Bee Class, Bee Pollen & Honey Harvest 2015
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Hello there! Guess what we added to the calendar since we are actually doing more work around the Bee Ranch now? A new class date for Introduction to Beekeeping. Our next class will be Saturday, July 18 in case you are interested. Here’s link for more information as well as to register. We have some seats still available and hope you can join us! Click here for class info. In other wonderful news…

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3 - A honeycomb vase, made by bees! “Libertiny made a vase-shaped hive that the bees then colonized, building a hexagon comb around it. The wax sheets used to make the hive were embossed with a honeycomb pattern to help the bees on their way. Libertiny calls the process slow prototyping - it took 40,000 bees a week to make the vase. Since the bees get aggressive when they are interrupted, Libertiny had to guess when it was time to remove the vase.”

Gallberry Chunk Honey

Gallberry Honey is one of the south’s best kept secrets. That’s because most of it is consumed by the local Georgia population. This honey with comb is a true delight and full of flavor. Chunk honey (or comb honey) is cut directly from the home of the honey bee. If you want 100% natural unprocessed honey then Gallberry Chunk Honey is for you.

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Lindsey 🐚


Lindsey is a champagne mermaid. She splashes around in the bubbles of the sparkling wine, and brushes her honey comb hair with her slender fingers. Her tail has gold accents and compliment the royal blue scales and silver glitter covering her chest. She wears a sparkling pink tiara and her collarbones are decorated with pink gems and gilded chains. Her eyes are a teddy bear hue and her pupils are shaped like wine glasses. Her words are cast away from her sugar-scrub lips in bubbles that you must pop to hear, and she speaks with drunken wisdom about philosophy and love.