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Professor Evans (3/?)

Summary: Y/N starts assisting Chris but she gets nervous, not knowing if she would be a good assistant or not. 

Pairings: Professor!Chris Evans x Student!Reader 

Word Count: 1,194

Warnings: Not one thing this very fluffy, to the point they even match their clothing 

A/N: Ok this isn’t too exciting but I promise it will get exciting, the next chapter is going to be very interesting. I might give you guys a sneak peek! Thanks for reading, feedback is very much appreciated. 

Part 1 - Part 2

Y/N’s mornings were usually known as crazy. She would be running around trying to get all of her things in order, swearing at her printer that was taking its slow sweet time. But this Monday morning was hectic, it was her first day as Chris’s assistant and she had woken up late and had “nothing” to wear. Well, nothing that could make her look sophisticated but not too much to where she didn’t look her age. Y/N didn’t know why she was stressing, Chris probably didn’t care about what she wore, but he was the one guy that every person, including the other professors, had their eyes on.There was a reason to look decent, so she grabbed her blue jeans, a white shirt, and her long black cardigan and raced to actually start the getting ready process.

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It’s (Not) Rocket Science

So I haven’t uploaded anything in a while; I’ve been in a bit of a creative slump so I’m not sure how this has turned out but I took the opportunity to write in honour of @bionic-buckyb‘s 5k celebration. Congratulations love xx

Hope you guys enjoy and, hey, feedback’s always welcome xx

Word count: 3.1k (it’s a long’un, my friends)

Prompt/category: Blind date

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Request: “can you do something where the resistance captures hux and has him as prisoner, and the reader is the only one who is kind to him. (brings him food and water, cleans him up after he’s been tortured or something idk) then one evening the reader finds out they’re gonna execute him the next morning so that night she goes to his cell and he’s like “um why are you here” and reader tells him what the resistance has planned and that she’s gonna help him escape? and maybe he asks her to go with him?”

Pairing: Armitage Hux x Reader

Word Count: 2.5k

Warnings: torture, etc.

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No amount of briefing could have prepared you for the sight that greeted you as the prisoner cell door slid open. Your knees shook unsteadily when you approached the figure, his shirt ripped open, revealing the jagged scars cut deep into his chest. You were to give him a small portion of food and water, just enough to keep him alive. But the longer you kept your eyes on the knocked-out ginger, the more you felt how wrong this was. The Resistance were the good guys, right? Then why would they leave a person in such a state, even considering what he had done?

The next day you snuck in a small med-kit, along with a lot more food and water. The guards didn’t even bother to check, they were just there to stop him from leaving. You shivered at the thought of them probably letting in a few soldiers who wanted to blow off steam onto their new human punching bag. The General stirred on the second day you tended to him, his darkened eyes watching you carefully as you scrubbed the dried blood from his torso.

“At least they want me to look pretty for the next round of torture.” His tone was spiteful, his piercing blue eyes staring through you like a hot knife.

You cringed at how rough his voice sounded, picking up the bottle of water you had brought. You pressed it to his lips, but they wouldn’t budge.

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dwarven children aren’t assigned genders

once dwarves hit puberty and grow beards, they are free to declare their gender via beard braid pattern

there are a bunch of different well-known patterns, and you can always invent new ones or just leave your beard unbraided

genderfluidity is a thing. all you gotta go is comb out your beard and rebraid, and people will know what pronouns to use

Chapter One: Not Always Bad

Pairing: Reader x Wolverine

Word count: 1541

Warnings: None, except you’re a boss cagna

sorry if this isn’t the best it will get better i have a idea! Thank you all. <3

7:23. Class begins with Professor Storm. Today we were learning about Mutant History. All the mutants that were publicly proud to be so. Which is crazy to me. Being a mutant wasn’t always easy. Especially when you had two mutations. Telekinesis and earth element control. Professor Grey and Professor Xavier work with me daily for them both, they’re only concerned about one though. Ever since I was 13, they’ve taken me in and taught me.

Lately they’ve been dealing with a new mutant that came in with Rogue, and Magneto. Rogue is really gnarly, actually. She tells me she came with a man, more animal than anything from what I hear. She’s into him, I can tell.

“Y/N, are you listening?” Professor asked, as I giggle with Rogue about some joke she said. I quickly straighten up.

“Yes, ma’am.” I shot back.

She nodded and walked back to the whiteboard. She continued to talk about the great inventors and even Presidents that were secretly a mutant. Interesting to say the least.

Professor Grey walked in.

“Good evening, Storm. Can I borrow Y/N for a while?” She said with a perfect smile. I stood up and fixed my flannel button. We walked out the door and downstairs where Cerebro was. Nobody has seen it but the professors. I walked in to the metal doors.

“Is there something I did wrong, Professor?”

“Call me Jean.” She said sweetly, “And no, nothing is wrong. Just a check-up with Charles.”

As I walk in I notice a tall man with cigar hung by the lips. His brows furred together, gripping his cigar with his fingers.

“Who’s this?” he ruffed.

“This is Miss Y/F/N,” Professor Xavier rolled to us, “Welcome. Please, take a seat.”

I sat on the side of the tall medical bed, as Jean put stickers on my head. The unknown man made heavy eye contact with me.

“Y/N, this is Logan.” Jean introduced. He held his hand out, I stared at the three scars between his knuckles, then to his rough face. Taking a long stare at his combed hair and patchy beard, I then looked down.

“She doesn’t talk much, not with new people at least.” She said to Logan, “Its okay, he won’t hurt you. He’s a friend” she then said to me.

I looked back up at him, then spoke. “Hello” came from my mouth quietly. A quick but sweet smile at me. Followed by his cigar being pressed to his mouth.

The regular tests were done; same questions were asked.

“What’re you guys doing to her?” Logan asked as if he’d been waiting to ask.

“She’s undergoing tests to make sure she’s not developing more than she should be. She has two mutations as opposed to one.”

“What does she have?” He questioned further

“You know, I’m right here.” I spoke aloud, not completely meaning to but not entirely regretting it.

He looked at me for an answer, confused with my talk, I suppose.

“I have telekinesis and I can control the elements. I guess they just go hand in hand. His face was stuck in a confusion.

“She’s very talented, Logan. I am sure you could learn a few things.” Charles said with a wink to me followed by a smile.

“If you know what she ha- you have, then why poke and prod? She’s just a kid.”

“She might just be a child but she has level 4 abilities. She needs to be watched.”

“You’re trying to control her.” Logan protested.

I slowly move the ring off my finger and swirl it around my hand. Listening to the bicker was somewhat interesting. I knew what I had was powerful and that it needed to be tamed. I was dangerous and I didn’t really see it as them controlling, just looking out.

Jean butted in. “I’ve been working with her to concentrate her abilities and learn to control them. Not the other way around. She has made fantastic progress.”

They let me leave and told me to be back tomorrow. Logan said something, then followed me out.

I tried to ignore him and walk to my room. I didn’t have to share, thank god.

“Hey, kid!” He hollered. I turned around to face him.


“I. uh, just wanted to make sure. You know. That you’re okay.” He mustered out

“I’m okay. Thank you.” I gave a smile.

“Well, good.” He said after a second of silence.

“You’re not good at making conversation, yanno.” I pointed out.

“I, don’t deal with children.” He looked down. Maybe he’s not always bad.

“I’m not a child, I’m in my twenties, thank you very much. I laughed at how incredibly awkward this man was. I studied him and started walking away. He stood there, like a deer in headlights then walked back to the room.

I walked to my room and Rogue was sitting by my bed.

“Y/N!” She exclaimed, I like to think she was my best friend and I was hers.

“Hey girly, what’s up?”

“I have so much to tell you.” She smiled.

“Yeah, me too. Actually, about the guy you came with. Logan?” Her face turned.

“Logan? What about him?”

I tried to even fathom what he was trying to do earlier. Protect me? Stand up for me? “Well he was just asking a lot of questions about me, really. Then asked if I was okay after my tests”

“Oh, I have news about Bobby! yanno, the guy I have a thing for…. Ice Guy? Yea, we’re getting lunch” It then seeped I that I would be eating alone.

“OOooohhHH, I know him. That’s great! I’m so excited for you.” I swallowed my anxiety of being alone and became happy for my friend. We talked a little bit more until it was time for lunch.

She met bobby outside of my room, and I slowly became third wheel before silently excusing myself to the bathroom.

I walked in, and there stood, Maggie Trout. A nasty girl with a nasty attitude. She could multiply herself. All 3 of her was standing in front of the mirror trying to figure which lipstick looked best. Typical, honestly.

“What’re you looking at, bitch” She emphasized. I was not one for violence but I wish in so many ways that I could drop rocks on her perfectly curved face. Strike her with lightening. Smother her in vines. But, being a GREAT Samaritan I am I will refrain.

“No, just trying to go pee.” I shot back.

“Sorry,” as she filled the bathroom stalls up with 7 copies of herself, it then left no room, “they’re all taken.” Her devious, cunning smile was enough for me to grip my fists together. I shut my eyes so I could no longer see the face haunting my bad side. I felt the ground rumble, as the sky went black through my eyelids.

I heard a soft voice, “cut it out, prick!”

Why she decided to egg this on, I had no idea. But I was not having it, gripping my teeth, I march towards her. An arm grips me tightly and pulls me back, both arms now wrapped around my torso as the ground continues to shake.

I grind my teeth as angry tears fall down my face, my breathing now heavy.

Jean who was now in my head, softly cooed a child’s rhyme that continued to calm me down.

“Y/N I need you to take a deep breath.” She said with a gentle voice. I still struggle silently and less aggressive to break free, which then became no struggle. The hands I was being held with was not Jeans, but with Logan’s.

He picked me up and carried me to the down stairs office. I was approached by Storm, Jean and Professor Xavier.

Storm came first with a soft yet assertive touch to her voice.

“You can’t do things like that, Y/N, it’s dangerous.”

“I thought it was pretty bad ass” Logan laughed, which came to a halt as they all gave him looks. I was most disappointed to let down Jean. She had almost become a mother figure to me. She said nothing but simply looked down with arms crossed.

I knew she was upset and it broke my spirits.

Charles looked at me for a second or two, reading me, I guess.

“I understand your rage, your hurt and how you feel, Y/N. But that was a dangerous thing you did. If it happens again, there will be grave coincidences. Is this understood?”

I nodded my head with an apology shortly after.

“You may go.” Professor said. And with that I walked out.

Logan’s POV

“Why not, Charles?”

“She doesn’t need a protector; she needs to learn to control herself.”

“Tell me I’m not the poster child of learning to control yourself” I said with a sharp tone.

Charles gave me a look, along with Scott.

“If you can give me your word you can keep her under control, Logan. You may watch her and help her. If by a month’s time, nothing has improved then we will take matters into our hands and take care of it.”

Maybe Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters wasn’t always bad.

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I need a fic where Ashoka from Rebels finds Anakin (either she time traveled or Anakin does) and Ashoka just hugs him and cries--thinking how can this man become Darth Vader and Anakin is really confused but he hugs her and it's all cute and yes. Or for angst--Anakin finds out about his future from Ashoka and he's terrified but idk I need older Ashoka talking to Anakin ahhhh.

It’s not Anakin.

It cannot possibly be Anakin.

“Just hang in there. We’ll get you back to the medics in one piece. Just don’t give up on me, okay?”

But that voice and hair and those too-old eyes in a too-young face are Anakin’s. The thin scar is Anakin’s and the impossible balance of cold durasteel strength and warm, calloused skin around her hand are Anakin’s.

The sounds of battle all around her, is the music of his life, of his existence. Anakin Skywalker was born to wage war and Ahsoka Tano knows this better than anyone.

She has watched him perform this dance for almost two decades now.

“Anakin?” Ahsoka croaks out, grimacing in pain as she looks up at his young, unscarred face. This is not the burning demon with hellfire eyes and a dead star for a heart.

This is not Darth Vader.

This is her Skyguy.

But even know, she can feel the darkness eating away at him.

“Sir! She’s awake!” Kix cries out and Ahsoka wants to weep. It has been so long and she has missed her family so much. So many of them are gone, so many lost to time and Palpatine’s machinations.

“Kix?” she whispers, marveling as he turns to look down at her, the familiar blue paint of the 501st scratched up on his helmet and chest plate. “Is that really you?”

Why does it hurt to breathe? Where did she get hit? When did she get hit? Where had she been before this?

“General! The charges are set!” Rex’s voice crackles out of his helmet as he runs into Ahsoka’s vision, firing back at battle droids as Anakin continues to protect her, deflecting bolts like he was born with a blade in his hand. “Ready when you are.”

She’s back. She doesn’t know how she’s back or what brought her back but she has to tell Anakin while she has the time. While she’s still aware, before she passes out.

There are sounds of gunships and suddenly she’s being lifted up, shouldered between Kix and someone else as they drag her to the gunship. She lets out a groan and tries to keep the contents of her stomach down as they run, jostling her and nearly knocking her out as whiteout flashes of pain wash through her.

The world tilts sideways and then Anakin is running for the ship, Rex hot on his heels. They jump inside as the ship starts to take off, the doors sliding shut in a perfect symphony of skill, bravery and sheer dumb luck. It is an evac only Anakin Skywalker is capable of.

Anakin Skywalker, the man slowly turning into Darth Vader.

The man being eaten alive by his fear and his love.

“Skyguy…” she whispers, trying to reach him in the Force, trying to tell him everything he needs to know before she loses consciousness, before she wakes up and it’s all a horrible dream. “Please… master… You have to… listen to me.”

“Sir? I think she’s trying to tell you something,” Kix shouts over the sounds of battle, as the ship is buffeted by the explosive force of cannon and laser fire. The lights flicker out for a moment and Ahsoka stifles a cry.

She has to tell him.

She has to stop him.

“Skyguy…” she nearly sobs, holding out a hand. “Please!”

Anakin manages to climb over the wounded to make it to Ahsoka’s side, confused. “Kix, what did she say? I can barely hear her.”

Kix shakes his head. “I don’t know but she says you have to listen to her. I think… I think she called you Skyguy.”

What?!” Anakin snarls, anger flaring and dying before he looks down at her. The edges of her vision are going grey and then black and for a moment she quails and thinks those dearly-missed blue eyes have burnt away to gold but then it’s gone and Anakin is holding her hand and it’s Skyguy and Master and everything is warm and all right again.

For a moment she is Snips again and she did not realize how much she missed being Snips.

For a moment she is sixteen and Anakin will make everything better.

“Master…,” Ahsoka whispers, trying to squeeze his hand. “I… I have to tell you… about Darth Sidious… and v-Vader. I… have to… tell you… I won’t… leave you…”

“Kix?” Anakin’s voice is harsh and demanding as her vision turns to black and she starts to fade away. “Kix, get her back! Snips! Talk to me! Ahsoka! AHSOKA!”

Ahsoka closes her eyes and her last thought is I’m sorry I can’t keep my promise, Skyguy.

There is a convoree outside the window of the hospital room, hopping from branch to branch, fluttering its wings and tilting its head to the side as it watches the inhabitants of the room through the transparisteel.

“All biological markers are identical. How is that possible?”

“The Force works in mysterious ways, Anakin. Especially around you.”

“Ha ha. Very funny, Obi-Wan. I’m serious. That’s Ahsoka. This… this… this woman is my Padawan!”

Neither of them say Former Padawan even though they both think it.

“We shall simply have to wait and see when she…”

“She’s waking up! Ahsoka? Ahsoka, it’s me. It’s your ma… It’s Anakin.”

Ahsoka’s vision slowly comes into focus as her montrals tell her that she is in a private room, several monitors cheerfully cataloguing her biorhythms and her continued existence. The light is too bright for a moment and then it’s softer, darker, a shadow falls over her vision and when she finally opens her eyes, Anakin is smiling down at her, worried, terrified and cautiously happy.

The Force sings with his presence. Master! Master! Your master is here! He’s here and he’s safe and you are back home where you belong!

Ahsoka takes a shallow, watery breath. “Anakin?”

He touches her cheek and smiles, squeezing her hand with his gloved hand. “Yeah… Hey Snips, you uh… you got taller.”

“How are you feeling, Ahsoka?” Obi-Wan seems to simply appear in her vision, hovering behind Anakin, his anxiety barely hidden behind his Negotiator’s mask and a gloved hand nervously combing his beard. “Should we get a healer?”

Ahsoka shakes her head and squeezes Anakin’s hand back and give him the best smile she’s capable of. “No. The healers can wait. I have so much to tell you.”

“Snips…” Anakin’s tone is familiar, the rumbling warning of his displeasure at her self-neglect and brings tears to her eyes.

To be Snips again meant to be cared for, cared about.

To be Snips again meant that someone loved her.

Ahsoka takes a breath.

“Skyguy… I’ve missed you so much but… I have to tell you about Darth Vader.”

Ozark Encyclopedia – B – Birds


Owl guts over the doorway – “A man in Fort Smith, Arkansas, told me that his father placed the entrails of a big horned owl over the door, to keep witches away.” ~Randolph OMF 284

Owl gizzard worn for luck – “…Otto Ernest Rayburn tells of a man on trial for hog-stealing who wore ‘the dried gizzard of a hoot-owl tied round his neck for good luck.’” ~Randolph OMF 284

Owl broth for whooping cough – “Give children Owl broth for the whooping cough. Many years ago broth was made from cooking an owl (like you would a chicken) and then give the broth made from cooking the owl to children who had the whooping cough. Then the children would get better and not cough so much.” ~Parler FBA III 3861

Sign of bad luck – “If you are out walking and head an owl hoot, it is bad luck and you should go home.” ~Parler FBA VI 6473

Death omen – “If a screech owl hollows near the house at night, there will be a death in the family.” ~Parler FBA VIII 8144

Taking the “cuss” off – “How to keep a screetch owl from screetching: Tie a knot in the right hand corner of the bed sheet. It will kill the screetch owl by choking him to death.” ~Parler FBA VIII 8148

“If you hear a screech owl at night, get up and turn a chair over; otherwise there will be a death in the family.” ~Parler FBA VIII 8149

“If you hear a screech owl hollow outside of your house, it means death to someone in your family; but if you lay a broom on your doorstep, he will leave and death will be prevented.” ~Parler FBA VIII 8150

“If a screech owl disturbs your sleep at night, get up and take a broom and lay it across the open doorway along the threshold, and the owl wouldn’t bother your sleep anymore.” ~Parler FBA XII 9991

“Stick a shovel in the fire to stop the screech owl’s holler.” ~Parler FBA XII 9997

“If a screech owl hollers in the daytime, it is bad luck and if girls and ladies tie knots in their dress tails or apron tails, it will ward off the evil.” ~Parler FBA XII 10020

“Tying a knot in a pillow slip corner will make a screech owl stop screeching.” ~Parler FBA XII 10023

Beak good luck – “John Claborn carried an owl’s bill for good luck.” ~Parler FBA IX 8772


Turkey bones hidden to attract love – “Many a mountain girl conceals dried turkey bones about the room in which she meets her lover, or even secretes them in her clothing, in the belief that they will render him more amorous. I once heard some village loafers ‘greening’ a young chap because some turkey bones had been found behind the cushions of his Ford, the supposition being that they had been placed there by women who had ridden with him.” ~Randolph OMF 167

Turkey beard carried to attract love – “Mountain girls sometimes carry the beard of a wild turkey gobbler concealed about their clothing. Rose O'Neill, of Day, Missouri, asked a neighbor about this once and was told that ‘we use it to clean the comb with.’ Probably the gobbler’s beard does make a satisfactory comb cleaner, but there is no doubt whatever that some backwoods damsels regard it as a love charm.” ~Randolph OMF 167


Wild goose foot powdered and fed to lover – “The boys in northwestern Arkansas make a love medicine from the web of a wild gander’s foot, dried and reduced to powder. Put a pinch of this in a girl’s coffee, and she will not only fall in love with you at once but will be faithful to you as long as she lives. This is somehow connected, in the hillman’s mind, with the belief that wild geese mate but once.” ~Randolph OMF 168

“Love powder is made from the web of a wild gander’s foot.” ~Parler FBA VII 7046


Dove’s tongue hidden as love charm - “In some localities it is said that a man hides the dried tongue of a turtle dove in a girl’s cabin this makes her fall madly in love with him, and she can’t deny him anything. I was told of a case in which a girl’s superstitious parents searched the cabin for days, trying to find the tongue which they believed must be hidden there. The neighbors laughed about this, and the girl herself said that turtle doves’ tongues had nothing to do with the case, but the parents still believed the old story. They never did find the dove’s tongue, however.” ~Randolph OMF 169

“Dried tongues of turtle doves are used as love charms. A girl who has been charmed is unable to deny her lover anything.” ~Parler FBA VII 7041

Dove on chest for pneumonia – “If you place a dead dove on the chest of someone who has pneumonia, he will have a prompt recovery.” ~Parler FBA III 2874

Sign of travel – “The person hearing the call of the first turtle dove in the Spring, is a sign meaning that he is apt to go on a journey in the direction from which he heard the call.” ~Parler FBA VI 6646


Parts of the great pileated woodpecker used in magic – “This bird is supposed to have some supernatural powers, and I am told that various portions of its body are highly prized by witches and goomer doctors.” ~Randolph OMF 249

Used to cure pain – “Get the brains from a Good God bird (Pileated woodpecker) while still warm and use to ease pain. Then cook the bird and eat it.” ~Parler FBA 1341

Pileated woodpecker good luck – “Seeing a ‘Good-God’ is good luck. A Good-God is a rather rare species of bird (Pileated woodpecker). It is about the size of a crow and is colored exactly like a red-headed woodpecker.” ~Parler FBA XII 9978


Ill omen – “Various sorts of birds are believed to carry warnings. A woman in my neighborhood whipped her grown daughters un- mercifully, until one day ‘the redbirds come an’ ha’nted her’ by tapping on the windowpane, which gave the woman a terrible fright and caused her to mend her ways. Another of my mountaineer friends was greatly disturbed when a ‘rooster redbird’ hovered about his door; he said that it was a warning of death, and sure enough, one of his daughters died within a few weeks.” ~Randolph OMF 245

To bring in money – “If you need money and see a redbird that’s flying, say, ‘Money before the week’s out,’ and you’ll get it.” ~Parler FBA V 5881

Sign of visitor – “If a red bird flies across your path, you will see someone unexpected.” ~Parler FBA VI 6713

For a wish – “Make a wish on a redbird. If you can guess the direction he flies, your wish will come true.” ~Parler FBA XV 11421


Eagle stone for fidelity – “An eagle stone, taken from a bird while still alive, will keep one’s mate faithful.” ~Parler FBA VII 7052

Claw is good luck – “It’s good luck to wear an eagle’s claw around your neck.” ~Parler FBA IX 8767

Blue Jays

Associated with the Devil – “Jaybirds go to Hell on Friday.” ~Parler FBA XII 9987

“All jay birds spend Friday in Hell.” ~Parler FBA XII 9988

“You never see a jaybird on Friday because on Friday they are busy carrying sticks to the devil to help him build his fires. If you put your ear close to the ground, you can hear them working.” ~Parler FBA XII 9989


To cause rain – “Kill a crow and hang it up, and it will rain within three days.” ~Parler FBA XI 9581


Death signs – “If someone dies and a big bird like a crow or hawk flies over the house the bird carries the soul to Hell; but if a small bird like a Robbin etc. flies over, it carries the soul to Heaven; and if no bird at all flies over the house, the soul is doomed to float around anywhere through eternity.” ~Parler FBA VIII 8133

Parler, Mary Celestia Folk Beliefs from Arkansas (FBA)

Randolph, Vance Ozark Magic and Folklore (OMF)

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I'm planning on growing a beard after seeing your selfies and i can only say that your looks are #goals! can you recommend me some products that i should use so that my beard can be as perfect as yours

Hiya friend! I would recommend buying Beard oil, it’s a product that has natural oils in it which helps strengthen and evening out your beard. Essentially, it has the same purpose as Hair oils; Beard oil keeps your beard smooth, untangled, and clean. If you care about hygiene, I would recommend throwing some bucks on it as it helps getting rid of dead skin and other unwanted particles on your beard.
Once you’re applied beard oil to your beard, remember to apply a bit of cold water on a cotton towel, which you then use to softly massage your beard – this will help encapsulate your desired style for the beard and will help transporting the oil down to your skin, which prevents dead skin from permeating. Before applying beard oil, it needs to be dry.

I use a Beard comb to groom my beard and it is very helpful when you combine it with a recently washed beard, remember to comb it after you’ve applied beard oil since it helps untangle hair strands much easier.

Pack Mom:Part 9

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Characters: Y/n, Derek, Liam, Lydia, Allison, Kira, Peter, Jordan, Stiles, basically the whole pack and family members. 

Pairing: Derek x Y/n (Female for this series) Liam x Y/n(mother/son bond)

Word count: 1302

Warning: Pure fluff. Wedding love

Summary: Derek and Y/n finally get to profess their love

A/N: Sorry for the Twilight gif. Gross but apparently my description matched the wedding there, so I was asked to use it. That was the best gif I could find. I didn’t look hard but still. 


Pack Mom Masterlist

“Oh my god! You look so beautiful”.

Y/n had finally finished the hours of makeup and hair, the fake eyelashes, the tightening of the dress and the squeezing into shoes. 

The end product was perfect, even she had to admit it. 

She had very minimal makeup. 

She didn’t wear much usually, anyway, and Derek always told her she looked beautiful without any on. 

She had a thin layer of foundation, a little bit of blush, some nude lips, slightly brown eyeshadow and some fake lashes. 

Her hair was done in beautiful waves, accentuating her beautiful face. 

She looked stunning.

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When inspiration hits you be ready to capture, write, play and create.