A background I whipped up of the wonderful Hancock with the lovely picture by @cynicalbounce


I just added the wording and stretched it to desktop wallpaper size.

The original picture is by @cynicalbounce

I used the art with cynicalbounce’s permission. Thank you again for allowing me to make and share this and I hope you like what I’ve done here ^^

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Favorite Doctor Who characters? Also favorite doctor/comanion pairing? I'm curious 'cause I'm re-watching from the 9th doctor on and it's breaking all my feels. (I had only seen some of the 10th Doctor with Donna and other random episodes, mostly with the 12th) My heart breaks for the Doctor, and for Rose, and for Donna... I can't imagine the loneliness of being a Time Lord...

I’m terrible at favorites you will never catch me doing a “make me choose” thing because like no no nope no nope nopeeeee.

I loveeeee 12, and I loveeeee 9, and I loveeeeeee Clara (and I think I’m gonna loveeeeee Bill). Romantically?

DoctorxRose, TwelvexClara, ClaraxWomen because she bi af (I will never forgive them for Danny’s death though. Ever.)

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Your blog is Sooo kewl!! I have a request for a reaction, if you don't mind! How do you think the romanced companions would react if Shaun hurt himself while playing and called out for them to help?

Preston: He’d run over to him, picking him up off the ground and looking him over. He fusses over him for the rest of the day, putting way to many bandages on his scraped knee.

Piper: She winces as she sees Shaun fall from the monkey bars, rushing over as he cries out for her. “Hey kid, you’re alright, just a little scratch.” She says, wiping away the tears streaming down his face.

Danse: He’s comforting, but not overbearing as he dusts off Shaun”s bloody knee. “Rub some dirt in it, and it’ll be as good as new.”

Deacon: “Nice wipout kid!” He laughs as he cleans the blood off Shaun s knee. He makes sure he’s laughing afterwords, taking his mind off the pain. 

Curie: “Oh!” She yells as Shaun lands hard on his knee. She races over to him as he starts to cry, pressing bandages over the scratch and kissing his forehead.

Cait: She picks him up from the ground, putting a bandage on it. “You’ll have a wicked scar now, so cheer up kid.”

Hancock: “Ouch, you okay buddy?” He asks as he kneels to look at the scratch. He cleans it off with a wet towel, then sticks a bandage on it. “All better.”

MacCready: His parental instincts take over. He freaks out a bit, asking if it’s broken and if he can feel his leg. After he’s done freaking out, he cleans the scratch and wipes the tears off of Shaun’s face.

Nick: His eyes widen as Shaun cries out for him, getting up and picking Shaun up. “Hey now, it’s not so bad kid.” He says as he cleans it off, letting Shaun wear his hat to cheer up for a bit.

X6: He cleans it off, barely concealing his worry. He took him to Curie to make sure he was alright, sighing in relief as she confirms he is. “No more monkey bars. Ever.”

Maxson: He’s calm and caring as Shaun cries, wiping and sterilizing the cut. He kisses the “ouchie” at Shaun’s insistence after he’s done. “Be careful next time, okay?“

Desdomona: After she’s done washing and patching the cut up, she kisses the top of his head with a smile. “All better.”

Sturges: “Yikes, that was a hard landing buddy!” He laughs as he cleans the cut off in his workshop. He lets Shaun help him in the shop for the rest of the day to make him feel better.