of the Kaldorei. Magic of any kind is not allowed.

Combatants compete in varying states of undress, wearing anything from loosely fitting cloths and hides to simple loincloths. They only weapons allowed in the Pankration are those placed there as part of the game - in matches with blades some form of bracers as wrist protection are always worn.

Matches are presided over by a referee and combatants are usually segregated by gender. Pankration between Night Elf women are considered the most skilled and ferocious and are often more bloody than matches between their male counterparts. The referee’s role is to split up fights that go too far and ensure competitors respect each other properly throughout the event.

Due to its emphasis on ferocity and agility Pankration events are popular around festivals dedicated to Goldrinn, the Wolf Ancient. During these the referee will usually be a Druid and will bless combatants before they begin and dedicate the fight in the Ancient’s honour.


1 x Open Space

2 x Combatants (lightly armoured, matched by gender. In cross-racial contests size categories are considered)

Optional: A dagger or 3-bladed glaive

Fighters take up positions at either end of the open space and the weapon, if being used, is placed by the referee equidistant between them.

Combat begins after the referee has explained the parameters of the contest (what armour, what weapons, yield vs first blood, etc) and announced they may begin. Combatants can then attack as they see fit.

Free emotes are used to represent the cut-and-thrust of combat, with a system of consecutive rolls determining the winner. Each time contact is made (a hold attempted, a hit launched, control of the blade challenged) both combatants roll; the winner of the roll comes out on top as a result of the exchange and emotes accordingly. Repeat until one competitor yields willingly or until one combatant wins 3 consecutive rolls.

Skilled competitors make the best use of their environment and their opponents weaknesses, and the bloodiest no-holds-barred games can leave combatants with broken or dislocated bones and deep cuts. Variations in weapons put down can lead to a host of different tactics; fights without a blade can look very different to a fight around a dagger, which itself will look very different to a fight around a glaive. Some variations of the game - found mostly between Sentinels - equip combatants with light armour and a short bow, placing a single arrow on the ground between them. What ensues is a fast-paced contest of skill and ingenuity and spectacular feats of close-quarters archery.

This is of course a headcanon thing that I wrote for use by my guild and any other Night Elf players out there who like the look of it. Feel free to pick it up and use it, or critique as you fancy!  The rolling rules I’ve written are just a guide and can be dispensed with if you don’t fancy doing it like that.

Inspired by that BBC show ‘Atlantis’ where they did something similar in an episode, my rudimentary understanding of actual Pankration, and @isei-silva‘s Jed’hin concept for getting me thinking about cultural sparring/wargames in the first place.

Mother's Day Companions React

Happy Mothers Day wherever you are. I thought I’d be a bit cute and do a two-for-one kinda reaction. First, what companions would get for Sole/female companion on behalf of Shaun/any kids they may have together and also companions/male Sole react to female sole/female companions telling them they are pregnant again as a mother’s day surprise.


Cait - She received a beautiful set of combat armour that was a one off piece Arturo had been selling. She stopped in at the store not two weeks ago and was heartbroken that she hadn’t been able to afford it. The look on her face when she opened the wrapping paper was priceless.
“Is this…for me?” She stammered with Shaun nodding excitedly.

Later on when her and Sole were alone,she pulled him close and whispered “I have a surprise for ya, I’m pregnant again. Your going to have a little fighter in the family, it’s a boy”.
Sole stood there,shocked. “You’re not pulling my leg are you Cait” he asked.
“No love, I’m sure as hell not,going by the horrible morning sickness” she giggled.
Sure she was scared but with Sole by her side,she knew she would be OK.

Codsworth - He had picked Sole a nice bunch of Wild flowers and cooked a nice meal. He had also found a pre-war bottle of bubble bath while he was out floating around Sanctuary and surprised Sole with it after dinner.

Curie - Curie was so sure Sole had forgotten Mothers Day. He had been away most of the week,and when he’d been back,he’d been so busy with Shaun that she was certain he hadn’t remembered what day it would be.
She woke up to a beautiful bunch of flowers,and a hand drawn card from Shaun and their 2 year old daughter Isobelle. Smiling,she wandered out into the kitchen to find a grinning Sole standing at the oven making pancakes.
“Oh my goodnezz, I have not tried ziz pancake before. I ‘eard that zay taste delicious”. Taking a bite,she groaned with happiness.

Looking at the table,she noticed a large present wrapped with a giant bow. Opening it carefully, she found a large box with a family painted on the outside. In it was the largest range of medical supplies she had seen. Bending down,she kissed both children with vigour before standing on her tiptoes to kiss Sole. “I 'ave somezing to tell you…I 'ave anozer little one growing in my tummy”.
Sole grabbed her and twirled her in the ear, proud to be raising a family with Curie.

Danse - It wasn’t easy keeping things from Sole. She was always poking her nose into everything so nothing stayed a secret for long. They had just returned to Listening Post Bravo after a morning out when Danse grabbed her wrist and spun her around to face him. “I um, I wanted to give you this. Shaun and I came up with the idea and I know he’s not here right now but this is from us. Happy Mothers Day”. Pulling something out of his pocket,Sole took it from him. On a chain sat two holotags , one with Danse’s name on it and one with Shaun’s. Tears of happiness on her face, she kissed him.

“Well I guess in a about 6 months time,we will have to add another holotag on there” she laughed. Danse went white… “wha-what do you mean?”.
“It means, captain oblivious, there’s going to be a new addition to the family”.
He shook his head,not quite believing it.

Dogmeat - He dropped his favourite toy at Soles feet to play with and gave them kisses.

Deacon - He really didn’t understand the concept of Mothers Day. He thought that children were supposed to be grateful of their parents every day of the week. Never the less,he had covertly organized a plan with his spy in training,Shaun to make Soles first proper Mothers Day amazing.
Waking Sole up at the crack of dawn,he told her to get dressed. Grumbling and stumbling out of bed,she had reluctantly gotten ready.
Putting a blindfold over her eyes,he had lead her her all the way from Sanctuary up to the hill Vault 111 stood on. When he opened the blindfold,a picnic was spread out on the ground with delicious food and a sleepy but excited Shaun sitting on the ground. After eating until they were all full,Shaun gave his mum a large gaudy wrapped present.

Opening it gently, she found several outfits and disguises,along with mini versions for his spy in training. “So ya know,we can all go in disguise” he laughed.
“Well Deacon,there’s just one problem…they don’t really make any in maternity sizes…”
He took a moment to register what she had said “Omg are you serious right now? Did ya hear that Shaun,your going to have a brother or sister!”
The two of them leapt up and hugged Sole,before remembering they were full from breakfast and groaning in pain.

Hancock - He had been fretting about this Mothers Day thing since Sole had told him about it when they first met. Fahrenheit was getting sick of him harping on and on about what he was going to get her.
Finally the day arrived.
All morning he looked green at the gills and kept averting his gaze away from Sole. Finally getting annoyed, Sole stopped him and said “spit it out Hancock, somethings up and I want to know what’s going on”.

He looked sheepishly at Sole before tugging her along to the bunkhouse. Darting into a room,he came back with the tiniest kitten in his arms. “Me and the kid,we both know that you can’t help but stop and pat every cat in the wasteland,so we wanted to give you one of your own”.

Sole squealed and took the tiny fluffball. “Oh my gosh,it’s so cute. Is it a boy or girl?”.
“It’s a wee boy”
“Then his name shall be Mittens” she finally decided “but I have no idea what we are going to call our son when he’s born”.
“Come again,did you say…our son?” He asked, suddenly short of breath “ I wasn’t sure I could have children”.
“Well,you can so congratulations daddy” she laughed,seeing all the remaining colour drain from his face.
“I think I need to sit down” he managed to say.

MacCready - Only spending a few Mothers Days with Lucy before she was killed,it was a bitter reminder that you needed to treat each day like it was the last. Waking up well before Sole,he went and sat by himself and spoke to Lucy,like he always did on days like today,and her birthday.
Heading back to the house,he woke Duncan and Shaun up before the three of them snuck into his and Soles room.

“Happy Mothers Day Mummy” they all yelled,waking Sole up before the boys jumped all over her. Sitting up and laughing,he handed her two presents.
“The blue one is from me” piped up Duncan while Shaun pointed to the red one and said “that one’s from me mum”.
Opening the red one first, she pulled out a neat looking gun Shaun had built with MacCreadys help.
“Thank you baby” she said,kissing her son on the cheek.

Ripping open the blue one,she found a clean,brand new teddy bear with a big bow round it’s neck and a small dented toy car.
“Daddy found this for you and that’s my favourite toy car” Duncan smiled up at her.
She grabbed both boys and gave them huge kisses before shooing them out the room.
“Well honey,you sure know how to make a girl happy. I guess it’s my turn to make you happy” she grinned at MacCready who was leaning against the door.
“Really, with the kids in the next room” he laughed.
“Get your mind out of the gutter you…I just wanted to say that you are great with the boys so I don’t think you’ll have any trouble with another one…”
“Another….another one? Are you fuc..are you kidding me right now? Your pregnant?”
Smiling and pulling him in close,she nodded before closing her mouth over his.

Nick - Ah Mothers Day. He remembered it from the another Nick’s memories. Spending the day with Shaun and Sole had been great, it warmed his heart to see both Sole and the kid having a good time out. Sitting up in the stands,watching his two favourite people eat noodles and watch the city wind down for the day,he excused himself to go down to the agency.
When he got back,he pulled Sole aside.
“This is from me and the kid,it was something human Nick had been wanting to get his mother but never got the chance”.
He pulled out a beautiful bracelet and slid it around Soles wrist.
“Oh my God Nick,it’s beautiful!”
Pulling Nick and Shaun into a hug,she smiled over her sons head.

“Well,now seems like a good time to say it,so I guess you both should know that I’m going to be having another baby”.
Nick looked shocked.
“Are you sure? Positively sure doll because I thought I couldn’t you know…” he trailed off.
“Yes Nick,I’m sure” she smiled.
“Well, I guess that means I’m going to be a dad. Me, a rusty old synth, a dad”. He laughed and pulled Sole into a hug “you’ve just made me a happy man”.

Piper - Mothers Day? She had completely forgotten all about it until Nat had mentioned it to her. As always, her little sister had given her a present,which was always some cool little trinket or gift she had made in school.
Heading back home from editing another story,she walked in the door to find Sole,Shaun and Nat gathered around the table,which had a neatly wrapped gift sitting in the middle.

Walking over and unwrapping it,she found a set of fancy pens,a bottle of ink and some gorgeous paper in a purple box.
“Where…where did you get this?” She asked.
“It was my mother in laws before the bombs fell,keeping it locked away must of preserved it”.
Piper looked at the faces of get family and burst into tears.
Getting up,Sole comforted her while Shaun and Nat exchanged looks.
“I’m sorry,it’s a beautiful gift and I love it,that’s why I love it” she sniffed out “it’s the hormones”.
Sole looked up,lifted her tear strained face up and said “your pregnant?”
Pipers response was to cry harder as she nodded her head.

Preston - Preston had given Sole her very own engraved Laser Musket. He had been up all night,getting Sturges to help him think of the perfect thing to write before spending his time making sure it was all even. Getting Shaun and their twins Alex and Hamish to present it to their mum had been a proud moment for him.

Stepping aside to give him a hug,she pulled him in close and said “you better start asking around for someone to replace me as general,soon I’ll be a busy mum of four”.
He stepped back before laughing “oh general,soon we are going to have our own personal Minutemen army” before picking her up and carrying her out the door to announce it to everyone.

Strong - “strong got human flower,strong hope human have good day and small human make you happy”.

X6-88 - He didn’t believe in giving Mothers Day presents on behalf of synth Shaun,however he encourage the boy to build something meaningful for his mother and to thank her for loving him.

When he lay in bed that night with Sole, she leaned over and asked “Have you ever thought about being a father yourself”
He told her that he had thought about the idea and it would be something that he wouldn’t be sure about until it happened.
Snuggling closer, she whispered “well I think you’d better get used to the idea because in 9 months your going to be a father”. He was surprised,after all they had been as careful as possible. With more and more thought,he became accepting and even excited about the idea of raising his own child to be someone great in the world.


Matt Easton explains about use of force in weapon combat, hitting them first, and why it doesn’t take much to injure an unarmoured opponent with a sharp blade.