На полигоне в Алабино представили новые разработки российской оборонной промышленности для Сухопутных войск. Новости. Первый канал
Накануне Дня Сухопутных войск, который отмечается 1 октября, наши военные представили новейшее оружие и защитное снаряжение для солдат XXI века. Это две винтовки, которые по многим параметрам превосходят зарубежные аналоги, и индивидуальная экипировка, делающая бойца практически неуязвимым.

The latest on the Ratnik Program. The Army wanted both kinds of x39mm rifle. They are also out of the prototype stage; so the A-545 (and AEK-973/ A-762 respectively and the AK-12 (AK-400 model, traditional Kalashnikov control layout with Dragunov internals and the AK-15 7.62x39 respectively) are in their final stages. There is also coverage of the “Warrior” individual combat gear.

The report was done on the Alabino range in Russia by the Russian defense industry.


Here’s the Live Feed for this year’s International Tournament of Chivalry.


Finally something actually interesting from VICE


There are 4 types of ippon (one full point that gives you the win in a Judo match): by throw, by armlock, by choke and by pin.

If you achieve anyone of this ippons in a Judo match, you are the winner!

Checkout the video from IJF with the great Neil Adams explaining all you need to know about the ways to win a Judo match!