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Remember when we first meet the bearded lady and she’s in the washroom in the corner using a sheet to separate herself from everyone else? When PT Barnum sees her, she looks down at the ground, embarrassed.

Then later in the movie during the group’s little staff meeting, as PT Barnum is reading the review, she’s combing her beard and making sarcastic remarks. Being in the circus gave her more confidence to the point where not only is she taking care of her appearance (what she was originally ashamed of) but she’s also being sassy to high society critics. That’s pretty cool.

You are Viking

Summary: Ubbe feels the intense yearning to settle down and build a family that is worth more than raiding and killing, he comes back to Kattegat and finds just the perfect person to do so with.

A/N: This imagine was requested: Can I request something with Ubbe? Anything really, I just really need some Ubbabe!! Imagine makes slight reference to 5x01 but is set in the future, well in my future, as you will soon realize as you read. My first Ubbe piece so hope you guys like it!

Word Count: 2,337

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Ubbe Ragnarsson did not feel Viking. His desire to do as Vikings did felt satiable, he no longer felt it was necessary to do as he had done his whole life; destroying, raiding, and killing no longer interested him. He spent the entire journey from Wessex to Kattegat miserable, his mind played tricks on him as he felt completely emasculated as the vengeance and aggressive nature was no longer as present in his veins as the blood fueling his body.

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Request: “can you do something where the resistance captures hux and has him as prisoner, and the reader is the only one who is kind to him. (brings him food and water, cleans him up after he’s been tortured or something idk) then one evening the reader finds out they’re gonna execute him the next morning so that night she goes to his cell and he’s like “um why are you here” and reader tells him what the resistance has planned and that she’s gonna help him escape? and maybe he asks her to go with him?”

Pairing: Armitage Hux x Reader

Word Count: 2.5k

Warnings: torture, etc.

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No amount of briefing could have prepared you for the sight that greeted you as the prisoner cell door slid open. Your knees shook unsteadily when you approached the figure, his shirt ripped open, revealing the jagged scars cut deep into his chest. You were to give him a small portion of food and water, just enough to keep him alive. But the longer you kept your eyes on the knocked-out ginger, the more you felt how wrong this was. The Resistance were the good guys, right? Then why would they leave a person in such a state, even considering what he had done?

The next day you snuck in a small med-kit, along with a lot more food and water. The guards didn’t even bother to check, they were just there to stop him from leaving. You shivered at the thought of them probably letting in a few soldiers who wanted to blow off steam onto their new human punching bag. The General stirred on the second day you tended to him, his darkened eyes watching you carefully as you scrubbed the dried blood from his torso.

“At least they want me to look pretty for the next round of torture.” His tone was spiteful, his piercing blue eyes staring through you like a hot knife.

You cringed at how rough his voice sounded, picking up the bottle of water you had brought. You pressed it to his lips, but they wouldn’t budge.

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D&D idea:

You are in a store in a town you’ve just come into. The shop has a lot of different magical items. The shopkeeper is a large black man with a comb over and horrible blonde beard. The middle of his face is a blighted hellscape. He watches you shrewdly as you poke around his store.

On a shelf amongst some crystals and talismans you see a metal container with some faded words painted on the front. Upon closer inspection you see that the box has a clasp at the top, as well as a handle. The words read “Vault Tec” and you have no idea what that means. 

When you open the box you see it contains a metal hammer and a small vial of some kind of liquid, though it is sealed. Bringing it up to the shop keeper, he tells you what the items in the “Vault-Tec Lunchbox” are. 

Hammer of Mending: 
This hammer can fix any object- inanimate or organic- one time. You must say the incantation “take a hammer and fix the baby” for the hammer to activate. The hammer works best on children.

This vial of super glue will make any object larger. Roll 1D6 (or die of the DMs choice) to see how many times larger than its original size the object becomes. Must use the incantation “superglue the baby back to its big size.”

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i didnt expect to love the idea of trans nat so much but,, i do??? peter and nat become Ultimate Trans Buds and she gives pete so much hope for the future w how comfortable she's become w her body and he can be okay

leaked script from infinity war:

tony, over an intercom:hey, kid, i’m gonna need you to help me out with this fight in the middle of the city. thanos is tougher than we expected.

peter: okay!!!!!11!1!!

natasha: i thought you said this was too dangerous for him

tony: nah, it’ll be fine

peter: sweet!! lemme just go suit up and – hey what’s that noise

steve, from across the room, standing in the shadows while combing his beard: that’s natasha growling. she gets protective over you.

Professor Evans (3/?)

Summary: Y/N starts assisting Chris but she gets nervous, not knowing if she would be a good assistant or not. 

Pairings: Professor!Chris Evans x Student!Reader 

Word Count: 1,194

Warnings: Not one thing this very fluffy, to the point they even match their clothing 

A/N: Ok this isn’t too exciting but I promise it will get exciting, the next chapter is going to be very interesting. I might give you guys a sneak peek! Thanks for reading, feedback is very much appreciated. 

Part 1 - Part 2

Y/N’s mornings were usually known as crazy. She would be running around trying to get all of her things in order, swearing at her printer that was taking its slow sweet time. But this Monday morning was hectic, it was her first day as Chris’s assistant and she had woken up late and had “nothing” to wear. Well, nothing that could make her look sophisticated but not too much to where she didn’t look her age. Y/N didn’t know why she was stressing, Chris probably didn’t care about what she wore, but he was the one guy that every person, including the other professors, had their eyes on.There was a reason to look decent, so she grabbed her blue jeans, a white shirt, and her long black cardigan and raced to actually start the getting ready process.

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Don’t get me wrong, I love my bro’s four polish chickens, but holy shit what a horrible breed! They can’t see, if their crest gets wet while it’s cold they die, you can’t trim the crest very well because they have a funky comb, and these guys have beards so they can’t even see down. Super sweet and smart birds, but I definitely don’t think we should continue breeding these…they’re not as bad as jacobin pigeons but pretty close :s

On the bright side, they don’t have any interest in fighting and Rex can’t physically hurt them so they get along with her really well! She went to establish herself as boss and pecked at them and hey didn’t even notice so she was like “oh” and just started preening with them. They followed her around a little and Winter loafed by her, it was pretty cute.