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World War I Folklore — The Legend of the UB-85 Seamonster

On April 30th, 1918 British patrols in the North Atlantic came upon the German U-Boat UB-85 in the open ocean, manned by a visibly terrified crew.  Rather than dive, the crew of the U-Boat immediately surrendered, offering no resistance.  It was noticed that the submarine had sustained damage which prevented it from submerging, however there were no reports of combat actions by Allied forces in the area.  Immediately, the U-Boat’s commander, Captain Gunther Krech was interrogated.  His explanation was one that the British officers certainly did not expect.

According to Krech the submarine had surfaced the night before in order to recharge its batteries when a large monster crawled out of the dark waters and climbed aboard the deck of the sub.  Krech described the creature as thus,

“This beast had large eyes, set in a sort of skull. It had a small head, but with teeth that could be seen glistening in the moonlight. Every man on watch began firing a sidearm at the beast, but the animal had hold of the forward gun mount and refused to let go.”

Immediately the creature began to shake the sub back and forth, attempting to capsize the boat.  The battle continued as the men fired upon the monster while it continued to rattle the boat.  Eventually the monster gave up and let go, disappearing into the dark abyss.  The U-Boat was saved, but damage to the U-Boat resulting from the battle with the creature made it impossible for the boat to submerge.

UB-85 was scuttled by the British, her crew taken as prisoners of war.

No one ever expects a lefty 😜.

I’m a mediocre swordswoman (would prefer a poleaxe, really) but the left handedness almost always catches people off guard. Taken this week at Swordcraft LARP in Melbourne, Australia by @theprohobby.

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Veterans On Killing, an eight-part documentary by Zach P. Skiles. (Part 8 of 8)

[The full documentary playlist is available here. -R]

Just getting back from Swordcraft Spring Quest 2016. It was absolutely amazing - we did a soft launch of our new warband, The Royal Court of Chesterwick, which is based on 14th century England. We had a fabulous in-character camp and looked great. No dramas. Huge success.

I was working the whole event so didn’t have a huge amount of free time for fighting, but managed to sneak away and armor up for the final battle (pictured).

So many great moments, I don’t even know where to start! Time for a long sleep in a soft bed (and not a gradually deflating air mattress).

Caduti della Grande Guerra: Giuseppe “Peppino” Ciabattoni. Nato a Offida, provincia di Ascoli, il 06.02.1888. Morto il 17.06.1916 per ferite riportate in combattimento. Sottotenente della Milizia Territoriale in forza all'83° Reggimento Fanteria è qui ritratto di fronte alla Basilica di San Marco di Venezia nel dicembre del 1915.
English - Fallen of the Great War: Giuseppe “Peppino” Ciabattoni. He was born in Offida, near Ascoli, the 06.02.1888. He died the 17.06.1916 of combat wounds received in action. In the picture, Ciabattoni in front of the St Mark’s Basilica in Venice, December 1915.


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You were a hunter just like him. He’d seen your hand-to-hand combat techniques in action and, at first, you thought you had seen him taken aback by this. However, when your eyes met, he wore a smug expression. He was indeed fascinated by your experience in combat, but he wouldn’t let you know that.

“Well, sweetheart. I’m impressed, but I’m sure you can do better than that.”

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If shikamaru is the smartest yet sakura is also smart,is sakura smarter than sasuke and naruto?so intelligence wise it would be shikamaru,itachi,sakura,sasuke,naruto?

In general terms, yeah Sakura is smarter than Naruto and Sasuke, much smarter. However, Naruto and Sasuke possess more battle smarts. As in, they’re better at taking effective courses of action in combat, and are better at turning the tide of battle in their favour.

However, Shikamaru trumps them on all fronts, as he is smarter than all of them, in every sense of the word :)


I honestly cannot express how much I love using a weapons from the axe-like portion of the polearm family. Cheated tonight and used a nifty calimacil dane axe instead of my usual Monday pike training. Too burnt out from After the Fall to really challenge myself too much - used a pike for a few rounds before grabbing the axe. More on After the Fall later.

Sorry for blurry photos - it was raining super hard! Chop chop. Monday Night Swordcraft LARP battle game in Melbourne, Australia.


“Everybody’s been doing this job for a long time, there’s really no reason for me to tell them what to do. It’s fast paced, it’s aggressive, it’s not something you could be timid at.”

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I'm super shocked right now because a friend of mine gets called homophobic (and gets also hate on twitter) for not shipping Johnlock... I haven't been long in this fandom and right now I'm kinda disgusted by it :( ... Just needed someone to talk to about :(

Hi dear anon! First off, sorry that you and your friend had to deal with this. A lot of people in the fandom are generally nice and supportive and not all Johnlock shippers have these ‘tendencies’ to be mean. Most of us have tried to combat behaviours and actions from extreme fandom members, and I know I don’t just speak for myself when I say that it’s still wonderful to be in this fandom despite the craziness. My best tip at the moment is to try to stay in your respective ship tags and not go to the sherlock tag if you feel upset about forced ideals about certain ships. Never hesitate to message other fandom members (like what you did here) on and off anon to relieve your thoughts on the situation. We’ve got your back, okay?

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